Dragon Ball Super Episode 121 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 121 Subbed

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You Are watching Dragon Ball Super Episode 121. Episode 121 in the TV Anime Series Dragon Ball Super.


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59 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 121 Subbed”

  1. So far they have been fillers
    If Goku and Hogan had both done a kamehameha and Vegeta a galick gun or final flash this would have already been over.

  2. I’m more excited for episode after this one, but I’m curious if anyone from universe 7 will get knocked out. Wish android 17/18 would fuse with earrings, beerus is dumb for not allowing it.

    • nah he isnt dumb, but you’re

      just imagine why android 18 and 17 must fuse they’re different gender after all, if they fused he will inherit boob from android 18 and a cock from android 17

      • Just imagine why a robot shouldn’t fuse with a breathing person, oh wait that just happened this episode and the series story doesn’t usually make sense anyways. Also, they’re freaking androids anyways, pretty sure they’ll be fine. I also hate sjw’s so not trying to start anythere there chill.

  3. Vegeta will learn Ultra Instinct for attack. Then he will fuse with Goku to create a warrior with Ultra Instinct that can be used for attack and defense.

          • the fusion dance is silly i honestly can’t see Vegeta doing it with 10 minutes left its not realistic that he’d get it 1st time, when it they gotta be perfectly synchronized it’d just be just fan service if they did. besides there’s too much fusion period, Kefla, the robots, the Namekian’s, Zamasu, Vegito… do we really need anymore fusion especially this arc? we need more Goku and Vegeta tag teaming i’d rather that than a fusion.

      • With my life on the line and one last attack I want Gogeta, he’s more powerful and creative in powers. But he only lasts 30 minutes and if he uses too much power over period of time can de-fuse. Otherwise I want Vegito cause outside of an opponent having magic, he can stay fused forever.

    • yeah heard about it on Facebook .. Seems like the only Good Answer as to how the defeat Jiren…… 🙂
      But i wonder what kind of Fusion will they Perform ……. Will it be Potara or the Fusion Dance…. Really Excited to Find out…

  4. Whatever that monster was called it had a nice ability to transport different body parts to another dimension to the Target he wants to hit but in my opinion he used it the wrong way. His idea was to grab his opponents and then eating them. What I would have done was grab one of them and transport the fist out of bounds making them fall off the ring

    • Same technique as janemba which got bummed a long time ago. Most interesting part of that episode is that, like the namekian saga, dragon balls concept of time matches its balancing and scaling of powers, end of last episode 10 mins til end..end of episode 9 mins til end. That monster was so easy they disposed of it in your under 60 seconds l o l

  5. Ok so three movie villains in one. Hyjack spelled it wrong but who cares, janemba and the giant monster goku used the Dragon fist on. I like it and wouldn’t mind if they had him in the game

  6. I hope Frieza gets more time, if they made a show about him ruling the galaxy while Planet Vegeta was still around it would be the most watched anime in the world, guaranteed.

  7. and now to wait for the 122 subs…which shouldn’t take too long as the fan subbers are usually fairly quick once the latest episode has aired. 🙂

    and what’s this i see? a banner ad for Overlord Season 2? awesome, more great news!

  8. A bit disappointing, with the results of his last training, you would think Vegeta had already been a lvl beyond ssb and was just holding back til now. He definitely improved but it seem it was only by a little bit. With his pride in the way, i guess fusion outta the question.
    Even worst, first Kefla, now Vegeta, Ultra Instinct is starting to look overrated.

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