Dragon Ball Super Episode 23 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 23 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 23. Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 23 in High Quality HD online on www.watchdbzsuper.tv.
You Are watching Dragon Ball Super Episode 23. Episode 23 in the TV Anime Series Dragon Ball Super.



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56 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 23 Subbed”

  1. Guys in the manga Beerus clearly stated with words `strongest he ever fought not including Wis ` . The new guy is stronger then Goku or Vegeta but not stronger then Beerus or Wis.

    • I agree yet people constantly reference to the Battle of Gods or the conversation Goku & Beerus had while fighting in space. Saying Goku was the strongest…then when Goku inquired who, Beerus didn’t say who but only brought to our attention that Whis is his teacher. This confused a lot of people into thinking Whis is the strongest he faced… which is true… but like you said, the manga clearly said Whis cannot compete so that eliminates him. I’m so excited to find out who it is, also the fact Champa said he’s gonna get some saiyans got me glued to this series all over again.

  2. Yeah the fifth guy is some one entirely new. The team is gonna be Goku,Vegeta,Piccolo,Buu and the Mystery Fighter. Also, Episode 22 is Gohan’s final fight. He is now retired officially.

  3. Gohan will train and get more powerful in 3-4 more episodes, then the team will be of course , GOKU , PICOLLO , BUU , GOHAN ( improved ) and VEGETA. — 100 % / OR FUTURE TRUNKS can also be 1 option instead of gohan.

    • well future trunks is another time line multiverse all together.. so if you went to him he would have a Beerus in his time line so that makes no sence pally boy. sorry but no future trunks because that beerus we know never meet him. also gohan wont get stronger sorry pal just accept fact go rewatch dbz and the manga and last chapters gohan isnt fighter anymore accept it move on or rewatch dragonball till it sinks in

      • hey mr. Cake baker. firsofall i aint a fukin pally boy, ,2nd) i saw every db episode. , , 5th is ofcourse gohan you will see dumbass.

    • Gohan is not in the list sorry.,they already chose the team in the manga and gohan is not included..the last fighter will be chosen by beerus. Can’t wait to see who that mystery fighter is!!

      • You are correct that Gohan was not chosen, but remember that the manga this time around is not canon, the anime is. And Vegeta wants a written test to make sure no idiots are involved, Buu is a complete idiot, even moreso than Goku, you honestly expect me to believe Buu can pass the test whilst staying in character? That alone should give Gohan a chance if he wants it, but as the writing has gone, Gohan is being destroyed in every which way to make him irrelevant, so Buu will pass the test regardless of how much an intellectual retard he is.

  4. Could never understand the writing behind Gohan. TWICE he was the strongest in the universe & then he just lets go of everything he learns & for what? His mother’s nagging?

    Seriously though, his wife not only accepts his fighting but loves him for it & now that he has a daughter you would think nothing would be more important than doing every he possibly could to protect her, knowing that many times he & his friends were the thin line between the universe’s survival & total annihilation.

    But nooooooo…. they made him prioritise being a good little educated role model like his mother always insisted. If they’re going to dumb him down it’d make sense to show a little more development for Trunks & goten at least, they’re now as old or older than Gohan was when he fought Cell & yet neither have shown any measurable increase, in fact we’re led to believe that Piccolo is still individually stronger.

    • The thing is that Gohan was supposed to be the strongest of the Z fighters (stronger than Goku) and become the protagonist, but since the japanese fans of Dragon Ball had a stronger connection to Goku as a MC he remained as the protagonist. It is really not Akira´s fault that Gohan´s character is so inconsistent because every time he tries to shift the series focus on Gohan the fans have responded negatively, thus leaving him to forfeit the advances of the character. We can see examples of this after the Cell saga and during the Buu saga.

      • incorrect japan wanted things to end like toriyama did with frieza saga, it was every other country that wanted more and hated GOHAN till he became awesome, toriyama is at point now were he doing things his way the way he wants because fans have ruined it for him

        • Incorrect, Gohan was the MOST popular character EVERYWHERE, up until the Saiyaman saga where his popularity plummeted.

