Dragon Ball Super Episode 27 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 27 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 27. Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 27 in High Quality HD online on www.watchdbzsuper.tv.
You Are watching Dragon Ball Super Episode 27. Episode 27 in the TV Anime Series Dragon Ball Super.



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115 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 27 Subbed”

  1. Might be more logical if you guy’s change te date of episode 26 to 9 january and episode 27 to 16 january 🙂 Thought to watch ep 26 & 27 because it says it got online on the 1th & the 9th but 27 is still in the making 🙁 Can’t wait for the next episode though

  2. two or three weeks and they practically will be caught up with the manga and shit we’ll need fillers i mean seeing as how you can have four episodes in a month that cover one or two manga chapters and seeing as how after the RoF there is only like 4 chapters right now yeah the anime will catch up at this rate

    • It’s not following the manga. They have the whole (or at least a big part of it) script done already. The manga is just an addition for people who prefer reading. So no fillers 🙂

        • So far only movie fillers, but movie arcs officially ended, so no fillers anymore! Sure, there will be some slow-paced scenes for sure, but I think it will be more dynamic.

  3. **Dont Read if you haven’t watched this episode as it contains slight spoilers** I have always thought to myself since the Cell Games, Goku wont be able to Kamehameha into the ground anymore otherwise he’ll destroy the earth! Over 9000 Saga’s later and hes obtained GOD FORM, blasts a kamehameha straight into the ground, one powerful enough to destroy Freeza. Earth is fine. Ok then… shall I just FORGET the iconic moment of the very first INSTANT TRANSMISSION KAMEHAMEHA to OUTPLAY Cell? Geuinely thought another one was gonna come to get infront of Vegeta. And their memory is obviously not that short if they made reference to Trunks chopping Freeza in half so wtf are they playing at?! Really glad the film is done with now and we can really get into it! Was so hype seeing SSG Vegeta 😀

    • ki control is a thing lol think of it like when vegetto made a blade of ki go into buuhan how did he do that if he couldnt stop the ki from going where he didnt want it to

        • frezza was spent from the battle. good chance like the ray gun, it would only take a fraction of power to kill him if he’s off guard or has no energy left.

          • So then why did he turn into SSG? After having a Senzu Bean? Vegeta was able to deflect WEAK Golden Freeza’s blasts in his normal form. You cant take my points away bro. They implied Kamehameha is strong enough to beat ANYBODY yet they pick and choose when its too powerful to destroy the earth depending on trajectory. And again, they couldn’t of forgot it as Trunks chopping Freeza was the start of Android Saga, the saga before Cell Games. It was a iconic moment for me when he instant transmission in front of Cell and its not like he hadn’t used it to get to earth in the first place. I just cannot fathom why they would pick and choose, when I am sure there are fans out there equally as hardcore if not more so, kicking up a stink that they are fluffing small definitions slowly but surely

  4. The animation in this episode was just incredible, and so vegeta attained god form only by training us vegeta fans at least got some happiness even he didn’t end up killing freeza

  5. well in the past stories of Dragon Ball we used to told that namekians only drink water for their living and in this episode piccolo is eating feast !!! And their one more weird thing in this series how the heck shenron grants three wishes coz till buu saga he can only grant two wishes although it’s good to have a new dragon ball series

    • Yes, Namekians only need water to survive, but that doesn’t limit them to only consuming water. And to adress your other question, Dende upgraded Shenlong to grant 3 wishes, 2 if a large amount of people are brought back at the same time. Don’t quote me on that? You might want to go to the dragonballwiki for that. But I’m 99% sure.

    • It seems that there is two ways of achieving this form. One would be through the ritual, another by training with Whis. Now the part that’s left to ask is if Gohan would want to become a god. But, Gohan wanting to train again; ABOUT DAMN TIME!

  6. I was hoping this shit was gonna be better than dragon ball z but, the animation and the plot is so bad. It’s like I’m watching GT again same plot but, different characters.

  7. Gohan trained by piccolo?? Nah fuck dat he should be trained by goku and vegeta so he can reach super saiyan god. He should also be put in another situation that would piss him off TO THE MAX (throwback to his fight with cell) so his full power can come out again

    • Well, he’s actually going to be trained by someone else. If you don’t read the manga which appears once a month, don’t read this any further. But as the team including Picollo goes to fight the warriors from 6th universe, Gohan is said to have stayed on Earth because of an important lecture. Well, I believe he stayed to train hard. We’ll find out in a few months probably.

      • Considering he started training with the supreme kai before (and stopped after getting the mystical power up from elder kai) maybe he’ll get to train with the supreme again. May not be as good as Whis training, but it’s probably better than Picollo training.

  8. Awesome……Imagine Beerus losing and Goku fights maybe unlocking the power of a super saiyan God super saiyan 2 or 3?….

  9. vegeta vs freeza scene is the best fight I’ve ever seen
    he really avenged his death on planet namek
    plus he reached ssjg on his own
    vegeta is the best.

  10. I still feel Vegeta should have been the one to finish off Frieza, oh well it was still a fun episode and I’ll never get tired of Vegeta curb stomping Frieza like that.

    • Don’t read the comments dude, for some reason people are just so damn nostalgic. its was a show about a baby from space who hits his head turning him into a retard/A Good Guy who goes around making friends and fighting other space aliens with his bare fists, this a perfect Dragon ball /Z/S EP.

