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197 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 116 Subbed”

  1. Fuck Caulifla and kale. The whore is always screaming, can’t she speak normally? Annoying motherfucker. I wish they’d just drop out. These and that universe of love are by far the most annoying fuckers. Wish they’d just fuck off. Those irrelevant pigs don’t even deserve the screentime they’re getting. The only good thing out of this fusion is both would go down together. Also, as if one Zeno wasn’t enough, have to deal with this annoying ass twice.

      • how the heck is kefla nearly as strong as ultra instinct goku? that is absolutely ridiculous. so if goku/vegeta fused they would be stronger than the grand priest and zenos by far probably. kefla was super annoying the entire time, quit fiddling around and throw her out already. i dont even know why ribrianne is still in this either but im tired of all the love, that is way too far played out. 1 episode shouldve been the max she was in this.

        • because the writers are garbage and the retard fanboys will sit there and defend them till the day they die their autistic fucking deaths

          • I tire of seeing people use the word Autistic as a smear, Both of my children are autistic. They are highly intelligent for their age, and exceptionally well spoken; as well as creative. You should consider using adjectives that actually describe properly what you are trying to say.

        • Kefla isn’t “nearly as strong as ultra instinct goku”, did we watch the same episode? She didn’t touch him once, all she did was cut off a couple strands of Goku’s hair. He subconsciously dodged everything and oneshot her with whatever little stamina he had left.

          Screaming a lot, being annoying and making a huge laser ball explosion fiasco doesn’t mean shit when you can’t hit your opponent.

          • but was stronger than blue… so obviously the poster’s original point is still well intact. it’s bizarre the writer’s are putting kefla anywhere near goku’s highest forms. it implies ssj3 kefla would be stronger. there’s just no reason to think the fusion should work like that. gotenks got wrecked after fusing, and for good reason.

          • Need i remind you that SS3 Gotenks was actually stronger than Buu? He just got cocky and got absorbed. And that’s the weak imperfect form of fusion.

          • saying shes stronger than blue is a bit of a stretch since goku barely had the stamina to reach blue in that fight and she managed to surprise him and got a good shot in. that doesnt make her stronger by default. roshi was wrecking cunts with his puny powerlevel for most of the tournament taking out people probably tens or hundreds of times stronger than himself.

        • yeh shit doesn’t make any sense……bitch asa just by turning ssj defeated ssbk with ease what the fuck is that shit is Goku that weak….?If this bitch is this strong as ssj then it means Vegito ssj can easily kick Jiren’s ass or any of the god destruction’s….

        • Firstly, Goku energy is mostly depleted because of the previous fight against Jiren and to top it off of that, it was clearly stated in this episode if u were watching that Goku did not completely master his ultra instinct making his attacks way weaker than how they would be.

          • good points on goku (although i still don’t think they should job out Goku blue injured or not) but i will say not mastering UI isn’t entirely bad Beerus hasn’t mastered Ultra instinct but he fights very effective while he uses it. check the manga out. he dodges the other GoD’s without thinking he seems more relaxed than Goku when he uses his though.

        • power levels
          goku = x
          califla = y
          kale = z

          Transformations are multipliers on top of the users BASE form. i.e. say goku is at 100 in his base form (he’s not but it’ll make the math easier for people like you to understand). So we have x=100 at his base form. super saying is 50 times the power of the base form. that means goku as a super saiyan is now at 50 x 100 = 5,000. ssj2 is twice as powerful as that or 100 times the base form, i.e. 10,000 and super saiyan 3 is 400x base form or 40,000.

          cabba in base form was as powerful as vegeta as uper saiyan 2. when he becomes super saiyan he is now 50x stronger than vegeta at super saiyan 2. this is because when you multiply 2 different numbers by the same multiplier (i.e. 100 x 50 and 5,000 x 50 you get two different results. the higher base becomes a MUCH higher multiplied amount. This is basic math.

