Dragon Ball Super Episode 25 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 25 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 25. Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 25 in High Quality HD online on www.watchdbzsuper.tv.
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134 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 25 Subbed”

  1. Looks like Things are picking up.

    Really to any of the (Fan Boys) who complain about the quality of the show…. Go watch any episode of dragon ball and tell me the quality does not look like crap most of the time?

    I have no problem with the story or where it is going. The plot has been VERY good with universe and it feels fluid and more well written than later episodes of old db.

    Vegeta has been awesome as well no complaints… His personality is fit for what he has experienced in his life at this point.

    • All episodes after the cell saga and all movies after broly the lssj had better animations than dragon ball super. And especially dragon ball gt, it had the best animation

      • STFU GT is HORRIBLE. The animation is garbage and the plot is worse. I will admit that when they drew Frieza in DBS, I was shocked at how middle school he looked, but who cares? Story is all that matters. Look at YuYu-Hakusho! As far as your claim that DBZ was better animated for cell and Buu saga, this is just unfounded. As far as I’m concerned though, as soon as both the Beerus and Freiza arcs are done, and we get into the multidimensional arc, then the animation will be afforded it’s due course. If you don’t remember, all of the Beerus arc and the Revival of F arc have been done already, beautifully like a movie should… Therefore complaining that their recap episodes basically designed to reboot the show are lacking in redundant animation is asinine. I’ve already seen pretty Frieza…I’ll succumb to being pissed when the animation for new stuff is lacking.

        • If story was all that mattered then this would be one of the worst productions of all time. There is literally no substance to this, the pacing is fucking miserable and it’s the laziest handling of a once amazing cast of characters I’ve EVER seen in my life. Fucking EVER. This crap is sooooo much worse than even the Buu Saga in terms of pandering to the absolute worst aspects of the Dragon Ball with absolutely none of the good. Stupid transformations with no context, build up or justification, paying no attention to any characters other than Goku or Vegeta, far more blatant lulls in action or progression due to limited resources, miserable pacing with power-ups that invalidate the entirety of the previous events of a once good story and plenty of regression for characters that show the writers have no clue what to do.

          I also find it adorable that you use the word “asinine” to describe something other than yourself. Making a pitiful excuse for shitty animation quality and poor art quality such as, “we haven’t gotten to the important stuff, yet” is the fucking EPITOME of asinine.

          • No it hasn’t. It has had some of those negative elements I listed, but they are magnified a thousand-fold in Super and there’s none of the great parts of the Dragon Ball to offset it, except maybe some comedy.

            Up through the end of the Cell Games, Dragon Ball had great story full of lots of emotion that led up to great payoff. it also had excellent villains with great sequences and events that led up to battles with them. They didn’t just pop up and say “let’s fight.” Also, transformations weren’t just handed out for fuck all reasons. There was so much emotional and physical struggle and torment that led to SSJ and SSJ2. It wasn’t the transformation itself that made it epic, it was the hardship that was endured to obtain them. Frankly, that’s why I find SSJ3 to be idiotic. It’s as if they asked themselves, “how do we justify this one? We haven’t shown Goku doing anything. Oh, I know! Let’s just have him scream for 3 minutes straight when he transforms!”
            Now it’s boiled down to “play ‘Ring Around the Rosie’ and become a god.” Not only is that indescribably fucking stupid, but it shits on everything that happened in the series before. The Buu Saga was guilty of a lot of this pandering, but even that pales in comparison to Super.

          • Actually, I’ll watch it and continue to call it for what it is. Don’t like it? Don’t read it, don’t complain. It’s simple really.

          • My, my. If you want to patronise someone, at least be original. It’s the least you could do for making me take time out of my day to deal with your simple minded approach to things.

          • Are you trying to sound like an idiot, or should I genuinely feel sorry for you?
            Listen, kid, you’re salty because you don’t agree with my opinion, I get it. But do yourself a favor and keep quiet before you drown yourself in more distilled hypocrisy.

          • Nah, you seem to do as you wish, so I shall do the same. If it bothers you, you’re free to leave, I won’t complain.

          • Also, I happen to agree with you, I just don’t see the point in watching something just so you can complain about it. Seems counter-productive

          • I don’t watch it to complain, I watch it because I love Dragon Ball and am invested enough to want to see what they do with the series, regardless if I find it awful. I’m also hopeful that the third saga won’t be as bad.
            I’m criticizing the series. You are complaining about me. Do you truly not recognize the hypocrisy in saying I’m the one bothered by you, here?

