Dragon Ball Super Episode 112 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 112 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 112. Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 112 in High Quality HD online on www.watchdbzsuper.tv.
You Are watching Dragon Ball Super Episode 112. Episode 112 in the TV Anime Series Dragon Ball Super.


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84 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 112 Subbed”

          • You are looking way too far into this.. This has never been explained so we can only go by logic and assume that since Gohan had a tail, it is likely that Trunks and Goten also had tails, which were removed at birth to prevent an Ozaru accident.

          • Learn biology, DNA doesn’t work this way and don’t watch Geekdom’s video about the tails literally just all of the comments are screaming “THAT’S NOT HOW BIOLOGY WORKS GEEKDOM”.

          • What the fuck are you talking about, yes it is 22+1 chromosome from each parent to form 46 chromosome for the children, Combination, In the human DNA there is no tails, In the saiyan DNA there is. So 50/50 chance the kid gets a fucking tail

          • I said doesnt work that way to you saying a DNA can be stronger than a different DNA you can say a DNA is mutated and damaged but still I wouldn’t call the other one stronger just more complete. Also we don’t know how the tails gene works espicially because we are talking about a breed between two spicies which should be impossible so we dont have enough information to make any theory and the only information we have is the fact Toriyama said its a recessive gene which creates even more holes in this alliens breed biology.

    • Perhaps Whis, having gathered enough knowledge of saiyans, knew to have Bulla born without the tail. Trunks and Goten were never shown with tails but logically we have to assume they were born with them because Gohan was born with his. Saiyan + tail + full moon = oozaru

  1. With cabba and the two u6 namekians gone u6 only has kale and caulifla left. it doesnt look too good for them. btw monna was almost as annoying as ribrianne. just kidding ribrianne was much more annoying. despite what happened i still think u7 has a good chance to survive

  2. Was hoping Frieza fought Toppo, but looks like that wont be happening unless Vegeta loses.

    Also, watched a few theories on Vegeta’s new power and I for one hope he gets a SSJ3 variant of SSG, since he never got an official SSJ3 transformation. I would make his hair go straight up though instead of going down to his back. It would be good to make his strength diverge a little from Goku’s instead of being one step behind him.

  3. My guess is Kale is gonna get Super saiyan god legendary super saiyan then do a fusion dance with Goku and then master Ultra Instinct and that still wont be enough to beat Jiren

  4. The angel from Universe 9 had to be given a sad face after being extatic over finally being free of the universe of the living, breathing furries because of your conspiracy theories against Xeno.

  5. Universe 6’s secret weapon is to have both Kale and Caulifla go Super Saiyan Berserker and start scissoring in the middle of the arena, screwing up Jiren’s meditation enough for Kale to knock him out.

  6. This episode was meh to me the only thing redeeming is Frezia being the savage he is and Cabba going FURTHER BEYOND that of a super saiyan 😀

  7. looks like Freiza is going to get his ass beat by female Broly kayle fairly soon. cant wait to see that. all its going to take is for Freiza to stomp caulifla a little bit. thats what it looks like its building up to anyway. Frieza really has no other significant opponent to fight aside from Kale seeing as all the other powerful fighters are occupied.

    • I can see it now, Vegeta with a long beard and pointy mustache downtalking the U6 trash. Before ya know it, he’s made monsters out of all of them.

  8. I can see U6 being eliminated and U7 having a heartfelt goodbye/promise. I’m also feeling like two universes will be erased at once.

    • i can see doctor rota talking about his ability at the Erasure of u7 and then he get erased 1 second before he can tell us his ability

  9. *watching cartoon network* ok, let’s see what cringe we have this week.

    here’s hoping hit won’t be as cringey as the idiotic sounding english version of magetta. i mean…that was embarrassing hearing him talk like that. should’ve stuck with the 1 word language they use in the japanese version.

    but of course, that’s probably hoping in vain and hit’ll probably be horrible too…

    bring on the next dubbed episode! (and spare us the cringe >.>)

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