Dragon Ball Super Episode 100 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 100 Subbed

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271 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 100 Subbed”

  1. Maybe we should all stop fapping to this new Caulifla form as her age, as with the rest of those saiyans, remains rather ambiguous. It’s only OK if you’re Jap. Not being racist, it’s just how the law goes. Theirs doesn’t care if it’s just a drawing.

    • Nah. Not even close. EP98 with the Final Kamehameha was way better than this. Also the episode of Vegito vs fused Zamasu.

        • This episode is not the best when it comes to fighting. I am talking about the surprise factor and excitement. Kale Rampage, Caulifila SSJ2, Jiren Attack, Goku Pushed even after SSB

    • like richiee said, not best episode in the dragonball super tv show in general…but it is so far the best episode they made in this universal survival arc

        • She pulled a Hulk on him (threw him into the the ground multiple times), walked through his kamehameha without even blinking let alone flinching, then shook the stage just by screaming. Even if he was holding back I would honestly be surprised if he was even as strong as her.

          • well, despite her ignoring a kamehameha, she really didn’t hurt goku aside from starting to crush his skull.

            He didn’t go serious, and still had KO ken plus blue.

          • Gohan literally became the strongest character by having old men touch him. He is the literal embodiment of bullshit power.

            Plus, we have no idea how strong kale is. if califla took her as a protégé, she must have some power.

            I mean, the character’s levels of absurdity directly reflect their universe 7 counterparts.
            califla = goku
            kale = gohan
            cabba = vegeta

            just that saiyans were evil in universe 7 while good in universe 6. goku turned out good, califla is apparently a space pirate?

            same levels of bull… way too late to call anything out now! where were you when raditz was taken out by a 4 year old, and goku went from the weakest surviving sayian to history’s strongest ever?

          • kale is literally kid gohan, who was scared of fighting, got mostly beaten up, then just went berserk with bs crazy power out of nowhere.

            remember, their alignments are reversed. in universe 6, the sayians are good defenders of the universe. If vegita was raised in that world, he’d be cabba. They’re both proud proper sayians who belong to the elites and are proud of thier positions in life and care deeply in their performance in that role which they are proud of.

            cabba is also inferior to califla. califla is an ill mannered wild child who defies sayian norms, just like goku. She’s also a fighting genius. She is universe 6’s goku, and possibly goku’s perfect rival.

            (she’s trouble for both chi chi and vegeta!)

          • Well gohan had a sort of mysterious power awakened even Goku can get his power awakened

          • I think Goku wasn’t at full power of his SSJB and his kamehameha was weak on puropose, so to not kill anyone.

          • Not ssj1 but equal to ssj 2 as in the episode 93 ssj2 was easily keeping up with kale

      • I am kinda bored of SSB already. I am wondering if the next fight would be the same style like the way against Hit and Black. My fav episode is the Improved Hit vs Goku.

  2. I bet frieza knocks out/kills jiren with a cheap shot while he’s fighting goku or someone else, it’s in his nature.

  3. When pigboy grabbed Kale it was like rape dammit so hot I fapped no offense to all female saiyans that have been wronged by the pigmen.

    • couldn’t the same be said of all Z fighters when a stronger threat arrives? After Goku went super sayian, it seems like everyone else did it no problem, and seeing someone else do something makes it apparently very easy to do it yourself, like how everyone went SSJ2 at the same time, and how Gotan + kid Trunks learned how to go SSJ3 after watching Goku do it once, and they’re kids!

      It’s not like there isn’t a precedence for this kind of thing! And she is a sayian, so she’s an official card holding member of the OP club

      • I am still waiting for Goku Blue 2 to happen. Come on it is already the 100th episode. He can’t just stay on Blue 1 forever.

      • Precedence or not, she is still doing it remarkably faster than basically every fucking saiyan ever. That’s still pretty bullshit that she can compete with people who have been training at that level their whole lives, then suddenly, “Hey look im stronk female ssj who dont need no man”

        Goten and trunks may have been kids when they ascended, but that doesn’t mean shit, considering literally every other adult/teenage saiyan was waaay fucking stronger than them. all the sudden, caulifa ssj stronger than both of them kids fucking combined after only being an ssj for how long? a few fucking hours? Yeah the fuck right, this is taking dbz bullshit plotholes to the next FUCKING DIMENSION

        • Simple explanation. Caulifa peaked in her base form and the SSJ transformations are just learning curbs to unlocking the reservoirs of her full potential. For example, Vegeta had the potential to turn SSJ well before he figured out how to. He trained like a mad man to no ends, but that wasn’t the key to unlocking SSJ. Same can be said for Gohan. He always had the potential to unleash a massive level of power and was never able to sustain it for too long. His personality traits restricts him more than his actual abilities.

