Dragon Ball Super Episode 106 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 106 Subbed

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You Are watching Dragon Ball Super Episode 106. Episode 106 in the TV Anime Series Dragon Ball Super.


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75 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 106 Subbed”

  1. I felt like this episode was alright but my thing is how come the sniper didnt target other people and basically targeted only goku vegeta gohan picoolo and tien then why didnt goku use instant transmission to find the guy and toss that ass out lmao last weeks episode set the hype meter up a lot but this one was meh cant wait for next week tho 😮

    • The lasers never affected Goku and Vegeta. Only Gohan and Piccolo looks pinned down. So it is still kinda targeted I think. Vegeta and Goku both haven’t have a real fight yet. I like the fact that the tournament allows the rest to shine. Tien and Krillin and of course Master Roshi.

      I feel the the best episode is the previous episode with Hit. I just hope there is no more crap episode like the teletubbies.

      • There’s 3 or 4 episodes left until Goku fights Jiren. It pretty much builds all up to this moment and will be presented in an 1 hour special instead of 20 minutes. Goku will have a new form in order to fight Jiren, as that’s pretty much the highlight of it all. It will be amazing. You can see pictures of Gokus new form online.

      • Honestly, I still don’t get it why the other instant teleport guy just didn’t take out like half of the of the opponents instantly by teleporting them over the edge.
        I can see why Goku wouldn’t, but he should do it too. And he should have caught Tien.

  2. Stamina this, stamina that. What happened to Ki? Can anyone sense ki and assess power through it anymore? Like, to the extent of DBZ?

  3. Damn, almost everyone in this tournament is weak!! I was hoping those two dudes from Universe 2 would be powerful, but they got eliminated in one episode…What was the point of being so secretive about these characters if they were just going to be scrubs?? I want to see more strong new characters besides Jiren and his teammates. Those Namekian’s from Universe 6 better not let me down.

  4. 9:51 That’s laughable. All we have to do is dodge– Oh god. Nobody comment on this. They’re not funny. Post-show plot points are not funny.

  5. 11:16 The fuck why didn’t he just do that from the beginning? Everybody would be dead, although they appear to magically vanish from the stage when not the center of the current episode.

  6. 12:52 They keep teasing us like they did back in the Zamasu saga with respect to fusion. Except it won’t happen. No “final kamehameha”

  7. 14:08 Wow that’s some slow trap. Great that Android 17 just vanished out of existence without any explanation. If it’s so huge, how can the audience see everything that’s going on?

  8. where the fuck the episode of Frieza is ?
    he was the strong 3 of them but he never show up at least only a few mili second.

  9. Okay, the pig guy got shot. Knocked out? SURE. But why the fuck is piccolo losing arms to that guy, when that ki blast didnt even hit through the pig. Cell barely lost any energy at all recreating shit. And im talking about imperfect cell against android 16. And why didnt tien FLY!? YOU can FLY!!! Stop running… Why did Tien take the time to praise a nobody? No one one earth would do that. Not even a actual fucking 10th degree grand master would give such a praise. Not counting the fact he was a big coward.

    • They can’t fly unless it’s a natural ability (like they have wings or something). It’s something Zeno and the Angels set up.

      • Forgot about that. Im so used to them flying. But I at least got some stuff on the cell vs A.16 right? And piccolo wouldnt be losing arms, and no ones taking advantage of fighting Jiren, just lower your power level all the way to 0 and if jiren attacks, you’re most likely going to die. Lmao
        Which would disqualify his ass.

      • Huh, this is like the 3rd comment I got, I forgot you couldnt fly, its dragon ball, kishi forgets about ssj2 and no one bats an eye, but when I forget about a single rule like flying, everyone goes crazy. Anyway, thats not even the point of my comment, its about tien praising him, and getting knocked out. Why would anyone take the time in a universal threat like this tournament, to praise? Everyones lives are at stake, the men, women, and children.

    • Woah you are utter shit, you can’t fly in the world of void, plus what’s wrong in giving a praise, not everyone’s gonna end up like a utter disrespectful shit like you.

      • Obviously forgot he couldn’t fly. And you’re calling me a shit for forgetting about that? Everything is at stake, and he’s taking the time to praise. An entire universe is at stake. You can’t do that, no one is going to do that realistically, because you can get hit before you even finish praising, you always have to be alert. Your best excuse now is “Its just an anime”.

