Dragon Ball Super Episode 102 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 102 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 102. Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 102 in High Quality HD online on www.watchdbzsuper.tv.
You Are watching Dragon Ball Super Episode 102. Episode 102 in the TV Anime Series Dragon Ball Super.


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102 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 102 Subbed”

  1. So…..that was a thing….I hope 17 smacks the shit outta that ugly ass teletuby :/ the wholeepisode was a waste of time really until 17 kicked they ugly asses

  2. if VPN wasn’t there then i would be still hanging up with this shitty media can’t be played message . my fellow indians use VPN to watch this episode. 🙂 happy anime!

  3. I’m pretty sure we witnessed how Xeno and the two blushing Universe 11 guys fap. Krillin was obviously fapping until they transformed since he said they were cute before. The others didn’t react because they simply don’t understand human masturbation.

  4. Am I the only one that picked on the light addition of Thundercats with the Sailor Moon knockoffs? They never talked during their transformations.
    “Thunder Thunder Thunder Thundercats!”

      • It was only 4 or 5 episode if i remember right. But fan theory: I think they are getting so fast that we are watching it in slow motion. Remember who Goku dodged so fast that Vegeta couldn’t even see him move a muscle, but now everyone can watch every fight. They are not getting slower, they are getting faster and have to watch it on a high speed camera.

  5. This was the worst dbs ep by farThis 10minutes transformations bullshit was so gay I had to watch Vegeta beating Frieza’s ass on EP 27 to regain my confidence over the series. Sad.

  6. I love 17.
    He basically put in actions my thoughts when those idiots were transforming.
    “Just shoot them already!!!”

  7. Well, 17 would’ve saved us from the cringe that are these Sailor Moon 2.0 gone wrong but nooooo……how dare he use his brain? Usage of brains not allowed under Goku’s watch. I swear Goku is getting dumber and dumber and more annoying with each passing episodes.

    Also, another lesbian pair. Super, what ya doin’, bro? Let’s no go in the yuri/yaoi world.

  8. Spoiler episode in the middle of the battle royal, Toriyama brings the show to the new heights… I mean honestly, that was real piece of shit… This teletuby transformations, I was like… ok ,wait… wait…it’s going to end soon, just a seconds… stay calm.. but nooooo… 17 shits it, and they are going to redo it again… damn…
    PS: If it wasn’t for 17th performance, this episode would have been worse than Arale crap in 69..

  9. This was fuckin hilarious i cracked tf up when toppo came out of nowhere. can’t wait for the next episode gohan’s time to shine. the transformation time sucked tho took way to long but this made me think maybe some gogeta is in the shadow hopefully

  10. ha! see I think 1or 2 episodes back it said 43 minutes left and now its 39 minutes that means its been around 16 minuets which means let frieza 5 minuets 20 episodes thing go!! that’s all I wanted to type thx for reading

  11. Y’all complain a lot. I bet you get mad if a girl doesn’t let you hit it after the first date too.

    Like damn. All good things come in time. Can’t have a climax without a build up before.

  12. The fact that this is even an episode is an insult to the entire DB community. DBS was good up until this tournament of power arc. They made us wait so long for it, and now it is just a joke, and not even a funny joke.

    • Yeah…They had a chance to introduce a female saiyan or two, maybe even give them a different type of SS transformation due to their sex. Instead, they put them in some weird lesbian/sister relationship, give one of them Broly’s LSSJ transformation for no reason, and let the other reach SS1 and SS2 in minutes, once they realized those forms even exist.

      This episode speaks for itself…Really disappointed with all the SJW garbage that is poisoning yet another great series.

  13. i hate this stupid shit why do they do this do they hate dragonballl? why is everything so fuckking stupid (ill watch it anyways tho)

  14. Why am i still watching this show?…. I guess to watch the end of a series i like but at this point, im not sure i want to know 😛

  15. Rebuking Android 17 for not letting them power up? This entire show is like a parody of DBZ. What hasn’t been made fun of? They no longer sense ki. Back then, they were astonished at increase in Ki or didn’t have to fight to find out they couldn’t handle it.

  16. Heh, I think Akira may be having a bit of fun on other popular series expense. Those justice warriors: Power Rangers, and the maidens, definetly Sailor moon.

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