Dragon Ball Super Episode 26 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 26 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 26. Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 26 in High Quality HD online on www.watchdbzsuper.tv.
You Are watching Dragon Ball Super Episode 26. Episode 26 in the TV Anime Series Dragon Ball Super.



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107 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 26 Subbed”

          • I don’t have a choice but to wait. What I’m saying is that there SHOULD have been an episode this past fckin Sunday you douchebag.

          • Are you a dumb cunt? It says they don’t air the week of New Years. Fuckin weaboos can you read anything that isn’t anime subs? LMAO

          • Am I dumb? No. But I can clearly see that you are. January 3rd was NOT the week of New Years. In fact, it’s an entirely NEW week. If they truly didn’t air the week of New Years then there’d be no episode on December 27th which WAS the week of New Years.

            Don’t go calling me dumb when I’m smarter than you and I just proved it. Have a nice day loser.

          • Leo you are a fucking dumb fuck. In japan week starts on MONDAYS, not ON SUNDAYS. I.e., Dec 28- Jan 3 is the week of NEW YEARS. You fucking dumb cunt. As a result, there is no episode on Jan 3rd. You moron. The new episode will air on Jan 10th you fucking cocksucker.

          • How dumb can you be? That is NOT how things work. The week always starts on Sunday no matter WHERE you are. Monday is and will always be the 2nd day of the week you dumb fucking bitch ass bastard.

          • you need to be educated bro. If I provide a credible source of info to back my argument will you believe me you fucking cocksucker? Or will you be in sad little denial?

          • No YOU’RE the one that needs to be educated. It’s common sense that Monday does NOT start the week off you god damned fucking nigger.

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          • Get educated first you fucking asshole. I will destroy your ass with a dildo of 1 m in radius, m set by the international standards organization. I will see you then if you still think ISO is credible or not.

          • I am educated. You just don’t know what you’re talking. You’re so dumb it’s laughable and pitiful. Go back to school you poor excuse of a human.

          • Are you sure you are educated? Is one episode of Dragonball Super really get you turned on, to a degree you cant even wait 1 more week? Fucking pathetic cunt. Education teaches you that international organizations set regulations and axioms that are followed by scientific communities, and ultimately by public. Your pathetic little opinion is meaningless and not credible at all.

          • My “opinion” as you call it, is actually a fact.

            It’s not that I can’t wait, it’s the fact that we SHOULD have gotten episode 26 this past Sunday. Who the fuck gets turned on by watching DBS? That’s disgusting.

            You are still wrong on that “education teaches you that International Organizations set regulations and axioms” crap.

          • still in denial. . . sad. Education is there if and only if you are open to improving yourself and subject to change. . . If you are in denial, I can only say you are not educated and not willing to learn.

          • How can I be in denial when I’m right? And I told you, I am educated and I proved you wrong. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I am going to ignore your pathetic excuse of a human being and read Jurassic Park. Good day to you.

          • Just because you repeating yourself right doesnt mean you are right….. All the evidence let it be wikipedia, international body that regulates such matters,etc.. are in support of my statement. are you that much in denial? Are you that much FUCKED IN THE HEAD? Arrogant little bitch

          • No your just a arrogant piece of shit that is too dumb to comprehend its own stupidity. I cant argue with a retard like because you will drag me down to your level and beat me with experience

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          • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO_8601#Week_dates

            “The ISO week-numbering year starts at the first day (Monday) of week 01 and ends at the Sunday before the new ISO year”

            For almost every country in the world (that respect international standards, like, almost everyone except for exemple USA & UK), Monday is the first day of the week. You’re not the center of the world, you were left behind with your stupid old standards.

          • I think Leo is now just a troll who can’t accept any facts thrown at him. And anyway, a lot of things are different outside of USA, so Leo just has to deal with it.

          • Are you really an idiot???? We (Finland) Start a week from MONDAY. It’s really a thing. We all not start it from Sunday you dumb bitch

          • Well, as the debate progressed, I was really beginning to believe that both Anon and Leo are faking their rage as I believe in humans. Turns out they’re not.
            Anon is the one who can reason, but is hot-headed and probably just stressed out from the noise of the holidays. Rest a little more dude!
            And Leo is Donald Trump’s clone. Advice … … um… Don’t…be?