          Now apply that same Basic Math to caulifla who is as strong as cabba ssj in her BASE form. and times that by 50. it can easily be as strong as ssj3. add to that Kale, who’s energy (like androids 17 and 18 is INFINITE) and you get a rather large number. then obviously when they fuse you take their base forms and multiply that number (which is equivilent to goku’s base x 400) and you get the values closer to what you’ve been seeing. the remaining difference in power level between Goku’s base x whatever the multiplier is for super saiyan god and super saiyan blue (actually uses a different scale so harder to justify without more research) is the experience of goku, speed differences, etc. in fact if you actually pay attention to the fights, mos tof hte time that goku is getting hit it’s because Kefla pulls a stunt he didn’t expect her to do. that is not a power difference, it is more like a sucker punch from a street fighter being done to a martial artist.

          • and of course you have to take into account that kalecaulifla were essentially at full stamina when their fight with goku started, and he started at under 10% of his stamina. this basically means that his base is more like 10 instead of 100 while hers is still at the 5k or so… add on the math and the two results are even closer.

          • Um, Cabba is not as powerful in base form as ssj2 Vegeta. When they both fought as ssj Cabba was unable to do anything to Vegeta. And if Caulifla in base form beats Cabba ssj, then I will stop watching this show completely.

    • Agreed, Kale and Caulifla are kinda annoying – though I usually just say fuck it and try to enjoy the episode and fighting. Think I’m gonna have to disagree with the Zeno thing though, if you don’t think they are cute as fuck then you have no soul…

    • Hey the only Kelfa is weak the only reason why they were giving goku a hard time is because goku was too injured from his fight with Jiren and still kelfa struggles to beat him this proves that kelfa is so weak

      • Goku was depleted in his fight with jiren as well, but whatever, it’s horrible writing mixed with enough cool stuff we still watch. Just stop apologizing for their shit is all we ask.

      • Just shut the hell up, why are you making everyone sexist, Maybe its the japanese voices that makes them annoying, Have you heard them?

      • We dislike new characters arriving and skipping over decades of character development to match the main characters. If a male Sayan had done the same I think people might actually be more annoyed.

          • Thank you, Carlos! True words of wisdom right there. But of course these ignorant children will shrug it off.

          • Edgy bitches:D the easy powerups were an issue in the fanbase since the buu saga. And no powerup before was this ridiculous.
            The popularity of this anime has its downs I guess. Alluring some farleftist nobrainers.

          • To be fair everyone was annoyed on how trunks and goten were able to go super saiyan in the buu saga. Vegeta was stated to be a very high class elite that has taken over many planets for Freeza, kid gohan is a mystery and no one got pissed at goku because you saw him train to get that strong

          • I was pissed about both of them the only ones who earned their ssj transformation were Goku, future Trunks tho we didnt know how until after the cell saga when his ep came out, and to some extent Vegeta. Everyone else was given a handjob

      • People dislike these characters because DBS hasn’t given us any reason to explain how they’re as strong as they are while everyone else before this tournament started had a back story to explain how they got so strong.

        • Nope. Jiren has even less explanation, but everyone can’t get over that cardboard cutout ghetto Akuma. Make Jiren female, and y’all would cry over him too.

    • i can sense the STD of the person that commented .everyone scream in that anime xd probably a faggot commenting hate on females characters because hell never be a female xD

  2. About bulma voice, why don’t u make bulma die in dbs and wake while vegeta is in tournement of power. And that vegeta gain his ultra instinct when he heard that information of bulma death.

    • Well it may mean fat bitch Ribrianne may finally get bitch slapped out of the tourney, least I hope so. The Magical Girl trope has long ran it’s course.

        • The universe is going to be erased. And no Goku is not doing anything. It is all up to 17 and 18. Filler episodes for Goku to regain his stamina.

          • I didn’t say Goku would be doing anything. Just stated that he had previously fought her in base form with no issues. Honestly I’ll be glad when they are eliminated, the whole love thing is annoying as fuck, lol.

