Dragon Ball Super Episode 115 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 115 Subbed

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262 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 115 Subbed”

  1. Its obvious that is exactly what Vegeta would do. I mean fighting Toppo. Of course he would…. Watch before you start reading comments wow bruh.

      • Not even remotely true. Hulk has been utterly stomped into the ground with impunity multiple times. How you can say “nothing beats Hulk”, idk.

        • Just because he was stomped into the ground doesnt mean he was actually weaker. Accordig to lore, Hulk keeps powering up the more angry he gets. In lore he even smashes a plant to pieces. Tell me where Thor beats him there

          • Hulk has never, not once, punched a planet to pieces. He gets stronger as he is angrier, but that doesn’t mean his strength is infinite, especially since he has never been stronger than the likes of Thanos, or Drax back in the old days. Even Surfer and Gladiator have shown repeatedly to be massively stronger than the Hulk ever has shown to be.

            Moons orbiting the planet fell apart just by Thor hitting Gorr really hard, and he is supersonic in reaction speed, and had planet busting output back when he had his hammer. He still has the oomph to harm the Hulk, and the speed to blitz him into the ground before the fight drags on.

      • So you just gave him a flaw, but nothing really beats hulk that doesnt make sense. If he needs time powering up then you just have to beat the shit out of him before he gets unbeatable

        • Anger powers Hulk. He is unbeatable and can’t be killed in the form. If he gets endangered in his human form then he will just come out immediately.

      • hulk is as strong as he is angry.
        in the comics he has shown to be able to punch thru time.
        so as his rage rises so does his strength.
        so when he is full rage no 1 can stop hulk.

        • Again, not true. His punching through time had extenuating circumstances to it, and he never has shown to have that level of strength. He has failed to hurt the likes of Juggernaut, and it still nowhere near the strongest shown in Marvel. Even if you go ahead and let him get angry and do nothing, the fact that you even have to do that for him to get that strong doesn’t say much about how strong he is at base.

          Punching through time still wouldn’t put him on the same level as many of the Marvel cosmics.

          • uhhmmm again it is treu……..
            hulk even beat the crap out of thanos whilst wearing the infinity glove with all the stones in it….

            only thing that might not be treu is that no 1 can beat him.(For example his son skaar is stronger than him bot nobody give`s a fuck about it…)

            but dont be the little autistic child that takes everything seriously and knows everything better…..

          • Calling someone autistic because you are wrong doesn’t say much about you. Especially when you’re just lying.

            (Replace the word “dot” for a period as the site won’t let me post links)


            ^That was with the Infinity Gauntlet. Here is without:


            (might have been edited, but the scan is legit, the other guy is Drax, who had torn a star apart prior to this)

            Here is his even weaker henchmen messing up Hulk


            Hulk has been smacked around by Surfer as well:


            And Surfer is the type who is beaten to near death with just a few punches
            by Thanos. Where even World War Hulk was incapable of doing any
            noticeably damage to Surfer prior to Surfer releasing him from his mind

          • I really wish people would find a better adjective then “Autistic” – My kids are autistic, and show far more intelligence when expressing them selves than most comments I see referencing “Autisim”.

        • Not that I get why a zap would hurt the god of thunder to begin with but the fact remains, he didn’t beat the Hulk. Could’ve, would’ve, should’ve are all irelavant, he lost.

        • Are you referring to your own comment? There’s no better way short of murder to beat somebody than a ko. As for Hulk being angry? He’s always angry. He lost to Tony. End of.

    • in the comics if someone knocks Hulk out fast its game over for big green, if they allow him to keep getting angry then its a different story ^_^

    • yeah but to be fair, big buff green bitch kale manhandled them both even in blue earlier in said tournament. honestly this whole “super saiyan god” thing has been a joke from the start

    • They should be a tad stronger than Vegito in the Buu Saga, this is indeed the joke of the century. They fulfill the Mary Sue criteria’s perfectly.

    • We don’t know that she’s more powerful than SSJB Vegeta because:
      1. We won’t know how much stronger Vegeta has gotten since his fight with Hit until we see him (defeat?) Toppo. Goku went 10x SSJB when fighting angry Toppo so if Vegeta can beat him it would mean that Vegeta is at least 10x SSJB
      2. She may fight on par with 20x SSJB Goku but only because Goku’s been weakened; for all we know Vegeta might be able to win against weak 20x SSJB Goku

      But then again… Kefla /did/ make Jiren twitch while SSJB Vegeta didn’t so… :/

      • maybe the twitch was from Goku or after Vegeta knocked Toppo down…. it’d make more sense to me as Toppo is the second strongest. Kefla has shown nothing impressive to me in this episode she’s beating on a worn down Goku hardly impressive feat.

