Dragon Ball Super Episode 123 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 123 Subbed

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105 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 123 Subbed”

      • no Goku never had SSJ blue 2 if he had i’m sure Whis or someone would’ve mentioned it. people mistake animation error. usually when a new form is introduced they’d make it obvious they wouldn’t just casually blow over it.

    • That was a.. kinda.. like a ultra instinct but isn’t. it was a.. yea maybe we agree to call it like Vegeta Limit Breaker as the Grand Priest said too.

      yes it’s not Vegeta SSB2 or Vegeta SSB2 UI, but it is

      but um.. if you want some secret about this DBS.. Super Saiyan 4 form will be exist on this timeline.
      but they not call it SSJ 4, they will call it True Saiyan God. you know why ? SSG Goku with Red Hair is not the real SSG, it’s just a GOD VERSION of SAIYAN, or BASE SAIYAN GOD FORM, or simply call it SAIYAN GOD without super. Then when they transform into the blue one that is when saiyan on the God Form transform into Super Saiyan. So we can call it Super Saiyan Saiyan God or simply SSSG. The blue is not the Super Saiyan God, like i said it is Super Saiyan Form when A Saiyan is in Base God Form. it’s kinda complicated but trust me it is. SSSG have further transformation like standard SSJ, can go further into SSSG 3, but extremely consume health/life, not only the energy. So, TRUE SAIYAN GOD is a form when a Saiyan transform into a OZARU with a Devine Control in their body, so yeah. The theory of this transformation is not different like SSJ4 in GT stories. but they will not call it SSJ4.

    • I think he is, to me it looked more as a super saiyan transformation then a limit breaker. Mainly because of 2 things. The hair.. its the same as when Teen Gohan went SSJ2 for the first time during the cell games. Same flickering stuff happened here too. Also at the end of the episode it says that both saiyans are in their limit breaking form, but thats not true, as Ultra Instinct is Goku’s limit breaker, and he is standing in his ssb kaioken form. So yeah i really think this is SSB2.

      • It’s not that serious you pretentious, friendless, attention seeking faggot. Just said that because he has the same eyes as Ultra Instinct, but blue instead of silver. It’s also stated that he broke his limits like Ultra Instinct.

        Edit: BTW You look like a school shooter.

        • no, he broke his limit. that was his limit breaking form, not ultra instinct. being the topic of ultra instinct, if he had attained it, then both beerus and whis would have said something about it. in a sense limit breaking is alot like when gohan when ssj2 for the first time during the cell saga. he was pushed over the edge and broke his previous limits. just a fancy way of saying that he now has a new ssj form.

    • from what we’ve seen so far in the series it looks like he can control his mass/density in any and all parts of his body. so when he put his read aura around himself he made himself super light so he could jump off the rocks.

          • So you were really dumb enough to respond to that???

            No one cares if something is misspelled as long as the message is understood.
            I knew I misspelled universe as soon as I hit the post button, I did however think that you spelled Jiren as Jirin.

      • PLOT AMOR LOL goku and vegeta can recover from any sort of damage in 1 min and become more powerful than 1 min ago LOL jiren could have just knocked them off 1000x but he never knock them off ,he might as well just jump off the stage at this point

    • there is a way, even in our universe. gravity is an acceleration of mass. in order to overcome it you can move yourself from an other object. you can do so even with the smallest particles. you will just have to accelerate them away from you even faster than big objects. But jiren has a lot of power, i could easily imagine him pushing those rocks back at light speed, accelerating him upwards.

      • No, it’s not possible. To propel yourself against any surface, you and it must have relative weight. Even more so when you’re using said surface to travel in the opposite direction of gravity.
        That’s why when people get shot, they don’t fly back like in the movies, they actually fall forward.

        In reality, he would have stayed falling at the same speed, and he would have propelled the rock downward

        • If you consider a system of particles under external potentials (in this case gravity) the lineal momentum is conserved, so if we consider rocks that can’t be broken jiren can jump from them, remember that the energy to acelerate an object at light speed converges to infitnity.

        • not entirely accurate.
          That why people shot with small caliber / high speed rounds fall forward. (9 / 10mm),

          Get hit with something larger, with a higher ballistic coefficient, (.357 mag, .45) and you will sit down, backwards.As your body is not capable of absorbing the kinetic energy of the round hitting you. Since you can not absorb it, you must travel with it as it pushes you along until that energy is diffused via friction, or runs into an object capable of absorbing what energy remains.

          Back to the show though, Yes, with enough force one CAN propel them self off of an object that is traveling the complete opposite direction This amount of force (im taking a rough guess here) is going to be something that is 4x the needed escape velocity for the local gravity, We have established that Goku and Vegita can easily generate that kind of power, and Jiren is clearly several hundred times stronger than both of them. To think he is not capable of generating the same power is not only unreasonable, but also foolish.