          • Ya, it will be terrible to see the love love transformation cutscene again after seeing twice on one single episode. But that was before seeing ultra instinct and today’s final attack is the most epic ever. I am just gonna focus on 17 and 18 doing something awesome, lol.

  3. That Kamehameha was the sexiest and most clean one yet Jesus Mary and Joseph i had to replay that shit 10 times just to be satisfied 9.5/10 for me

    • it was dumb db super went boring again.. is not as good and interesting as the first versions. the quality is also really shitty and mediocre . just an honest review

      • The only dumb part is Kefla being as strong as she is….it’s just not realistic, nobody can justify it properly.

        I get the feeling there are 2 types of DragonBall fans, ones that enjoyed DB and ones that enjoyed DBZ and didn’t like DB. I’m of the latter. DB was the boring show imo….it took DBZ for me to be interested back in the day.

  4. I seriously thought Kefla would go Super Saiyan 3…and so much for Vegeta getting Sharingan AKA Ultra Instinct, he just now figured out what it was…

    • I think its not with in Vegita’s character, at least within the current arch to obtain it yet. As mentioned by Whis, Vegita is more thoughtful in his tactics and fighting. When his emotions are attached in battles he usually powers up, I think this is what Frieza’s true purpose will be.

  5. So did they forget what they did to Vegito blue or that was just bullshit? I mean Piccolo said Kefla power could be beyond gokus power from before, how is that not breaking the fusion

          • the fight isnt in real time so we have no idea how long they actually lasted. the whole fusion could have been in 1 minute of real time for all we know. also theres been no indication of whether kefla was stronger than vegitto so for all we know they could be. also also since vegitto went blue and that already is a massive strain on stamina thats a big factor in how long the fusion would last, whereas kefla only went ss2 so that would give her more time.

          • I think it’s mostly because of the power potential of the green hair form, it seems extremely rare among saiyans seeing as Broly was the only one in their history to have been able to use the same and he was a legend among legends without even really need to push beyond like Kefla.

    • Keyword “Blue”. Have you forgotten that Vegito stayed permanent in that form for a long time until after intentionally getting absorbed in Buu back to the DBZ?
      Kefla doesn’t have that Blue mode.

    • the rules of potara shouldn’t matter in a place like that as they are in a place where time stands still they mentioned this before the tournament started. plus even if that place was in active time its not been too long since they fused anyways much less time than Vegito was fused, i think Kefla was fused for about 5mins if that before Goku knocked those mary sues out the tournament finally.

      • I hate the fights in DBZ. It is draggy like shit. Doing some attack waiting for the smoke to clear and then comes out it seems opponent is unscathed. Repeat for other party. And goes back to one.

    • Well, you did, apparently. Normally Mortals get 60 minutes of Fusion. Vegito Blue lasted for 30 minutes. Kefla lasted less than 10. Each episode is only two or three minutes of “real” time.

  6. I feel like somethings fucked up about Vegeta still competing with Goku as a rival because in the Buu Saga im quite darn sure that he acknowleged Goku being one step ahead of him ( This is during Kid Buu and Goku SSJ3 fight). So why does Vegeta still try and compete with like his brain restarted?

    • After Beerus came to Earth, Goku SS3 couldn’t do anything to him, while angry Vegeta SS2 atleast annoyed him.. Maybe Vegeta realized he still could compete with Goku, and attained God ki on his own, while Goku had to rely on other saiyans.

    • Yes, he acknowledges that Goku is always 1 step ahead of him, and they became friends, but he still looks at Goku as someone as a rival because, just like Goku, Vegeta wants to get stronger. And who better to compete with than the man who is always 1 step ahead of you?

