Dragon Ball Super Episode 114 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 114 Subbed

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You Are watching Dragon Ball Super Episode 114. Episode 114 in the TV Anime Series Dragon Ball Super.


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164 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 114 Subbed”

  1. Hopefully the others knock at least a couple other fighters off the stage instead of one long drawn out fight with goku again where no ones knocked off. Apparently those 2 nameks took a nap in middle of fighting piccolo and gohan.

    • well its almost over now. I was literally watching the clock countdown for hours for this and it doesnt even work. are there any other sites to stream this from? I dont care if I have pay a thousand dollars, i just want something that is reliable?

    • Zeno doesn’t really care about the no items rule he just wants to be entertained so because he thinks the fusion looks cool he will allow it……. and about SSGSS Goku losing against kale the first time it was HEAVILY implied that Goku was holding back at least more than half of SSB but now he can’t hold back and he still has SSB kaioken X20

      • Plus Goku was so sue he won the bout that he didn’t think Kefla would dodge his attack. She did and he was left wide open since he dropped his guard. Which is Gonus weakness. That’s why she beat him.

    • The subs have been comming from official simulcasts, either from Crunchyroll or Funimation’s streaming service, since like the middle of the Black saga.

    • thankfully though it is from saturday to sunday and not sunday to monday, then again im always up late so for me no biggie , but i can imagion that it is different for other people.

  2. Don’t bother looking at the next episode’s title. It’s gonna say something like “Goku’s Struggle! Finally Uses His New Form And Beats Kelfa!”

    Also, you guys need to stop complaining. Make your own streams or shut up and move on like the rest of us.

    • If you really think Goku is gonna get eliminated by this Fodder then you’re delusional. This is mere fan service and they will be the ones who are gone soon. Either Jiren will look at them or their fusion will run out when they use too much power.

      • or maybe they do actually win against goku and Akira Toriyama will earn an ass load of cash from feminist around the world who watch db super . jk lol

      • i think people are underestimating that fusion. kale alone was shit stomping blue when she went berserk the first time, forcing jiren to be the only one to stop her. now they have fused and presumably know SSJ3 similar to how gotenks learned it. i really dont see anyone other than jiren (or vegeto) beating that fusion.

    • I think it is quite humiliating for Vegeta. He was blue the whole time next to Jiren and he doesn’t even flinch one bit but when Goku got back to blue, his eyes twitched.

  3. Finally, 480p downloads don’t lead to 128mb 360p files. But they’re not 60mb, which was the reported size. You guys need to get a grip on handbreak or just switch to a version or different app that will let you set a target size. I think VLC lets you.

  4. (WARNING . SPOILER ) Next time on dragon ball super…..daishinkan is still scratching his ass and avoiding looking at the fight cause then he’ll have to disqualify the two female saiyans for using an item handed down by their fat ass god of destruction who apparently thinks that those two can beat goku lol .

  5. Why would Goku say that we should do this after the tournament, if all the losing universes are going to disappear.
    I think Goku know’s something that the majority of the universes don’t know.

      • I don’t think they can do that since there are limits to wishes. I can see them bringing all the warriors back among the universes that were left

  6. Hmmm Goku and Vegeta might actually fuse to take out their fusion or Jiren might wake up and try to take them out. Something interesting is definitely going to happen though, no doubts in that.

  7. I usually don’t skip anything from a episode but this anime has made me skip 60% of it. I dont care about any of the characters except my boy gohan, ultra instinct, hit, and jiren

  8. This is so bullshit, you’re telling me 2 kid sayins fused together can overpower a GOD!? Such absolute bullshit, goku is way more powerful than both of them hell he should be able to one shot them, power like that should come from persistent anger, or vigorous training is goku and vegeta, hell even gohan had the fate of the world at stake when he become super sayin 2, giving these 2 low lifes so much screen time while we hardly ever saw gohan piccolo and most importantly android 17?! Its just so bullshit

    • those two annoying piece of crap didnt even have to work hard to achieve that much of power. total bullshit about form bubble thing in the back and suddenly super saiyan 2. what the heck!!!!

