Dragon Ball Super Episode 17 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 17 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 17. Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 17 in High Quality HD online on www.watchdbzsuper.tv.
You Are watching Dragon Ball Super Episode 17. Episode 17 in the TV Anime Series Dragon Ball Super.



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21 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 17 Subbed”

  1. goku is an idiot, I cant stand him, let vegeta train w/o barging in like that. honestly I wouldn’t be mad if veg turned back bad and killed goku

    • lolz did you see how vegeta handled freeza and gok in ressurection of f, as surprising as it was to see freeza even stronger then cell in in such a short amount of time, it wrote vegeta’s character in a very cool way

        • agree with both your comments, theres always future trunks cool intro where he tore freeza and his father apart, thats double revenge for vegetas bloodline becuase trunks killed freeza’s father too for killing his.
          Vegeta killing him in resurection of f would have been nice but his putting the beatdown and with freeza attacking the planet with the time travel twist wasn’t that bad either… its very clear that even though vegeta respects goku goku following around vegeta all the time shows that its mutual! no wonder he followed him to whis place vegeta left him in the dust… lolz

          • true, vegeta did change and sometimes get short changed, gohan went ssj2 against cell but why didn;t vegeta when cell used his beam on trunks and killed him and as future bulma and trunks said for the first time fight for someone else, it was made to be gohans moment to shine first which isn’t bad but ended up making vegeta second or third, similar on namek with goku with goku being the first SSJ in a long time, and now it seemed to be reversed in some ways with goku only fighting for himself more, its cool that vegeta is edging at number 1 and pushing it taking it to the next level now though.

          • Yeah I get what you’re saying. They say he surpassed goku. Because hid power was obtained on his own w/of help besides from whis. I still don’t like this show tho. God mode is dumb to me. A cat that blows up planets if he don’t eat. I was really hoping this show would be better than dbz. The only thing I like so far was seeing vegeta use his original move galick gun, and him becomin the strongest on earth. Everything else I really don’t like lol

  2. they changed the translations at first goku says he (vegeta) went to whis’s place?

    but then later on it just says he went off too train with whis, minor changes but i payed extra attention to the translation there because i enjoyed goku’s reaction and i payed attention to it.

    • they also changed bulma’s translations too … interesting i dont know japanese but the different interpretations are interesting,
      i never saw her say compared to that before, also i thought she said i havnt seen him in over 6 months?

    • 17:03 lolz goku says take your time and then rushes him…
      also another translation chage was when bulma says he will start disliking you i think before she says don’t blame (someone) if he decides not to take you… lolz

  3. lets be honest capitalism by principle has good values, its just corrupt govt capitalism that edges with facism that sucks, and i always though of freeza as a corrupt racist dictator from the evil zionist or kkk culture, so in terms of fighting real life corurption and tyranny symbol i get it!

  4. gohan and satan make excellent father/grandfather figures. (and surprisingly get along)
    chichi and satan have great grandparents style rivalry.
    personally i think chichi was more upset about goku leaving to train, rather then not being a respectable grandpa. but in the end its this personality that is partly why she loves him

    im loving this

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