  7. no the reason being for kelfa no defusing is simply that, she was only on goku kioken x20 lvl. when goku and vegeta fuse especially considering how strong those 2 are, the power of a ssjb vegeto is simply too strong, i mean it was already on beerus lvl, while kelfa was not

  8. and imagine how strong goku and vegeta will be if they fuse in the current tournament, i mean its gonna be a massacre, and no one would be able to give him a challenge. Technically speaking he should be almost if not on whis level if he goes ssjb kiokenx20 aka meaning vegeto.

  9. no as a matter of fact, kelfa isn’t on goku ssjb kaioken x20 lvl, she’s on ssjb full power, cause goku was already drained when he went against her due to the battle he fought with jiren

  10. An incredible epic finish with a point blank kamehameha! What next? Waiting for the ripped shirt Goku on Ultra Instinct where it means he would have mastered his attacks and ready to go all out with Jiren!

    • clearly u didnt watched Dragon Ball series. dragon ball super is the cheap shity main in vietmanese/japanese dumb fag version of dragon ball

        • I’m pretty sure it’s Alex’s nostalgia that keeps him in the show. DBZ was better for many reasons. Kefla aside, I’m happy that the amount of scream time has been cut down. If I give instant gratification any credit for anything.. that would be it.

          The show can be rediculous, but still you can’t not enjoy it.. unless you prefer watching speculation videos full of repetitive gameplay full of mods of characters you wish were in the show. At least appreciate the amount of effort that is put into getting a new episode out every Saturday, mostly… and for the love of god, appreciate the fact they don’t reset the series over.. and over… and over.

          Remember when we were looking forward to Goku fighting Frieza, and they reset it again? How that pissed you off, blogs to bitch on didn’t exist back then either, you punched your glass TV screen. 🙂

  11. bruh, now i have to wait three weeks for one good episode smh. This was one of the best ones thus far however i can’t even complain lol but to revert back to these lowlifes and have to see goku struggle for a while is going to be tough but I’m estimating that in three weeks form now vegeta will have acquired ultra instinct after having been inflicted with enough damage to render him in that state of being. Goku however, give it two episodes to recover to see him back on his feet in no time.

  12. THIS WAS AN AWESOME EPISODE!!!!!!!! Goku went Ultra Instinct and took Kefla out. It was amazing! Goku is in the process of mastering Ultra Instinct. I can’t wait for the next episode

    • If they kick U2 out of the arena, it’s going to be the best episode. Thank God we won’t have to deal with any of them anymore in that case.

  13. Goku won the fight and this cancerous fanbase is still all mad that he had to go all out to beat women. Y’all are pathetic.

    In other news, that final Kamehameha was easily the coolest thing Goku has done since the Cell games.

    • Has nothing to do with the character being a woman, stop trying to go all SJW. It has to do with the fact that the character is simply made as a crutch to further power up Goku’s ability to control Ultra Instinct, as to make him push his limits. That wouldn’t be a problem if the character was believable in how it archived that power, however in this case, two characters (See me not use the word “women” here?) who were not even in sync, power-wise, and barely able to reach SSJ level, suddenly fuse and go all god-like. It is stated even by Beerus that fusion using potara requires a power compatibility between the two, which was a really big stretch here. Women characters are and have been awesome in numerous occasion in different medias, but for you to defend two characters who had NO role other than to boost Goku and annoyingly scream every chance they get is beyond lame. This isn’t even a problem with Kefla, it is a problem with the anime direction as a whole. Anyway, I don’t get why are you so touchy in defending a bad character just because she has a vagina. What if it was a guy? I would still say it sucks as a character.

        • His reasoning is shit? Haha what a fucking asshole you are, AT LEAST he has some reasoning, you fucked up beta kissless virgin. You don’t even fucking have the mental ability to look up “facts” in the dictionary. Let me help you: move out of your mom’s house and grow some balls instead of ovaries. You are are also a fucking shitty writer. I get it, you failed at doing anything else in life. For a fucking writer, you should be able to do more than calling people idiots. Instead you are a fucking overweight four-eyed balled asshole who trolls DB posts. Life kicked you down, you stayed down.

