Dragon Ball Super Episode 118 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 118 Subbed

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103 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 118 Subbed”

  1. Okay so are these plotholes or is there an explanation?
    1) There was a yadrat in universe 2 and Goku went to yadrat after namek exploded. He couldn’t have traveled universes?
    2) In response to #1, it was said universes are in pairs to make it a sum of 13. Like universes 6 and 7 have so much in common like races, characters, Gods, other universes are completely different from each other. They aren’t in pairs? How come there is yadrat in universe 2? There should be another jiren too? The Gods should be similar in paired universes along with the races but it’s not???

    • i think i can maybe explain the 1

      my theory is that yardrats live on the edge of the universes and the edge of u6 is Next to the edge of u2 and that edge of u6 is where their yardrats used to live but somehow got moved to u2 so the u2 yardrats are actually u6 yardrats

      • that would be a good explanation but i doubt the people at Toei had that in mind or are even that original to come up with something like that. it would make it complex and well thought out if it was made canon though.

    • the universes are paired but not identhical, maybe theres a jiren in every universe but not as strong as the one from that universe, so as every other races, if u think all characters has to have an origin a race, like hit or jiren they have to have a race or something

  2. this episode was really sad the u2 and u6 Erasures in one episode. even tho u6 was the sader one i still got sad at u2 too even tho ribrianne was annoying before now. but the saddest one was u6 botamo dr rota (why was he called doctor and what was his ability) magetta hit cabba kale caulifla pirina saonel fuwa and champa all erased this episode. along With vikal kakunsa hermila prum jimez rozie ribrianne zirloin rabanra zarbuto pell and heles. those were a lot of Erasures.

    right now u3 and u7 are in the lead With 6 fighters each.

    but this episode had a lot eliminations. i counted 6 eliminations this episode
    zirloin rabanra zarbuto saonel pirina and piccolo were all eliminated from the tournament this episode that means that there are only 18 fighters left in the entire tournament (a lot of personal Space for each fighter btw) it started With 80 and now its Down to 18 and only 4 universes

    also by the prewiew it seems we will finally get to see the u4 bugs in action

  3. Wow Vegeta got so miffed over Jiren’s cockiness he simply Hakai’d him. But there was no penalty for killing him because Zeno thought it was awesome. Is the rule off now?

  4. Stream worked for me. There were one or two millescond hiccups, but it was not too distracting.

    Now, glad U2 is finally gone, i cant believe they did another episode on that ai crap, thank god they are gone now. A bit sad about U6 though, but even with their whole species combined, those two namekians were no match so not much they can do. Expected more of a reaction from beerus though.

    Can we finally get a Vegeta episode? At this point, if it’s good, i dont even care if he is knocked off…

  5. I don’t know why this episode was a bit heart breaking at the end, mostly for universe 6. But why Champa is a troll at the end, I thought he was gonna say like “good luck beerus” or “you guys better win this”. Gotta wait an entire week now ;-;

  6. The androids have infinite energy, you’d think they’d just recharge goku like a battery like frieza did but whatevs.

    • The Androids have a different kind of energy then what Goku has so it wouldn’t help at all he’d probably could get weakend if they did it

      • Dunno where you got that from.. That has never been said in the series. There is nothing to suggest they have different types of ki, or that Goku would be weakened by being given their ki. If you have some sort of evidence, feel free to post it.

    • Not energy. Stamina. They can’t get tired, but their energy has limits. Otherwise they’d be the strongest beings in all existence.

  7. For those who are interested, here’s the warriors (and their corresponding universe) who are still in the tournament.

    Universe 3

    Universe 4

    Universe 7
    Android 18
    Android 17

    Universe 11

  8. Now Piccolo knows how it feels to be Krillin. He was the second one as Gohan was first in Namek Saga when he was weaker than Zarbon, Cui, and Dodoria even after his full potential xD

  9. For those who thought Hit wasn’t out, Proves u over think to much. For those who thought Piccolo was going to fuse with the other Universe 6 namekian, ur also stupid.

    • nope People who though hit is in the tournament think his clone got erased and that the real one is still in

      after the tournament they will be like: oh he didnt come out of hiding probsbly waiting for the NeXT tournament on this stage

      when he gets revived: they just revived his clone the real one was never erased

      when he appears the Next time and fights someone: wow hits clone is strong cant wait to see what the real one can do


  10. ROFL. I like how Vados goes and sits with Whis while her Universe is being erased. Fucking spit coffee on my keyboard when I saw that at -2.22

  11. I loved the latent Fan service to the father-son Kamehameha, made epic during the cell games. So many very important points were made here. The bond between Gohann and picolo were further solidified. Much like during the Sayian Ark from Z, Picolo couldnt really trust Gohann. And now he learned that Gohann is no joke. While he has always known Gohann’s power likley has no real rival, convincing him to actually use it has ALWAYS been an issue.

    Goku, more than any other Sayian, has demonstrated that the more to challenge him, the further he will rise. It’s simply his character to do so, to find some semblance of power even when completely drained. To never Give up, and never give in. While I think that all of the Sayians are capable of the same power boost when faced with defeat, I think only Goku really has the understanding of himself to utilize it.

    Universe 2 is pretty cool – honestly, they were. Sure their attacks were something right from a fairy tale, shooting heart-lasers, and even so much as creating a black hole. Sure it was absolutely cheesy as fuck. You know what else it was? – Consistent. There are similes between love as a weapon, and love as an emotion repeatedly throughout this ark – and they aren’t wrong. Those that hate on U2, because they are the Sailor Moon of the Tournament, should probably remember the old days of Z. The Ginyu Force, was just as flashy, had equally as big mouths, and were also based of of the ridiculous “super hero” cliche` with stupid poses. They didn’t spout off all of the Love stuff, they did however put a lot of stock in their own hype. U2’s methods were strange, but no more or less believable than the rest of DBZ/DBS. (I mean, have you ever launched a ki wave from your hands? Have you ever used your ki to create shackles for your oponent (Majin Vegita vs Goku .. Buu Ark). Maybe you have seen someone use their Ki as a beam saber? (Vegito vs Buu & Zamas).

    Each Universe has its own particular theme. U2 was Love, all in all I think it was pretty enjoyable, while corny, still well done. And I’m a bit sad to see them go…

    Now, can I please watch Goku beat the snot out of Jiren?

  12. Father-Son Special Beam Kamehameha(Kamehame-Cannon?)/Makanmehameha(Makamehesappo?) Still waiting on Vegeta or Gohan(I wish) Getting a new form. I kind of like the idea of Vegeta having the Attacking Ultra Instinct, yet sounds dumb and lame too. Buuut…Fusion for 100%? U2’s end seems fitting and U6’s demise surpisingly didn’t tear me up, though it was predictable. A double whammy erasure was unexpected for me though. I’m only looking forward to the next episode to see the preview to the one after it lmao.

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