          People keep forgetting that Goku is the Saiyan with the most struggles. He picks up techniques quickly, but it’s always been an uphill battle to attain new levels for Goku unless a formidable challenge pushes him.

          Goku is the sink or swim type. Vegeta is the do it himself type. Gohan is the I’ll fight if I have to type. Trunks/Goten are the highly distracted type. Cabba is the New type. Caulifa is the I’ve got this type. Kale is the mentally unstable (Broly) type.

        • Goten and trunks transformed on their own at young ages. Trunks likely saw vegeta do it, but goten had no exposure to it, no idea what it was, and just did it by accident really. This suggests that yes, going SSJ is that fucking easy.

          Vegeta was literally going to destroy goku’s planet and he didn’t go SSJ, but he merely threaten’s cabba’s, and cabba goes SSJ.

          I mean, in a world where the strongest character can be a result of old men touching him, why is this such a problem? either way, universe 6 sayians are still disadvantaged because they’re so small.

          what’s bigger bullshit is that universe 6 sayians have never gone SSJ to begin with. It makes sense in universe 7 since they were pretty much galactic bullies that ruthlessly destroyed weaker civilizations. Universe 6 sayians were heros and protectors of the galaxy. Vegeta couldn’t have been the first to threaten their universe, and Hit is evidence that there are some very powerful enemies in universe 6, though cabba is apparently in the top 5. But there must have been some weaker sayian who faced the odds and was pushed past his limit.

          Think about it, universe 7 only had the legendary super sayian up until goku transforms. Goku is a grunt, and practically a clone trooper. He managed to become super sayian in a dramatic way, but gotan, a idiot kid, just figures it out on accident without knowing what it is while sparring with chi chi!

          I’m pretty sure trunks went SSJ 2 when sparring with vegeta in order to go to the amusement park too.

          The only ones who struggled to go super sayian were vegeta and gohan. Goku just did it like gotan, without even trying, completely by accident. And both Vegeta and gohan achieved it by simply changing their state of mind.

        • Not to mention apparently this ss god ss (blue) is now nothing and can’t even take out a legendary ssj which goku did in his ssj form

          • exactly like power scaling makes no sense goku and vegeta should one shot these niggas in base form it seems like everyone can become a fucking god whenever they want honestly i dont know why i even watch this show anymore it doesnt make any fucking sense. i mean at least its still kinda entertaining to watch but it triggers my titties off

          • Vegeta never went ssj2 against cell that was trunks and trunks ssj2 wasn’t perfect, just like caulifla In this episode, until goku told her it wasn’t perfect, gohan was the first person that transform into perfect ssj2, that why he defeated cell..

          • Trunks did go ssj2 when he fought cell, but he sacrifice his speed for power when he did it, that was the only way he could transform, but it wasn’t perfect because he was slow, that’s why he was so amazing that gohan did it without bulking up his muscles, he gain speed and power so it was a complete ssj2 transformation, gohan was the first to complete it perfect the right way.. so u go back and watch

          • I though I told to go and watch it again before replying. Trunks was in the same mode that’s caulifla was in, which was not ssj2. This is clearly evident in the latest episode of dbs when goku informs caulifla that that form she is in is weak and that she needs to chase SUPER SAIYAN 2. She was never in ssj2 and this was the exact form trunks, vegeta, and trunks reached during the cell saga.

          • He told her it was weak because it wasn’t a complete form, she got stronger but slower at the same time, and for her to have all that muscles she will get tired quick, that wasn’t the complete form of ssj2 because she didn’t gain speed with it, so she only gain half of the ssj2 power, the other half would of made it a complete ssj2 transformation, trunks even said it, his form wasn’t complete, gohan was the first to complete it,

          • Goku called his form “super saiyan 2.” He she had already achieved super saiyan 2 he wouldn’t have referred to it as that. It’s common sense. He would’ve said something like “a more complete super saiyan 2.” Gohan was the first to achieve ssj2 and the ONLY character to achieve it during the cell saga. The form you referring to is called “ultimate super saiyan” or “ascended saiyan” as it is a step up from 1 but not ssj2. It’s kin to frieza being in his final form and then bulking p to 100% power.