    • It’s in Tien’s nature to do something like giving praise to a defeated enemy since he’s probably humble himself from his previous loses. And yeah Dont know where you’ve been but flying isn’t allowed numb nuts.

      • Why is everyone ignoring the other claims I made? Piccolo losing energy, pig guy not being killed, tien wasting his time praising getting him kicked out. (im actually fine with him praising, but he wasnt, he was gloating, mocking him, as he did it right in front of his face, with his guard down_

  10. How do you guys like the theory about next U7 eliminations – based on dragon ball stars in intro, Krillin- holds 1 star ball, Tien – 2, Roshi -3, Piccollo -4, C17 – 5, C18 -6, Freeza -7. Seems logic and legit 😀

  11. I don’t get it. How did they come to the conclusion that universe 7 (or whatever universe goku nem from) is of the weakest? Clearly they are elite as hell, having eliminated most of the other squads themselves. It’s not even close. Universe 7 is the strongest of the universes in this tournament. Did they really think teletubby girls were stronger?

    • I think the High Priest said that the COMBINED power of all the mortals in Universe 7 was the Weakest (or second weakest after universe 9?) compared to combined power of all the mortals in other universes . This does not mean that individuals or teams from Universe 7 cannot be stronger than individuals or teams from the other universes

      • Goku and vegeta alone outclass some of these universes’ top warriors so bad that there’s no way the combined strength of their universe can outclass 7’s. No possible way. They have power that rivals that of gods.

        • You’re not listening dude. Let me explain. When krillin and tien are among the top 10 of universe 7, that means that everyone else (billions of people) are garbage. The most powerful races in universe 7 are almost completely wiped out, like freeze’s race, namekians and the saiyans. The other universes have a very high chance that these races are still alive thus having a greater combined power level. Sure you have 2 OP characters from 7, but knowing that freeza’s race is supposed to be the most powerful race in space, universe 7 basically lost A LOT of power.

          • where do you get your info from? in universe 7 the Namekians and Freeza’s unnamed Race are still alive and as for powerful stated by the creator himself that not all of Freeza race are strong, its just Freezas family and Freeza himself who is strong and how is his race dead? it was never said in the show or any other sources his race are very much alive and not all like Freeza or even all that powerful. and as for the Saiyans, universe 7 saiyans weren’t really all that powerful when you think about it, Universe 6 Saiyans as a whole are hell of alot more powerful than universe 7. its just Goku and Vegeta and their off springs who are as strong as they are.

          • lol dude you’re not following the story at all. At the time Frieza was a big problem on namek there were only a 100 namakians left because of what happened before they got introduced. Some kind of tempest thing in the past generations that made them almost extinct. It’s not really specified. And then Frieza came along and murdered some more of them, so yeah not many left. Plus, in Dragon Ball: Xenoverse, Frieza mentions that he is one of the few survivors of his race the Frost Demons. So far the only ones that we got to see from universe 7 have been all from Frieza’s family line, so that is where my facts come from. And as for the saiyans in universe 6, what did you expect to see in the fucking Tournament of Power? The most powerful saiyans of universe 6 of course, that doesn’t mean that the common saiyan is stronger then the commoners from 7. Plus the powerful ladies that you do get to see get an instant Toriyama Handjob because they were too weak to begin with. The only character that hasn’t had a Toriyama Handjob yet is Tien because nobody really cares about him. And also yamcha, who everybody loves, but nobody takes serious enough to give him a powerup. 1 thing that you have been right about tho is that not everybody from the Frost Demons are supposed to be as powerful as Frieza and his family since the race consists of commoners and abnormalities.

      • Yes it’s a combined power! Universe 7 has had a lot of races and planets killed off! Frieza and Buu destroyed countless planets! So if one universe has 7million people and the other has 1million then chances are the 7million universe will have a higher combined lvl

  12. Excited for the Frost episode next week! Also that robot should be easy to beat for vegeta now that he can just insult him without that other guy covering his ears

  13. you fuckers delayed the episode , fuck u. i watched episode 106 twice to calm me down. u guys really frustate fans lot . atleast give us a decent reason. it shouldn’t be lamed like that fucking women marathon . fuck you!!!

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