Dragon Ball Super Episode 109 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 109 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 109. Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 109 in High Quality HD online on www.watchdbzsuper.tv.
You Are watching Dragon Ball Super Episode 109. Episode 109 in the TV Anime Series Dragon Ball Super.


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320 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 109 Subbed”

  1. Sighs 6 and 12 more days…. dammit man… hope it starts getting some serious dialogue.. I miss how DBZ was… needs to be a lil more graphic too some blood wounds would be nice… The good ol days…

  2. People dont read but love to bitch. everyone else knew that last week was the one piece hour special and this week is dbs.if its that big a deal take yo ass to japan so you can watch it live. ungrateful asses

  3. Can’t wait to see goku new form and what it can do not ever beerus has mastered self movement GOKU SMASH JIREN’S HEAD IN

  4. So does anyone know how this is going to work today? With the “hour” long special which I assume will simply be 2 episodes packed together what should I expect in terms of delivery time for subs? Will it take twice as long to sub everything meaning I shouldn’t tune in till like 2 hours after it has been aired live?

  5. Goku attack Jirien with all form he had, still jiren not moving a inch even when goku use King kai Fist Kaioken 20 + SSGSS Jiren Still Over Power goku, then goku have a idea for using super genkidama ( spirit bomb) against jiren, have no luck Goku caught off with his own genkidama and vanish from the arena, when zen oh sama ready to tap goku out then suddenly burst of power raise on the arena, beerus sama smile he know this ki it must be goku and Goku Got Limit breaker form temporary and then when that form run out of energy Jiren over powering him again, then hit help goku fight jiren while Frieza intent to attack goku in order to awaken limit breaker form again to win a match against Jiren

  6. Looks like after all these years Goku finally activated his sharingan…still was not enough…like the new ending though…

    If nothing drastic happens, U11 wins it all, Goku gets killed off next week, and end of DBS…

  7. I felt like Jiren technically killed Goku BUT HOLY MOLY IVE NEVER BEEN HYPED LIKE THIS BEFORE SINCE GOKU VS FREZIA GOHAN VS CELL AND SSB VEGITO VS ZAMASU (even tho it was kinda short but still was something) this is great asf this episodes set the bar really high but cant wait to see subs so then whis can explain how did goku get this new form but if anything to me its like having observation haki from one piece

  8. excuse me kind people, i clicked on the subbed version but it is not playing with subs? the countdown says subbed is online, but it is stuck on live version.

  9. Who ever did this could of subbed the first episode had it come out normally then subbed the second episode as we are watching but no they have to sub both which wastes time and now we probably have to wait twice a long to watch the episode thanks alot.

  10. I cant believe some of you are so hostile. Why don’t you fuckers learn Japanese instead of bitching at the people that are translating this for you so quickly…..be grateful. Im just as eager as yall are…Ive been refreshing this page constantly

  11. so I see this is still raw and i thought this was an hour special… it’d be nice to get an announcement if this is gonna take any longer

    • After this everybody on 2020 is going to recognize what 2017 year was for.

      The episode for New transformation of goku vs jiren

    • Xens have made multiple exceptions, starting with Roshi. The only instance not forgiven has been with Frost. He just fucking hated Frost.

  12. wouldn’t it be cool if Vegata had a secret technique he was working on, and instead of Goku saving the day Vegeta is last standing. i’d like that.

    • Well Vegeta probably has an ace up his sleeve, but i cant be sure since i dont know how Vegeta reacted to Gokus new form since i dont know japanese

      • I haven’t watched the raw so i wouldn’t know. but goku always has new forms out of no where, like kk10.. i wish vegeta somehow had a leg up on goku for once

  13. Where the hell are the episodes? It’s already well past an hour. A storm causing the delay, don’t get how would delay it.

  14. I went through a real storm, and have gone 3 weeks without electricity, internet, or phone service. What storm are the staff talking about? One that isn’t even catagory 1/2 that spontaneously happened upon them while watching Jiren tank the Spirit Bomb? ,I’m hugging a wall awkwardly because it gave me a fluctuating 4g symbol.

  15. Gohan works hard to try and find a new level without going super saiyan.
    Goku get’s given that exact thing by some total bullshit.

  16. Jiren’s theme at around 10:10 is just a rearange of Superman’s opening theme from the animated series. It sounds closer to the first Justice League opening, but that one is just a slower mix. Have a listen. youtube (dot) com/watch?v=MXph0arElKs

  17. Where is the original version of the episode? I know you guys pretty much rip from Crunchyroll and while I don’t have a problem with that their version is missing 2 scenes, which I only found out about today. If I could get a response regarding when you guys plan on releasing that version I would appreciate it. If you weren’t aware of it before now I think everyone on here would appreciate being able to see that version.

  18. THE SPIRIT BOMB HAS ONLY KILLED ONE MAJOR VILLAN AND THAT IS KIS BUU. SO HOW IS THAT HIS TRUMP CARD. im sure hes gonna go kaioken with that move anyway.

  19. Two episodes in one… I think it’s a good substitute for two weeks of waiting! And those episodes are awesome!

  20. I genuinely thought Vegeta, Freiza, or 17 would attack that annoying ass Ribranne suddenly and get it over with it. ugh

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