            All the best regards from Lithuania 🙂

          • I’m not Donald Trump’s clone. In fact I hate Donald Trump. I wasn’t even raging, I was trying to get through to his thick skull that Sunday starts the week off no matter where you live. No law has the right to change that either.

          • The clone thing is a joke, everyone knows you’re not his clone.
            So you say “fckin Sunday you douchebag”, “you dumb fucking bitch ass bastard”, “you god damned fucking nigger”, “pathetic excuse of a human being” and finally, “I have already beaten you though”, the latter meaning that you felt like in a conflict. Also you must know Anon in person because you know the color of his skin. I don’t know him, maybe he’s done something wrong to you…
            Leo, you probably mean no harm, just want to defend what you believe very hard. I looked up that in USA (a country with borders) the week really starts on Sunday. You really know your calendar. But in most of the Other countries with borders (stepping out of your World), Monday is number 1 in the week.
            Hey, don’t worry – you might one day visit the countries of the Beyond.

            So now that you know that in Japan Sunday (Jan 3rd) was on the same week as January 1st, you too can agree with DBS.

          • He was pissing me off with his stupidity is what he’s done.

            I don’t see how January 3rd is the same week as the 1st but whatever. I’m done arguing.

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            I just provided you with proof that Sunday starts off the week.

            Now, if you were trying to say that Monday starts off the Work Week then I’d understand but you did not say that at all nor did you imply it.

            I hope this all sinks into your tiny brain of yours and that you understand that I was right. Have a nice day/night.

          • Posting a self-modified chart actually proves literally nothing ^^ sorry. I really had to say it. Calm down, do some research before letting off a rage storm and come again. TY. If you really can pull something like this here off, just because your anime was delayed, you should in all earnesty consider your mental health and probably get some fresh air now and then. It is the anime owner’s right to publish their work whenever they want and all your whining and bickering won’t change a thing about it but ruin your own and maybe some others’ days. Thank you for reading.

          • The calendar does prove something. Just look where Sunday is and where Monday is. Sunday is the first day on the calendar, not Monday. It’s common sense.

          • Not taking sides but Sunday is the first day but a holiday is 3 before and after the actual holiday, so a holidays lasts a week if including the holiday. I don’t think education has anything to do with it, I just found out this fact a couple months ago

          • Leo the Dumb Fuck, please consider this: “Possibly because of this, the International Standards Organisation has decided that Monday is to be regarded as the first day of the week. Calendars in many European countries, in particular, now follow the ISO decision by starting the week on Monday. Airline timetables also number the days from Monday as 1, Tuesday as 2, Wednesday as 3, etc.” http://www.cjvlang.com/Dow/SunMon.html

          • a holiday is considered 3 days before and after the actual holiday, so including the actual holiday day, a holiday lasts a week

          • But that doesn’t change the fact that Sunday is the first day of the week. It also doesn’t change the fact that Anon was dumb.

          • Not. In. Japan. Get it through your skull. Their week literally starts with Monday. The week starting on Sunday was originally a Christian custom. Japan considers Monday to be the first day of the week. How many people have to tell you this? Quit being a dumbass.

          • You are wrong. Monday is not the start of the week. It may be the start of the work week but not the week itself. Stop being stupid.

        • It ultimately just depends on where you live, but the industrial (and commercial) point of few is, an for some time will be, that monday starts the week and sunday ends it (because of openeing and working hours). The ‘monday is the first day of the week’ thought is based on pre-industrial, mostly religious reasons and therefore outdated in my opinion (and in most non-religiously living people’s). There is no thing you can say to counterfeit this, because it is even part of the laws and regulations in many a european and other first world countries. Deal with it.

      • Aren’t Saturday and Sunday called “weekends” for a reason? Like because the order of a normal week is the following: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday? Also, calm your asses guys. It’s a simple discussion, not a divorce/break-up argument.