          • your right it was also called ssj grade 1,2 and 3 trunks transform into grade 3 in cell fight but they only called it grade 3 because it wasn’t complete, so they couldn’t call it a ssj2, but it basically have the same power of ssj2 but without the amazing speed and stamina, without speed and stamina your attacks won’t effect that much because your losing power from low stamina low speed and from being being buff, it wasn’t complete so they called it ultra or the real term grade 1, 2 and 3, they are a portion of ssj2 power when it’s not complete, like I said b4 gohan was the first to go beyond the grades and complete it

          • The ONLY SSJ2 during the Cell saga/arc was Gohan, period. You’re misinterpreting the SSJ1 Grade forms, basically both Vegeta and Trunks by the time perfect cell was about is SSJ1 grade 2, big muscles, but decent speed and increased power. Enough to destroy imperfect cell with Android 17 absorbed. Trunks went SSJ1 grade 3 (bigger muscles) but lost his speed, this is the same exact form Caulifla used against Goku in episode 100.

          • I’m not misinterpreting anything, your right it was grade 3 but they only called it grade 3 because it wasn’t complete, so they couldn’t call it a ssj2, but it basically have the same power of ssj2 but without the amazing speed and stamina, without speed and stamina your attacks won’t effect that much because your losing power from low stamina and speed, it wasn’t complete so they called it ultra or the real term grade 1, 2 and 3, they are a portion of ssj2 power when it’s not complete, like I said b4 gohan was the first to go beyond the grades and complete it

        • This isn’t confirmed, he might have been able to do it without surrendering to Babidi, he said he was weaker than goku, not he couldn’t use that transformation

      • gotan and trunks spent almost a year in the time chamber when they fought super buu thats why, but she learn how to transform without being push to her limits, so I agree they made it to easy to transform into ssj and ssj2 just for entertainment for the fans and viewers, a lot have change in this new dbz series, but its still interesting to watch

        • They spent a year mostly practicing fusion, which could only be done for 30 minutes at a time, and perfected a metric shit ton of new crazy techniques, and managed to go SSJ3, which no one but Goku can do. they also learned to do buu’s dimension breaking scream after seeing it once.

          The reason it gohan, goku, and vegeta so long to achieve each form is that goku and vegeta is to proud to accept help, and went out to figure it out on his own, gohan was like 11 and goku is a bad teacher, while goku was figuring it out on his own too.

          They ssj2 around the same time. Cabba gave very clear instruction on how to perform it, and califla is basically female goku. Goku learned crazy hard to learn techniques like nothing. Instant transmission, kamehameha, solar flare. I’m surprised Goku didn’t learn time stop by just watching it!!

          • Vegeta was the only prideful one until he met whis… that’s all goku did was ask for help from roshi, king Kai and whis… and gotan&trunks did said they train on ssj3 while they was in there, they said they we’re working on a new technique when they got trap inside with piccolo … but regardless of anything they still train before the transformation, the saiyans had to be push beyond they limits, that’s the only way they get stronger that’s why they always like fighting their own battles… but now they making it like they can do it without any training, there’s nothing wrong with that, but I like the old way more better, because it’s better to transform after being push to your limit, like goku and frieza fight then just doing it because you saw somebody else do it, at least vegeta taught the other boy through anger and emotion, she doesn’t have any good reason to be able to transform so easily, and if she do, I haven’t seen it

          • Okay, yeah, vegeta was too proud. Goku was just usually the one to discover the new form, and Vegeta didn’t want to show goku SSJ2, so in terms of sayian transformations, Goku had no help.

            How was goku pushed past his limits when he discovered SSJ3? How were gotan and trunks pushed past their limits when they went SSJ? I wouldn’t even say gohan was pushed past his limit to achieve SSJ.

            I mean, Goku wasn’t pushed beyond his limit either when he went to SSJ… unless you mean anger limit, which is pretty vague in the first place. He wasn’t fighting or in danger when he transformed, he just watched Krillin die, then went super sayian. vegeta put his life in danger to do it, so he’s the only one that can be considered to be pushing past his limit.

            They just trained for a year to become SSJ2. They weren’t pushing past their limit, SSJ pushes them past their limit.

