Dragon Ball Super Episode 105 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 105 Subbed

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115 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 105 Subbed”

    • Yes. That Caway lady is hot. And, what’s better, she knows! I hope she won’t be a bad fighter, though.

  1. by far this is the stupidest and most bullshit episode in the entire series. I really have no idea how they are able to lower the bar this far and with no sign of stopping either.

  2. 29 viewers, and the stream keeps cutting off with only like 5 seconds of video every 12 mins. Nobody gives a damn anymore. Dragon Ball Super might get cancelled.

  3. Judging by Master Roshi’s pacing and worried demeanor, I believe he may have been busted by Chris Hansen and didn’t want to deal with it anymore.

  4. I don’t understand what everyone is on about, I fucking loved this episode. I’m thinking that the people who didn’t either have no connection with db series and characters, or they’re too much of a weeb to enjoy an anime thats not perfect.

    • I was Waiting For Such An episode …. Awesome .. they finally gave one to Roshi the teaher of goku and kririn .. fuck those tards who think this was a waste of time …

    • as fans of the series we should expect more. we should recognize flaws that the show has because if we dont point out the flaws, then thats how companies start being lazy and halfassing stuff because we let them get away with their bullshit. for example, take a look at apple. they sell shitty stuff way overpriced and get away with it because of their name. its the same with dragon ball. they can get away with being lazy because we let them. we shouldnt stand for that as fans because we want to see the series be the best that it could be. if we dont recognize the flaws, then it will just turn to shit

  5. Now that was a fantastic episode! I was originally on the fence thinking this was going to be a useless filler episode but that was actually really good and really satisfying! Definitely kept me interested the entire way through! Good job Master Roshi! I think near the end he also gained Beerus’ respect! I am actually really glad we finally got to see Roshi in all his glory! Man that was intense! Here’s hoping to the next one being just as good!

      • That’s true. I forgot about the good ol’ plot armor. Remembering that i’m sure he’ll be fine. Though now I wonder if that is the last we’ll see from Roshi or if he shall return in a later episode in the arc!

        • Well, I havent watched DB but i wanted to see Roshi in action, you know cus we never saw him except in revival ark, I guess he just needs to catch his breath

          • It’d definitely be great to see more from him! He’s one of my favorite characters now! Here’s hoping!

    • It’s supposed to go along with the theory of relativity. These people are moving so fast all the time and it’s “being slowed down” so we can watch it as a viewer. The reason they keep up with the time is making a nod to how fast the participants and each fight is actually going

    • roshi did nothing to outsmart anyone really. He scared a girl of the ring by being a perve, used evil containment wave on a shadow woman, and pulled the ultimate kamehameha out of nowhere after taking enough of a beating to be dead.

      • I’d have actually respected it if he’d done something like. “You overlooked my ultimate weapon,” dies, “a little halo appears on his head,” and Zeno disqualifies his opponent. They could always ress him after the tournament. They’re gods and they said no one is allowed to die.

  6. Count backwards you dumb son of a bitch. If 2 are eliminated, and the max is 10, it would be 8. They sure know how to make Zeno look like a dumbass with all that bitch ass power. Way to stretch the anime.

  7. “He’ll make me undesirable as a wife” WTF!!!!! 7:21 As a fapper, we all have to have our limits. THIS… What??? What am I watching?

  8. So, Master roshi… a fighter who was no longer relevant in terms of combat ability the moment raditz showed up is able to fight someone who gave suppressed goku trouble? I figured roshi would let bird man kill him to be disqualified, but no, a BS kamehameha that wouldn’t even tickle raditz somehow took out someone who could keep up with goku at all. goku took out the lesser members of the ginyu team with one easy hit when he was sooo much weaker!

    If roshi can even hurt a fighter, goku should be able to take them out just by pushing air at them, like how he beat chi chi.

    I get evil containment wave, but if there are people weak enough for roshi to fight in this tournament, NONE OF THE OTHER FIGHTERS SHOULD HAVE A PROBLEM! 17 and 18 should have kicked like 40 people off already!

    Vegeta, goku, freiza, gohan, piccolo, and the androids could kill roshi with a finger! Even kurilin is soo much stronger than roshi. Yes, he’s not as straight forward as they are, but he is probably millions of times weaker!

    Even if he has been training constantly, he’s still old, and he probably couldn’t beat first form freiza, which everyone else can at least contend with!

    I mean, roshi couldn’t hurt vegeta if he tried! Even when he’s suppressed! The top fighters should all be flicking people off like marbles!

