Dragon Ball Super Episode 101 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 101 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 101. Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 101 in High Quality HD online on www.watchdbzsuper.tv.
You Are watching Dragon Ball Super Episode 101. Episode 101 in the TV Anime Series Dragon Ball Super.


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99 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 101 Subbed”

  1. This episode was a difficult fap, but someone had to do it. Given that dragon ball is composed almost entirely of men with perfect, impossibly-muscular bodies, with next to no women with abnormal or sexualized proportions, does that make me gay?

  2. This episode was something else idk what Kale did but she reminds me of gohan and i liked andriod 17 just being a bawse

      • Except Goku was ‘experienced’ enough to not bother using USSJ. Cabba is humble, Vegeta calls himself the prince of all saiyans. Kale is gay, Gohan isn’t afraid when he can overpower the enemy by like 300%, and never had issues staying in control when his ancient, hidden power of yore meant anything. Can’t say he’s not a chicken anymore, since nothing that could clearly overpower him by 1% has faced him yet.

  3. Cocotte has some really weird breasts, like they look huge but are actually only really long with little depth.

    • Are you sure about that? imgur dot com/SGzvaLa.png The animators are just inconsistent. They’re like the biggest so far.

  4. 6:47 Goku was confused but then decided he digged lesbianism. Dirty bastard didn’t even need internet porn to enjoy it.

  5. 7:18 Let me just stand here and take it. The only time dodging ever happened or was considered a problem was waaay back against Raditz.

    • Is it because the players don’t work? The downloads under “Click Here To DOWNLOAD Dragon Ball Super Episode 101 !” work.

        • I’m not going to disagree with you on that, but it’s like Batman. We just have to watch it because it’s Dragon Ball, in this case. But it is, indeed, a show for kids.

          • I know. But what they don’t realise is that it shouldn’t be! Most dragonball fans are well into adulthood now.
            … At least it’s still better than GT though. For now anyway, Universe 2 might cross that line.

          • Yeah for kids, but it was very damn ‘bloody’ serious in DBZ for a kid’s show. Tien lost his arm and died in a bloody puddle near the beginning for crying out loud.

          • Z aired at night, on wednesdays, when japan was a lot looser on censorship, now it airs at noon, on weekends, and japan became much more rigid, Z was targeted at teens/young adults, thus the time it was aired, super airs at a time a lot of kids are watching, therefore it was obvious that it would be toned down (don’t get me wrong, i hate that they toned all the stuff down too, but i get it, they will get moar munnies this way)

  6. Who decided studio echo was the same as talking from a long distance? Seriously. First it was with Caulifa at 4:47 and then Piccolo at 8:06.

  7. Frieza is like “That love shit ain’t gonna do anything to me”

    I also want to see more of Frieza’s fights and how strong he actually is. Because his full power is definitely wasn’t shown when he fought Goku at Baba’s place

    • Would have been cool if Frieza finished them off. I’m sure they remind him of the fairies from his personal “hell” lol

    • It’ll come they just have to get through all these fodder characters. The longer they drag it out the more money they make. Not that I’m complaining.

      • At least it isn’t as dragged out as one piece, Dressrosa was 117 episodes in the anime and 100 chapters in the manga. The other arcs are slow starting at florian triangle ark

  8. A few episodes back Goku looked all serious as 1 Universe was erased now he lets them go.

    Like he should have learned by now to keep his Guard up but nooo. He shouldve learned to not let himself get beaten up to not waste energy if he loses but noo.

    All in all still good fights.

      • It was Whis who said that Goku is arrogant and has a bad habit of letting his guard down.. We’ve seen examples of this flaw numerous times in this series. Getting shot with a ray gun by Frieza’s henchman, Goldenfrieza trapping him in Sidra’s destruction ball, twice in the tournament of power. And someone is always there to save his ass.

    • i think so, it was in GT and don’t remember it from anywhere else

      Edit: he used it in Dragon Ball to kill King Piccolo so it is cannon

  9. Everyone is getting out of nowhere technique and power boosts: Kale, Cauliflowa, Frieza, and inevitably Goku will get another one. So when will Vegeta get his?

  10. Guys, I just realized that Goku is truly insane, while he has let sayan girls escape everybody can think that he his selfish and thinks only about his fighting ambitions but… what if he has already discovered evilness of angels and is gathering allies for eventual fight with Gods?

    • Hard to say at this point. It could be a sinister plot, but knowing Dragon Ball, that could be a misdirection much like the Supreme Kai’s introduction. There’s definitely something up with them though. I don’t think Goku planned that far ahead, but we did miss out on some details.

  11. Looks like Tien had to lay off the roids for this tournament. Must be some kind of steroid testing for the fighters.

  12. Crazy how the encounter with kale an jiren last episode. Jiren actually cleared kale ki with that blasts . Jiren is very formidable opponent.

  13. I don’t know about you people, but these Saiyan girls are character-shilled too much. Though they aren’t that bad…

  14. god dammit guys power scaling is really starting to trigger me i havent even watched this episode yet but dammit im so triggered there is absolutely no logic in anything in this show some random fag can rival the power of gods jesus christ i get it if people like hit and jiren but when some random punk ass niggas can match goku and vegeta in fucking super saiyan u know something is wrong. they have the power of FUCKING GODS but some PUNK ASS NIGGA comes up and can fight them in ssjb. i thought that their base forms became so damn powerful like frieza is shitting on niggas and base form goku is much more powerful than frieza in non-golden form so why cant goku and vegeta shit on these niggas i dont know if theyre just holding back a shit ton but if they were holding back then they wouldnt have transformed. i guess everyone is a god now like this shit is getting me heated af damn

    End Rant

  15. 18 hasnt really gotten stronger at all since dbz so goku in base form should still be much stronger than her so how dafuq does 18 lift that nigga so easy and goku could barely hold him

  16. niggas gaining power out of nowhere is utter bullshit in super at least dbz could come up with a good explanation for power increases

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