            There’s no reason why SSJ transformation can’t be just taught like that. Vegeta just taught cabba how he learned, but apparently cabba just focused on what you actually do to transform. I mean, once they get used to transforming, they don’t have to get super angry again to go SSJ, nor does it take any real effort really. Vegeta probably just understands it as Angry energy. Vegeta isn’t really the expert on this, seeing how he still hasn’t managed to reach SSJ3. Goku probably understands, but he’s kinda an idiot savant. He’s really good at fighting, not so much at parenting/communicating/teaching, so yeah.

          • This comment just made me cringe….so many statements wrong here.

            First of all, Goku was definitely pushed to his limits (spirit bomb), and no danger??? You literally just said Krillin DIED in front of him…right after Piccolo took one to the chest, almost dying, and yet Goku was in no danger at all….wtf??? If he hadn’t transformed, he was dead.

            Second, Gohan not being pushed?? WTF are you even watching? Gohan was training with Goku in the hyperbolic time chamber….where some people can’t even stay a full year without going crazy….a place where temperature fluctuates in an instant….you are making it sound like it’s just a walk in the park to train in there. Also, during the flashbacks of Goku and Gohan training, it shows Gohan basically collapsing while almost transforming for the first time….how the fuck is that not being pushed to your limit? Please explain oh wise one…

            I think people are missing the main concept anyways….it’s not about what transformation they’re in, it’s about experience and skill. Caulifla could go SSB for all I care, and she would still be nothing to Vegeta or Goku…and that’s an obvious fact. They still know WAY more when it comes to controlling the transformation (stamina etc) as well as much more experience while fighting in that state. I think the show is trying to show that the transformation itself doesn’t matter, it’s ultimately the fighter. Look at Frieza, prime example….Golden Frieza before couldn’t sustain the power and lost easily….but now, different story…same transformation.

            Stop putting so much weight into transformations…they are not the end all be all.

            I’m predicting the Yardrat will give Goku a clue on how he can beat Jiren (instant transmission combo of some sort), and he will use it at some point during their fight to win.

      • You are sorely missing the context. Allow me to debunk.
        – Others getting SSJ after Goku. Vegeta went into space and trained his ass off, but he couldn’t get it until he was at a point where the meteor shower that he was stuck in made him snap and stopped giving a fuck, then he turned SSJ. Gohan got SSJ after training with Goku in the hyperbolic time chamber for at least a few months.
        – SSJ2 had a massive period OFFSCREEN to establish itself amongst Goku, Gohan, and Vegeta. Literal years have passed, despite Goku being dead he did figure out how to get that and SSJ3 in the other world training in hopes to learn under the grand kai. Vegeta wasn’t deterred even in a time of peace before Buu and still trained. Gohan already accessed it through his rage of Perfect Cell killing Android 16, he sort of forgot how to access it, but was able (like in Super with his mystic/ultimate form) to acquire SSJ2 again.
        – SSJ3 Gotenks was stupid I admit, Goku merely shown them, but they were in the room of spirit and time. Both Trunks and Goten knew the stakes and they had to push themselves as hard as they can to deal with Super Buu and their fusion in SSJ3 probably would have been just barely enough. They were in that room for untold number of months and were motivated to achieve a form together that only 1 other person in history has been able to do so.

        As for U6 female saiyans. They’re mary sues, no way around it, I hate it too. Tingle in the back for Caulifla = SSJ, what bullshit is this. Tingle on her tits = SSJ2, Tingle on her vag = SSJ3, Tingle in her ass = SSB. Not even gonna go into the obvious Brolly rip off of Kale.

    • Not really. They already said Universe 7 was one of, if not the weakest. It took Goku & Co so long to get to SS2 because they weren’t strong enough in the first place and had no examples to go by. Plus U6 Saiyans are born without tails: they’re both more evolved than the U7 Saiyans, and their culture lends itself to actually training and learning from each other instead of being sent out as toddlers to conquer weaker planets. In the initial U6 v U7 tournament Cabba was already as strong as Vegeta in base form and Caulifla was stronger than Cabba to begin with. On top of that, she’s a fighting prodigy/genius. She’s already strong enough and has the ki control, so the only hurdles for her are just the specific techniques.

        • You could have just typed TL;DR. When Goku tried to teach the Fusion dance, piccolo picked it up right away just from watching once and was able to teach the kids who couldn’t get it. When Goku first saw Roshi do a Kamehameha, he was able to do it a moment later too.

      • With Goku and Caulifla interacton I’m not that much against her anymore and it’s hard to compare these characters when they are so different. I just don’t understand how is it possible that SSJ is a new thing for universe 6 saiyans. With all that you said, shouldn’t that instead be common for them?