    • you have to remember that kale is a legendary ssj and how fast they Caulifa was able to achieve ssj2, along with the fact that kale was able to get lssj under control. so it kinda makes sense that they where able to match a weakened ssjb goku.

    • if it weren’t for the explanation that different levels of super saiyan have different specialties eg speed stamina etc then power scaling would be bullshit in dbs,
      o̶r̶ ̶p̶e̶r̶h̶a̶p̶s̶ ̶i̶t̶ ̶a̶l̶r̶e̶a̶d̶y̶ ̶i̶s̶.̶.̶.̶

  2. i swear to fucking god idk what i hate more this shitty site or these fucking gay machist fucks insulting the best female caracters in all db history

    • You might actually be retarded if you think Caulifla and Kale are the best female characters in db. That or trolling I don’t know which because I’ve seen lots of both. Anywho, have fun tingling.

    • annoying af and cocky for no reason. gender bender vegito forced down our throats but failed miserably
      She’s far from the best, scrub

      • Looks like you prefer dicks to pussy. Vegeta was cocky too, before Goku handed his ass to him. Caulifla had never been beaten and embarrassed, thus the cockiness. I don’t recall her being cocky when Goku had beaten the shit out of her. After fusing, the massive powerup made her cocky again.

        Not everything is a dick that you take down your throat, mate. But I agree, she’s far from the best.

        • “Looks like you prefer dicks to pussy”
          In other words “I have no valid arguments, so I’ll call him gay. That will show him.”
          Calufila (and fusion) act high and mighty before the tournament even started while not even being close to the relevant fighters. Her constant “I’ll beat your ass” after repeadetly being buttfucked (which happened way too many times now. You gotta be a complete moron (which you obviously are) to not realise that) is retarded and nothing but annoying. They tried too hard to make a female Vegito, completely failing it and creating a wannabe martial artist.

          “Not everything is a dick that you take down your throat, mate.”
          Only someone who wants to hide his lust for cocks would try this hard projecting it on others.

          • “Gender bender Vegito” is why I said you prefer dicks to pussy.
            “I’ll beat your ass” much like Vegeta throughout DBZ, even after being defeated by Goku, Frieza, Cell AND Buu? Caulifla has the typical saiyan attitude, and she had no idea how powerful other contestants were, so I dunno why you’re bitching about that.

            Also do give me the quotes where she says “I’ll beat your ass” and the likeness after she got her ass kicked. And I don’t see you bitching about Vegeta saying the same shit, showing the same cockiness, if not more. Yet another example of why I said you prefer dicks to pussy, you would have male characters brag all they want, and not complain about it, but the moment a female character says something, you start bitching.

            “They tried too hard to make a female Vegito, completely failing it and creating a wannabe martial artist”
            Yeah totally, because Vegito was the first fusion in DBZ, everyone else is copying him. Do tell me what else Vegito and Kefla have in common, other than the potara fusion?

            “Blah blah projection blah blah” would you like to borrow my book of retorts to come up with something original?

          • “”Gender bender Vegito” is why I said you prefer dicks to pussy.”
            You couldn’t have said anything more retarded but I can understand that someone who lacks any sort of argumentation skill would have to resort to something this pathetic. They did a horrible job at copying Vegito which makes her annoying af (like almost every other attempt of gender bending) which I stated twice but ofcourse the vacuum in your head you call a brain couldn’t understand something that simple.
            Even Toriyama hates Vegeta the most, what the fuck is this argument supposed to be? And not even HE is stupid enough to call himself the best fighter and was afraid to shit because of Jiren. There is a reason that he is being made a fool of by the series itself several times and even he isn’t nearly as retarded as Calufila.

            Calufila gets her ass kicked by Goku-> Challenges Goku again despite knowing how much more forms he has and goes all cocky-> gets her ass kicked, proceeds with “I wanna beat you already. Go and transform” -> gets help by her relevant side, completely throwing away the “saiyan attitude” you were sperging about -> proceeds to fuse and goes cocky again and spergs about how she’ll end him -> About to get raped again.

            Literally her entire existence is nothing but “I’ll beat your ass”, getting buttfucked, transforming or getting help and have the same shit repeated. Maybe you should stop thinking with your dick because clearly it dominates what you consider “logic”.

