Dragon Ball Super Episode 111 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 111 Subbed

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138 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 111 Subbed”

  1. Hit fight jiren is epic, yet it also buy time for goku to recover and then accustomed to his limit breaker form like once he got Super Saiya jin God red Form when he fought against beerus

  2. Universe 7 seems going to win. Is the one with more warrior. 7. Following universe 4 with 6, then the other universes are at great disadvantage.

    • Also Belmond mentioned, quantity is not an advantage, quality is. Jiren gave more trouble to both Universe 3 (easily owned Maji Kayo, one of strongest fighters), Universe 6 (easily knocked down a Super saiyan berserker Kale and outclassed Hit) and Universe 7 by beating Goku when in Ultra Instinct mode.

      • yeah but they only have 3 warriors left and if jiren doesnt plan to fight anymore all U7 have to do is keep the most team members at the end of the 100 taks and they win regardless of how strong jiren is.

        • there is no ultra form. what happened is that the energy from the spirit bomb wore off.
          ultra is a technique, not a form. i wouldnt be surprised if you can see goku as a super sayin moving with ultra instinct. just like goku uses the kamehameha in SSB

      • Jiren didn’t technically beat goku in ultra instinct. Goku didn’t know how to control the power that he unlocked so he lost all of it just when he was going to do that punch at jiren. Just like piccolo said goku was evolving as he was fighting. Goku would have beaten jiren.

    • If you retards are debating on whether or not universe 7 is not gonna win or is? It’s fucking dragon ball, without universe 7, there is no dragon ball. Plot Armor you fucktards, Plot armor is a thing. Quit being fucking nerd faggots

      • Plot armor doesn’t protect you from losing though. I think in this instant itll just keep U7 from getting erased. Assuming Toriyama doesn’t say you wanted gt to not be cannon, here you go :3 U7 Got erased last second. Actually I can see this happening now the more i think about it lol

  3. Would never had thought that freiza was the medical ninja of team err i mean universe 7.

    And dunno why no one kicked Jiren off the platform when he was frozen by hit, not that it woulda worked but still someone shoulda tried..

    Finally, my guess on the new character, a relative of hit who wants revenge against jiren and is allowed to enter the tournament…

  4. Jiren out here disrespecting people with the naruto storm ultimate another thing i didnt like about this episode was Hit had Jiren stunned and nobody came to at least distract Jiren or take him out like bruh hes literally a cheat code lmao but i wished Jiren had more personality or uniqueness that makes him stand out from the other character other than the fact that hes fast n strong i would give this episode 7/10 and i think next week’s episode not all that either 😮

    • I think toriyama wants to make him anonymous and to make his powers unknown until a “worthy” opponent is ready to fight him. Also the point when you said why didn’t people kick jiren. Its because toppo and that rabbit was guarding him. Noone can get close to them when they are guarding.

      • thats true toriyama would keep him like that but if anything i think he can control ki with his eyes and im talking about when hit had jiren frozen and was about to do his ultimate attack but jiren stopped it they could have at least distracted him the z fighters when they were fighting cell were clearly out matched but still distracted cell when gohan was firing the father son kamehameha so why not do the same lol

  5. OK so…. A did their thing to B (avoiding spoilers here) and B was pretty much stuck for a bit there right there by the edge. Why did no one think to destroy that part of the platform and drop B?

    • Because the platform is made of the strongest material of all the universes only few of the characters can actually damage it let along break a piece off, like the spirit bomb barely destroyed part of it and a spirit bomb can destroy planets.

      • Freiza is going to be the one who defeats Jiren. Freiza is far too over confident. My best guess is that Freiza will wait until Goku gets Jiren wore out, then Freiza goes in for the kill, Or, intentionally kills Jiren. Freiza is ALWAYS enraged when Goku surpasses Freiza. Freiza has a plan, or a trump card. Or, plot twist, Freiza did give power to Goku, but took a little knowledge of Ultra Instinct as well.

        • frieza can only obtain more power by training, there is no way he took ultra instinct with him. How can one give energy and obtain a technique, doesnt make any sense. So far Toriyama made him help gohan and goku, which is total bullshit to me, making the most evil person of their universe a sissy. And killing is not allowed in this tournament, what would frieza gain from killing jiren if he gets disqualified or even erased, like that he cannot win the super dragonballs

          • “took a little KNOWLEDGE of Ultra Instinct”, the guy didn’t mean literally. He helped out Goku as well a learned about the existence of Ultra Instinct. Reedsloerpls

          • He already knew about Ultra Instinct from hearing the gods mention it.. Goku did not tell Frieza about it, Frieza told Goku about it and then gave Goku some energy. Frieza said himself that he needs Goku to defeat Jiren because he is not strong enough. Robert Dickey is completely misreading the writers intentions and you are off as well Shazno.

          • he did not say he is not strong enough he just said he does not want to fight such a monster. frieza clearly believes himself goku’s superior in every way. Did you already forget he reversed the god of destruction energy while goku could not?