          Seriously though.. too much math and science. Its an anime, it was pretty cool to see, and while Goku’s (I mean Krillin’s) strategy was pretty awesomely deployed, it would have been cheap for Jiren to be defeated in that way. We all know that in order for us fans to be happy, Jiren will have to be overpowered.

          • Not true. In order for someone to fall backwards, it would have to have enough force on the other end to knock the shooter down as well.

            Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.
            The rock would have to have a mass of at least eight times that of Jiren in order for his jump to not just propell the rock faster instead of propelling himself upwards.

            I agree it’s not that serious, I just pointed it out, and the responses brought it down this road

          • i’m sorry but you don’t seem to understand what “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.” really means. assuming real world physics, if you push something equal force acts on both you and it. If you push a rock with some force the same force is applied to you regardless of the mass of either of you. If the rock is lighter this force will cause the rock to accelerate to a greater speed. The force needed to accelerate a mass of 200kg (estimate for his weight) to 1000m/s in 1 millisecond is 2*10^8 Newtons, which would accelerate a 2kg rock to 100,000m/s in the same time. It is a fairly simple force balance equation. (using F=ma and v=a*t (where t is contact time, ie how long they are accelerating for). However if times are less and mass is greater by a significant factor (about 1000) relativistic effects occur, rather than being a linear relationship, and the rock velocity would approach the speed of light as would the person.

  1. Vegeta’s transformation still doesn’t make sense. His hair/eyes changed not just his energy. Yet they’re treating it more like vegeta’s kaoken then true transformation. If it was ssg2 then I feel they’d have made a bigger deal out of it.

  2. none of you are remembering history. this is super vegeta. but with blue. super vegeta was first used against semi-perfect cell. you can tell by his bulkier form. this this super blue vegeta.

  3. 11:33 No no no no no. They didn’t just do this to the destructo disc. The manga will fix this. This, along with the scraped anime-made ssj beyond god, can’t be canon.

    • Ok…a Destructo disc cutting through the hardest material yet in the series and almost being the move that eliminated the strongest person across 8 universes? Yeah, I hope they nerf it down in the manga too, it was never this strong.

  4. I think that there are 2 sides to the limit breaking. One side is the martial arts, Ultra Instinct, the other side is the power side and this is Vegeta’s new form.

    Ultra Instinct honestly doesn’t feel like a power boost but a combat boost but this new one of Vegeta (SSB2 :P) is clearly a power boost. So in other words SSB2 is more powerful than Ultra Instinct but Ultra Instinct will always outpace SSB2. Kind of like Roided out Trunks vs Cell

  5. when will Vegeta become a ultra instinct master???? I am really waiting for that episode. It will become very terrified and fearful for Jiren.

  6. I do NOT understand why they dont just fucking fuse… if they went Blue Gogeta they would crush all of them in an instant.

    • Because that wouldn’t be very entertaining and wouldn’t have helped both Goku and Vegeta break through their limits and keep continuing to do so. Perhaps as a final effort they might fuse using the Potara, but only possibility of that happening is if they cannot defeat Jiren together. Also, their awkward duo attacks is confusing Jiren and throwing him off, which is actually giving Goku and Vegeta the upper hand.

  7. One thing is certain, you don’t play around with saiyans, that’s what Jiren is doing, he is curious to see how far they will go, where will be their limit. He is just not aware that saiyans has no limits and he will eventually pay the price for his curiosity…

    • No he wont, because Vegeta is going to revive every universe that was erased, it’s upto Vegeta and universe 7 to win this in order for things to return exactly to how they were before this tournament.

      • You don’t get my point, of course they will revive it, what I mean that saiyans are ones who naturally overcome obstacles, that’s why Freeza destroyed majority of them, by paying the price I mean that Jiren by playing with saiyans will eventually lose. What I don’t believe that Vegeta will win this tournament, my feeling tells me that final opponent will be Freeza who will turn up on Goku, even though Gods will protest – Zenos will find it fun, and fight will go on.

  8. This episode was pretty good liked how goku was using krillin’s tactics with the destructo disk and vegeta thinking of cabba as his little brother or something in order to achieve this power

  9. One thing is certain , Goku gonna win this … I don’t really know how , but that’s obvious … also i belive Vegeta will somehow sacrefice / make win for Goku possible … and we saw that Goku said to Vegeta that Sayians won’t die here , what i think is that Goku will revive others as it will be Vegeta demand

    Maybe Vegeta will make Frieza full co-op 😉

  10. from all this power display, at the end i wonder how stupid will that attack be to defeat jiren, now in the next ep they power up that weakling dyspo who can probably be 1 shoted

    Rember GOKU has to be the HERO .. TOPPO and Jien i think are candidates for God of Destruction. Not an official GoD. attention to details in episode 125 ( 6 Episodes left )( there are only 131episodes if you did not know … like all the other Dragon Balls Vegeta will all must die then Goku with VEGETA fuse vegeta will say no but will do it when hes close to dieing … then vegito will fight and will lose then goku will be come Ultra Instinct and win .. like all ways

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