            “Do tell me what else Vegito and Kefla have in common, other than the potara fusion?”
            >2 Super Saiyans fighting a god tier opponent getting their ass kicked
            >Suddenly fuse midfight and overpower the opponent they were getting their ass kicked by
            >Acting as cocky as possible because of the sudden increase of power
            Oh my, I can’t possibly see analogy.
            Are you seriously this retarded? Jerk off or something, your thirst for Saiyan tits makes you unable to think. Not that I assume that you were able to do it in the first place.

            “would you like to borrow my book of retorts to come up with something original?”
            In other words: “I have no comeback for this, so I’ll just say his was bad. That will show him”
            Nice damage control, too bad it failed :V

          • I see you whining, boring me with your plebian insults.

            Let’s see, copying Vegito, huh.
            >Vegito in Z was preplanned by Goku, albeit a fusion with Gohan, because he knew there was no way he could fight Buutenks. When the fusion dissolves, and Buu is weak again, they decide not to fuse, until Gohan gets absorbed.. Goku becomes desperate, locates Vegeta’s energy and teleports to him.
            >It was never midfight, Vegeta knew he had no choice, but he didn’t wanna fuse with Goku until Goku convinced him.
            >Fusion always gave a massive powerboost, with a power multiplier provided as recently as two episodes ago by Vados. So it’s no suprise they overpower their opponent.
            >Acting cocky was Vegeta’s trait in Vegito and the “playfulness” was Goku’s, and they had contrasting personalities, and neither personality dominated the other. Kefla on the other hand, had mostly Caulifla’s attitude, as Kale was kinda a cuck.

            Caulifla started off confronting Goku about the blue form, believeing that she could turn into it too. When Goku said she wasn’t ready, she called him an old man and started insulting him. Then she turns Super Saiyan third grade and realizes Goku already knew about it and learns from Goku it is a liability. Goku later praises her, helps her achieve Super Saiyan 2, and says she may even be able to learn to go 3. Caulifla didn’t know there was a third level, and later, when a weakened Goku was fighting with her, she was overpowered by Goku’s combat skills and versatility, and started adapting to it, changing her brawl-like fighting style. Also she fought Goku only twice, so you seem to not know what you’re talking about. And Caulifla invited Kale to fight Goku, saying “Let’s get stronger together”. The Saiyan attitude I was “sperging about” was the cockiness and belief in her own potential, and that does not contradict with the fact that she called Kale in. She knew Goku was massively powerful and yet wanted to fight with him, similar to how Goku wants to fight with stronger opponents to better himself. Do tell me more about how the only thing in her character you noticed was the cockiness, not the desire to get better, the desire to meet stronger people, to save her “sister” both from getting disqualified and getting eliminated, to save her own universe, to help out her teammates. I like hearing kids like you bitching about them ^^.

            Have fun screeching autistically at the monitor and hurriedly typing weak come-backs to refute my logic and mindlessly hate on these two characters. Go hate someone who’s actually boring, like the fat thing from universe 2 that screeches about love.

    • Right, ok, first chill.

      second these *ahem* “fucking gay machist fucks”(as you so eloquently describe), are pointing out that the situation is completely gaffed being that: less than 24 hours ago kale and caulifa did not even know what super saiyan was, and are now holding their own against goku, who has been developing his super saiyan form for over 2 decades

      third, best female characters?, launch bulma and 18 might have something to say about that…

      • They always had the potential to go Super Saiyan, they didn’t have any hardships like their home planet being destroyed, and they haven’t had any worldly threats to push them to go Super Saiyan and beyond like Goku and co had. The tingly feeling thing is corny, it’s just a lack of a better way to describe going Super Saiyan. Goten went Super Saiyan while training with his mother lol..

    • people seems to have selective memory in this regard
      they forget about Vegito when he gave buuhan a hard time in his base while SSj3 goku couldn’t beat him

  3. Wow has this show been ruined to beyond repair. I mean seriously, it took 600+ episodes for Goku to reach his current form, there was character development, concepting, loads of stuff happening for x-reasons.

    And then suddenly, in like what, 10 episodes time, some random chick goes from nothing to keeping up with Red/Blue? My god has this show become painful to even watch. So sad, this was so enjoyable start DBS series

    • You’re not even making any sense. This girl isn’t random for once, as she is a fusion of someone who is just as strong as SSJ2 Goku, and LSSJ Kale, who is near SSG Gokus level. Fused? Of course they would be comparable to SSB, and if you have ever even watched the show to begin with, you’d see that isn’t anything new for the fusion forms.

      Most fans see this arc as one of the best in the entire franchise. You are definitely in the minority.