  11. they finally finished the parts from the movies hopefully the next episode will have a new villain because they are not moving on from the part from the movies

  12. Ooooh mah lawd this episode has the best animation so far gohan is going to train with PICCOLO i love what trunks said and vegeta achieved ssg blue jus by training omg halp

  13. Am I the only one who likes Goku / GOTENKS / Piccolo more than Vegeta /Gohan /Trunks?? I mean yeah Goku is dumb sometimes but vegeta looks selfish. Gohan is pure dumb and trunks is way too overrated…

    • Personally I go Vegeta > Piccolo > Goku > Mr. Satan >> Everyone else >> Gohan

      I like the fact that Vegeta is a man of pride who pushes himself to new levels with his own strength, The fact that he achieved God status on his own is a testament to his determination and skill as a warrior. He is definitely one of the most fleshed out characters in the show. personally, I don’t care for Gotenks because he is more comedic relief than an actual character and has no good battle sense. his fight with Buu in the Hyperbolic TIme Champer is a disgrace and just poor writing. Mr. Satan started off as my least favorite character in the show because when he was introduced, he just got in the way of the story. But with the Buu arc, he really tugged on my heartstrings and became a hero in his own way. He might be the weakest Z fighter, but he is definitely stronger than any normal man and truly wants what is best not only for his fans, but the world. But Gohan is a slacker. He was never a good fighter and never took his training seriously. Despite constant mess ups and lowering his guard more often than Goku, this kid is possibly the only Z fighter that hasn’t died.

  14. Well that’s it for the movies. No more spoilers for me. Not reading the Manga because it ruined the preview of next weeks episode seeing the image of Whis and the two universes. Already know what’s gonna happen there. So to keep things interesting like back in the day when I watched DB and DBZ, gonna make sure I don’t know anything new about DB Super. Already know too much about the people who are appearing in the tournament so ruined that saga for me kinda. No more Youtube videos anything related to Dragonball super, no more manga, and soon, a new adventure of mystery awaits 😀

  15. I’m a little upset that Frieza didn’t say “All hail Vegeta, prince of NOTHING” in this like he did in the movie.That was a low blow and I absolutely loved it. Absolutely brutal.

    Aside from that, this was a pretty solid episode, and I am hoping for more Vegeta fights in the future.

  16. So im going to keep it real… I am an experienced anime fan.. these are my thoughts on the greatest series ever created…They finally upgraded the animation on this episode..butt……..It is still not good enough for this series. the transformations are weak and not strong enough….the movements are still slow and not quick enough…and the music is not like bruce falconers music.. this music is soft and gay. like im at a tea party.. not edgy and dope….Its good to see it progress but its still not up to the standard of which it needs to be.. and they need to be redrawn bigger and buffer….If your a true dbz fan im sure you will agree with what i have said..

    • you’re being way to kind I’m quite pissed about this show they should not have done the two movies and used that money to make a DBZ quality show

  17. wow I really hate DBS I wish it was never made stiffest animation ugliest animation art the arcs are two movies and right when some one other than goku was gonna get a win nope lets rewind time and have goku do it what a crap fest this makes me sad I really don’t know how people could be excited for this garbage

  18. im assuming now that gohan is going to train, instead of picolo in the tournament for the super dragon balls in the manga gohan will now take his place? since it stated gohan couldn’t participate in it because he had only just became a father but now this ep just changed that plot >.>

  19. Gosh dang…if I only had the ability to power up until my pants ripped…I’d be soooo much cooler. I freaking love this animea!!!!!! DRAGONBALL (series) FOR LIFE!!!!!!! (P.S. I’m drunk atm) 😀

  20. one of my favorite episodes
    vegeta gets so MASSIVELY deserved closure
    even though i saw the movie and knew it was gonna happen, the way they presented the planet ending, showing everyone just before they died, and just coming with the sudden realization that even though they were gonna be brought back by a time reverse thingy, hey still experienced death all of a-sudden, just like when super-buu slayed everyone on earth, i knew it was gonna happen, but it still pained me a little to watch it
    i felt like every reaction and emotion portrayed in this version of these events were more genuine and built upon with more context and subtex.
    trunx wanting to slice frieza in half made me choke on my drink i loved it!
    gohan wanting to train again surprised and made me happy
    goku’s and vegeta’s final conversation felt so good,
    and seeing frieza in hell again one last time was the best ending i could hope for <3

  21. Am I the only one who realized the guy who resurrected frieza in the first place isn’t dead. They should’ve found that guy and killed him. He could find the Namekian dragon balls and resurrect frieza again and since Frieza knows to get accustomed to his new forms now that could be very bad, He got to the level of a super saiyan god in just 4 months imagine if he got revived again with the namek balls and learned from his mistake

  22. I was hoping they would have fixed that at least in this, but the time Vegeta Powered up his Blast would have been already to late! Or do you want me to believe that Freeza Exploded the Planet in less than 1 Second? That is so dumb. That is one thing out of the Movie that annoyed me the most. (At least they somewhat fixed Goku beaten by a blaster…)

  23. Finally, the freeza resu saga is over. Looking forward for the next saga. This is where the real DBS episodes begin. Goku again saves the day. I understand those sentiments of Vegeta. That guy is really a hardworking saiyan attaining saiyan god by his own. I see why he has so many fans. He reminds me of Daryl of TWD. Hard, bad ass outside but soft inside. Vegeta really doesn’t show his affection but deep inside he cares for others. But Mr. Satan is really my favorite character. He may not be as strong as the other. He is actually the weakest and acts fool most of the time but i love his antics, very funny plus the fact that he really plays an important role in saving the earth during DBZ whether you like it or not.

  24. Vegeta had no chance against Freeza in the past, but this time, Vegeta managed to effortlessly mop up the floor with him as if he was nothing more than common trash. This was awesome to see ^ ^ Talk about a come-back from times past.

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