          • Is it really necessary for me to explain this to you? Frieza may believe he is stronger than Goku normally but you cannot seriously believe that Frieza thinks he is stronger than Goku with Ultra Instinct.. Frieza knows that he is not as strong as Jiren and that he needs Goku’s Ultra Instinct to beat Jiren. That is made completely clear in the episode. It is incredible that some people misread something that is made so clear. If you believe that Frieza thinks he is stronger than either Goku with Ultra Instinct or Jiren then there is no point in talking about it any further. When logic no longer works on a person, you know that any further effort will be in vain.

          • you seem to think you have a point. You do not.

            You said “Frieza may believe he is stronger than Goku normally ”

            Frieza believes he is stronger than goku period. He (frieza) had no problem manipulating god energy when goku could not.(Explain that to me if you decide to respond.)He also knows that goku has the ability to increase dramatically in power through fighting so frieza hides his gains intentionally to keep goku in check.

            you said “you cannot seriously believe that Frieza thinks he is stronger than Goku with Ultra Instinct ”

            I believe that frieza believes he can duplicate the technique as he is god level and god like in his own mind and can do pretty much anything goku can and better. Frieza has a superiority complex even though it may be a flaw it is clear as day.

            You said “Frieza knows that he is not as strong as Jiren and that he needs Goku’s Ultra Instinct to beat Jiren. ”

            frieza is beginning to understand power is not everything. he manipulates, he plots, he tricks, he strategizes, he is playing chess. Goku is just another piece in the game and jiren is on the other side of the board. Also, its not Goku’s ultra instinct. Its a divine technique. We don’t know how strong Jiren is yet that’s why frieza will not fight him.

            Frieza achieved super saiyan god super saiyan level in four months (golden frieza). That means the cell saga super sayain 2, the buu saga super saiyan 3, then battle of the gods super saiyan red, and now supersaiyan blue were all surmounted in one four month training by frieza. not to mention it was the first time he ever trained. Ever since he was defeated all he has done was obsess over defeating goku with mental training(meditation, like Jiren, but evil). Frieza has never been in hyperbolic time or bulma’s artificial gravity. He trained with a far less powerful training buddy(physically). All this means is he is so much more potentially stronger than goku its not even funny. Frieza is evil to the point where he would rather see goku defeated by Jiren rather than help him. If goku is defeated his survival becomes paramount for universe 7 and essentially he will get a wish on the super dragon balls. He will not defeat goku himself because of fear of beerus, but if Jiren does it works for him. Frieza masters fighting techniques just as fast goku, Lets not forget he has mutated dna which makes him a freak of nature and unbelievably strong. Funny how some people believe anything frieza says at face value when he is evil, diabolical, underhanded and deceitful. How gullible…

          • Only thing I may be wrong about is if the guy meant it literally. I think you misunderstood me though. I didn’t mean it the same way, I didn’t wanna explain it all, but here I go. Even though Robert Dickey may have meant it literal, what I was saying is that Frieza didn’t literally get knowledge by giving power, I meant he gave power and before that, he learned of the existence of Ultra Instinct because of the fact that Goku went into that state and the Gods were talking about it. Had Goku never gone into Ultra Instinct, then no one else besides the Gods and Angels would even know of its existence. So as thanks to this new discovery, Frieza gave Goku power, but really he’s just using Goku to beat Jiren.

          • when goten and trunks fused they got super saiyan three, so its not far fetched in this realm of thought. frieza is an evil bastard but being evil does not mean you can not have evil intentions through good deeds… sheesh look at what frost was originally thought to be.

    • He isn’t as strong as Goku though… He was beaten by Goku with just regular SSBlue… Goku has SSBlueX20 and now something even more. Watching Freiza would be boring as shit he would be rekt instantly.

      • Its Freiza though. And not only that Freiza didn’t seem scared at all. I’m betting Freiza plays a huge part in killing Jiren. After all, he is in for the MVP trophy. What if when he gave Goku power, he learned some of how ultra instinct works?

        • that would be cool and interesting i mean we HAVE always seen Goku save the day, it would be nice to see some sort of twist on it like a team effort

      • he wasn’t beaten by goku with regular SSBlue, he destroyed goku and vegata in there SSBlue.
        Whis even needed to restore time because frieza destroyed them.

        goku won because he got a 2nd chance thanks to Whis.

        Frieza while in Hell trained his mind and removed the stamina drain his gold form gives. we don’t know how strong Frieza is or how strong he can still get.

  6. Questions……….Since everyone is so amazed at Jiren, even the angels. Does that mean he’s stronger than the angels? also…..Do anyone else remember when that universe got erased and the angel for the God of destruction smiled afterwards? I think it’s going to end up with the high priest doing something devious.

    • Too early to tell as we viewers never saw Jiren sparring with an angel at that level yet. There is no doubt he is considered as the mortal a God of Destruction cannot defeat that easily.
      Agreed that the Grand Priest has something on his sleeves yet to be revealed.

      • Can Jiren survive destruction energy? Thats what I’m curious of. Just because he is able to fight doesn’t mean he couldn’t just be erased – Or, what if he is actually meditating so he can be strong enough to survive an erase attempt by Zeno? ohhh.