      • Dude they took them of some street for God`s sake. What LSSJ Kale, what power. They are some shi_ty street thugs. Kale with her attitude hasn`t fought a mouse before she went berserk. She flinched at dark corners and door creaking. Absolutely no battle experience. Get real, Jessy is right. Hope next episode is the last we see them…

        • in non-canon dragon ball franchise broly never fought with anyone before as well and being born with 10k power since birth.

          he was keeping the energy inside him and unleashed it without the help of kai weird dancing that he did to gohan.

          as kale she’s already got that without nowing it, rage flipped her switch just like when gohan vs cell but in even higher level because she’s a pure saiyan .

          from saiyan history there’s someone who reached a high level to defeat an evil saiyan but loses (goku universe) what if that saiyan won in cabba universe and they continuing the bloodline?

          so sit down and enjoy the show, if you don;t like it don’t watch .akira toriyama can do whatever he wanted for his show. or you just can read the manga made my toyataro which is better.

      • No, he definitely is not in the minority. You like a good tingly in your back ey? Well, have your girls tingle their backs right out of the tournament. What’s it been like a few days since they’ve first gone Super Saiyan? Episode 114 proved most of our theories right that Goku was holding back against Kale as SSB, she was more powerful in 114 and he destroyed her in SSG while weakened.

        I mean, I’ve always wanted awesome female Saiyans but definitely not like this.

        • Eplaination for that being is that they had an easier time obtaining the SSJ state. Someone just straight up told them the easy way to do it, where-else Goku and co had to work for it because Goku was the first to use it in thousands of years, it was new. Add that to their potential and it really isn’t surprising. Goten turned into SSJ while training with his mom ffs.

          And yes, you are definitely in the minority as each ep has been very well received by the majority of the fanbase, gaining positive reviews and the like.

          • The bad writing when it comes to Goten and Trunks going Super Saiyan doesn’t excuse more bad writing. Especially the stupid “tingly in the back” thing. Also, I guess it doesn’t matter to me if I’m in the minority, although from most reviewers and powerscaling youtubers taking the episodes badly you’d get the impression that liking the bullshit we’re getting would be a minority.

          • It’s not bad writing, it was explained in show as to why Goten and Trunks could transform so easily, it was not so different from Gohan. Just because you don’t understand something doesn’t mean it’s bad writing, it means you missed something.

            Most reviewers, DB sites, and the like are constantly gushing about the series so now you’re just full of it.

          • Just because it was explained why Goten and Trunks could go Super Saiyan doesn’t automatically make it good writing. It’s still dumb that they can easily get a transformation when the others had to work for it – same goes with Caulifla and Kale. If they would’ve done their transformation similar to Cabba I would’ve had no problems with them because that makes sense (anger to transform). There are so many better ways they could’ve done their transformations but a tingle in the back, really?

          • Except it’s not dumb when you consider how easy it always has been for the hybrids to transform. We have no idea what they went through growing up, other than the fact that Goten and Trunks were allowed to train, something Gohan never was, and he was able to go SSJ and SSJ2 when he was 11. Trunks trained with Goten all the time(this was mentioned), and Trunks has a gravity chamber at capsule corp to train in.

            Again, just because you can’t understand something so simple, doesn’t make it bad writing. Kale shouldn’t even be mentioned here, and I am at awe that I have to explain why considering who she is based off of. Ffs, she’s an LSSJ, based off the first LSSJ, who shielded both himself and his father when planet Vegeta blew up and achieved pretty much everything he showed through his natural power as a Legendary Saiyan, just like Kale. Mentioning her only further shows you are trying to look for things to be mad about.

            Other than Caulifa being Universe 6s version of Goku, thus illustrating a natural talent at this sort of thing. And a “tingle at the back” is so hard to comprehend? Really? In the same universe that involved a Kid Goku using the power pole to rise up to the moon and drop some anthromorphic Rabbit and his men on the moon to mine for the moon rabbits, martial artists at a level of skill that they can perform superhuman feats(even before knowing how to use ki, Yamcha, and Yajirobe could shatter stone with their attacks as if it was made of paper for example)just because they are really good martial artists, and a human without a nose(Krillin) in it, the tingle of the backs thing is what you are so hung up about? And you seriously don’t see how much you’re reaching just for a nitpick? Come on man.

          • Gohan had to train with his Dad (who had already become a Super Saiyan) in the hyperbolic time chamber to become Super Saiyan. Also, him becoming Super Saiyan 2 had a long time coming since we always knew he had potential since when he first hurt Raditz, that plus training with Goku and it makes sense he’d get an upgrade. Caulifla going Super Saiyan 2 within a DAY OR TWO of learning about Super Saiyan is bullshit and obvious fan service. Kale is just a Broly reference and needed WAY more back story than just Cabba and Caulifla making fun of her lol. It would have made much more sense had they put a Planet Sadal arc (even a mini arc would’ve been fine) before the tournament. Then all of the stuff happening now wouldn’t have had to have the “tingling in the back” idiocy or making fun of Kale thing. We would’ve had an actual back story.