    • Pikon, yamcha, dende, sleeping buu, chiaotsu, even freakin’ king kai, or even bubbles would have been better picks than roshi!

      I really don’t see why they didn’t bring dende, he can heal! very important!

      • Master roshi is still far more superior in techniques. You will need stronger enemies with buu. Besides, the first fight is simply perfect for him lol.

        • Than who? Pikon is waaaay better than roshi. dende could heal, sleeping buu just wouldn’t get knocked off being putty and all, chiaotsu can blow himself up and use psychic powers, and even king kai can use the spirit bomb!

          Roshi only had mafuba! that’s it, and is technically against the rules.

          The first fight was a girl significantly weaker than roshi, which means 18 could easily bitch slap her off the stage! I don’t care how much technique he has, technique can’t save you when your opponents are hundreds times faster than you, and thousands of times stronger than you, and have radial blast attacks which you just can’t dodge!

          It’s like they packed the extra slots with hercule level fighters, which is the only person roshi could literally do that shit to! And hercule/Mr. Satan isn’t a bad fighter either! He’s one of earth’s greatest martial artists outside of the insanely powerful Z fighters. He could have fought with kid goku in dragon ball! He’d lose, but it could have been an actual fight. You know, where roshi barely beat goku… and could only match him because goku had wittle legs and arms?

          • 1)The Kamehameha that took out the strong guy almost killed him

            2)People like Gohan have hidden powers. Why can’t Roshi?

            3)Goku probably could push most people off. Although he has to do this without using too much power or he’ll kill them, making weaker fighters arguably more tricky. Goku struggles to hold a glass after he’s been training hard.

            I also don’t think it’s the best tactic to just go around knocking everyone off straight away. There are fighters in the tournament as strong or stronger than Goku. There’s no point knocking off all the weak fighters so soon, so you’re left with the very strongest who will pour all their attention on you. Look at Jiren. He’s just watching everyone, just as Roshi did.

            The universe is at stake. You can’t afford to make rash decisions

          • 1) yes, roshi went 150%… he might have scratched raditz

            2) because gohan was super strong to begin with, and the hidden power augmented his incredible power. He wasn’t able to take out freeza’s 3rd form with it, and the “mystic gohan” form took a silly dance and a long time, but someone else had to draw it out of gohan.

            roshi can have hidden power, but it’s not going to make him 200 fold stronger.

            and again, comparing roshi with hidden power boost to someone who was several times stronger at 4 without and now has gotten much stronger and has the boost.

            3) SSJ blue is about ki control… I don’t think there’s an issue about controlling the ki to not kill them. knocking off all the weaklings right off the bat would be like swatting mosquitoes, they’re annoying, but it really doesn’t take much energy to get rid of them.

            Goku keeps going straight for the strongest fighters!!! the weaklings just bother and trip him up. You want to get rid of the weaklings so they don’t sucker punch you while the strong battle. That’s a much better strategy. shoot, the strongest fighters could just blow everyone away powering up to 50% power!

            yeah, look at Jiren, what’s he doing? why doesn’t he sucker punch goku and take him out? it’s all just bull, he let every single teammate fall off, when having as many as possible is the best choice, he stopped she-brolly, why? Nothing in this fight makes sense, they’re just trying to make characters feel somewhat relevant when honestly, vegeta should have had no problem with the tin man, gohan should have just picked up yellow bear and tossed him, freeza hasn’t been shown to be doing anything. freeza and vegeta should be knocking the weaklings left and right! 18 and 17 should have swept most people away by just using sweeping ki blasts! Nothing in this fight makes sense!

          • Yes Roshi has got a power up, which is wierd, but I had to look this up in the wiki. During the King Piccolo saga Roshi actually died when he used Evil Containment Wave against Piccolo and missed, here he was fine and dandy and continued to kick ass after it. During Piccolo saga and at the start of Saiyan saga Roshi wasn’t, by no means a weakling though. Goku and Piccolo were obviously strongest to go against Raditz but as a side characters I would not put Tien Shinhan or Roshi that far behind them.

          • you forget, at the start of the saiyan saga, even goku and piccolo were weaklings dwarfed by Raditz’s power. They had to team up and were still getting their asses handed to them. they only won by exploiting the saiyan tail weakness and because goku sacrificed himself.

            roshi wouldn’t be able to hurt raditz. Everyone got a hell of a lot stronger to fight nappa and vegeta. napa’s power dwarfed raditz, and vegeta’s dwarfed nappa’s. yamcha, tien, gohan, piccolo and krillin had become much stronger than raditz by this point, and they couldn’t do much against nappa, yet roshi was still too weak to fight raditz. Everyone died and trained under king kai, and never really had a real fight again, and at this point, they were much more powerful than roshi.