      • No hate for you or something just saw the comment and wanted to remember people in general that Goten and Trunks didn’t even do the “tingly in back stuff” they just went SSJ like that. When Gohan first asked Goten how he did it he just said he went SSJ some days ago. Goten got to SSJ at the age when Gohan was on Namek watching Goku get SSJ from anger while Goten just did it cuz why not #GotenSavage

        • See the thing is gotten and trunks when both were conceived their parents were incredibly strong vegeta was almost a super sayin and goku was already one so the genes passed on.

        • Goten and Trunks are a different case and even Goku and Vegeta made a comment on how fast those 2 reached the form. even the manga to Trunks history was consistent Trunk was training in SSJ with a one armed Gohan. these 2 bitches reached 2 forms without much effort, in less than 24 hours its total bullshit people can say what they want about Freeza being a bad power scale but at least with Freeza there was a reason why he’s actually so strong and took at least 4months not 1 day. these mary sue’s need to back off no one actually cares about them the 2 fighters people actually gave a damn about in U6 are out (Hit and Cabba). these bitches took the spot light off Vegeta and Toppo’s fight, its like in this episode we’ve missed alot of the fight. they need to take the spot light off the saiyan bitches and Goku, he’s had his moment its time to sit down and let others have screen time.

        • for Goten and Trunks argument at least you can say its cause Vegeta and Goku were SSJ at the time they were conceived. sounds better if that silly tingly thing was left out full stop. what level of SSJ are those 2 now? still SSJ not 2, or 3. they’ve had the form at least a year or 2 before we still them in the 7 year gap.

      • i understand what u are saying but what would be the point of being in the tournament if u wasn’t powerful….so i’m guessing you all wanted a useless an arc on where kale and caulifla trained as hard as goku and the rest did….i kinda like the fact they chose to just speed up the process instead of waiting every week for boring episodes…..all i can say if u wanna watch it dont complain if u dont like it dont watch it

        • They could have introduced Kale and Caulifla as Super Saiyans if u really wanted it sped up, I do not agree with their explanation about how caulifla became this powerful

          • They’ve already explained that the U6 Saiyans are far greater geniuses than both Goku and Vegeta. The fact that they’re able to break down how to go super saiyan by controlling the energy rather than raging out shows this mastery of learning new techniques. Vegeta for the longest time believed super saiyan was a myth and he was so cocksure he was a super saiyan on Namek when he wasn’t even close to it. The U6 saiyans had the luxury of not being enslaved by Frieza so their race was allowed to develop freely. In all technicality the U6 saiyans are literal apex saiyans able to tap into their birthrights easier the only reason it took them this long is because they didn’t even have the legend of the super saiyan.

          • Imagine if we were somehow able to send our greatest body builders/athletes of today back to the dark ages. The humans back then would think the level of fitness we can achieve in modern times is almost godlike compared to what they could achieve back then. That’s basically the difference between U6 and U7 saiyans.

          • you’re the idiot. you think they held body building competitions and had access to protien, preworkouts, and even a gym? Let be real here

      • First of all you need to remember this is a completely dif universe where the original saiyan planet wasn’t destroyed by freeza. We have no idea how strong these warriors are in standard form (knowing the entire planet is a fighting warrior race, they’re training everyday to get stronger.) Also, as these 2 saiyans are full blooded having someone like goku to fight against, i know you see how he was training her at first. He put her under his wing bc we all know universe 6 will be saved. Makes complete sense to me how these 2 could reach a power so high, with an example right in front of them of where they want to be, aka goku. BTW goku and vegita didn’t have that. i don’t think anyone would be saiyon if krillin didn’t die anyway. so blame freeza if you wanna be mad at anyone. PS I do want to see more vegita fights! I am team goku don’t get me wrong but this tournament does need to put spotlight on other better. i don’t even think goku will win. gohan will do it. he’s been chillin the whole time.