            Don’t get me wrong though, I’m no where as mad as someone like Tyrone Magnus is. I actually can and do enjoy episodes with Caulifla and Kale (and 115 was pretty hype), I just despise the bullshit Super gives us a lot of the time.

          • Gohan learned how to use ki to fire blasts and perform superhuman feats just by being tossed into the wild, while his father had to be trained by Kami to do the same. That is how great a hybrids potential was. Unlike Gohan, Goten and Trunks were trained since they were young, and trained together. Again, any hybrid going ssj early makes absolute sense at this point in the series as it was explained they have ludicrous amount of potential(hell, future Trunks went from being comparable to Super SSJ2 Goku, to being on par to his SSJ3 state, to being about as strong as an SSB after he transformed into his SSA form).

            Caulifa, Kale, and Cabba were all part of the same unit, this was explained during the beginning of the tournament when Cabba was going around recruiting for his team. So this isn’t all that sudden. Then, afterwards the whole team trained together for an unknown amount of time. Heck, the fact they were at kamis lookout in their universe could even suggest they used a time chamber. And Kale needs no backstory, she is the canon version of Broly. Anything she does makes sense from the basis of her being a Legendary Saiyan. And if they had given the Sandal Saiyans a backstory, they would have to do the same for the other teams. As of right now there is nothing to suggest that they won’t have their backstories fleshed out eventually, but that doesn’t mean everything they do is somehow “bullshit” when we don’t even know what they went through prior to Super. Hell, remember that Goku and Vegeta, in their base forms, are capable of ignoring attacks from an SSJ3 Gotenks. Yet the Sandal Saiyans are comparable to them, suggesting an already a huge amount of power. It makes sense for them to unlock SSJ2 quickly, because they are astronomically more powerful than Goku and co were when they first transformed.

            You need to remember that most of the participants are stronger than the strongest characters from the Buu saga, by a fair bit at that. So they will all perform at a really high level, i mean just take a look at the arena they are fighting on, it is made out of the strongest material in their multiverse, yet everyone is punching through it no problem.

    • If it’s painful to watch THEN STOP WATCHING IT PUSSY. Kale was already strong enough to fight blue alone in her Berserk mode, it’s not surprising at all that a fusion with her and Super Saiyan 2 would be ridiculously powerful. Goku didn’t even get the chance to heal from Jiren, so he’s not at full strength. Use your head before you start bitching like a retard.

          • @Axelhander:disqus You kids enjoy making fools of yourselves online don’t cha. I am surprised one of you hasn’t called the other a faggot yet.

          • All these retards believing that two Super Saiyan 2’s can match up to a God level character. They should be at Vegito’s level, from the Buu Saga maybe a bit stronger. Too many DBS dickriders defending it, I guess it is because they have never seen Z before and love getting a dick up their ass by a typical Mary Sue.

          • HAHAHA 2 SSJ2’S!? SO LEGENDARY SSJ IS THE SAME AS 2? You’re the one who isnt a DBZ fan. Broly took out 4 ssj (goku, vegeta, trunks and gohan) and even piccolo who is as strong as a ssj. Kale in LSSJ could rival Goku SSG but not win. Learn ur shit

          • “Kale in LSSJ could rival Goku SSG but not win. Learn ur shit”

            Did you even watch last episode? Goku was fighting her and Caulifla at the same time. She is not rivaling SSG dude.

          • Universe 6 is ranked above Universe 7 in mortal level, I dunno why people from U6 being so strong is that grotesque of an idea to you.

          • cut the shit kid we all were watching DBZ before super and we know how powerful the potara fusion is.
            did you see a limit for vegito in DBZ he was literally playing around in his base form against buuhan who gave a full powerd ssj3 goku a hard time ?
            kale LSSj isn’t the same as ssj2 you idiot it’s between ssj3 and god red.
            also both beerus and champa said that goku hasn’t recovered from his fight with jiren and he is pushing himself against them.
            stop watching the show you retarded dipshit.

          • “kale LSSj isn’t the same as ssj2 you idiot it’s between ssj3 and god red.
            also both beerus and champa said that goku hasn’t recovered from his fight with jiren and he is pushing himself against them.”