            Fast forward and roshi can fight freeza’s henchmen, who are probably at least as good as raditz, and he takes on multiple foes! Now he can stand up to any of the top 10 in any universe? These are the top 10 strongest fighters.

            In DBZ, when someone’s power was like 60% of another fighter’s, they could punch all day and do no damage. They could use final flash to no avail… but because roshi almost dies using his attack, he can blow away a guy whose punches weren’t simply ignored and treated like a fly by goku? Even supressed goku in base form is strong enough to take out full powered freeza from the freeza saga. freeza was the strongest fighter in the universe up to that point! so roshi has gone freeza level!?!?

            seriously, they fought a universe 6 equivalent of freeza saga freeza, and even piccolo could fight him! If it wasn’t for the poison, piccolo would have beaten him without much effort!

          • This is a ridiculous argument. You are talking about an anime and you should know that it is not perfectly logical so it is written a certain way to avoid obvious logic gaps, as well as to lengthen the content and provide climactic moments.

            If you are unhappy with the writing then watch something else.

          • good to know you know nothing about martial arts. In the third fight roshi states himself that the opponent is faster and stronger then him, he just used it against his opponent. If you watched carefully the entire series you would know that Master Roshi told krillin that the fights on much higher level are possible for them because they got used to watch goku, vegeta and so on fight much higher level battles where they wouldn’t be able to.

          • Good to know you think martial arts are magic. Any good martial artist will tell you that whole use their strength against them thing only works if your strength is at least comparable.

          • oh, okay, so a little dialogue allows us to erase all of dragon ball Z, right? nice retcon.

            Remember cell? all the watching in the world wouldn’t allow roshi or krillin to do any better than hercule against perfect cell!

          • You really think Hercule is on par with Roshi, when he can’t even summon the Ki to fly? You’re too obsessed with power levels this episode is literally paying homage to old masters in Kung Fu movies besting the youthful/boastful fighters by using their own force against them. As for the kid Roshi beat he honestly didn’t seem like a trained fighter more like a brawler picked solely for the purpose of his ability to gain strength as the tournament progressed. The skill that Roshi has acquired over several lifetimes will trump brute force like that.

            Dende has no fighting experience and his healing takes time as soon as he tried to heal anyone he’d be stopped, Sleeping Buu could literally have been instant tansmissioned off by the Yardrat, Chiaotsu blows himself up, does no damage to his opponent and basically becomes a worthless pick, and while North Kai is the creator of the kaioken and spirit bomb it’s never really been shown if he himself can handle or even perform those techniques he could very well just have theorized them. Plus it has yet to be seen if one can gather energy in that void dimension and even if you could do you think someonee is going to allow North Kai 5 minutes to charge it?

            You’re only seeing Roshi as a frail old man and are essentially falling into the same trap those 3 fighters did by underestimating Roshi. You need to remember Roshi essentially has everlasting life, has invented some of the strongest techniques used in the DB universe ever, Roshi has most likely still been training since the Raditz incident and is most likely A LOT stronger than you think which is now canon and can’t really be disputed now. If you can’t handle how the CREATOR OF THIS ANIME is doing things go write fanfic or some other shit

          • um… can roshi summon ki to fly? I never said they were on par with one another, but that hercule isn’t that far below roshi. He’d lose, but he is the next up after roshi when it comes to martial arts (except maybe videl) But relative to the likes of goku, freeza, vegeta, and even nappa, they wouldn’t seem all that different.

            “You’re too obsessed with power levels this episode is literally paying
            homage to old masters in Kung Fu movies besting the youthful/boastful fighters by using their own force against them.”

            Translation: you thought you were watching a continuation of dragon ball Z, but this is just a bullshit homage to other martial arts shows completely ignoring hundreds of episodes’ worth of canon.

            DBZ has established, that even with no skill (kid buu/ fat buu), having excessive power and speed that dwarfs your opponent’s means you win. skill only matters when there’s a significant difference of skill, and a comparable level of ability. it’s like saying that bruce lee could take on the flash. He’s too fast, and can take out his opponent without using martial arts and simply attacking before lee can blink.

