Dragon Ball Super Episode 117 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 117 Subbed

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You Are watching Dragon Ball Super Episode 117. Episode 117 in the TV Anime Series Dragon Ball Super.


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150 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 117 Subbed”

    • that is right. People should judge a universe by its members. People were expecting too much annoying Things to happen this episode calling it a wast of time when it was only boring the first few minutes and then the last minutes made up for it. seriously ribrianne even stopped being annoying. i didnt even get dissapointed that u2 didnt get erased this episode and i was one of those who got really annoyed by ribrianne and rozie. awesome episode.

      also by the way the prewiew showed the u6 namekians a lot i think the Next universe to get erased is…u11 ehh i mean u6

        • I don’t see why why you all get so pissed. We are watching a battle royal so you are gonna see a mix of fights. And they are actually moving faster than I though. You all would be super pissed if I had anything to do with this cause I would make this arc like 400 eps just to show all the fights. Enjoy it while you can!

      • people are annoyed that they keep milking it this arc is dragging on without it actually leading anywhere. after seeing U6 Kale/Caulifla, i appreciate Ribrianne being back on the screen annoying me. at least her annoyance is deliberate.

    • stop pretending to know what will happen Next episode when you dont. you are just posting stupid theories that you know wont come true. the episode isnt even out yet nobody can see it

  1. Plothole in DBS, When Gowasu showed Zamasu the future, there was one. And they said its a timeline you cant go back, you cant go forward and when they went to the future they should have been in void, not some planet

    • Yeah, I was wondering a while ago. But is also true that the future, unlike the past, can be changed freely, without the creation of new timelines.

  2. i swear someone should kill the dude running this this shit is always fucking lagging and fucking glitching the fuck out gosh i miss to watch this in fuji tv

    • Bud, if the uploader / host was the problem then it would affect everyone.. I never have even the slightest bit of lag or freezing. You may want to look at your own computer / internet before posting childish comments like “someone should kill the dude running this shit”.. If you aren’t happy with it then go find another host and cry to them when your shit lags.

    • Go find another site where a fan translates the episode within an hour and uploads it on a site the built and manage personally with no major funding or sponsorship, and does it all for free.

  3. Missed the first half, but the second half was great for a filler episode, sailor teletubby is finally gone after transforming to the state puff marshmallow teletubby…and would like to see zeno actually fight, the cut scenes were great…

  4. So at this point Goku has fought two crazy battles and a half dozen skirmish’s and still isn’t passed out? guess stamina has been forgotten

    • Dunno…The rules(physics?) of Dragonball has been changing around too much. Apparently fighting actually restores your stamina, Ultra Instinct turned into an MMO Cooldown Skill that only triggers when your stamina is 0, and you’ve taken over 9000(yeah i said it) damage from your opponent.

  5. So annoying how gohan holds back so much while his dad is about to be killed. Like power up, take out the nameks in 2 hits and go defend your dad dude, so stupid.

    • Gohan, unlike his dad, is probably saving all his strength for the final minutes of the tournament it’s a good strategy and remember he wasn’t trained by Goku but by Piccolo who is a much more strategic fighter, but yeah its dumb how he doesn’t go ultimate/mystic I agree.

      • Gohans Ultimate form doesn’t have the same draw backs the SSJ forms have though, by using it he shouldn’t waste too much stamina

        • Anyone fighting at full pelt is bound to tire themselves out more quickly. That’s just a plain fact and nothing to do with forms.

      • But in circumstances like this where Goku is getting cornered by three people and if he loses they are 100% getting erased he should stop being a bitch and go help his dad

        • U 7 still has 7 warriors left, and they still have 2 ultra powerfull guys vegeta and frieza, the only one that poses a problem is jiren, the rest are just fillers

  6. Sounds like U6 namekians will get eliminated by Gohan and Piccolo and imo that is daft. Soon as Champa lost Hit, he should of had some strategy, he even heard Vegeta say he will revive his universe back if he wins. Team up with your brother dude, if he did this soon as Hit was KO’d he’d still have Kaulifa too or do it after Goku took out your next best chance. Hit basically teamed up with Goku, they both knew Jiren needs taking out before they have their re match.
    U7 is just dominating now, they’ve surely won already. I don’t mind these type of episodes but if we get to the last 5 minutes and Jiren decides to simply power up which takes everyone except Goku, Vegeta, Gohan and Jirens own buddies off the stage then I’ll feel this episode was rather pointless. Hoping U7 win by having more members on stage rather than Goku winning tbh.

    Also Goku ultra instinct or Vegito. Which is stronger? Imo Vegito would of beaten Kale & Kaluifa’s fusion and she’s een the strongest fighter so far after Jiren & she can beat Saiyan Blue.