        Keep in mind only pure saiyans (that are alive) we have been following up to this point are Goku and Vegeta, they are the only standard we know. Any story can do a turn and go, welp they are just weak but if you do that after what? 20 years? Not everyone is going to be happy about that.

        • Goku kinda like powers up with each new threat that appears. And while Goku get to SSJ1 first it was Gohan that got to SSJ2 before Goku did. Cell game was a long time ago and DB doesn’t focus on Caulifla, so what’s wrong with giving her SSJ2 right off the bat.

          • De there is only supposed to be one true SSJ every thousand years in each timeline Broly is on another timeline one that also shares Vegeta’s Desire to become one. Goku hurt his wittle head as a baby which changes everything and allowed him to become a “fake” SSJ which in turn allowed Vegeta and others do it too. We also get into more time travel shit with Future Trunks but in this set off timelines so to speak there is an omniverse and in this one even in the multiple universes there is still only one “true” Legendary SSJ and that clearly is Kale. Also cause of the SSJ bargain sale even Goten as a kid turned SSJ despite his mother being against it but Caulifla on the other hand is a fighter and prodigy and also has the passion to learn as well which Goten didn’t even have. Also the levels of SSJ 1-3 are de “fake” levels Kale is the “true” one. So now the question arises who is the true SSJ God in de omniverse is it Kale? Caulifla? A future Bulla or Pan? or possibly a fusion of 2 of some SJs but one thing is already certain it is clearly not Vegetto sorry guys who like Vegetto. Cept I’m not sorry the sorry earlier was de insincere teehee.

          • Oh and by the way please don’t automatically assume I would go with Potara or Fusion Dance on de fusion game either I am de more openminded than that and it could literally be anything I actually want to be surprised on this too believe it or not even though it could be those too. But who knows? heh heh heh

          • Gohan did do it first, he is also supposed to have more potential than Goku what ever that means. Just like with Trunks and Goten who are supposedly even stronger than Gohan for their age.

            Do you remember what was required to accomplish that SSJ2 form though? A crap load of training in the hyperbolic time chamber and mastery of the base SSJ form.

            This is why I would like them show more of her backround and the other universe 6 saiyans.

            Sorry for the late reply btw, I usually check back when there are new episodes.

        • No. Vegeta went SSJ because they were evenly matched in base form. He expected Cabba be holding back a transformation like Frost had been. He was surprised that Cabba had gotten so strong without knowing how to go SSJ. It was only after that when he started holding back.

      • Universe 7 isn’t weaker it’s overall power level is low mostly due to the lack of numbers rather then powerful people. Universe 7 could have say 7billion people but only 10 who have a power lvl above 9,000. Where another universe might have 7billion people but has 1million over 9,000.

        • Yeah, you can’t forget a huge majority of universe 7 is dead due to past threats like Frieza, and Buu wiping out probably more than half of the inhabitants.

          • I’m not talking about just Namek and Earth. The universe is much bigger than that my friend. Don’t you remember before Dragon ball Z started how many planets Frieza wiped out ( 99% of the saiyan race to start ) and all the people Making Buu killed on his initial rampage before he was reawakened. All of those people who died never got wished back now did they? I even forgot to mention all the planets Beerus destroyed for little petty reasons.

  4. Vegeta said that kales form might be the “true” form of sayians, meaning that SSJ 1- blue are just inferior variations of that form. interesting. very interesting.

        • How would he know how it looked like though?
          Why didn’t he mention it before?
          Why didn’t he try to get it after getting SSJ to surpass Goku, since it’s WAY stronger than SSJ?
          Why does Kale have it?
          Why tf is it stronger than SSB?

          So many questions that probably aren’t going to be answered.

          • >How would he know how it looked like though?
            He didn’t, that’s why he was asking.
            >Why didn’t he mention it before/etc/etc/etc/etc/etc
            Again, he didn’t know, and just assumed all SS forms were the Legendary Super Saiyan (Look at the ROF arc/movie, he tells Freeza that he is also a legendary super saiyan)
            >Why is it stronger than SSB?
            Because there’s still dozens of the strongest people from multiple universes still around, including many who could go one-on-one with SSB+KK Goku (Toppo, Hit, Jiren), and also there’s still more than 40 minutes and no way to heal, so Goku isn’t going all out. Remember the Piccolo Jr arc? Goku went through the prelims and two rounds before facing Tenshinhan and finally taking off his weights.

