Dragon Ball Super Episode 108 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 108 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 108. Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 108 in High Quality HD online on www.watchdbzsuper.tv.
You Are watching Dragon Ball Super Episode 108. Episode 108 in the TV Anime Series Dragon Ball Super.


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98 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 108 Subbed”

  1. herms98 on twitter is reporting what is happening. I was scared maybe there wasnt an episode. The good news is… It looks like there is. We just gotta wait for someone to put it out. Checked utube… here.. and animepill… Dont see it yet

  2. Frost got tricked by frieza and when frost caught off guard frieza knock him out and then when frost in spectator chair frost go mad and using his energy to destroy frieza thanks to zen oh sama frost is annihilated for good for violating rule of the match

  3. Looks like Frost wasn’t cold enough to withstand the Freezer since he got finessed but at least he saw the golden form and turned buff but bruh that next episode preview got me hyped more than for some parts of this episode but this was a solid episode i liked it 🙂

  4. Are SJW’s a problem in Japan as well? Odlly enough, they took what is supposed to be an attractive girl and made her transformed state – an obese dyke who visually rivals Buu.

    • i can’t wait for them to go they don’t fit in the DB universe something about them just feels like they jumped out of another anime

  5. Two things…first…They played Gohan like a 10th round draft pick. (straight bitch) second…..They need to keep Frieza around in the series permanently. No other bad guy comes close to him.

  6. i find it odd that whis suggested what could happen to beerus twice if frieza got a hold of the dragon balls without frieza giving any indication that was his idea to begin with.

  7. Called it! To be clear, i didn’t call that freeza COULD fuck frost up, i meant that he WOULD! due to frost being a lil bitch and stuff (as mentioned in a previous commentary)

  8. please.. i dont mind adds.. but make shure the adds you show on your website dont open up a new page that will try to scamm people into thnking their computer broke and they need to make payments… that also takes some efford to get rid of because of all its dialogue that opens when you try to close it..

    • Your spelling…
      What’s wrong with the internet? What are they teaching you all in school these days? To be sure, my spelling is far from perfect; but I at least try.

      It is not my intent to flame, or be a dick to you. As I read more and more comments, I find more and more of this phonetic spelling, lack of apostrophes where they should be. I mean, at least you aren’t typing things like “ur.”

      Also, install Ad Block for Google Chrome. Ads instantly gone. There is more to worry about with those popups than the fact that they are scams. More often than not, the are intentionally difficult to be rid of so that you will inadvertently (or deliberately) install whatever software “checkers or cleaners” they offer that will infect your PC with some type of malware, potentially even ransom-ware.

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  9. Freeza’s last words to Gohann were “Continue to do our best”
    Im pretty sure the smirk he had there was a bit of Freeza teaching Gohann that he needs to stop holding back.

    While we know that Goku is going to get a huge new transformation, Gohann had said that he is working on his own assertion, and I wonder if that too is coming. Like in the Cell Games though, Gohann is going to have to drop his restraints. I doubt that Gohann will ever surpass Goku again though. While that was the original Goal for Gohann, the fans love Goku too much to let him be dropped from the series.

  10. Are you fr theres gonna be 29 more episodes of jus slow fights come on dragon ball what happened to the really good fight scenes like back in the day and why is beerus so nice now i mean in battle of the gods he was ruthless now hes laid back come on dragon ball z needs to be spiced up

  11. hahahahahahaha I knew it. Frieza was playing with Frost and Gohan realised it. Also, those annoying AF Sailor moon 2.0 gone wrong should’ve been defeated when they had the chance. urghhhh

  12. Anyone else think when Frieza was tutoring Frost, he was actually speaking to Gohan. The “use your full potential early on” seems like hes referencing how Gohan keeps holding back until he has to go all out. Also him questioning why he didn’t go SSJ from the beginning. And if anyone knows not to let a battle drag on, it’s Frieza.

  13. ugh, another week long delay for an episode? that’s twice in a row now iirc.

    and get off my screen, you idiotic dating site pop-up ad! your kind are NEVER wanted here!

    so, what’s the cause for delay this time?

  14. watching the english dubbed version of season 3, episode 7 and my goodness is this cringy… >.< SO glad i stick to subs now. plus, the referee's (forgot his name) voice has this echo effect to it so it's hard to hear him clearly unlike with these subbed episodes you guys have here.

    and the voices…well, vegeta and goku seem about the same as i remember from DBZ but aside from them i would still prefer the subs.

    damn…bastard… well, they didn't censor the profanity so i guess that's something.

    AND…the script is pretty different from the subs. :/

  15. So last episode it was 30 minutes left for the tournament and the end if this 20 minute episode know its 29 minutes left ok

  16. which of these would you choose for the Next dbs arc

    a.all u7 sayians revived
    b. goku vs beerus part 2
    c. zeno becomes evil
    d. goku vs revived frieza
    e. goku vs vegeta
    f. tournament of Power that includes the 4 strongest universes
    g. an arc about gohan
    h. namek
    i. universe 7 erased THE END

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