Dragon Ball Super Episode 28 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 28 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 28. Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 28 in High Quality HD online on www.watchdbzsuper.tv.
You Are watching Dragon Ball Super Episode 28. Episode 28 in the TV Anime Series Dragon Ball Super.



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        • But most anime fans like me prefers Japanese, since we get more accurate representation and dialogues compared to any dub.

          • That’s because a lot of people grew up with the original Funimation dub and are blinded by nostalgia. Quite a large number of these people are unwilling to give the original Japanese version a try, despite it being better in every single way. I will admit that Kai fixed up a lot of the original Funimation dub’s mistakes, but even that is still an adaptation of the original series. People really should try watching the original Japanese version of DB/DBZ; it’s like watching a completely different show if all you’ve seen is the original Funimation dub.

          • I can barely stand the Japanese purely because of the voice acting (for dragon ball anyways). The translation is better in the Japanese but most of the voices give me a headache (not all but most). To each his own pudding i suppose. I will binge re-watch them all if/when I get an english north american dub.

    • to get the rights and actors isn’t easy. did you know it took them years to get dubbed versions of DBZ. But it took them months to get dubbed version of Resurrection of freeza which is good

  1. only Lord Beerus and Whis could find instant ramen to be the best thing in the world, though I’d imagine ramen from japan tastes way better then the instant stuff you can get at a walmart.

  2. I knew it! Super got way better without any kind of weird animation! The next episode looks good too. Can’t wait!

  3. I think in the end, the 7th universe will win and they will use the super dragon balls to fix Earth in sixth universe. It will be Goku’s idea.

  4. here’s the deal; Champa doesn’t have them all, so who does? Normally the dragonballs are either someplace hard to get to, or with something or someone dangerous. I’m ready to start this thing off

      • champa has six and bulma has gone to use her scouter to track down the final one. after getting some extra info on them I’m up to date. I’m talking about the 7th Sdb

  5. so I enjoyed learning Japanese and the intro was helping me relate phrases between English and Jap so I’m for keeping the original song

  6. I wonder if the seventh universe is the one in which Future Trunks comes from. That would explain the Earth’s destruction. but it did show Trunks killing the androids in his universe. Multiple possibilities arise from this situation. On a different note, Goku should resurrect Pikkon to fight with them. He would be a valuable asset to the team. As for the other two, I don’t know who could take those spots. Maybe if both Vegeta and Goku lost they could use Gogeta or even Vegito. The latter is unlikely though, even though he is much stronger than Gogeta.

    • I’m assuming you mean the 6th universe (Champa’s universe) ; otherwise ignore this comment. I believe you may have a point with future Trunk’s universe being an alternate one, perhaps the 6th or perhaps not. Were Majin Buu to be brought into the world in the same manner as in the 7th universe, I doubt Trunks would have been strong enough to truly defeat Majin Buu (also when Super Buu killed basically everyone on Earth there would be no dragonballs to bring them back). Another thought is that Freeza was resurrected using either the Earth’s dragonballs or Namek’s and considering Freeza’s new found strength I very much dounb that Trunks could hold his own against Freeza, nevermind Golden Freeza’s power, though I doubt Freeza would have left Earth intact.

      • Ah, but that’s where your wrong! I doubt Babidi would have found enough energy on Earth to awaken Majin Buu. Trunks’ world didn’t have dragon balls because of the androids, so Freeza could not even be resurrected. Even if he were, he realized that he needed to train because he heard that Goku defeated Majin Buu.

  7. so… bardock somehow vanished from universe 7 to universe 6.. and he is alive right now ? goku and bardock are going to see each other? wtf..

  8. Why change the intro theme to English singing? It is more fluent and rhythmic with the Japanese man singing instead. Subtitles was fine by everyone.

  9. I was pretty disheartened about this anime after the trainwreck that was the first saga. Bad art and honestly unnecessary as they didn’t change anything from the movie. Such a bore to watch.

    But the Resurrection F saga was so good! Art and animation drastically improved and the changes to the story were organic and very entertaining! Made me feel like a kid watching DBZ again!

    Now this new saga is shaping up to be super interesting. I’m imagining something like the magic tournament from Fairy Tail or the Dark Tournament from yu yu hakusho. Super excited!!!

  10. First time ever in Dragon Balls, there are characters other than Goku & Vegeta which are in Limelight like Beerus, Whis & Unknown stronger than goku, excited to see them. By the way, thanks for the English Intro song. Also, I’m first time commenting, I wanna say, that I don’t care about animation, they are producing new original series after so long time for us only, that’s more than enough for me 🙂 producer’s & person who subbed the episodes, their efforts must be appreciated. I thanks to all of you… Enjoy DBS 😀

  11. Having seen “Battle of the gods” and “Resurrection F” The new series has been a bit underwhelming. However this new content looks like it’s going to open the door to something new amazing. Side not the subs on thesis videos are great.

  12. Those super dragon balls will open up a new plot since you can wish anything. I wonder if the planet Vegeta will be brought back. Imagine lots of saiyan even vegeta and goku’s father will be resurrected. That will be interesting. We can learn more of the saiyan race and more mysteries might be unlocked.

  13. I’ve grown much too accustomed to the Japanese Opening Version to even care about the English Version of it. Japanese Version is way better in my opinion. I actually think the English Version sounds ridiculous in comparison. It’s crazy to think Goku and Vegeta could even agree to some match as this with their Universe’s Earth hanging in the balance if they don’t win. Aren’t they supposed to be the ones to always protect the Earth? And they often do. Yet here they are actually betting the Earth and everyone in it for the sake of a match between two universes. Don’t know what to think about that but obviously this isn’t my show haha, I’ll definitely be watching to see how crap hits the fan for them before they eventually win of course (like every season of Dragon Ball Z 😉 )

  14. I hope these next few episodes will be other than the previous 20 something I watched. They were just copies of Battle of Gods and Resurrection F. You would think that the DB folks would come up with something more creative and not be so lazy.

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