Dragon Ball Super Episode 110 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 110 Subbed

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202 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 110 Subbed”

  1. Okay, that gave me fuzzy feelings. Also, this is totally set up for Goku vs Jirin part 2.

    Goku will eventually learn to master this new power and techique as he fights Caulifla and Kale

  2. That was awesome. “Ultra sound” he reached a level beyond the gods. it just has me inching to see how far goku can really go. Even the gods were shaking.

  3. that goosebumps when beerus gives a naughty smile and says “HE’S COMING” that moment was breathless damn!!!!

  4. If anyone is thinking that Frieza will kill or injure Goku, you’re wrong. Frieza is lending some of his energy to Goku, just like the latter did back in Planet Namek.

    • Yeah I don’t think he will kills Goku. The part that he says don’t trust anyone to Frost is really epic haha. At that time I don’t belief he will helps Gohan. Besides the universe that he tries to swap to be in was already erased so he needs universe 7 no matter what.

  5. plz i want to see the episode 111 , i beggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg………………………………………

  6. The Ultra Instinct form looks cool, but it utterly undercuts the entire point and significance of SSJRed and SSJBlue. Not to mention how the Spirit Bomb didn’t just obliterate Goku due to the SSJ form he’s in is complete bullshit. Not to mention Hit’s basically gonna get treated like a jobber by Jiren next episode.
    That aside, I love how Frieza’s gonna give Goku some of his ki.

      • Dude, stop dreaming. Jiren is pin-balling Hit’s ass and worst of all, none of his special moves are even affecting Jiren. I know people like to say “Power-Levels are bullshit” or “power scaling doesn’t matter” in this anime to try and saver the already broken suspension of disbelief in how half of these fights are possible, but if Hit got bested by Goku’s SSJBlue Kaioken x20 and that form couldn’t even affect Jiren, then consistency begs that Hit’s even lower in chain to Jiren. This ain’t Pokemon where just because Grass loses to Fire, and Fire loses to Water, Grass still works because it beats Water.

    • Maybe it’s not a new form and goku was in base form but just had all the energy of the spirit bomb combined with ultra instinct.

      • Goku was in SSJBlue falling into that Spirit Bomb blast dude. There’s no debating that! I’m not talking about him already in Ultra Instinct, obviously when referring to him not dying to the Spirit Bomb.

  7. After all these years, it looks like Goku finally awakened his sharingan, let’s see if Vegeta will also be able to activate his…

  8. keep in mind every that this “ultra Instinct form” is not temporay like they suggest remember Kakarot is a Saiyan and just like super saiyan god his body will learn from it and he will attain it again coupled with the other saiyan genetic trait that allows them to get stronger after a near death experiance once they recover

        • Concentration is literally the opposite of what the form is. He reacts purely on instinct, there is no thought. He body reacts of it’s own accord.

    • They never suggested the form was temporary, only the energy supplied to him via the spirit bomb. When that ran out, he reverted back to base form. He still has the form, just not the stamina to use it just now.

    • I believe you’re referring to the zenkai boost for the saiyans, but Goku and Vegeta have already maxed out off of that boost. They can no longer get zenkai boosts, hence, they didn’t do that after getting beaten by Black and Zamasu the first time around. Vegeta had to hit the Hyperbolic Time Chamber again and Goku tried to learn the Mafuba.

  9. Insanely epic. i’m putting my guess on Goku’s Form being a . Super Sayian 5 God form . an most likely could find a way to tap into it free will. ! 🙂 Vegeta may Find a New Form as well i get the feeling . 6 more days cmon 🙁 thanks for the two amazing Episodes i suppose it was worth the wait :P.

    • Wishful thinking, but it’s not a “new Super Saiyan” form. It’s a technique or state where the user is able to move his/her body instinctually to fight without thinking first (this eliminates hesitation and overthinking). Not even Gods of Destruction can achieve/master it yet, hence Whis’s excitement and the other Gods of Destruction’ disbelief. It’s not something restricted to saiyans.


  11. Super sayian instinct form aka super saying 5 which makes no sense since dbz gt have a ss5 form but dose not relate to any of this its kinda confusing tbh

  12. decided…… best fight in dbz history, the old ones are iconic but Jiren vs. Goku is the best…. i feel like i could destroy anyone in a fight!! could anyway but know even more.. watch ep 109-110 b4 fight =win
    if i was fighting in MMA id watch this b4 a fight to get pumped!!

    • I wouldn’t be surprised. He wasn’t even fazed when he first saw frieza in his golden form for the first time.

  13. That was amazing! With Frieza in the ending, though notice how he mentioned Namek? I wonder if he will give Goku his energy?

  14. swear to god i hate vegetas ambitions if goku and vegeta worked together even if he gave goku energy and helped pushed the spirit bomb jiren would be done. if he pushed it back they both gonna get that form

    • No that’s only smart. If he doesn’t stop Jiren, Jiren will wipe out his entire team. If he stops Jiren, even if he himself is disqualified for it, his team still stands a chance. Well not with Goku still in there but that’s what he’s thinking.

  15. 15:08 who else was thinking that jiren would knock toppo out of the stage because he wanted to beat goku alone.

    just me?


  16. No words can really explain how fucking good this episode is. Especially if you are a true die hard fan of the dragonball series.This shit was epic. Watched it 4x already.