          • 1) he doesnt, as i said before he only knows the stories of the original SSJ told by his father. in it it d escribes a sayian that lost control of himself and his powers. this is who brolly was based off of and subsequently kale is now based off this same piece of lore.
            2) first time he has seen the form
            3) Vegeta thought that normal SSJ 1 was the actual SSJ form since he has never seen the “legendary” form of the first SSJ.
            4) again, going back to the original legend, this form is born once every millennia. not anyone can get it, its not a “bargain sale” like the current SSJ form is. this is actually a genius way to make the form actually rare again. the TRUE form of the sayian where as the yellow form is just mock ups that even a child can get.
            5) its stronger because it is the truest form of the SSJ. SSJ blue is just god ki infused with the yellow haired version. The problem with SSB is that the community thinks its a ultimate power up when it actually isnt. its a power boost yes, but the entire deal with SSB is its ki manipulation and control, not its pure power burst. the power of SSJB is just 1 step above SSJ 3 in reality, but without the huge stamina drain SSJ3 puts on the body. SSJB drains stamina, but at a significantly slower rate than SSJ3, and once the form is mastered then in theory he should never lose stamina at all in SSJB which is why he is training.

            i know that was a long write up, but people need to understand that SSJB doesnt turn goku into a literal God… God in DB is just a title, remember that.

          • Thank you Ivy. Finally someone who remembers.
            Just one thing: yes, “god” is just a title, but given to the fact that the godly ki can’t be detected.
            It’s something like “Oh I can’t sense your normal ki, maybe you have a godly ki!” therefore you are somehow a god.
            a “””god”””.

      • the ORIGINAL legend of the SSJ said he lost control of his power if i remember correctly. that is who brolly is based on and now its apparently who kale is based on.

        as it stands right now, none of the SSJ forms have it to where a Sayian outright loses control of their own power and mind, only the “legendary” form does that. So basically vegeta recognized that Kale’s form more perfectly suited the original legend of the SSJ than normal SSJ does.

  5. i wish i was a sayien, all i need to do to get buff is get mad, and i do that every day when i take a test lol

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      • Its called berserk form and that doesnt matter. Goku is a saiyan beyond god since the first arc. No other form of saiyan should even touch him or vegeta. I dont care how much they hold back while im blue. It was an ass pull

  6. Finally another arc that I am hyped for! So far these episodes with action have been fantastic! I hope this arc stays for a while. But I wonder how they’re going to top it….or for that matter what the future holds for Super after this arc. I hope it doesn’t end anytime soon. I still want to see Uub and a teenage Goten and Trunks! They’ve been children for far too long now! I can’t wait for the next episode! Looks like it’s going to be intense!

    • these episodes have been fantastic??? i dont think the 3 wolf brothers being defeated twice and kale going on a rampage is so fantastic

      • To each their own. At least there has been action. Better than filler that typically rarely consists of action. Granted, I don’t mind filler as long as it is not an overbearing amount. Character Development filler is best filler. But this still tops it in my honest opinion. Action for the win!

        • Simply Goku held back. Remember that you can’t kill in this tournament, and a full kamehameha could have been potentially lethal.
          Jiren is stronger than Goku for sure, but notice how Goku received no damage from the beating. He was like “Ok, how can I defeat this thing without ripping her head off?” while being “lokied” on the ground hulk-style.

          • Yeah but this is completely bs if u watch episode 93 ssj 2 caulifla was easily keeping up with lssj kale so there’s no way Goku as ssj2 couldn’t

          • Even with anger u don’t go straight from a level of below ssj2 to beyond God level say even 30% ssb even hulk doesn’t have such a increase and if she is based on broly then no way she can be as powerful as this ever rising power doesn’t mean u can go beyond God level that easily

  7. That lady in the middle at 23:19 from Universe 11 has tits that look to be bigger than J cups. I mean, they almost covered up half her torso. I must fap.

  8. When you think the hit vs jiren fight would happen… but then like always Something is pushed back… A 48 minute tournament in the dbz world just turns into over 9000 Saturdays In our world

    • Pre-super movies are not canon, you blasted noob. The canocity of the super movies is for the viewer to decide, since the Super Saiyan Beyond God thing was dropped, restoring the ability to use the other SSJ forms besides blue, and Super completely missed that original point when trying to make SSJBG in their rendition. The Battle Of the Gods movie itself doesn’t have as many inconsistencies as it was only said in the movie that the God form simply pushed Goku past his limits. What should have killed of the concept immediately was Goku going God again to push back Beerus’ ball.

