Dragon Ball Super Episode 104 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 104 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 104. Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 104 in High Quality HD online on www.watchdbzsuper.tv.
You Are watching Dragon Ball Super Episode 104. Episode 104 in the TV Anime Series Dragon Ball Super.


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64 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 104 Subbed”

  1. Frieza, Jiren, Toppo, Hit haven’t even powered up and Goku has already powered into three transformations.Vegeta two…

  2. No universe erased today, but more filler next week when Master Roshi gets his own episode? Are we serious here? No vegeta or ghost frieza, but master roshi???

  3. I just realized the manga introduces a potential plothole in that the Hakai was implied to need destruction ki before the manga chapter came out. That being said, Goku’s Hakai lacks the Rush Ki Wave like thing that Beerus’ had in the manga. By the way, you all suck.

  4. Now im curious to know why that blue pride tropper aint save any of his friends from falling and now im wondering how goku turned ssj god since it was off screen

  5. So hit lost all the improvements he had with Goku, making him as weak as he was then. Note the stance, He described them as representing levels of improvement, of which that stance was the one he used in the begging. These guys just don’t care anymore.

    • no he doesn’t lost his improvements and his stance is fine, it is his stance but he wasn’t fighting @ full power to save stamina and if you watched the episode clearly you clould see that goku had trouble with the ennemy too because he was listening to sound to read movements, they have to adjust to fighting styles they never fought against

      • Plus Hit’s stances were a way to counter Goku specifically. Fighting against someone new, he wouldn’t use the same counters.

    • It’s because Human is a general term in Dragon Ball. It’s the same thing as saying “people” or “mortal”. Earth’s inhabitants are called Earthlings. Earthlings are a subtype of humans; they don’t have the same definition in dragon ball.

  6. I just love how weak saiyans are now, what with them having to use god forms to fight most other races outside their universe.

    • The saiyans were the ultimate warrior race…of their universe. There are many other universes so it is logical that others would be stronger without transformations…as the saiyan power biology becomes based on once Zenkai has reached its limit.

  7. 19:09 Hit smashed him so hard, his bone seperated, making it look as if he expanded, but then they inexplicably go back in place on the next “Hit”.

  8. This entire time, Android 18 had boob physics in the credits hidden rather discretely behind the credit text in the credits. That, or she is not wearing a bra and the wind moving the sweater… I don’t know.

  9. When I saw the preview for this episode I was about to get pissed that anyone besides Goku or Jiren would have any chance to defeating Hit… Despite that, this episode was awesome.

  10. There are 12 fucking universes! How the other universes aren’t shown fighting among them? They must be eliminating each other one by one. Instead they just show the A-team beating everyone.

    • Kale’s destruction from her loss of control destroyed so much so hard, it actually created, making the arena like 64x bigger, with lotsa’ of rubble.

  11. I’ll just be the only one wondering why Hit’s attack didn’t kill the Mr. Web when he made a hole through his body. It killed Goku immediately. Aliens here tend to be human by nature. Why would hit appear to always aim that attack at the human spot of the heart?

  12. I’m sitting here wondering why the hell they didn’t get Future Trunks to come do this tournament! They helped his timeline out so why not have his badass hope for humanity self fight in the tournament in place of the Master old man perv Roshi

  13. watch after all that stuff after goku becomes more powerful than jiren and beats him somehow everyone else will be on par with him in the next arc

  14. i thought that they were already several times the speed of light since dragon ball when goku dodged a solar flare when he was a DAMN KID

  15. and if that guy was able to injure hit like that and goku had to go full power to beat hit, does that mean that that nigga is stronger than goku? but if that nigga is weaker than toppo and goku and toppo are evenly matched, then wtf? is he stronger than toppo? cuz i doubt that. but then if goku had to go full power to beat hit, does that mean that hit is as strong as toppo too?? i dont get it this sucks

    • smfh and as soon as he transforms he starts getting his ass beat i guess that nigga IS stronger than goku. at this point im not even surprised, everyone is

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