            I wouldn’t put LSSJ over SSJ3, Goku was holding off both of the girls at his Red form while he was weak. : |

          • Wrong Asura. Potara fusion isn’t like the dance. It’s “Perfect” fusion. There is a 10 times multiplier on top of their merged power. Kale in beserk form was manhandling Normal Blue Goku and Vegeta, “which is nonsense even if they were holding back but i digress,” before Jiren stopped her. Thus a potara fusion would make her roughly equivalent with a weakened X20 Blue.


    • No it doesnt piss me off that they are woman but the fact that they trying to make them look like Goku and Vegeta. Why did they have to make them Saiyans, or make them super saiyans before introducing them.

    • No, no one cares who’s fighting who. It just starts becoming bullshit when 2 people who, at their strongest form, only just match up to Goku’s god form. Their fusion just shouldn’t measure up to his kaio ken in his blue form. Given, he barely has the capacity to fight having not rested and is pushing himself, the levels seem to make more sense. Its frustrating to see characters become super saiyan and ssj2 by trying to recreate a “tingly sensation” and suddenly have amazing adaptability. I’d rather see strong characters, not a bunch of people who are just like goku and can persevere beyond limits every second like he can while he has gone through years of doing so.

  5. ultra instict is kind of shit it should be a move not a new form or if it a new form give it silver hair too that would look cool.

  6. Vegeta trained so many years in the hyberbolic chamber and this bitch surpassed him in 30hrs.
    Now, Kefla is also at par with hit and beerus in just 30hrs,like seriously?Toei animation wtf you doing with your story.

    • kefla is just a fusion, of course they surpass vegeta, but if they were to fight vegeta 1v1 no fusion vegeta would destroy caulifla and he would have a hard time with kale but ultimately win so calm down

      • How can they surpass vegeta blue as a fusion. If fusion had this much power, Goku and Vegeta could fuse to protect earth from BEERUS inspite of goku going red, because as it is depicted fusion of ssj2 can defeat a ssb kioken times 20, and I suppose Beerus would be defeated by ssb
        kioken times 20

        • Because aforementioned fusion is potara, and also Beerus is a god of destruction, far beyond even SSBKK x 20.

          And Goku was still recovering from the ass-whooping he recieved from Jiren, and was not at full power. If you noticed, one clean punch from a weakened SSBKK Goku caused so much damage to Kefla.

      • Kefla is alright, but not as strong or fast as ssj blue kaioken fist, and i’m pretty sure Vegeta is stronger than ssj blue kaioken fist as u can see Vegeta isn’t even focus on his fight and he is still kicking butt LMAO.

  7. Kefla is about to get destroyed. IDC about Kefla I’m just sitting here wondering why the only person with common sense is just watching. FRIEZA HELP HIM (Froku in 116 I hope or Vegeta vs Kefla (Basically the same thing) would be great)

  8. I wish they could have kept the ssj4 from Dragonball GT intead of ssj god and blue. It made them more like Sayains having they tails with red fur. Dragon Ball should have let Vegeta keep his Ape transformation too. he could have been transforming into ssj blue Ape.

  9. IN THE START : Struggling to become super saiyan,Hey , Kale just make it tingly in the back.
    After few hours knocked out ssb king kai fist times 20 lol lol lol

    • You forgot the part with berserker Kale who is atleast as strong as Super Saiyan 3 if harnessed properly, and the part where they fuse, multiplying the combination of both their powers “tens” of times.

      Also the part where Goku had not recovered his stamina from the ass-whooping Jiren dished out.

  10. Now that we have seen fusion. I believe Vegito will come because Goku is fighting a fused character if he fused with Vegeta it would be a even battle now it’s like 2 against one. And if he beats her solo I think Vegito will come for Jiren because he came out of his meditation.

  11. I swear so much hate on this show, and on the true fans that watch it. I mean really if you are gonna get that butthurt about it then why even type about, and complain about the show? Also to those imbeciles that comment on something because they want to be a smart ass. I say learn this fine rule of life think before typing.

      • True enough John it really is which is very sad. Manly because this show is my favorite show i have watched it seen i was a like 10 years old, and its depressing to see all the crap people post about it it truly is.

          • The funny thing is the people who hate the show and whine about it still watch the next episode…damn hypocrites.

          • so you can’t criticize something you enjoy?. the Kale and Caulifla criticism is reasonable, and they watch the show because they want to see what happens after Kefla not for her. people want to see more team work and less Goku and U6 saiyans. Vegeta vs Toppo was hyped up then we get….. little scenes of it people are not hypocrites they watch super cause they enjoy it regardless of its silly power scaling and over use of Goku.