            He didn’t train in super high gravity, and king kai was stronger. Everyone else trained while we say him doing nothing in every fight. So he can’t possibly be stronger than yamcha, otherwise he would have helped in the fights where yamcha was fighting, because why not? He created powerful techniques, but he’s still super weak compared to any other Z fighter. anyone who can’t fight at a freeza saga final form freeza is worthless! both androids are much stronger than freeza was! everyone there dwarfs freezas power from that saga… except roshi and krillin, the latter of which can at least actually fight with freeza.

            “If you can’t handle how the CREATOR OF THIS ANIME is doing things go write fanfic or some other shit”

            so you’re telling me that when next saga has launch beating up golden freeza, I should just accept it? Because the creator has free reign to contradict his story any way he pleases? When the creator starts contradicting his story, then it’s time to get another writer!

          • Watches imaginary characters. Has no imagination. We don’t know how strong that guy was really. He fought Goku very briefly. Think you’re making a bit too much of that.

            Roshi’s not going to defeat Hit or anyone. He’ll probably be knocked off in a few episodes.

            DBZ was full of this kind of stuff. I’m immune to it personally.

          • you mean suspension of disbelief, and it takes a huge helping of that to swallow down this episode.

            We can IMAGINE how strong he is because we can IMAGINE the fight between hercule and Perfect Cell, and as one would IMAGINE, it isn’t much of a fight. Hercule throws punches and kicks at cell with absolutely no effect, and cell just swats him, WITHOUT KILLING HIM!!!

            Now, Roshi is right now to goku probably like the camera guy was to perfect cell. For little green man to throw punches at goku and have goku actually move implies a few things based on scenarios from DBZ which we can IMAGINE.

            remember when goku fought cheese and butter? how did that play out? can you imagine when there is such a difference in speed, that one need not appear to be moving whatsoever? So, if goku actually had to move and block, does this not imply that the little guy was fast enough to keep up with a suppressed goku? a suppressed goku who would still be faster than he was on namek? can you IMAGINE that?

            now, if the guy was actually at roshi’s power level, then goku could reasonably just stand there and take the punches without caring… but he didn’t, IMAGINE that? So the guy also gets stronger every minute, which means he is stronger fighting roshi than he was when fighting goku… not even accounting for his transformation, which gave him more power.

            because goku and especially vegeta are not just bitch slapping people off the stage left and right like cell did with hercule, (note that cell did not use anywhere full power either, otherwise hercule would have gone splat), then this suggests that the difference in power is less than that of hercule and cell.

            so, in terms of strength:
            hercule < roshi <<<<<< cell <<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Vegeta <<< goku
            more or less represented.

            For vegeta to even notice anyone, they have to be at least as strong as perfect cell.. and goku is stronger than Vegeta, so roshi should be like a scrawny Vegan trying to punch a boulder here.

            The little guy is way faster than roshi, waaaaay stronger, and was blasting him with a full electrical blast that should have fried every nerve in his body. He should be dead, that should have been his sacrifice, to die and disqualify the guy who dealt the fatal blow. That would have made sense and been way more meaningful story wise.

            But no, they had to try to make a character who has not been relevant for anything since dragon ball able to battle the top 10 from 8 different universes. The girl with the energy spear had to be at dragon ball level strength for roshi to do that, so hercule probably could have taken her out.

            DBZ was full of what? extremely weak characters beating others way out of their league? where? krillin didn't beat anyone in DBZ… actually, the only ones able to fight anyone was goku, vegetta, gohan, gotanks, and future trunks. DBZ had bullshit power ups out the ass, but things were pretty consistent that weaker fighters couldn't do much but stall for time until goku showed up. Everyone else just showed up to watch the fight really and give goku senzu beans. Even Piccolo was generally reduced to taking out lesser minions and couldn't defeat any real opponents.

            Name one comparable moment in DBZ!

          • This is a ridiculous argument. You are talking about an anime and you should know that it is not perfectly logical so it is written a certain way to avoid obvious logic gaps, as well as to lengthen the content and provide climactic moments.

            If you are unhappy with the writing then watch something else.

          • by far the dumbest argument so far.

            Yes, the world of Dragon ball is not perfectly logical, but it a continuous episodic series that built a world with certain logic to it.

            It WAS written in a way to try to create a consistent world with credible characters and rules to the world. It’s called suspension of disbelief!

            But, this episode does not avoid the obvious logic gap, which is that roshi should not be able to compete at this level, and it even ruined the most climactic moment! so I call bullshit.

