Dragon Ball Super Episode 19 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 19 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 19. Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 19 in High Quality HD online on www.watchdbzsuper.tv.
You Are watching Dragon Ball Super Episode 19. Episode 19 in the TV Anime Series Dragon Ball Super.



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15 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 19 Subbed”

  1. It was 3 but yeah, they were supposed to be 2. This anime doesn’t make sense to the movie nor the original series. This makes me hate this anime even more when compared to the manga.

  2. 3 wishes? This anime doesn’t make sense to the movie nor the original series. This makes me hate this anime even more when compared to the manga which I enjoy.

  3. If you thought something crazy awesome would happen in 19 episodes then you’re just too hyped. 19 episodes is nothing to anime. Each Saga in Dragon Ball Z was at LEAST 30 episodes. So we’re only half way through a saga and you’re bitching because nothing new has happened.. Like come on.. We didn’t see anything awesome in the Saiyan Saga until like 23 episodes in when Gohan fucks Raditz up. If you were a real DBZ fan you wouldn’t bitch until you watched the whole season, you’d be happy enough we got Dragon Ball back at all.

    • He does kind of have a point though. The series could have easily started AFTER the Resurrection F story arc or even just after Battle of Gods to give us insights into the build up to Resurrection F and cut down on some of the retreading. I wouldn’t mind them retreading the Resurrection F storyline considering this started production after Battle of Gods but before the release of Resurrection F (I remember them announcing that they’d started production on DBSuper right after the North American release of Battle of Gods) but I just felt like the retelling of the BoG storyline was an inferior version of that arc that didn’t really add anything to the story as a whole.

      I’m glad they decided to bring Dragon Ball back, but honestly, I’m more than a little disappointed with DBSuper, and it’s not because of the animation or some of the other complaints I’ve seen, but because some things don’t sit right. Like for example, we’ve always known Goku to be concerned with the lives of innocents and to never intentionally do anything that would endanger innocent beings, and yet in his battle with Beerus (in Super) he’s basically responsible for the destruction of multiple planets. He talked about figuring out how to match Beerus’ attacks in order to nullify them, so we can assume he also knew that they were creating these massive energy clashes and what kind of destructive power they were unleashing (and what it could mean), but he kept going anyway and they flat out show at least one planet blowing up because of it. That’s something I would expect from Vegeta, but not Goku. He’s also never just flat out ignored the kais before either. Sure, he’s disagreed with them and even threatened one, but he’s never just ignored them. They at the very least always demand his attention when they contact him, but in Super he just completely ignores Supreme Kai. They took Goku from being this earnest, somewhat simple, but always kind hearted fighter and turned him into a dangerous idiot. They basically turned Goku into Lennie Small, and that just doesn’t sit well with me. Also, this series just seems to ignore established character traits and character development across the board. As good as the movies were and as much as they really FELT like Dragon Ball, this new series just feels like a big “fuck you” to the canon. I don’t know, it just feels so cynical, like it’s lost its heart along the way and is now just trying to milk money out of something when the passion just isn’t there anymore. Sure, it’s more Dragon Ball, but without any of the charm that made Dragon Ball and DBZ so great.

      • You guys don’t get it? It’s a filler + extended version of the movies, I think the idea is do a clear version after it, like they did with DBZ Kai

    • Bro you’re an idiot, Dragon ball z you must know NOTHING IF it, two movies released in the last few years and this series that was canceled 20 years ago, has consist of fucking two movies it’s a waste of our time stupid twat

  4. Since when are you brought back in the condition you were left in? There are plenty of characters who got blown up and they were returned to normal.

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