Dragon Ball Super Episode 126 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 126 Subbed

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You Are watching Dragon Ball Super Episode 126. Episode 126 in the TV Anime Series Dragon Ball Super.


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104 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 126 Subbed”

      • You’re kidding right? You have any idea how many CHILDREN die in the US due to their religious fanatic parents every year? That’s in the US, not some dirtbag third world country.

  1. This sucks. I like that they do live streams too but over 6K people trying to watch the same video on the same site just isn’t working out.
    It keeps freezing or worse the site just kicks me off. Why does the other website I usually go to keep falling off the internet just when its time to stream?

  2. I’m glad toppo is gone, he had like two moves followed by “you cant beat my hakai powers”…and where is Frieza at the end? He wasn’t eliminated and they didn’t show him anywhere???

  3. When I watch this Live stream I always have two streams open this one being a back up but the main one is this one because there is no cut outs or annoying marks taking up the screen https: // www 59 .dragonballtime. tv/ category/dragon-ball-super-subbed/ (remove the spaces) Cheers

  4. The King Vegeta Xeno commercial made me freak out. I thought it was Vegeta and a predicted form. Or rather go WTH but swearing is bad.

  5. It’s so hard not to stroke my manly cock when the most muscular chick at your gym catches you checking her out and only plays with her hair. It’s just a fitness center.

  6. OMG the commercial that used the dogs looked like aliens with dogs. Think folkloric aliens known like the Greys, not the ‘belonging to a foreign country or nation.’ kind.

  7. Toppo is an idiot. Look at how he wasted his hakai on the simple rock giving Android 17 cover, forcing himself to have to charge again.

  8. Could someone explain what the Zippi commercial was about? What the hell. That was so low budget. The video in it wasn’t enough to explain what it was about. It could only be interpreted as a search bait of some sort. But maybe it has to do with money and credit.

    • Yeah, definitely a tear worthy moment but I think something more important happened I think in that moment Vegeta became a God of Creation. Look at the way Vegeta won that fight he embraced everything Toppo threw away to become a God of Destruction, Vegeta embraced love of family, his pride, the promise to resurrect U6, and look what happened. Vegeta’s blinding light destroyed the darkness that Toppo embraced much like in The Bible ” in the beginning there was darkness and God said let there be light”

          • Thats a bit too far. Hes done that before. When he blew himself up against Buu, he had a sense of it, that he had fked up and thats why he knocked out trunks and goten. He knew piccolo would agree to take them away and blew himself up in an attempt to save his family and friends. Same for fusing into Vegeto against Super Buu later on. He was really against it even before he was told it was permanent, but he went with it just because he understood that he had to set his pride aside if they wanted to win. And jesus christ listing it out like this just shows how much char development he got in the Buu saga, but against Kid Buu as well, he acknowledged that Goku was stronger and that they needed to bide time for Goku to do his thing. He never throws his pride away, but he has times when he has acknowledged that it has to be secondary to some greater cause.

  9. Rember GOKU has to be the HERO .. TOPPO and Jien i think are candidates for God of Destruction. Not an official GoD. attention to details in episode 125 ( 6 Episodes left )( there are only 131episodes if you did not know … like all the other Dragon Balls Vegeta will all must die then Goku with VEGETA fuse vegeta will say no but will do it when hes close to dieing … then vegito will fight and will lose then goku will be come Ultra Instinct and win .. like all ways

    • i dont think they are you to fuse i mean when did they always fuse when the enemy was fused also remember kid buu my idea

  10. so where is frieza….? got hit by a blast and then never returns to bleachers, nor recovers from under the rubble. I mean, he can’t be dead, unless he passed out again ._.

  11. Great episode. I knew Toppo was outta there the moment I saw Bulma picture pop up. Did anyone else notice how all of a sudden Jiren turned into the bad guy at the end?

    • Jiren isn’t a bad guy if you paid attention he has cast aside all attachments and feelings to attain a higher power therefore he speaks his mind and doesn’t give a ****.

    • He didn’t turn into a bad guy. Its a matter of principle. Did you miss Toppo screaming at the top of his lungs, “Justice won’t save our universe!!!” and all that? Remember, Toppo is the leader of the pride troopers, not Jiren. Jiren is the strongest in their universe but Toppo is their leader and as we’ve seen from the brief U11 scenes from before the tournament’s start, even kids recognize Toppo on sight. Hes a famous and important figure of Justice in their world. Think All-Might from Hero Academia, although probably to a lesser extent. A symbol of justice for U11.

      For him, the leader of the PRIDE troopers, to toss his justice and ideals aside for greater power, only to still be defeated, is quite ironic and humiliating. Even worse still, its amplified by the fact that he lost to someone who didn’t cast anything aside. Thats what Jiren is mocking. He didn’t think any less of Toppo when he transformed, just remarking “so you’ve made your decision, Toppo”. He trusted him enough to take care of Vegeta as shown by their nodding to each other in this episode.

      Becoming a god of destruction or anything isn’t innately bad or evil, otherwise Jiren wouldn’t even be listening to Belmod. Its the way Toppo went about it and how he tossed aside his pride and ideals for that power, and lost to Vegeta who got stronger without abandoning anything, that led to Jiren mocking Toppo. So yea, hes not turning evil or anything, hes just berating Toppo for his failure, praising Vegeta and it seems hes somewhat happy to be able to go all out. 4 minutes left, 4v1, its all on him so he has to get serious and start knocking all 4 of them out after all, and it doesnt look like hes actually had many challenging opponents in a long time since before this tournament.

      • True . but we all know how this is going to play out…..17 is going to ring out. Frieza is going to do something sneaky cause he has a hidden agenda .Vegeta is going to sacrifice his self for Goku so he can finally achieve complete ultra instinct.

  12. all 17 gotta do is take the direct hit from the hakaii energy and dissappear and make toppo and his team disqualified and get resurrected by the dragon balls

  13. I guess now this is Vegeta’s W so now people can stop saying vegeta takes all the L’s lmao but i liked this episode the 2nd half was better to me than the 1st half 9/10

  14. Wish they put more detail in the Final Explosion. Nothing compares to the one in the flashback. But at least they keep using the Desperate Assault track for these moments, which is my favorite!

  15. this has became one of the worst animes, vegeta is at full power again lol “he just used up all his strength” when he has done this 10x in 10 mins

  16. I don’t know why they ever used “minutes” as the timer for the ToP… Ruins the experience for me. They should have just left it at Yaks or w/e made up time unit. Or, just put a simple explanation in that “time doesn’t move like normal in this universe” or some other BS.

  17. I may not be 35 years old or so but i grew u watching this too not in the 80’s but it was art of my childhood too and is now of my adulthood

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