          But it is also incorrect to say it wasn’t Toriyama who chose that, but the fans. Toriyama intended Gohan to take Goku’s place, but made a split second decision to change it, and that is why the Buu saga is such a clusterf*** of Toriyama trying to bring Goku back to life and to take the reigns again. It was a poor decision, because Gohan was one of the characters with the most development, alongside Vegeta, that was destroyed in an instant. It’s true that it was Toriyama’s decision, and it was made long before the Ultimate Gohan fiasco, Gohan was set up to fail with that.

      • They still could at least not make him useless. I understand why believe me, I just wish they would make it show he tries to train some.

    • Gohan is not a pure Saiyan either. So now only Goku and Vegeta will be revelant. Same way that in GT only Goku and Vegeta where SSJ4

    • I’m with you, really I would have thought that they would make gohan and videl realize that wait, goku and vegeta arn’t always going to be here so maybe I should be training to at least hold my own a little bit. like if gohan had continued then he would be a match for freeza because he would have been training with Whis as well.

  5. Well the manga skipped the freeza fight,.and we are stuck watching it once again..the thing is the beerus vs goku fight was different from the movie..and this fight keeps changing..anyone wonders if the ending will change as well ??

  6. Wtf did the did to other z fighters? Comeon even teen gohan didnt trained and he was even with Dubura.
    This gohan should be more powerfull since old kai unnlocked his powers.
    And piccolo should atleast be andorid 16 lvl since he trains. Both of them get wrecked by the Toriyaga ( what ever his name is)
    Unless he is kid buu lvl over powering gohan and piccolo dont make sence.
    Also why the hell Goten and Trunks havent aged its now 7 years since buu saga.

    Iam realy gettening dissapointed with super. I have to say GT is better than this.

    • First of all, this isn’t 7 years since the Buu saga. This is mere months after the defeat of Kid Buu, and before Goku leaves to train Uub. Second, even if someone has their potential unlocked this potential must be trained in order to sustain it. Say, you go to the gym for 3 years and get really muscular, but the next 3 years you stop going. What’s the result? All that muscle mass is gonna be gone.
      Please inform yourself and actually know your facts before stating such a direct opinion, you make yourself look stupid.

    • Because he is a fused being, he counts as two people. He also has a time limit that he likes to breach every time he fights. Gotenks is worthless except to hold villains at Super Buu power level and stupidity at bay.

    • Because he’s too goofy and doesn’t take his opponents seriously wich almost got him killed in the buu saga if it wasn’t for gohan he would be dead

  7. Seriously, Krillin, stfu. How can he protect his family in the DBZ-verse when he is too weak to do so? Yes, because he stopped training, Piccolo died and he had to call out for daddy to come save him–hardly what I call protecting anyone. Gohan doesn’t like bloodsport, but surely by now he realises his lack of training resulted in the situation he got himself into? Why even bother to show up with such a defeatist attitude?

  8. give gohan the zenkai goku got and he’ll be the strongest out of everyone present.

    of course toriyama probably forgot zenkai even exists

  9. The writers totally dropped the ball with Tagoma’s character. His training with Freeza is a great back story, then to bring Ginyu back is just too lame.

  10. Noone’s remember that Piccolo can regenerate his body as long as his head is fine without any damage… the people who make the animation and story doesn’t even know the full extend of every character powers. They might need to make a better research to Dragon Ball Z.
    P.S.: They really suck in animation…

    • they also forgot
      frieza base form doubled his power meaning he is as strong as he was in frieza saga in his 2nd form.
      piccolo is stronger than that when he fused with nail.
      future gohan is stronger than future trunks. future gohan is weaker than androids 17&18 when they are on 50%.
      future trunks is waay stronger than mecha frieza who is stronger than his original final form.
      android 17 and 18 are stronger in the normal Z timeline than his timeline. piccolo is equal to android 17.
      me how frieza would stand a change against piccolo again.. these noobs
      here doenst realize this cant be happening… :/ and why the fuck is
      gohan this weak. Mystic gohan (buu saga) is stronger than a ssj3….
      wtf is with this akira he totally ruins dbz logic

  11. wtf is this show…this is 6 month after buu? gohan the ultimate warrior? wtf has no one seen the original DBZ? is this a joke?

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