Dragon Ball Super Episode 119 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 119 Subbed

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You Are watching Dragon Ball Super Episode 119. Episode 119 in the TV Anime Series Dragon Ball Super.


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67 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 119 Subbed”

    • part of me was rooting for him when he had his break down. maybe not take it out on the other universes but Zeno himself maybe throw a blast or at the very least tell the little shit what he really feels about him (i’m sure secretly the GoD’s hate Zeno) it’d have been exciting at least if he DID something everyone has been either all words or too silent when their universe get’s destroyed, no actions.

  1. That was the most worthless universe so far, shoulda just hid till the end. And those three robots fusing reminded me of the early red ribbon robots in the og dragon ball series…

  2. well, that was different…

    21:53 wait…something about the way this guy looks is giving me some serious dr tenma vibes. could he have been based on tenma or perhaps they used tenma’s appearance as a reference?

    • january 7th
      episode 122
      title:vegeta Challenges the strongest

      oh and btw no episode december 31st just so you dont get dissapointed when you check for ep 122 and its not there

  3. piccolo: could it be there`s a time-skip user like hit out there?
    hit fans: its confirmed hit isnt eliminated he is just hiding between the rock where noone can see him
    gamisaras revealed*
    hit fans: oh well just wait a little longer he will come out in time to fight jiren again

  4. universe9-universe10-universe2-universe6

    none of them were twins. they basically erased the weaker twin universes first so that none of the participating universes would have their twins in the tournament. and also the second twins are probably gonna og the same order as the one above since 4 already got erased

    universe4-universe3-universe11-and universe 7 survives

  5. 9:14 They all could use “explosive wave” or energy barriers, but only Piccolo uses it
    12:44 it would have been way better if they didn’t immediately reveal who was responsible for the ghosts.
    14:30 What? No unfunny team four star comment?

  6. So many references! That was what this episode was really about.

    19:52 It’s a 1-hit KO

    20:23 They managed to catch it! The reference
    there is obvious. Give up? Ok. Goku learned fissure! It’s literally the same attack animation as Ash’s Tauros’ Fissure in the Orange Islands League episodes.

    20:55 They’re all black!!! WHAT OMG!!!!! :O !!!!!! Future Zen-Oh is Zamasu Confirmed!!!!

    23:17 A reference to the long-forgotten Transformers Armada minicon fusion thing.

  7. Universe 7 was at the bottom of the list of most strongest universes and now it has 6 members after having fought and eliminated every universe by itself.😂 Infinite stamina I shall say.

  8. I feel like it’s really unfair how Vegeta has to train like hell in the gravity chamber while Goku just takes push ups on one finger outside his house, yet Goku still remains stronger… While this finally changed at the beginning of “Dragon Ball Super” it still ended up with Goku leaving Vegeta in the dust again just like when he learn’d to transform into ssj3… however i can easily understand why he’s capable of leaving Vegeta behind again this time since he used a technique he already knew (kaio ken). and as far as Ultra instinct goes…. it couldn’t be a better match for him as Goku’s dumb as fuck (think about Whis’s comparison between Vegeta and Goku) and mostly only moves on instinct. But Vegeta… Sad story bro.

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