  9. The Rate at which Caulifa is transforming is BS but I guess they are saying, if Goku and Vegeta had a Saiyan teaching them the ways, they would learn about the transformation too. Still BS tho lol

  10. For those who’ve lost track. Here’s the score.

    # Fighter Eliminated 22/76 (Confirmed so far)

    Universe 2
    1 Brianne de Chateau
    2 Rabanra
    3 Jimizu

    Universe 3
    9 Nigrisshi KO
    10 Narirama KO
    11 UNKNOWN
    12 UNKNOWN
    13 UNKNOWN
    14 UNKNOWN
    15 UNKNOWN
    16 UNKNOWN
    17 UNKNOWN
    18 UNKNOWN

    Universe 4
    19 Damon
    20 Ganos
    21 Nink KO
    22 Shosa KO
    23 Majora KO
    24 UNKNOWN
    25 UNKNOWN
    26 UNKNOWN
    27 UNKNOWN
    28 UNKNOWN

    Universe 6
    29 Cabba
    30 Frost
    31 Hit
    32 Auta Magetta
    33 Botamo
    34 Caulifla
    35 Kale
    36 UNKNOWN

    Universe 7
    37 Goku
    38 Gohan
    39 Vegeta
    40 Piccolo
    41 Krillin KO
    42 Master Roshi
    43 Tien Shinhan
    44 Android 18
    45 Android 17
    46 Frieza

    Universe 9 KO
    47 Bergamo KO
    48 Lavender KO
    49 Basil KO
    50 Hyssop KO
    51 Oregano KO
    52 Sorrel KO
    53 Chappil KO
    54 Comfrey KO
    55 Roselle KO
    56 Hop KO

    Universe 10
    57 Murichim
    58 Lilibeu KO
    59 Napapa KO
    60 Jium KO
    61 Methiop KO
    62 Murisam KO
    63 UNKNOWN
    64 UNKNOWN
    65 UNKNOWN
    66 UNKNOWN

    Universe 11
    67 Toppo
    68 Jiren
    69 Dyspo
    70 Kahseral
    71 Cocotte
    72 Vuon KO
    73 UNKNOWN
    74 UNKNOWN
    75 UNKNOWN
    76 UNKNOWN

    Estimated Remaining Fighters 54/76 (Some may have been knocked off without being shown).

    Feel free to reply with missing info or corrections

  11. Looks like Chichi has some competition now, imagine if Caulifla was a few years older, she’s the idle woman for goku, a hard headed woman who loves to fight and get stronger and is almost as strong as goku, goku would have a field day.

  12. Yes, you right Carl Trappett this is bull shit. super saiyan blue should be strong form ever, how come Caulifla survive that attack i am completely disagree with this scene and where the hell is golden freeza. and this is not good they are easly getting transform into supar saiyan 2 and so on. cant you animator see as of now goku and vegita practicing like hell to get transform into new form, then how come you guys let them transform so esily, this is not good. and Caulifla`s sister asking for super saiyan blue form so eisily and getting help form Goku(fucked up shit). they both trained so hard to get into this blue form and even Gohan not done yet the Blue form, this is completely wrong. they both(Goku and Vegita) should focus on fight, not to train them. but during fighting if they transform or draw more energy then thats fine but teaching them so esiliy is not good. so i request you animators please dont do this kind of shit. otherwise you guys are loosing youre viewers, if you dont believe me then kindly look into their comments.
    and yes Goku should not let his guard down again and again thats so irritating, please let him fight like a true saiyan like mercyless then people will really enjoy.

    • First you need to go back to school, Second, take good English writing lessons, Third, your soft brain doesn’t understand that SSB is Ki control, so basically Goku can control the power while he is SSB which may at times seem powerless but in fact he isn’t going all out on that form, Fourth, since Goku reached SSJ you may have seen everyone easily going SSJ, from Vegeta to Gohan & pff talking about Kale or Caulifa look at Goten & Trunks, they even went SSJ3, Universe 6 Saiyans aren’t born with tails so basically they are more evolved than Universe 7 saiyans & plus are more enhanced fighters from birth which you could see, Fifth, the makers of DBS don’t give a shit if you stop watching, people like you only have wet dreams about everything you watch, instead of watching & enjoying the show you shower your wet dreams all over the comment section, please bail already from here, thank you!