      • except dbz is about as old as most people here.

        it’s almost 2016 dammit, even terrible anime like sao has good production. no reason DRAGON BALL can’t match that.

        • I think this does have good production. In my opinion, I think you just don’t like the style of the animation because you don’t want your perceptions of how dragonball animation should look to be challenged.

          When you see “shitty” animation here, I see an interesting style chosen for a specific reason.

        • I’m reminded of Batman: The Animated Series, in that there were some real stinkers animation-wise in the first season. So much so that the studio responsible for those episodes were simply outright fired. The animation quality of the show then shot up to a consistent level.

          If that studio hadn’t been fired, the show’s reputation would’ve been damaged. Hell, we might not have gotten a season 2, or even an entire DCAU, for that matter. Animation — and critical feedback — are super important for the shows we love.

        • I personally don’t hate the animation and I don’t watch any other anime to really say it’s not living up to 2016 standards. I’m comparing the standards of the old DBZ to DBS and DBS has definitely improved compared to Z.

        • Dude just because you don’t like sao that doesn’t make it a terrible anime, that is your opinion so don’t go using it as an example of terrible anime like it is a fact when clearly it is not a fact. That is like saying you’re a bitchy person because you’re whining about the quality of Dragon Ball Super, just because you’re whining about animation quality that does not make you a bitchy person.

        • when they are released on dvd they will touch them up and make them look better but for no they have to look this way to allow for weekly releases

        • Wanna explain this?That Goku pic wasn’t one frame either, they held it there while they animated the mouth. The animation is solid, you can’t just pull up one frame to make an argument because the original Dragon Ball Z has frames that are way way way way way way way way way more ugly than that Golden Frieza drawing.

        • Yea….the art in dbz was totally SOOOOO much better. Pull your head out of your ass and stop complaining about DBS because its animation is solid and really good. Being a nostalgic fuck complaining about everything new doesn’t make you cool or special. These few pics out of hundreds speak for themselves

    • The “plot” in this show is beyond abysmal. It’s a goddamned joke. The writing has never been even close to this horrible and overwhelmingly fucking LAZY.

    • I say just give them a chance and let them get on a roll and feeling inspired with some new story arcs. Some of the original episodes have major animation problems while others are some of the more inspired animation I have ever seen, just let these people do what they are going to do and wait until hindsight when you can see the series in 20/20.

    • Exactly! People act as if the art style stayed the same in DBZ. That shit always got lazy during the fight episodes. When they’re mostly talking the episode is when the artwork is always crispy.

    • The irony in using the word “fanboy” though. Critiquing something you love and know could use work does not make one a “fanboy”. But when someone who does insist on calling others a “fanboy” should probably look in the mirror. Like really. Plot is mediocre at best, not anything special. (The way the make goku get all these new transformations left and right with no effort what so ever is just fucking hilariously sad to see.) You claim that the animation is better than episodes of the original ser ies. Well that may obviously be true, you seem to be forgetting somethings. Firstly, you are comparing a show that was way before super out of course. Secondly, you are giving the animation in this se ries too much credit. You might wanna open your eyeballs and see that there are more moments in this show that make me wanna cry in terms of the animation. Like there was just no effort barely put in to it. Just minimal. And thats sad to see as a dbz fan. Try to be open about it, cause if you really think this is “amazing” you should really pay more attention my friend. Pce

    • I disagree completely. Sub-main fights and filler were always low quality – even in the later seasons – but during the primary fights (even the non-final fights of the season,) the animation was top-notch always. Go back and look at Vegeta vs Recoom, Goku vs Ginyu, the last couple of episodes of the SS Goku vs Perfect Cell fight, Goku and Vegeta vs Super Buu or hell even Mystic Gohan vs Super Buu.

      The animation on those blows this and last episode away totally. I almost had to turn it off during the ki-blast struggle. Goku vs Vegeta’s ki-blast struggle way back in the Saiyan Saga was 10x the quality of animation – and that was 25 years ago!! This looks like a fan battle I would have seen made in flash back on Newgrounds. It’s horrible!