            So, what you’re saying is, if you like a series, and the quality goes down, instead of criticizing the lack of quality in writing, you should just drop the series. Brilliant! That’s the logic behind the generation of millenials ruining the world today! If only everyone was like you and every show could be soo poorly written! You sir, are ahead of your time!

            geez, I know Dragon ball isn’t the most intellectual of shows, but does the fanbase have to keep overdosing on stupid pills?

          • Erikthered, I love you, and I am really sorry. DB fanbase lacks so much logic that it’s unnerving.
            You are perfectly right, in every point. You are not a “power level fanboy fag” like they are saying. You are just pointing the obvious.
            And I perfectly agree with you on the matter at hand: Roshi Sacrifice.
            There was no Roshi sacrifice at all…
            I also thought: “Oh ok, there are significantly stronger enemies here, Roshi can’t beat them with pure strength! Yes, maybe he will trick some of them, but eventually a strong one will pop up and kill him, and he will allow it! So that the killer would be disqualified!”.

            Too good to happen.
            Too perfect to fit a (nowdays) children show.

            And to all the ignorant and logic lacking people accusing him of being a hater: fuck off. You are clearly children and kids without any storytelling sense.
            This episode was amazing until the end.
            It could have made sense even if Roshi pulled a Majin Vegeta on his opponent. Something like “Oh ok, now I will drain EVERYTHING I have, not only my Ki, but also my life force in order to push away this enemy and win over him. Then goodbye.”

            But again: no. Too good to be true.
            Grow a brain people. If something is bad, IS bad, and you have to point it out.

            No logical power up could have allowed Roshi to perform something like this. Admit it.
            And stop being fanboys.

          • Erebo: Literally no one has thrown the word fag around until you got here… No Roshi sacrifice? Death’s shadow was looming over him and he got revived. He’s within an inch of his life and most likely won’t be fighting anymore just providing tactics. Like I said to Erik the hawk kid blasted himself with his own electrical attack to escape hypnosis and most likely hurt himself badly enough to allow Roshi to push him off with one of universe 7’s strongest abilities. The logic seems to be escaping the both of you not the other way around. They proved Roshi was on par/stronger than current Tien in the episodes leading up to this. Some people have been following all of the story but it seems like you were skipping “filler” and missed some of this important information. Plus on top of this all 3 fighters came from the rat gods universe where literally everyone has resorted to fighting dirty or tricks. There’s no way to tell how strong that last fighter actually was, the only thing they ever mention in his now canon feats of strength is that in stressful situations his power grows. Doesn’t say how fast doesn’t say where he started at nothing there is no logical way anyone can prove without a doubt that Roshi shouldn’t have been able to handle that.

            Saying this is a “nowadays children show” did you miss the 2 episodes where literal ENTIRE UNIVERSES WERE ERASED? not blown up, not sent to another dimension, not destroyed, literally complete and total erasure like they never existed. The people don’t get an afterlife currently they just flat out stopped being… yeah total kids show I was ready to deal with the idea of complete nonexistence as a child…

            Nice job throwing your insults around when you were obviously missing information from previous episodes. There was a power up, as well as an enemy power down plus no info on how weak the last fighter actually was. You’re grasping at straws and just hating for the sake of hating.

          • Erik: You keep talking about the quality of episodes going down but you’re literally in the minority with that belief on this forum. Most of use enjoyed the episode and thought it was great. Your arguments twist others words around and take an obtuse stance on the DB universe. We had already seen that Roshi had been training prior to this tournament and is on par if not, better than present day Tien. You’re too obseessed on what happened in the way back when of the saiyan saga there is literally no proof Roshi remained weaker than Raditz like you keep pointing out. Goku went ssj god and inspired everyone to push their limits again. They did away with the arbitrary power levels because they were just that I mean shit Tien vs second stage cell should’ve never happened by your logic but technique does have some sway in the DB universe. I mean how do you know the 3 people Roshi fought were even that strong? They’re all from the Rat god’s universe and he tried to cheat from the get go proving he didn’t have faith in his teams outright strength. Who’s to say Hawk boy wasn’t any stronger when he was fighting Roshi than somebody relatively weak like say Piccolo? The problem Roshi saw was the kid could grow exponentially through the match to unknown heights.