          • Dragon ball super in my opinion is good in its own way. As a DBZ fan though, i see no way to compare the two because they are two completely different styles. If you compare it to dbz as you watch it does seem like bullshit but if you watch it as its own show its good. Idk if that makes sense. It did in my head lmao

          • i do notice they are very different. I read the manga when I was 11 (went to a middle school that had the dragon ball and dbz manga in volumes and read the whole thing in a little under a year. Was my first intro to manga but honestly I like the new direction (skipped 10 episodes because of nothing happening prior to tourney of power beginning though)

      • Should we not be challenging Toriyama and all those involved with DBS to continue to do better. I mean the whole reason we have super is because thankfully Toriyama couldn’t/wouldn’t leave Dragon balls last incarnation at GT.

    • I never post on here but you have to understand I’ve been watching Dragonball since I was in fourth grade I’m now 27 years old over the years I’ve went back and watch Dragonball Z from the first all the way to the finish at least seven times Anyway just trying to show how much of a fan that I am and like I said I’m never on here is the first coming I’m ever making I watch it just because how much of a fan that I am and I do like to see what will happen but Toriyama is no longer writing someone else has takin over meaning if the show is not coming from the same mind then of course someone else is going to fuck it up just like GT was fucked up I definitely like super more than gt Anyway the only thing that really bothers me on super is the power scaling that’s really the only problem that I have because if Goku has reach the form of a God and to sans fuse together they should be able to beat super boo maybe even kid buu but Not a super sayajin God

      • I agree with you Zack I also have been watching it since i was in the third grade, and now I’m 28 god i feel old i hate it. Anyway this is what i believe with the whole Kefla vs ssg Goku. It would make for a pretty boring episode and ark if Goku could just kick the crap out of everyone except his own teammates ofc, and Jiren cause Jiren is in his own right a badass. So putting that in perspective i can see why they did what they did. I mean i quite liked what they did, but again that’s my opinion.

  12. They ruined Kefla’s abs. They made them unrealisticly only the lower abs visible when at that body fat it should be the upper abs. It’s in reverse. She should just get 8.

    • You’re free to leave, or are you a masochist that likes to be “punished” by the “terrible quality of super compared to z”?

  13. whoa this episode was fuckin awesome…….tho wonder when Vegito turned ssj there wasn’t this much dust but if recall maybe it was cause he did in air ^-^

  14. lil’ bit said dont fall for me …. hoe goku already got a pocket pussy back on earth,but im not gonna sit here and believe that he wouldnt super smash dat ass just so he could try and fight the kid when it grows up, cause goku is a lil’ crazy with his logic

  15. Why is Kefla and Vegito even a thing, as we can see if goku wasnt out of juice kefla wouldn’t stand a chance against ssj blue kaioken fist. And here are the brainless people thinking kefla and vegito is a somewhat match. STFU AND JUST WATCH THE GOD DAMN ANIME AND BE HAPPY FOR ONCE U IDIOT!

  16. this is just bullshit like really goku’s years of training and years of battle and the result is yesterday came character is stronger than him like literally a character who had no idea of what super saiyan is become super saiyan and super saiyan 2 in seconds. And again after their fusion with just becoming super saiyan is stronger than super saiyan blue goku can you really imagine the loss of years and years of countless trainings and battles. i feel really bad that how those hard training and battles of goku was shown in such a trash manner and shows how much goku wasted his time in those meaningless battles. I hope you guys understand what i am talking about. Do you guys think it is good to show that goku’s years of training and battle is shown nothing and just few minutes of fight is enough to reach his level. I just don’t like this specific part. Do you guys agree. i know that the fusion is of a legendary saiyan but in my opinion that should be as strong as they are show. Atleast goku’s red form should have been more than enough to take down the character fusion form with super saiyan. I can understand jiren might be stronger than goku as we don’t know his background and what sort of training and battle he had but we know the background of those two saiyan and it is really hard to digest that they are shown stronger than goku.

  17. this is like seeing the same story as goku and vegita fusing to beat a strong enemy and its awesome, and it also seems like goku was just coaxing them on to get stronger just to push him to his limits just to make himself stronger which is also sweat.

  18. It just starts becoming bullshit when 2 people who, at their strongest form, only just match up to Goku’s god form. Their fusion just shouldn’t measure up to his kaio ken in his blue form. Given, he barely has the capacity to fight having not rested and is pushing himself, the levels seem to make more sense. Its frustrating to see characters become super saiyan and ssj2 by trying to recreate a “tingly sensation” and suddenly have amazing adaptability. I’d rather see strong characters, not a bunch of people who are just like goku and can persevere beyond limits every second like he can while he has gone through years of doing so.