    • You mean like Goten and Trunks in the Buu Arc. They couldn’t keep up with 18. Then suddenly they fuse, go SSJ3 just from seeing Goku do it once, and are able to take on Buu.

    • Agreed. The episode gave me false hope when Goku got them to the edge of the ring. But noooooo, they have to double up the annoyance and fuse.

    • Should blame the creators for this. If they left the power of this universe of sayians open or they already know and have transformations it could have been sick.

  9. HAHAHAAHAHAAH, fucking NORMAL FUSION IS BETTER THAN GOD? so that does mean Majin Buu and kid Buu were BLUE Tier? I cant with this bullshit

    • To be fair, Base Vegito would have beaten Kid Buu rather easily. The strength of Potara versus Metamoran is that it seems to be a multiplier rather than just an addition. He was still giving Buuhan the moves before he decided to transform to make it quicker, and then that was only Super Saiyan. Goku and Vegeta at SSj 2 couldn’t even touch Buuhan. From what we were shown in this episode, it was that Kale and Caulifla could at least last a little bit against God, so is it so suprising that the Kefla would be so strong given how we’ve already seen how powerful Potara fusion is before? You’re also forgetting that this is Goku when he’s worn out from fighting Jiren.

  10. To everyone that hates how Kale and Caulifla got to SSJ just wanted to remember people in general that Goten and Trunks didn’t even do the “tingly in the back stuff” they just went SSJ like that. When Gohan first asked Goten how he did it he just said he went SSJ a while ago. Goten got to SSJ at the age when Gohan was on Namek watching Goku get SSJ from anger while Goten just did it cuz why not #GotenSavageLevelOver9000 #LongHashtags

    • Oh and they’re Saiyans from other universe, when Broly appearead Goku had 0 chance to beat him alone so it’s just normal that a new female Broly should beat Goku a bit. At least this time he has a chance in a 1v1 too bad now it’s 1v1 but his enemy is a fused saiyan x times stronger than before.

    • Oh and they’re Saiyans from another universe, when Broly appearead Goku had 0 chance to beat him alone so it’s just normal that a new female Broly should beat Goku a bit. At least this time he has a chance in a 1v1 too bad now it’s 1v1 but his enemy is a fused saiyan x times stronger than before.

    • The tingly in the back is a lame way to explain something that required a lot of effort to achieve in the first place. Goten and Trunks are children to a very powerful saiyans who already achieved those forms, well at least Goku. : P

      Problem is, that universe 6 saiyans were introduced as not being able to go SSJ. That opens up a whole can of worms because now they have to skip all of the stuff that the main cast had to go through.

      So with even less words, it’s bad writing.

  11. I think Goku is using those two to work his power level up so he can achieve Ultra Instinct again.Cause blue don’t stand a chance against Jiren. I guess that’s why those two girls are getting so much screen time. But i noticed that they haven’t showed the over weight lover (Ribrianne) in the last few episodes. Wonder whats up with that?

  12. Okay seriouslly goku needs to take their cheeks already i’m really getting tired of them on the other hand the animation this episode was sooo slick seriouslly i was like wow what happened this episode looked beautiful same it wasted on those boring character rather see an episode on how goten and trunks are doing than seeing kefla

  13. what a fucking joke been watching this over the years. All the power ups through training and hard work then bam 20 minutes from nothing to fused supersayian 2 ? really what does god form even mean then. if i remember rightly red was keeping up with beerus. so she’s stronger than beerus JOKE

      • Beerus was barely at 40 to 50%. Beerus is a beast and could have killed Goku easily and still can. He just respects Goku for having the balls to ask for a fight against an opponent he could never win against. Ultra Instict might change things since Beerus hasn’t mastered it yet.