            There is no logic gap you’re just failing to grasp that maybe the 3 that Roshi fought weren’t too terribly strong to begin with you continue to think Roshi just stayed at his saiyan saga strength, never improving but the episodes leading up to this have pointed out he has become DRASTICALLY stronger than what he used to be nothing in this episode points to it breaking anything that was already shown. There isn’t anything poorly written about this episode. Surprising. Perhaps. However definitely not poorly written. I mean we knew mafuba was going to be on the table since it was brought back up during the Zamasu arc, and we knew Roshi was going to be tested on his perv status, and we knew Roshi was going to have trouble at some point this episode. 1 opponent was super weak but could make energy weapons and was obviously a dirty fighter since she knew she could try to resort to seduction, the 2nd fighter didn’t have a chance once she revealed herself and allowed the mafuba to happen ( the only thing that could have been different is skip the vessel and just thrown her right off the stage instead,) and the last fighter is an unknown child scrub who has never had any feats of strength explained until he showed he could transform and constantly grow in tough situations but again from a universe of cheats and weak tricky fighters so who knows how strong he actually was. Roshi full blast kamehameha the kid after he ATTACKED HIMSELF with his own electrical ability and potentially weakened himself to allow for Roshi to push him off with one of universe 7’s strongest abilities. Why is this so hard to grasp?

            You keep resorting to insults and twisting peoples words around to get your point across, why? Why are you that butthurt that you need to be right about something fictional and can’t even be proven?

          • Goku learned a lot from Master Roshi. He didn’t power up immediately when he fight in order to study techniques of the opponents and how Goku knows about the enemy’s weakness first and then restrategize better than Vegeta.

          • Watch the original series again. The entire series showed us that raw power means NOTHING! You have to have strategy or Technique to compliment your strength

      • Even though most of them have been fighting since Dragon ball, literally non-stop, and have fought all manner of space aliens, and have lived very long lives. Roshi really should be dead by now… but after dragon ball, he pretty much stopped fighting while everyone kept training.

        I mean, goku fight against a guy who stopped time! What’s roshi got?

    • incase you dont know master roshi drank from the fountain of youth so the, 114? y/o man has the physical condition of goku and he was held back from his true power because of his creepy side which he trained and supressed it sooooo, it makes sense that he is WAY stronger then he was

  9. Y’all underestimate Roshi and old people he was the greatest martial arts fighter of all time his experience even surpasses goku said have alittle faith in his power

    • Experience is meaningless if your opponent moves faster than you can react. Not to mention is too strong for you to block or deflect. Give a 5 year old girl all the experience in the world, i’ll still drop kick her into the street.

      • i feel like pointing out that your implying that timeskip is “ALL POWERFUL” and can even beat goku, She can predict your movements

        • Sure she can predict my movements, but that doesn’t mean she’s fast enough to do anything about them, OR strong enough to stop me with a block or deflection.

  10. why is it that only a handful of people on earth know how to control ki? Tien has a school, yet he didn’t teach anyone how to fly or shoot energy beams? How can Mr. Satan be the martial arts tournament champ and now know anything about ki?

      • you know you’re implying that DBS makes less sense than the nonsensical show called teletubbies right? You are implying that teletubbies has more logic than DBS… do you understand this?

        This is why episodes like this exist, because people like you exist. Idiots who cannot question anything and just mindlessly accept all like brainless zombies. go read some damn books or something!

  11. The episode was great, all haters are not really DB fans, they simply don’t get it.
    But with one remark… with all the respect to old Master, why not wear something more convenient for fighting then fricking flip flops 😀

    • its because flipflops are the secret to his power 😛
      But seriously one of the best ep in super so far excellent show of Martial Arts and connection between roshi goku and Krillin.

  12. Master Roshi is very cool. He showed that despite being far weaker, he’s still very skilled. Pity that they didn’t allow Krillin to shine more.

  13. to me if Roshi died it would become far more better plot wise, it would show that everyone fights to last breath and he would still have Beerus respect, and Goku might have got more serious in the end

  14. Am I the only one that feels like Roshi dieing at the end would have made a FAR greater ending? I mean as a DB fan from day 1 I can appriciate his character, and he had his good days there, but its DBZ that made the series a legend, not DB…and what everyone expected from super is to continue the spirit of Z(that’s was the Goku Black arc is the most popular one).

    Anyways, just imagine Beerus acknowledging Roshi over Roshi dieing…would have made a far better ending, a heroic one for a character long worn out.

  15. I would just like to remind everyone that this is just a piece of fiction and shouldn’t be taken so seriously it’s meant to be entertaining not 100% realistic all the time.

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