  2. This web doesnt sub the correct words its bullshit nd skips words if u are a fan nd want to see a subbed worth ur while go to gogoanime see the last few episodes u will see what i mean this is a complete waste of time

  3. Stop doing this! It’s so f*cking annoying. If you haven’t subbed the episode, DON’T SAY THAT IT IS SUBBED! Seriously, what’s the point?

  4. Why do people persist to cry about the animation? Dialog? Subs? Oh this isn’t how it happen in the movie! Bla bla blahhhh. I remember when there was NO DRAGONBALL for YEEEEEEEEARS and the only thing I had to look back on was maybe a GT episode I could of missed or a look at a old saga from Z. Now if you want to go back to that and not watch DBS, carry on, because developers and translators wont want to hear it, I and many others dont wanna hear you crying or putting this down either. Be constructive if you want to berate. I am grateful for the lads who put in THEIR OWN TIME to make the subs so if they’re late, thats fine, it’ll come, I know for a fact it will. If the animation isn’t to your liking, need I remind you, its better than nothing and I remember dialog between characters for an ENTIRE, yes whole, episode. It was really poor graphics compared to today, some of the scenes even being looped and the whole episode was just a chat between 2 guys posing to take a shit with King Kai perving on the fight asking the silliest of questions. Your memories are too short. I look forward for many episodes to come!

    • lmao, if you think comparing old series and saying “guys, old dbz was just like this, stop complaining!” thats a bad argument. Theres NO excuse for the animation being this horrendous. AT ALL. Its just sad, period. And if this is what they’re gonna give us AND shitty plot I don’t wanna be a dbz fan anymore. Especially with a community that blind sides themselves and gives excuses like “Old dbz was just like this hurr durr” and “If you don’t fucking like it, don’t watch it!” I swear some of you are probably 10 lol.

      • You realise you’re not reading my comment properly and merely speculating? You had nothing constructive to say but plenty to criticise. You’re welcome to your opinion but this one makes you look the fool. I’ve not said one thing untrue in my comment so feel free to pick out a fact and I’ll do my best to reason with you in a more civilised tone. All the best 🙂

  5. This pages moderators was freaking hospitalized last week, your comments are insensitive and you sure do have a lot of entitlement for someone on a free site… But i hear what you’re saying, seeing the spot to click for subbed and being redirected stinks. but put on your big kid pants and watch the show as is or try and learn the language yourself 🙂

  6. It’s been like freakin hours I’m here and it’s not subbed… Why the fuck is only one guy doing all this translations… Is there only one fucking english – Japanese dbz fan in the whole fucking world

  7. Like i said gogoanime is better than this site the person here skips every other word just to hurry nd get views watch the last few episode in gogoanime nd u gonna feel like u completly wasted ur time

  8. Every week it’s the same stupid people posting the same stupid complaints… Get over it or stay away for another day if you are waiting for subs, and for those that complain about the animation/story, simply gtfo

  9. People moaning about the subs, You know you could be doing something productive like trying to sub it your self. Hell i would try if i knew Japanese

  10. the guy who’s making the subtitles is in the hospital because he ignored his health problem soo the subtitles will be late but just give it time he has a laptop in the hospital you need 2 thank him

  11. For those that want to see dragon ball super with subtitles. Search on google, you can find some subtitled episode.

    And BE ASHAMED you selfish! You go nuts for a cartoon and don’t care for the health of a real and living human being. You’re scary.

  12. If you don’t have a subbed version I can wait, but don’t slap me in the face by posting it as subbed. Im irritated enough by waiting. So please dont shit on my excitement.

  13. cant understand all these frustration…. i am 2 not understanding a damn thing about the normal VERSION but with a little bit of experience in DBZ you know a bit what there talking about…

    even if you are complaining so much go study JAPANESE and translate it yourself…

    they are late for a good reason if you dont like it then DONT watch it or wait another week… you wont die without watching this in japanese so stop complaining little insects..

    • Most of the people are having a problem with the title being posted as subbed while the content is still raw. And even if they are complaining, why is it bothering you? It’s not like you own this site, hell it seems u don’t even own ur own brain for posting such a ridiculous comment. Peace.

    • This is Dragon Ball. All you need to know for dialogue is “Ahhhh! I’m getting stronger.” “No I’m getting stronger. Ahhhh!” “No now I’m getting even stronger! AHHHHHHHHHHH!” “I am the strongest. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” “I have a transformation. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” “I too have a transformation. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” “Lets fight. AHHHH!” “AHHHHHHHH!” “Next time on Dragon Ball Super….”