      • Although, I still agree that the business week starts off with Monday, and that people probably would want to call that the first day of the week, why can’t we just agree that the WEEK starts with Sunday and ends with Saturday, but the BUSINESS WEEK starts with Monday and ends with either Friday or Sunday?

  1. I was wondering why no new episode.
    I will remember this information if it ever happens to come up in a pub quiz or something.

  2. why are they draggin this out so many episodes when theyve already made the movies and anyone interested enough to watch db super prbly watched them anyway…..

    • exactly how i feel dude … now we have to wait another week for something we have already seen … lets hope the future episodes are worth the wait …

    • I think there’s two reasons they’re doing it like this. 1) Garner new watchers who weren’t interested in watching the new movies / Showing the movie plots to people who can’t (A lot of countries block access to streaming sites) and
      2) Setting up a more consistent continuity. Lots of ?? in the movies that didn’t really make sense, and they for the most part have been addressed in the series

  3. So vegeta won’t be getting the kill in this either, I was wishing that it was going to be diffrent from the movie and that they were finally going to give him a major kill but o well a girl can dream can’t she

    • Well the reason why Vegeta never gets the light is because Akira Toriyama dosent really like him as a character over all. He is only kept around for the fans mainly. What he said in an interview years back.

      • That’s not true anymore actually…h used to not like vegeta but his feelings for him changed around the buy saga. That’s why he was brought back… also for the fans too..but yea..toriyama has grown to like vegeta a lot more too

    • Technically Goku only has a single kill under his belt. He never actually killed anyone except Kid Buu. And you could argue that he really only killed the evil part of him anyway, leaving the innocent half.

  4. I still dont get how a ray gun can shoot through a base form goku…..just on his natural strength alone it shouldnt even hurt him even if he isnt in god form. This makes no sense to me at all.

    • Maybe its because even though its such a puny weapon compared to goku’s power…. you still have to be aware of it in order to block it. Notice how Z fighter block simple ki attacks with there hands…. they could probably just take it… but you withstand more damage when you’re unaware of it and if it hits the body

  5. Terrible art and animation… sad times. DBZ at its worse never had such poor animation, or art. The character models were all over the place, the special fx looked out of place, and the colors and shading look like they were drawn in paint. The fight animation was slow and stiff, not to mention the obvious stalling and filler. This might make GT not look like such a bad sequel to Z after all. I guess I’ll be waiting for One Punch man season 2 to satisfy my need for quality animated entertainment…

    • Really? Because images like this would beg to differ. Don’t get me wrong, Dragonball Z was great, but lets take off the nostalgia glasses when it comes to its animation.

      • Some episodes had really good artwork and then others were pure shit. And Dragon Ball wasn’t known for great animation…if the animators of something like One Punch Man did Dragon Ball it would be epic. I saw this one gif of Beerus and Goku colliding and it completely wrecked the ground into thousands of pieces and that was the type of animation that would have made Dragon Ball a much better and more exciting series.

  6. That the problem with dragonball super it is a great anime,but it hasn’t really began yet,I herd of taking the time to develop a great story but this is ridiculous.

  7. i dont get it if goku forced to use beerus let say 60 percent of power………… In earlier episode we see freeza shocked n scared seeing beerus, well goku would have easily had him wat say am i wrong?he fought beerus while in red god mode now he is blue red was much stronger?

    • Whis after the Beerus fight: “You held back to make him push himself past his limits, you’re kind beerus sama” or something akin to that (not exact words)
      Beerus was holding back plus that wasn’t his power, that was the power of the super saiyan god transformation, he since lost that but has retained SOME of the god powers and has been training to become a super saiyan god (which he achieved, but with his own power)

      Beerus was holding back against red and that wasn’t even goku’s power.

  8. The animation goes from Disney to South Park from one scene to the next. Jarring. But who cares, i’m happy to just be getting new DBZ episodes

  9. Anyone else thinks that when Vegeta stopped Frieza from killing goku he should’ve said, “I’m the only that’s going to kill Kakarot”

  10. it is now episode 26 and there are still some graphic arts expert artists complaining about the animation. Why the hell are you even here anyway? If you do not like an anime who looks like a 7 year old kids drawing, you are free to go!

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