Dragon Ball Super Episode 103 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 103 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 103. Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 103 in High Quality HD online on www.watchdbzsuper.tv.
You Are watching Dragon Ball Super Episode 103. Episode 103 in the TV Anime Series Dragon Ball Super.


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88 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 103 Subbed”

      • youtube com/watch?v=yH-q-aEymws

        I don’t like this animation because it makes characterizations about Goku that the original, written source didn’t. That and some changes make make it seem not so canon. Not much was said about Hitler’s appearance, he just went lose with it.

        fightbait com/time-anne-frank-goku-fanfic/ Some of it is there, or maybe it’s all there. I don’t know. A lot of sites divided it in chapters. It’s from like 2004? If you know nothing about this, you don’t have the right to call yourself a Dragon Ball Fan. You’re just some sad little casual.

      • Goku and Anne Frank had a discreet affair while she was in town to see a Justin Bieber concert. Really shady stuff.

        • No, the mods are going full-retard deleting random comments and appear to be testing shadow bans. This: youtube dot com/watch?v=yH-q-aEymws The original text makes way less characterizations about Goku and didn’t say anything about HItler’s physical look other than *spoilers*

  1. 6:33 Why the hell did Goku not just Instant Transmission out? There’s no reason to force 17 in. GT Goku couldn’t use instant transmission because of not having his conditioned, adult body. Here, just because yes.

  2. What if those Namekian’s on the universe 6 team are the Goku and Vegeta of the team. They have to be saving them for later because they’re powerful. O_O

  3. Kale, cauli, cabba gohan and vegeta makes 5 sayans for the ritual. Guess goku got beat up badly so if they wanted to have a chance to survive jiren they had to do it. Maybe fusion is next on the list.

    • Actually, it seems that the anime is finally taking something from the manga in that Goku and Vegeta can actually go SSG whenever they want.

  4. its probably gonna have a dumb explaination on why gokus using god instead of blue maybe it gathers energy like how goku ssj would keep up with 70% beerus even out of god mode

  5. Another universe is destroyed. So sad. Still, this Obni guy fought interestingy and gave some challenge to Gohan.

  6. First, I thought those those annoying ass Universe 2 girls will be out for good. Damn it.
    Second, Goku is teaming up with Hit even though it is a battle royale and he will have to fight one enemy less if Hit loses. This guy has no brains. He is getting annoying and dumber day by day. What is wrong with him?!!! Urgh
    Third, correct me if I’m wrong. I thought the universes were in pairs like 6 and 7 to make up 13. Like there were kind of like twins with universes having similarities and Gods being related or something. Like Beerus and Champa. So, why are other universes completely different from their counterparts?

  7. Perhaps he’s using SSG next episode because it doesn’t use as much energy as Blue does, but to fight the enemies they’re fighting he still needs a power increase beyond SS2 or 3 (3 consumes a lot of energy as it is).

    Oh well, we’ll see in a week.

    • Yeah you are right about the power consumption, it was stated in the manga but i don’t know whether they’ll follow the same for anime.

    • Well, they could lose. Imagine the last battle would be Goko vs. Jiren, they fight and fight and fight…Jiren wins but sees that goku isn’t a bad guy, he just loves to fight like all sajans do. Jiren will get the Super Dragon Balls and because he is a good guy too, he wishes that all the universes are back like that tournament never happend.

      • that could be the case, but I doubt that the omni king would autorize that. shenron is scared of him so I really doubt he would make the wish. if the universes were deleted it was for a reason.

    • Only needs 1 to recieve it and 5 for the ritual. There is still Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Cabba, Caulifla and Kale. So in theory they can do the whole ritual, but I think it’s just another transformation.

    • because like fully buffed super vegeta form, god form makes body slimmer, and dyspo (from pride troopers) supposed to be faster than hit, so definitely faster than goku

  8. Why is there no killing if the universe gets erased when it loses? Could it be that perhaps the universes aren’t actually getting erased?

  9. GREAT episode, interesting to see gohan was capable of learning from advice, unlike his father, this episode made me feel that gohan will outlast goku, stubborn, thick headed, much loved, goku

  10. I like how the teletubbies think teleporting to get away, in an arena smaller then a football field, think they somehow can’t be easily found..anime logic.

    • Toei wants to use their transformations as a way to waste more time so they can make more episodes and more money

  11. Since Universe 2 and 11 are parallel, Ribrianne is Universe’s 2 Toppo.That’s why she’s so annoying and can’t stop talking.

  12. HYPE HYPE HYPE HYPE HYPE HYPE I love the original super saiyan god form and seeing it on the preview got me hyped! Can’t wait for the next episode!

  13. cant everyone make barriers tho? what about that shit goku did vs burter and jeice on namek why is only 17 actually making use of these abilities

  14. but damn that was some smart ass shit from goku like i hate how sometimes super makes goku look way more dumb than he was in z and even db like goku is pretty much the smartest fighter he isnt really the most intelligent guy when it comes to other things but he is a very intelligent fighter. i hate how goku doesnt take anything serious now like look at goku vs frieza and vs cell we need more serious and badass goku back

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