  14. i feel disappointed about this episode, only an ss2 fusion could defeat ssg combining 5ss as i can remember. this sums up that beerus would be trash by this two universe 6 saiyan. too lame

  15. This is so dumb, kefla base form beats ssg goku… i have no words literally no goddamn words. Two weak as fuck saiyans frim another universe get so much screen time and i mean it makes no sense what Toriyama is doing fucking stupid. Their BASE form overpowers SUPER SAIYAN GOD GOKU LIKE WTF! HOW. Caulifla can only go up to ssj 2 and kale can only go up to her legendary saiyan form which is NOTHING compared to a god. Dbs is has already gone down and it’s gonna go down even more.

    • They aren’t that weak. Kaulifla SSJ2 was keeping up with Goku SSJ2. “Kale can only go up to her legendary saiyan form….”. What do you mean only?! That form is enough to keep up with goku ssj2 and probably beat it. You put both of them together and multiply it a bunch times thts enough to beat ssg goku. If you dnt see that then your not paying attention. Theres no way they are beating ssb kiaoken goku so whats the problem. The fact that you aren’t excited to see new saiyans shows how much of a fan you are

    • Dude. They are both pretty strong. I mean they weren’t a match for Goku at SSJ Rose, but he’s tapped into far greater powers. Kefla has Kales strength with Kalifa’s brains. Did you see how fast they learned to not be street brawlers but martial artists? They couldn’t overpower blue so they faked a hit and clocked Goku. Not even Goku expected it since he was so damn sure he had the match won. However this gives him an excuse to use ultra instinct and maybe this time he will master the form for his next bout with Jiren.

      What I wanna see is Goku and Vegeta fuse to form Gogeta and have Vegeta lean ultra instinct from Goku in that way to kick Jiren’s ass. Then Beerus better watch his ass. Lol

  16. This might sound dumb to newbies but to hardcore fans it won’t. Im being 100% serious when i say that goku is supposed to be able to one shot them in their fused state in his base form cuz like i mean he has trained for years and has even trained with whis and beerus that alone makes his incredibly strong but nooooo, toriyama decides that some weaklings are gona overpower his ssg. Toriyama is so unoriginal, he only brings up things that we already have seen in dbz like future trunks, martial arts tournament, frieza and the fucking potarra earrings. I hope they change akira toriyama with someone else cuz he’s ruining the series

  17. lol
    Everybody alredy forgot that DBS mean ‘ Da bull shit ‘ when it come to power lv and transformation . And you are all talking about fusion in dbz , buu and the little dwarf that never age but achived ssj3 . Whatever… I am pretty sure golden friza is more than enough to break those stupid potaras .

  18. we really dont know how much legendary super sayian multiplies in power as a fused form. so this is a good episode to show that off 😀

  19. 3:04 Wow so hot though I swear she had a six pack in previous renditions
    4:03 Was almost better, but we got poor shading, afterthought vascularity, and apparently the animators never knew how to draw the muscles of the neck, traps, and the like. Also, thd abs appear to try to look like they have water retention.
    8:35 Too slim.
    13:30 oh um
    14:43 overly endowed 15:00 like holy shit I thought they were young fucl off fbi

  20. 7:11 . “Kale’s energy has massively increased” So they randomly remember ki sensing? Back in DBZ, they reacted seriously to higher ki and even avoided engagement. It was a big deal until battle of the gods, which brought godly ki sensing. Suspense used to depend on it completely. Just retcon the form already. Vegeta not trying to attain it created holes. But it was mastered and Kale slimed down, so it actually WAS retconned? It’s different from the previous time she used it against some Pride Troopers. She had control of the beserk.
    13:10 They remembered ki sensing again, but only Budokai 3 made closing eyes a requirement, although Black did it also.
    20:43 That’s the way we remember, and the way to do it.
    8:01 What is up with Goku’s mouth?
    8:50 Borrow Tien’s technique? What about Krillin?