  14. You know i don’t even care anymore if it’s a bit late i’m just gratefull that there is a person who will sub this other wise i would be studying japanese right now (wich is a pain i’ve tried trust me don’t) take your time just don’t take too much.

    For the story i would love to see what will happen after ”Resurrection of Frieza” it has a lot of potential especially vegeta and gohan after the last few episodes i’m really starting to think he’s gonna start training again now that he had the time to study and all that shit

  15. To anyone who thinks that the animation is poor, I might remind you of the words of Alexander Pope in his “Essay on Criticism”:

    “A prudent Chief not always must display
    His Pow’rs in equal Ranks, and fair Array,
    But with th’ Occasion and the Place comply,
    Conceal his Force, nay seem sometimes to Fly.
    Those oft are Stratagems which Errors seem,
    Nor is it Homer Nods, but We that Dream.”

    In other words, its probably the case that you are the one who is in error with the quality of animation. Do not presume that you are the one who knows what “good” animation is. If you did, you would probably be aiding in the the production of the contemporary epic tale that is Dragon Ball.

      • thats true, but thats because you don’t even have to know what a
        diaper is in order to smell. You do, however, have to have a good
        knowledge of plumbing to know which blueprint is up to code, more cost
        effective, more efficient, and cheaper in order to compare one to

        Unless, you’re really going to say art forms are as simple as diapers. Is that really what you’re saying?

        • Art, like sex, is pretty simple. Literally a cave man could do it. Either you like it, or you don’t. Anyone that tries to find deeper meaning in something so simple is trying to blow smoke up your ass. Random paint tossed on a canvas is just that. It doesn’t “make one recall fond memories of a relaxing spring day.” It doesn’t “allude to the depravity of man, and the downfall of gods.” It’s just crappy paint tossed on some cloth.
          Deeper meaning is a concept created by people too lazy to farm, too stupid to research, and too egotistical to accept their place in life. A professor of philosophy is just a guy getting paid to teach the history of moral lessons written by people with questionably morals. It’s just a way for people to create employment out of nothing so they can get paid to not work.
          Shit is shit. Dirt is dirt. And the animation of Super is lackluster by modern standards. The story is shallow. Frankly though.. who cares? We’re all here just to watch a blue haired monkey man kick the shit out of something. Right? That fact alone makes it a rather strange point to be getting heated about. Don’t you think?

      • Are you really suggesting dragonball is comparable to an overcooked steak?

        You completely lack any sense of taste and decency.

        Besides, a steak is literally one of the easiest things to cook. Your analogy is terrible.

      • So you’re saying that the “80s” anime are automatically low quality? I’m sorry, I don’t buy into the myth that something something that is “high definition” or more technologically advanced is automatically better quality.

        Just check out Picasso’s “Don Quiote.” There is a lot of modern art that you would probably say is “utter crap.” (but to be fair, you probably don’t understand modern art and its significance, so you’re unlikely to be able to understand the significance of Dragonball Super).

      • Its not about being a “fan boy.” I don’t think you understand the status of Dragonball. I’m not joking when I’m saying it is literally on par with the Illiad, and the other Epic poetry from time past. I used the quote from Pope to make a literal comparison. Yes, I think Akira Toriyama is the modern day equivalent to Homer. I’m dead fucking serious.

        No other television show, anime or not, can claim that status.

        But, you’re completely welcome to have an unjustified false opinion. That is your prerogative as a human being (and most humans exercise that right very well).

  16. You guys should be grateful that there’s people willing to spend their time trying to sub it FOR FREE rather than complaining of how late the sub version release or how poor the translations are. Ugh..

  17. damn : :p :p :p i will explode right now guys damn :p :p:p why you:did that !!! that’s not dragon ball z !!! that’s bullshit shity shity anime like others :p ok the story not bad but where is the legendary intense fight !!! the art of fight :p that’s stupid and all the characters look stupid and lazy and not look like the old virsion :p incomparable with dbz :bobu and cell :p damn plz do it great or don’t do it plz new creators watch again the old version and compare :p

  18. The drawing in this episode SUCK.The pictures where Goku and Freeza are further away are awful as never before.Goku looks like a thinny guy who just started going to the gym.