  7. Well SSB Kaioken x20 was no match for Jiren & Hit might be near or equal to that power level, no wonder he lost! Fuck, Jiren too OP!

  8. i can see univese 6 being erased and then doctor rota is like

    let me tell you why i doctor rota am called doctor, my ability is…

    -gets erased

  9. tournament update

    30 fighters left


    50taks left
    24 minutes left

  10. Being no Vegeta fan, must admit he deserves more, Toriyama’s trolling rate him is over 9000… once Hit is out and Goku is depleted there is no need for Jiren to fight :D… Vegeta gets teletuby and some spoiler episode with Cabba :D.

    • the trolling rate is only over 8000

      and ribrianne should have dropped out in episode 103 but then jimeze saved her
      she should have also dropped out episode 109 but then jiren saved her
      episode 109 again but vegeta didnt bother to throw her out of the ring
      and now episode 111 but rozie saved her

      so if People would stop saving ribrianne i would be thankfull

  11. I think goku still has another form… He was going to transform into that form when fightjng toppo. Ultra instinct looks like it was a luck, unplanned

  12. So… Why did the other three not knock him off when he was standing frozen on the edge? The Broly girl plus two super sayians… PLUS GOKU IF HE WERE WILLING!

    • Even supressed, I would assume they couldn’t do much to Jiren.. Hit didn’t want them even trying because if he broke free, they would all go over the edge instantly, being that close to the edge. Then the entire team would have been wiped out.

  13. If this ant looking Jiren is that powerful,stronger than Gods and is known for that, why is Universe 11 fighting in the first place? They could’ve been excluded.

    • It is based off of AVERAGE power level of the population of the entire universe. That means that all of the weak/zero power level humans/other races average into it bringing the overall power level of the universe down. I think what adds to that drastically is that although Jiren, Toppo, an Dyspo are super powerful, everyone else in the universe is incredibly weak, as they have no real need to learn to fight. They can always assume they are safe because the super heros will come their rescue. That means that low power levels breed like rats, while a few super powerful being stand guard. think of it as a trillion level 0’s for every 1, 1 million power level being. averages out very bad.

      • I thought so too but considering their level, the average should be quite good. Like even if you add 1+1 to 1000 , the average will be so high. that’s what i meant. i meant jiren’s level is too high.

        • it depends a little bit of how many beings you expect there to be in a universe. but average is average and any [real number] divided by [a number aproaching infinity] results in 0. so however strong jiren is. He alone doesnt matter for the average.

  14. What I think is Hit is not able to use his full power as he is an assassin mastered on the art of killing in one hit due to the rules of the tournament of not killing. Even this was I the case for u6-u7 tournament. Where Goku realised hit is not able to fight at his fullest due to the rules.
    But hey jiren is unbelievably strong character surpassed even God of Destruction level. It’s getting exciting. Well it was needed to showcase other characters in play.
    What you guys say about hit theory.

  15. Oh comeone why hit. He was my favorite character for dbs. Atleast he fought a good fight to the end. Jiren super op holy shit. He on that sage mode shit.

    • There is still the possibility it was just his phantom that got knocked out. If you pay attention, Zeno didn’t tap on Hit. The priest also said Goku was knocked out, when in reality he wasn’t which shows they don’t know exactly what happens at all times.

  16. I thought Hit would kill Jiren by attacking him in the heart, not freeze him… It’s a good trade, considering the caliber of Jiren. Hit getting disqualified because of that would be good for all Universes

  17. FUSION + ultra instinct!

    if they had majinboo he could have turned them all into chocolate, survived any attack and regenerated

    • wasnt their something that ruled out fusion? i mean regular fusion wouldnt last long enough anyways. in SSB it would probably last 30 seconds.
      would potara be allowed?

  18. when goku came back after absorbing his own spirit bomb I wonder what his actual state was.
    seems to me like the aura was the energy absorbed (as whis said “this heat”) and acted as his stamina for a while till jiren called out his limit.
    anyways hair was normal color, just kind of floating around more.
    if ultra instinct is not a form but simply an ability. like walking, or the kamehameha. it would explain why goku didnt notice about it. its not like he turned super sayian for the first time.
    But WHAT IF he can? What if goku, knowing how to movie with ultra instinct can still turn SSB?
    jiren would get his ass handed to him.

  19. to all the comments: why did no one push him off while frozen?

    watch dragon ball again. how many times was there a cheap way to win. during power up or whatever. thats not their style. and to be honest. would leave us very dissapointed too.
    I for my part dont want to see jiren slip on a banana muten roshi dropped earlier and fall off the stage… do you?

  20. 2 things i dont get 1st how does his body can move on their own without any training second his power should be the same right like when he turn ss he does no dmg to Jiren or ultra instinct is a new form that give his body brain to move on its own and power him up also

    • It was a temporary awakening of a new power, Ultra Instinct, where your body moves out of harm’s way without you having to think. It’s what Whis has mastered. Goku broke his limit, hence “Limit Breaker”, in the spirit bomb implosion.

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