  21. how tf are they not disqualifed immediatly like i thought fusion and the use of items was not allowed at all thats why they couldnt bring the senzu beans

  22. I agree this is total bullshit… the tournament episodes have been progressing by episode per tournament minute… both Caulif and Kale have progressed way too fast way too easily… I mean Cauiif has already tapped into if not already mastered SSJ2 and Kale somewhat close if not more… Now fusion on par with SSJG!!! Seriously wtf So if both Vegeta and Goku were to fuse like they did in Buu Saga they could beat Beerus??? Because Goku at SSJG had Beerus at like 70ish% during Battle of the Gods… i just think its bullshit.. Both Goku&Vegeta are SSJGS aka SSJB now busted their asses and trained to get to that level… All along the Potara earring fusion still rivals if not looks to even exceed God power… at least the 1st SSJG form from what all has transpired so far totally ridiculous…

  23. This is the most annoying episode I have ever seen. I don’t care how quick, different or any thing relating to saiyan tranformation in the girls goes. The point most of you are missing is their transformation is illegal in the rules of the fight, it is NOT their own doing or power. That’s what pisses me off. I just want to throw a sensu bean in for Goku and see him kick their ass

  24. Even if we completely ignored the huge jump in power over such a small time, we know that Vegeta and Goku fussed against Buu. At that time they both had reached ssj 2 even if Vegeta had to get a power up to Majin Vegeta. Goku actually can achieve ssj 3 at this point also. They each are now far beyond anything they could have hoped to achieve as Vegito. Kale might be a legendary super sayian but Caulifa was so much weaker than her and she cant really hold her own against ssj 3 and barely keeps up with Goku at ssj 2. We know that fussion only works well if the power levels are close to the same. Even if we didnt take that into account, there is no way that caulifa’s addition to the fusion would have that big of a change in power. it didn’t do nearly that much for vegito. But back to the speed at which they progressed. Generations of sayians dreamed of super sayian on planet vegito. So the fact that trunks and goten advanced so quickly must be their parentage. Maybe having fathers that went ssj already increased the likely hood they would attain it. Another theory is the hybrid genes of human and sayian increase that portion of the gene pool. Fact remains that kale and caulifa should not have been able to accelerate this fast. My final point is that kale reached a tremendous amount of power equal to God level when she was berserk and it was over some pathetic jealousy over caulifa(the first time). What the hell!? super sayian power is being turned into a joke. I would be happier if Goku woke up to find it was a dream.

    • Well, Kale is clearly stronger than goku and vegeta in Buu saga.
      Potara fusion is different from fusion dance. (It increases their combined power by multiples).
      Kale and Caulifa did increase strength fast, but they are also from a different universe and hence different types of saiyans.
      Also, they both were learning super saiyan from masters. It’s way easier to learn from someone that already achieved a form. Versus not even knowing a power exists beyond yourself.

    • They clearly stated caulifla had this power in her all along, she just needed help bringing it out. Kale is just a freak of nature just like broly. The fusion dance only works if the powers are even, not the potara earings. It didnt do much for vegito? I dont think you were watching the same dbz as everyone else. Goku and Vegeta were getting destroyed by super buu (mystic gohan absorbed), even goku ssj3 couldnt do anything. When they used the potara and became Vegito they could have destroyed super buu in a second but they wanted to save every1 he absorbed. “Generations of sayians dreamed of super sayian on planet vegito.” First its saiyans and second its planet vegeta. Shows how much of a fan you are. Like i said before Whis states that kaulifla had this power in her all along and needed someone to help her bring it. Kale is no where near god when she was beserk. Learn your facts before going off.

    • Only if Zeno says otherwise. He’s allowed to change the rules on a whim, and he does so….

      This is life or complete oblivion. Gods are desperate so they will do anything to save their part of the universe.

  25. Still don’t understand why nobody recognizes her as brolys alternate universe self. And why doesn’t anyone understand that legendary super sayian aka brolys transformation was beyond ss3 even back in the day. Legendary super sayian is uncharted territory


  27. Didn`t one of the rule was “NO fusion alloud”? Which is a reason why there is no Gotenk and instead we had Tien and Krillin?

  28. Broly wasn’t capable of controlling his Legendary Saiyan powers having it over a span of years, yet Kale hasnt been super saiyan more than a week and can suddenly control it, where is the logic?

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