  17. me and my dad have been faithful watĉhers of the dragônball series it is our most favorite anime cartoon ever we,ve seen anything you can think of drabonall wise this week 2 episodes omg Amazing and a Big Thank You to the peeps who do all the subs keep the battle raging for all of us DB Fans. Ps. will bē waiting. 🙂

  18. So basically he hit himself with the spirit bomb it made him stronger unintentionally but it is similar to the training he does on king kais planet he hits himself with his own Kamehameha to get stronger the spirit bomb just upped that 100 fold

    • It’s more about the ‘fear’, the fear to lose & get everyone erased, according to you it should become some daily habit for him to train himself by hitting himself with his best attack & fight it to get strong but it would be pointless because their won’t be any fun or challenge or the fear of losing in that so it’s all in goku’s nature of not accepting the reality that he has limits!

  19. 13:36 “Gon gon” what? This isn’t One Piece. But that part at the end with Hit simply pushing Goku out was freaking savage and unexpected.

  20. Really wish they’d stop spoiling the episode with the title. For a second i MIGHT have thought Goku was actually dead and Jiren would be disqualified, “for a showdown later.” But the title completely removed any chance of that happening.

  21. Frieza is honestly the most interesting character in this arc. Tutoring Gohan, giving energy to the spirit bomb, potentially saving giving Goku, wanting to become a GoD…all things you would never expect to see. More screen time please! Everything he’s done since his temporary revival has been epic.

  22. i think i figured out what the ability of the two last u4 members are

    since damon and the Purple bug (dont remember his name) look like insects and are brobably very small maybe they will work like some virus, going inside Peoples body and possesing them. that is probably why quitela wasnt worried even though he only has 4 People left on his team. maybe one of them is going to posses jiren and use him to beat everyone else

  23. This ultra instinct upgrade, Its great, but what wizz said, he got an temporally boost from the spirit bom, even if he gets the ultra instinct back, Jiren is at an other lvl with strengt….

  24. To clarify, Ultra Instinct is NOT a Saiyan form. In theory it is able to be gained by anyone, but it’s unheard of happening to mortals. I love the fact the Gods were shitting themselves at it, and I feel as if Jiren has mastered this form already, hence his power and shine in his eyes. Just my opinion and observations though!

  25. Frieza will help goku so he can get his wish, and now he finally has insight to what even the gods fear. Guess what frieza is going to wish for ?? ULTRA INSTINCT.

    But lets look beyond the current DBS arc-
    The Gods who had high mortal levels, we thought they had the weakest fighters, when it appears now, that their fighters are even stronger!!! They dont seem at all disturbed like the gods of destruction with the low mortal level.

  26. I think Jiren will win the tournament and is going to wish all of the erased universes back.. Seeing as how it has been revealed that Jiren wants the Super Dragon Balls. It is a perfect way to cement Jiren as the ultimate character, who Goku will interact with in future arcs.

    You heard it here first ladies.

  27. Goku’s perfect form turns out to be really just mastering his base form, seems to be toriyama’s direction. At first I thought goku vs jiren in base form in the opening theme was just that not an actual indication of his fight but now looking at this episode it seems his base form is truly the best. As with all the other strong opponents he’s faced so far, toppo, hit, jiren, beerus, even whis, none of them needed transformations too and this ultra instinct was mentioned as a state and not a transformation too.

  28. This makes no sense. Frost was erased for attempting to attack Frieza. People on the bench gave Son energy but its allowed. Either way i see Frieza currently in lead to pick up the super dragonballs as he hasn’t gone full Golden Form which could control destruction energy. If Jiren was to superseded Belmond i think Full powered golden Frieza might be able to go toe to toe with him.

  29. Hmm that’s weird.
    Fused Zamasu had also silver eyes and a similar whiteish/blue/purple Ki-Aura around him.
    Goku’s “Ultra Instinct” Aura has blue/R´red/white in it, so this might be a hint for a future transformation with white hair.

  30. The one series I can’t predict just got even better! How can anything be this good, especially when it isn’t in my language?

  31. i got a theory, maybe belmond give his god of destruction powers to jiren lol and then this was found out and they got disqualified??? how else can they beat him, hes fighting ultra instinct with ease, never powered up once

  32. I noticed 2 interesting things: on the picture (29:28) there are 2 namekians on the universe 6 side.
    Also, zen-oh reacted to goku’s transformation like “this must be something amazing”. It suggests he pretty much doesn’t know what’s going on in this world and that angels are the true rulers aside from obeying to some basic rules that zen-oh cares about.
    Also he didn’t react to this power flowing everywhere (high priest created a shield, yet he didn’t even noticed) so maybe he is invulnerable to energy and doesn’t have any ki-like power himself but he can destroy and create in some different way? Including angels reactions to some events in previous ep’s I would say the next saga could be somehow about some of them wanting to dispose of zen-oh

  33. well, despite my impatience last week, i would say episodes 108 and 109 were well worth the wait in the end. and now it’s gonna be Hit vs Jiren? lol awesome!

    really though, even with that massive power boost helping… geez, jiren is incredible. :/

    though, knowing goku…now that he’s had a taste of the Ultra Instinct thing he can probably use it freely in small bursts…for now. that should make things interesting in future fights.

  34. At 23:04 the God moves in front of the Zen oh Samas and raises a shield. The spirit bomb is a threat to even them. Interesting!

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