  7. I like everything in this show and all the things that have happened thus far. Kefla was great. Ribirianne lovely. Everything is balanced and perfectly fine nerds.

      • Lol. Vegeta using Ultra Instinct. He may be able to with time, but he thinks too much. Whiss Even states that early on i their training with him. He will never be able to use it even if he figured out how to unlock it. The only reason Goku can is because falling into his spirit bomb couldn’t kill him since he’s not evil but the large bundle of energy triggered it. His hits were getting stronger with Jiren because he didn’t have time to think, his body acted on its own. Against a Kefla

  8. Kefla was great Ribrianna was so stupid end of story for those two

    what i hate is that Vegeta didn’t even wasn’t even close to UI i meane would it kill them if he was the top dog for once i like Goku and all but a little change would be cool also we might see a said of Goku that we never saw before that way

    • I think you should watch another anime if out of 117 episodes you only liked the part where a woman threatened a god of creation.

  9. Now i get it….Universe 2 is the reason how Xeno got the idea of erasing some of the universes. He suddenly must have realised creation process fucked up and made these super annoying samples.

  10. and people complained about how the ginyu force and the para para brothers from GT were annoying… jesus fucking tits i almost jumped for joy and began clapping when Ribrianne finally got kicked off. btw did anyone else find it funny how the cow tried saying that krillin was ugly?

      • Yep, Whis tells Goku that the Kai and the God of Destruction are a set and that killing one, kills the other. Beerus then gets upset at Whis for letting out such important information and Goku insists that it would not be fulfilling to beat Beerus that way.

  11. Guys I’m sorry that I keep posting shit on every single DBS episode. Don’t know what’s wrong with me..I’m butthurt, I’m sad and I live a lonely life tbh. I enjoy trolling and eating sausages that my mom makes me (one of the reasons I don’t grow a pair and leave my parent’s house even if i’m a middle aged, 100 kg man-child). I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me. Also, please send lube. Thank you.

  12. making youself a giant is the most stupid move you can do in the tournament of Power there is a reason piccolo doesnt do it

  13. Loved this episode. We need a small break from the super charged battles that took place recently. Can’t wait to see what the other will do!

  14. 1409 the balls of smoke that make you think of nipples for a sec with the lack of visual origin was intentional
    -15:09 something weird woth the physics there or something. She was hit on the side
    -18:00 those tits are huge
    -19:09 She’s not supposed to have any ki
    -20:10 18 switched fists in a split second
    21:08 But his kind of god don’t have sex how could he be jelous?

  15. Sooo..like everyone else…I’M GLAD THAT FAT UGLY RIBRIANNE IS OUT!…that was not beautiful. Now the important stuff. As silly as calling your wife “NUMBER 18!” is…that whole part made my eyes water and a tear shed. There’s just something about Krillin’s voice in general, whether it’s Goku or 18, he’s the guy that brings the emotion. Moreso with Tien and Roshi holding him back. That whole time I was like “Ribrianne you know nothing(jon snow) about love! She’s a friggin’ mom, she has a got damn family! I was waiting for 18 or Supreme Kai to say something like “There’s no love like a mother’s love” but it’s not just about being a mom, but her loving husband as well. She’s fighting for her family and Ribrianne just wants to rule with world with brainwashing(I’ve said more than I intended to about that stuff). Master Roshi’s face when Ribrianne grew big was priceless. He was like “DAMN! LOOK AT THOSE TIG ‘OL BITTIES!” Last, but not least, I think the Namekians are gonna reveal that they’re actually a fusion of multiple Namekians already and might fuse with each other as well. Piccolo also looks like he might get eliminated, though I hope not because he’s the hardest training mfer there and accomplished a lot; being a Namekian that only twice gained power by fusing and worked for the rest of it. But U7 has to get its fighters eliminated eventually and they’re not gonna make it the Saiyans.

    Edit: Thanks for reading and TL;DR: Yay Ribrianne is gone, I cried for Krillin and 18, Roshi loves huge tits, Namekians are already fused/fusing next ep.

  16. can anyone help me out? for some unknown reason i can’t play any links source or even click on them. I updated adobe flash, the browser and nothing works. i only remember clicking on a popup few days back for flash player in the task bar any help.

    • Popups are ads in video players (we dont own any video player except “fast” and “direct” tabs),so i would advice you to scan your computer with any free anti-virus or just go to control panel and see if there Any unnecessary software then delete it and try again.

      • Thanks for your fast reply but I do regular scan on my computer for virus malware and other crap. I’m just not sure if I change the setting on my computer but for some reason the icons for fast fast HD mp4upload Direct and so on or even where the option give you to start video when I click them nothing happened. Is this flash? I remember changing something for websites located storage in the taskbar but for some reason it’s
        not popping up again. Was just hopping someone might have a solution.

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