  19. idk why people stunned at kefla or calling it bs,, its better then vegito blue , its ssj green in a fusion, never seen that before, also kale beated the shit out of blue wich lets me think green ( aka legendary) is above blue so its pretty accurate, but now this ultra instinct is back on its gonna be intresting 😀

  20. Goku attains UI again after the beatdowns and the Senzu he never ate: “totally legit.”

    Kefla being a god damn Potara Fusion made up of a Saiyan prodigy and a Legendary Super Saiyan: “giant asspull.”

    The Dragon Ball fandom is rapidly overtaking the Sonic fandom as the worst fandom to ever fandom. Fandom.

  21. What is even weirder than the power level , is the fact that Goku was supposed to be teaching them how to turn SSJ3 , and that they would all make a good team against Jiren. Why in the world is she suddenly fused now and trying to erase Goku and never even reached SSJ3 which is all she seemed to care about not even 2 episodes ago?

    • you can clearly see that she felt bad about knocking goku off when he turned to normal and she smiled after he moved, that means she didn’t want to knock him off or at least was wondering if it’s a good move

      probably because of the fusion power she felt like she can defeat jiren without goku, we’ll see in next ep how much she can still power up

  22. i was just thinking if kefla’s has endless power up’s then why is the porta earings effect has’t disburst yet because when ssjb vegeto distroyed ssjr goku well not really the button that called the omi king to get rid of that nasty kioshin and sayan fusion and the evil that left behind then shortly that the porta fusion disburst after a hour i know they used a tremedously shit ton of enegry just to defeat ssjr goku but still LSSJ kefla keeps powering up more and more would they destory the earings just by overpowering them selfs causing to be two again in maby a shorter time because of the endless powering uping that she has. and for all the db haters that watch the show i got one thing for ya KA…MA…HA…MA…HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

  23. Really? Every comment about how unfair the two girls are?

    what about that blonde new high school musical gohan in the beginning? Thats something to complain about, right?

  24. Gosh i really want to quit watching this anime but that ultra instinct form is making me stay for it. I fuckin hate kelfa. She can’t be cocky like vegito. She is just plain annoying on here.

  25. Why doesn’t vegeta get a power up, by now goku’s can use kaioken and be 20 times steonger than ssb but now he also has ultra instinct which is way stronger than even that. I hope vegeta gets a boost like ssb2

    • Kaioken is a technique meaning Vegeta can also use it if King Kai teaches him. The drawbacks of that technique are the stamina and strain it carries when used for extended times as seen numerous times thus bring a question, what is the point of being strong in detriment of crippling effect?

      The proper explanation of Ultra Instinct manifestation for the mortal is currently unknown as the moment seemed random. Vegeta can surely have that feel as seen his battle against Ribrianne as he does not know how to trigger it yet. Let remind we haven’t seen the full extend of power and skill from Vegeta since his training from the time chamber where he came out calm, relaxed and without a single sweat.

  26. OHHH MY GODD. i just wish they never showed me “UI” in this episode because now im all excited and have no patience… this is not good.

  27. lmao im sorry but i just have to say all of you guys that argue about this super sayian stuff are gay and you need to do something better with your time get you some pussy or something. just enjoy the show or not lol i never understood the arguements ppl have with things they dont control smh especially sports teams they dnt play on

  28. Okay so Kefla is on par with Goku’s Super Saiyan God form which he used to fight against BEERUS? The power levels have gone completely apeshit.

  29. My favotie characters are becoming freeza and no. 17. They have the true veteran mentality of no fucks given. And vegita is getting pretty chill as well. I love it.

  30. I believe that in her own way, Caulifla is like the Universe 6’s Goku with t
    he endless potential and power up thing. Kale is essentially Broly, with endless saiyan rage powers. The potara fusion makes sense to imo for those reasons.

  31. Note how 99% of the feats listed on there used scans taken out of context and not posted all of the pages that add said context? The one that you specified involved a long drawn out fight that had been going on for an unknown amount of time. And it wasn’t just the Hulk, as shown in the very scan the poster was trying to use(yet neglected to point out the context), but it was also Betty who was creating the shockwaves. So it was due to them slugging it out at their strongest states for an unknown amount of time before the planet began to finally start breaking apart.

    Not very impressive when you compare it to the first fight between Thanos and Drax, which the shockwaves from their hits ended up completely shatter not only the planet, but the planets moon as well. Or Surfer and Morg when they headbutted eachother and ended up cracking apart both the planet they were on and it’s moon.

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