        • And for the record, fatso, I thought you were reaaaally impressed by this quote: “I’m done picking fights, online or off, over issues where I will not change minds. I’m done aiming to troll, spewing venom when I should be directing that toxicity elsewhere, to more creative pursuits.” Man…apparently this was your new creed? You failed at this as well 🙁 Tz tz tz…Maybe it’s all because of your mom’s alheiras? Perhaps she puts some estrogen pills in there when you’re not looking.

          • C’mon man, leave the guy be. No need for name calling, just ignore/block him and be the better guy. I did. He can have his little minute of glory by calling someone on the internet “idiot”. Maybe that’s the only little satisfaction life that he has. Why take it away from him? Just block and move on…

          • Razvan Negrusoiu, you get treated based on how you act. Act like a petulant, and get treated like a petulant child.

          • You do know that some of us who are more tech-savy can actually check that this account was created on 20 November, has only two posts, only upvoted the “carlos” profile and a simple username-to-ip resolver gives the same address as the “carlos” one. You just created another profile, you up-voted yourself and then call others a child. Anyway, I simply ignored you, while you keep trying to get my attention. I get it that you are probably lonely and stuff..but you could you please continue your discussion with the Jeebus guy ? He seems more up your alley. Also don’t bother responding, your second account is ignored as well. Have a nice day, you mature grown up man 🙂

          • Your pompous shitbird routine would have very slightly more impact if you weren’t crying IRL while cyber-stalking me.

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            I said this, too, and stand by it: “I’m hoping to be at Evo next year. If you go, let me know, and I’ll laugh in your face in person.”

    • The saiyans in universe 6 evolved totally different than the saiyans from universe 7, it’s pretty obvious. They are far more evolved than 7, obvious considering they are born without tails, which most likely means they’ve been around for hundreds of thousands or even millions of years longer prior to discovering super saiyan abilities. Also they still reside on planet sadala, never had to leave. These are two totally different UNIVERSES, not planets, not galaxies, entire universes. They could have any number of differences from physics of the universe to genetics of the saiyan itself.

  14. Gahh I been waiting for vegeta episode!! He hasn’t any! At least the 2 androids had 2 screening time and gohan has one! But ,,, vegeta has zero! Why can’t they give at least one strong opponents to vegeta?! Let say hit or this two annoying girls “kefla” or jirren team mates! Why does it always has to be goku!

    And if they won’t beat jiren together ill be super mad!

  15. OMGOOOOOOSHH!! That was superdupermega AWESOME Kamehameha 😵😵😵😵💣💣💣
    I love this show , it’s the best ever in all my life, like yah I played uuff I don’t even remember how many😂😂😂😂

  16. Trying so desperately to tie-in the show with Xenoverse (Ie.: stamina this, stamina that) makes little sense. Do they just have unlimited ki or energy now? Ki blasts used to drain that, and they do even in Xenoverse.

  17. I must admit that Kefla’s loss was more satisfying than the collapse of the Soviet Union, but in reality that Kamehameha was meant for Jiren. And you could argue that this dates all the way back to DBZ when Goten and Trunks achieved SSJ with ease as children, but the fact remains even when fused and SSJ3, they got their asses handed to them in the end. Back to the point, Cabba made sense, Caulifa, OK the potential was there, Kale a legendary super saiyan, stretching it but Ill let it slide. But if you are trying to tell me that these two chicks fused can take on Goku Blue forcing him to go UI, when Vegito Blue couldn’t even finish the half immortal half mortal guy back in the future trunks arc, that’s bullshit. At that point Vegito shouldv’e been a god then if these two girls can force Goku out of Blue to UI just by screaming loud, being annoying, and going SSJ 2. Cabba is the only new saiyan Ill accept, I prayed for girl saiyans then got these two. Pan please grow up soon.

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