Dragon Ball Super Episode 29 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 29 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 29. Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 29 in High Quality HD online on www.watchdbzsuper.tv.
You Are watching Dragon Ball Super Episode 29. Episode 29 in the TV Anime Series Dragon Ball Super.



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66 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 29 Subbed”

  1. Bad animation complainers… SUCK ON THIS!!!!
    Best animation yet! GOKU GOT HIS OLD LOOKS BACK! Bulma’s tits have magically growns 2X the original Size! Every small detail is peerrfeeecctt!!!

    • Episode 27, 28 and 29 have been perfect! i dont want to jynx it, but i only see the animation getting better, and bulmas tits getting bigger!

    • Took Akira Toriyama to call out those shit animations for it to change. I’m glad toei is taking it a lil more serious now

    • Didn’t I read that they fund each episode differently on budget costs meaning that each episode looks differently for a reason?

    • PEOPLE HATING ON THE ANIMATION ARE CRAZY!!! Has no one realized that it’s an exact rendition of the comic books?? They’re obviously keeping it as true to the manga issues as it gets. The show is essentially a giant GIF with color. Take a look at ’em. Very cool in my opinion, and still clean cut.

    • the fact that there are people complaining, there is no excuse for that. DBZ set A standard for modern shonen anime the fact that it drops below that is inexcusable. I don’t know how long you have been watching DB series but I have since I was eight years old I’m 25 now I bought the whole series up to sayiman on vhs and then again on dvd eat a dick I got the right to complain never have I had a compliant about DBZ or even DB animation the fact that now In 2016 people are saying something is bs. I hear even Toriyama complained about DBS

  2. First time ever in Dragon Balls, there are characters other than Goku & Vegeta which are in Limelight like Beerus, Whis & Unknown stronger than goku, excited to see them. By the way, thanks for the English Intro song. Also, I’m first time commenting, I wanna say, that I don’t care about animation, they are producing new original series after so long time for us only, that’s more than enough for me 🙂 producer’s & person who subbed the episodes, their efforts must be appreciated. I thanks to all of you… Enjoy DBS 😀

  3. Can we also have “COUNTDOWN” for Subbed episode…please?
    Also why only 1 episode a week, please if possible broadcast more episodes…
    Can’t wait to watch…super excited ^_^

  4. The animations were sooooo good! omg the animation studio has really listened to the fans! now this is the Dragonball super we expect! this episode was funnier then hell and i had some great laughs.

    • Everyone seems to be ‘complain* about Bulmas boobs. I know they look big here, but… it may just be a size fail. Bulmas boobs are a little smaller then Chichis.

  5. i bet that egg champa gave goku is somekind of cheat for champas team. Also, i would like to add, that after watching DBZ growing up, playing their games, watching all their movies ect…im happy to view this even at 29 yrs old. Dbz changed my childhood and showed me many great things like never giving up and always push yourself! So, with that said, THANK YOU SO MUCH to ALL THE MAKERS OF DBS. I love how you guys have gave us soo many funny twists and jokes, like mr. Satan turning super saiyan!! I mean i laughed for days because really, who hasnt wished they could transform into a super saiyan? Many thanks again.

  6. I have a question did trunks before he killed freeze came from the six universe where earth is destroyed or did he time travelled from the past

    • From what I understand, universes and dimensional planes are two different things. Future Trunks comes from a different timeline of the 7th universe, and is most likely that Earth from that universe is now alive and well (when Trunks defeated the cyborg and then Cell, there were already rebuilding and there still were enough human being with the ability to cook that interest the gods of destruction.

      In the 6th universe Goku never existed, Vegeta never existed, so Trunks too.
      Saiyan are good people and still live on their native planet (not planet Vegeta). People from universe 6 are of the same species of those of the universe 7 and the geography is about the same, but they’re different people, with different choices, different culture and different destiny. And so even geography has some difference
      Even the kaioshin and the gods are different.

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