  13. The blue light filter was active, turning my phone screen yellow… & I nearly lost all faith in DBS thinking Goku had inexplicably invented SS Green to match Kale. 😂

  14. oh god having ‘son goku cried all over the place 48 times …
    when brolly did it it was more fun , but this ugh
    goku ssjb couln’d do shit to kale , and jiren not power up …pew 1 shot 😀
    and yeah hit backend off because of jiren (they are both mental stronger i guess

    • I hate lesbians in anime who have a queer eye for the straight girl.

      you got the oblivious uninterested straight woman, and a shy bashful typical japanese girl lesbian, who is too embarassed to say anything meaningful ever. It literally just goes nowhere as you watch tge lesbo pine for an oblivious straight girl.

  15. So, Kale’s way stronger than Vegeta, then? Even with Whis’ training seems like Vegeta is doomed to be second or third fiddle in terms of strength relative to other Saiyans. What a bummer.

  16. Goku is my man but they are making him look like a joke and vegeta. Ssj blue is starting to look very weak to because when goku went blue and did the blast at kale she ate it and like she was Ssj rose lol. I guess it’s just me and but goku should be like jiren or hit cus they don’t waste time with people that are beneath them. Goku is looking shabby and u7 needs to wow things up a bit. I can’t wait until I see freeza fight a strong competitor to cus he has a new power that I must see. Team goku forever hands down!

  17. This is BS! You are telling us to replace our memory of Brolly with this freeken little weak, frail girl who turns into Brolly out of some stupid jealousy attack? THIS IS CRAP!! Being a DBZ fan, I was pumped about seeing what I thought was Brolly on the intro to DBS shows, but HOLY HELL! WAS I WRONG…… Thanks a lot, guy.. Beside the point, what is up with this BS of everyone getting on Goku’s and Vegeta’s level? This makes it a huge joke; having spent their lives training and fighting to reach an awesome level of power, to all of a sudden be matched by a WEAKLING that was known back from Dragon Ball…. Yes, Master Roshi is one of them, and as much as I appreciate the character and I do give him lots of credit, I think it’s major crap that he can take Goku on a fight when he’s SSJB…… Anyway, let the shows rain upon us, despite all the BS, I still love Dragon Ball. Go Goku!

  18. The “I won’t forgive you Son Goku” line was like taken straight from Puri Puri Prisoner from One punch man, when he was fighting the deep sea king. But there, it was meant to be funny, here they wanted it to be serious and failed miserably

  19. Damn Jiren is badass, comes out with an epic music like he’s the only one that can end this and takes out female broly in one energy blast.

    • jiren is one of the only characters where his power might make sense but idk anything about him so it could just be bullshit at least he isnt just a random nigga like the others who got god powers in 5 minutes

  20. This is getting dumb. They are just overpowering random people and making SS a joke. Caulifla gets SS2 in a few days after learning SS. Goku should be able to beat her SS2 in his base form. Goku’s SS2 should be enough to go against Kale, and his SSB should have beat her without even trying. Each SS used to be a major step up and now it is just like grabbing a step latter to reach the top shelf. Even the Frieza becoming as strong as SSB in 4 months is an insult to the DB community.

    • Even the Frieza becoming as strong as SSB in 4 months is an insult to the DB community. Goku became stronger than Frieza in his base form so going SSB should not even make it a fight. What they should have done, was make Frieza being resurrected a flash back from a few years ago, maybe the Buu saga, and have him training the entire time.

  21. I’m disappointed with this Super sayain blue. How is it that Goku can fight Berus but literally everyone can compete with goku instead of instantly being vaporized like with Berus. They like to upsell and then short the transformations to make everyone on par with Goku and Vegeta.

  22. Fan theory: Maybe the reason that this match is taking so long, is because everybody is moving so fast that we are watching the slow motion, like a high speed camera. So, every 2 min of fighting is actually only like 3 seconds. Think about it, Goku was going so fast on Namek that even Vegeta couldn’t see him move a muscle. And now everybody is watching every move. Are they getting slower, or are we watching the fights through a slow motion camera. And that would explain why the 5 min Goku/Frieza fight lasted for 4 or 5 20 minute episodes.

  23. Everybody seems to forget the actual reality of being young you have the ability to learn much faster then an adult I can easily see this being implemented here. Everybody has different learning curves and obviously Kale is a very fast learner.

  24. cmonBruh lssj isnt even that strong everyone likes to wank off to broly n shit about how strong he is but he isnt really idk how just that can make someone so strong but hey its super where power scaling is fucked

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