Dragon Ball Super Episode 122 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 122 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 122. Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 122 in High Quality HD online on www.watchdbzsuper.tv.
You Are watching Dragon Ball Super Episode 122. Episode 122 in the TV Anime Series Dragon Ball Super.


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69 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 122 Subbed”

  1. the episode is not this week beacuse its season 2 next week and the realese date is next year, so we have luck that its not like game of thrones so the season realese in one year, its just week, it will be amazing episode next week!

  2. Wtf. They finally get rid of all the stupid characters and are about to get to the fight everyone is wanting to see, and the timer said 6 days last week, and now they make us wait another week, fuck this shit.

  3. I just love how they just reused the animation used for Vegeta’s final flash against Perfect Cell. All they had to do was recolor Vegeta and draw over Cell. Vegeta’s chest didn’t even need to have the Whis symbol drawn because it wasn’t fully shown.

  4. Bruh all ima say is wow Vegeta as we know is a good ass fighter even tho he still gets bodied n all that but for this episode that man Yuya Takahashi and his art is superb and I thought Frezia would be raping Dyspo but I was wrong lmao but new ending as well and can’t wait for this next episode especially in the preview look at both Vegeta n Goku I always said to myself he will either get one of these new forms UI, Mastered SSB or a whole new form on his own :O this episode gets a 9/10 😀 and cant wait for the next one

    • They haven’t subbed it since the simulcast that started with episode 63. These are all ripped. It isn’t even called ultra instinct in jap. Energy would have been ki instead.

      • I thought I wouldn’t find the old articles again
        Imgmr (dot ) com/news/anime-comics-news/dragon-ball-super-air-english-subtitles/

        This simulcast is set to start this week with the 63rd Episode of Dragon Ball Super. When the show airs in Japan, the English sub version should be available within the next hour. ”


  5. Oh my god…. the vegeta gets a further transformation beyond super sayian blue idk still
    Looks like it but it’s more “shiny”

  6. 21:08 “He surpasses his opponents. That is the way ot Jiren!” But then Zeno says the attack didn’t work. Was he stronger and jiren improved on him or not?
    That new ending sucks and it isn’t because it is implied Vegeta will never reach Ultra Instinct at 23:00. The previous one was touching, as if it was being sung by Goku, or at least from his perspective, towards Grandpa Gohan. He even holds the 4-star Dragon Ball in the end, supporting that.

    • Did you see Vegeta’s eyes though? Exactly like ultra instincts. While he may not get UI odds are his buff is the opposite of goku’s. Last song was better though.

  7. Good episode but what was this drawing at 12:14? That doesn’t look like anything like goku. More like gohan to me.

  8. This episode was better than the entirety of DBS to date!! That animation?? I was blown away. I hope it continues like this.

  9. is it just me, or is the animation on this episode different from the previous ones ?
    I feel like I’m watching a different series or something, I dunnow how to explain it, something just seems off.. 🙂
    anybody feel the same ?

  10. First of all [email protected]’s epic stache blowing ing the wind. I’m glad they showed Vegeta seeing through an attack that Goku couldn’t(Rewatched that epic scene twice)‘ because Vegeta’s the better fighter imo, he just lacks the power. Though Goku’s main trope is both learning from his opponents and getting stronger from being pushed. Looking forward to seeing the next episode; Vegeta getting Ultra Instinct attack would be stupid and too cliche and maybe they get Suuupah Saiyajin Buruu 2!?

  11. LMFAO what a joke vegeta and goku obv have infinite increasing energy hahaha, and also the final flash bang from vs cell, except jiren trolled him by laying facing down huurrrr

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