Dragon Ball Super Episode 113 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 113 Subbed

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You Are watching Dragon Ball Super Episode 113. Episode 113 in the TV Anime Series Dragon Ball Super.


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102 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 113 Subbed”

    • The rules aren’t set in stone. If Zeno thinks a fusion would be cool then he may allow it, just as he thought Roshi’s Mafuba to trap an enemy into a container (banned item) was neat and allowed it.

        • it doesnt give a power boost directly from itself though, it only fuses two into one, thats not healing nor an item to hurt another person, Mafuba was a skill, item was a necessary to cast it

  1. Doesn’t look like the regular fusion dance…and was hoping they weren’t in sync the first try and turn into a fat version…

  2. Wow wasn’t expecting Gogeta to kill Champa directly. And then Jiren getting his body stolen by frieza. And then Gohan dying by being cut in half because studying for years and working out for 2 days and being strong all a sudden never made sense. Seriously tho, I hate when there’s spoilers in the comments before it’s ever out in english. (I only read comments to see if episode was working or other links were working, lesson learned)

  3. The best part about there being 2 Zen-oh’s is that now they say everything twice and take up twice as much screen time with useless commentary! Good job lazy ass animators!

  4. Sick to death of corny ass fusion(like those cornball scrawny universe 6 saiyans).. I miss the days when characters actually worked, and trained hard, and could be proud of of their individual achievements. All this fusion bullshit is just annoying

    • Oh no this is not the whole story. Goku’s battle with Kale and Caulifla actually helps Goku powerup and maintaining his new form for the ultimate battle vs Jiren. Before the fusion he is still at SSJ2.

      • Expending energy on weak saiyans is apparently helping him power up after he’s been exhausted. Doesn’t make any sense tho I realize that’s what the show is trying to say is happening.

        • its just that you dont have any imagination. Super saiyan 2 is incredible fast. goku is training his senses. he is not fighting to regain energy. he would do that faster by not fighting. but he is training his new ability because he cant fully use it yet…

        • It’s already been stated by the creators that the U6 saiyans are prodigies of a higher calibur than Goku and Vegeta, but Goku and Vegeta have had way more time to train and hone themselves. The U6 saiyans are far from weak

      • You might be right – but there are plenty of other tournament characters which could have helped with this. Anyone else find it strange that Goku is “healing” while fighting? In DBZ he spent weeks in a bed after first Vegeta fight. I call bad writing. Perhaps I jumped the gun but califla and kale are becoming annoying. The respect she has shown goku is frustrating.

  5. Wow! What an amazing episode! That was an awesome way to show Goku transform into SSJ3, even if it was only for an instant. Can’t wait to see episode 114.

  6. VPN always helped me 🙂 . it’s fun to see kale and caulifia to go in super hoe form and get fucked those super saiyan tits . who don’t love blonde chicks :P????

  7. I’ll flip it if caulifla goes ssj 3 in this tournament, even vegeta couldn’t attain it. It took the guys years of training to get to ssj 2 and even more for goku to get to 3 plus he had to train in the other world to get to 3. If she goes 3, I want vegeta to go blue and knock her off. 😂

  8. Ok that preview for next episode is pissing me off. Why did they join bodies together. Thats pretty sad since they used the ear ring method. Which usually means they are bind together forever.

  9. if People feel dissapointed this episode at least look at the Brights side

    ribrianne didnt get a single second of screentime this episode

  10. The other saiyans are all lame. I always thought that a big part of powering up was training your body, which is why goten and trunks haven’t powered up yet. They still have those sad little bodies but they’re about to go ss3.

    • these are ‘special’ sayians like Gohan and Broly. kale has the potential like gohan while caulifa is basically the ‘true’ legendary supersayian, unlike regular LSSG broly, true LSSG means that caulifla is no more crazy af anymore……..

      Oh and Goten and Trunks are like….10 years old…they are still young af


    also….caulifla is cute af btw

  12. i was hoping for a threesome. but seriously the new fusion doesnt have the jacket so maybe this is the gods way of fusing maybe do you remember the beerus whis fusion they didnt have earings or the fusion jacket! think about it

  13. Whenever I try watching an episode I feel like a Mexican trying to cross the border to the US. There are constant walls I need to pass on my fucking video and whenever I press close it gives me more and more walls. It’s like a fucking mine field with my mouse. Whenever I click anywhere a new window pops up. This is getting extremely frustrating.

  14. So when Kale first went berserk mode goku ssjblue couldn’t touch her now I’m to believe that there’s a whole episode of a weakened ssj2 goku fighting berserk kale and an empowered cauliflower? This show is absolutely ridiculous with the shitty balancing of powers.

  15. Man I wish caulifia was gokus daughter. It would be cool if he had a kid that wanted to train and become stronger just as much as him.

  16. The original super saiyan form was a legend among saiyans in U7 and for years / centuries, no one could achieve it…It took Goku being pushed to his extremes on an alien world, being forced to witness the deaths of many people he knew, and watch an evil warlord torture him and his friends before he snapped and pushed through to a super saiyan.

    Then, it took Gohan years of training, an incredible level of inherit potential, seeing his friends about to die, and his world about to end, to become a Super Saiyan 2.

    It takes Vegeta years of training, observing, and dedication to obtain these forms.

    Then we see U6, weak saiyans who are unaware transofrmations even exist. They make a few insults towards each other and BAM! They are no super sayans on par with U7. I don’t mind the characters, but please stop making a joke out of what a legendary form SSJ used to be.

    • U6 are a different breed of saiyans. Think of it this way. They’re the type of saiyans that Frieza saw coming in the not so distant future.

      • If they are so powerful with such high potential and transforming into ssj is so easy to learn, why didn’t they know what one was? Shouldn’t there be loads of warriors that have reached it there?

  17. I like how Kale uses Goku to get stronger, and Goku uses her and test his own limit. For a moment I thought Kale got Ultra Instinct , then I noticed the Potara(Cauliflale? Cauliflail? Caulifail? Ha…), and you can play tetris on Roshi’s glasses.(Not really…)

  18. something satisfiying is to emmagine the text bellow in Zenos voice

    swipe swipe
    uhm…ribrianne tap
    shes gone
    Yeah shes gone

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