  19. At this time in the manga Goku and Vegeta have spent 3 years in the new Room of Spirit and Time, far stronger than what is shown here. It’d be interesting to see Goku die and Gohan hulk out and become the new Legendary Super sayian. I’d like to see evil defeated with the strength of Tien also. He has the strength to become something.

  20. I honestly didn’t notice any of that shit quality animation you guys are talking about.. I was too busy enjoying the show.

  21. People must have some severe obsessive disorder if they won’t shut the hell up about the split-second poor animation. This is a show, god damn it, not a movie. Let see you learning how to animate using Anime style, and be forced to animate an intense fight in the span of a week with all these assholes pressurizing you for some small slip ups. Faggots.

  22. i had forgotten it was going to be about multiple universes and gods…was thining how shit this was being besides the better graphics then suddenly the 6th universe thing came up! i think the new series will be good then!

  23. the dbz is old tho need like in the 90’s so you would think dbs should be better and see shit like that make me not want to watch it but i love dragon ball z and super but really come they have to have but quality its 26 years older

  24. wow 2016 how big did the whiney people population have grown? back when we were watching this during the 90’s i was so hooked to it i didnt even care too much if the animation or the drawing were as pretty as other cartoons. i kinda like this new DB series whatever the comment to the animation or whatever…. arent you glad theres another new season of this epic show?

  25. The animators of One punch man is doing a greater job than this people. or even better the animation of fate/ Zero or stay night is way better than this and both series are over.

  26. Tip for the editors of the video and the whole storyline: FRIEZA CANNOT SENSE ENERGY LEVELS! HE NEVER USED TO DO IT! FUCK THIS CRAP

  27. Bulma looks so plain and like she should be in an episode of pokemon.Im not a die hard fan of dragonball. I had a trip down memory lane and ended up watching the whole series.I Have not watched the movies. DBZ was a part of my childhood, i love it and always will . However, this series was painful to watch … In my opinion the animation is not up to scratch … like i said Bulma has not got the same detail and thus loses some of her ‘appeal; , i know its only bulma but it shows for me the lack of effort in the animation. I remember in DB and DBZ – Bulma was like WOW ! I will always compare to the old days when the animation simply captured my imagination and me and my mates at school spent all day to perfect our ‘Goku’ drawings. Now it just looks exported from the video games, DBS will keep the Z fans but will it entice new fans ? I dont think so… I thought id weigh in on the argument ..

  28. You guys are bitching about quality of the video….How about the fact that they brought freeza back and is supposedly as strong as super saiyan “god” goku!!! And only after four months of training!!!!! Beerus is supposed to be the strongest in the universe they say and goku is second, and that was before he trained more at Beerus planet…WTF is freeza doing here!?!?! Have I missed something?? I dont care that freeza is a natural talented fighter…NO FRACKING WAY HE CAN MATCH GOKU in four months of training!!! unless I missed something, I’m calling bullshiiit and this is pissing me off. At least bring a villain from another dimension in or something that could possess powers equal to that of Goku/Beerus. Correct me if I’m wrong, but is this not some BS??? I’m not as much a “fanboy” as I used to be so maybe I’m missing something…but wtf!

  29. Freezer should win and then Dragon Ball would get really good. Goku dies and the Dragon Balls, then after many deads Vegeta manages to kill Freezer and then only Trunks and Goten stay alive and Bulma dies, Vegeta rules the Universe with iron fist, the end.

  30. what about the plot? first gokue ascended to God and almost beat Beerus. After more training ,surpassed God form and has now blue hair, but freeza who trained for 4 months is on pair with super ascended God blue-haired Goku… nonsense IMHO

  31. Anyone else notice that in some of these episodes, the subs the have for some of the chars, like Goku for example, have a southern writing to them. Like trainin’, ain’t, lyin’. Kind of funny and seems intentional.

  32. wow lots of fighting! whether you like it or not, the important thing is Dragon Ball Z finally has a sequel. Instead of arguing, just enjoy the show and anticipate the next episodes and hope it will be good. Anyway, i wonder what Chaitama is doing. They say 5 already. I wonder if they are collecting dragon balls or maybe destroying planets. So there you see? There are lot of things to expect in the future episodes so better stop whining or just stop watching. That simple!

  33. I have watched dbz from the very beginning and think the fans should be happy it has even come back considering the creator said along time ago he was done with this show this is prayers being answered. so don’t judge the miracle that has happened in the almost dead dbz world just enjoy it life is too short to be all butthurt all the time.

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