Dragon Ball Super Episode 30 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 30 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 30. Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 30 in High Quality HD online on www.watchdbzsuper.tv.
You Are watching Dragon Ball Super Episode 30. Episode 30 in the TV Anime Series Dragon Ball Super.



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337 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 30 Subbed”

    • The team is Goku Vegita Piccolo and beerus’s guy + Buu but…SPOILER> Buu cant take part so their down 1. (Gohan could be the replacement if he’s manned up enough since piccolos death)

    • I don’t think gotenks will be joining because technically they’re 2 people and when fusion times over then they’ll be called cheaters

    • I doubt Gotenks would be in it, it’s the same rules as the Budokai, therefore Gotenks isn’t allowed or else he’ll be disqualified. You know he is going to just mess around until his time is up, he always does.

      Piccolo is in, no doubt, and Buu will be disqualified for failing the written test. Therefore they would need Gohan’s help in the end, or they may just go with four because Gohan is a novice.

  1. Is God of Destruction Champa of 6th universe going to introduce Saiyans from 6th universe …. exited to see gokus opponents

  2. I hopefully wish Majin buu could emerge with Uub and become one of the strongest deity alongside Beerus, Goku and Vegeta.

      • Thats true, but remember in the last episode of DBZ after the tournament. Goku took Uub with him to the training ground, anyhow I’ll have to look it over again to see if that happen before GT or afterwards……
        cause GT doesn’t count anymore anyway I’ll hit you back

    • it’s not even good filler it’s a recap I mean just postpone release don’t release bullshit in the manga they are already looking their opponents in the face and there have only been 8 chapters 11 if you add Resurrection F

        • no. DBZ has many bad filler episodes, the whole journey to namek with the space kids was horrible, the wohle garlic jr arc was boring and bad. but yeah 1 or 2 filller episodes where great.

  3. This episode was horrible especially,more flashbacks( COPY-PASTE) than forward story,more eating than fighting.5 episodes only bla bla and eating and half episode with fight and another half with bulma and little bald alien.. xD

    • i know why waste time on bullshit like recaps it would be better to just get into the tournament already and then have the fight be prolonged rather than this shit i honestly would not care if they just dragged out the fight so the manga can go a little farther

  4. Translating is a good work, but he should give us what’s the realistic eta. The 2-3 hours eta given earlier had passed long ago.

  5. After watching the Spanish subs i understand why its taking so long now. this is an interesting episode i know it looked like just another filler one but the stuff they are talking about is so steeped in the Dragon Ball world that rushing it would be doing a disservice to whoever watched it

  6. Its more than 2-3 hours but the subbed episode is not online. I think he got high lol..he’d be like “I had to check the translations, but then I got high”.😂

  7. Stop being mean to the translator, at least someone is translating it so that we don’t have to wait like after forever for the English dubbed version! I know it sucks to wait. It is 7:32 pm here in Lebanon and I am dying here because of the wait, but at least late better than never!

    I think the other two fighters are Johan and Gotenks! That would be awesome, especially if Whis also trains them.

  8. Many thanks to Ken Xyro for all your hard work. Without you spending your own time and effort, for no reward, we wouldn’t even be able to watch the show at all!

  9. Wth is taking so long to translate a 20 min episode from 1 language to English? Why other animes translate like in 2 hours after they release ? Why is DB so complicated? I know this guy is doing it for free and all that shit ….but this is only 20 min of translating ..not 2 fcking hours!

      • if i knew japanese i didn`t need to translate …just watch it like that ! Why he takes this responsability if he can`t make it …or why they say 2-3 hours and it passes 1 day ! That`s what is wrong ! You seem do not understand that …you are very limited indeed

        • “If i knew Japanese i didn’t need to translate …just watch it like that !”
          I wont even make a comment on the amount of errors in the structure of that sentence (facepalm), but that alone should be the reason you should be patient! HE knows Japanese, and if HE so chose too, he could watch it every week and give a big F U to the rest of us and not translate it at all! He doesn’t have to do this! He said its coming, yeah its A LOT later than expected, heck, for all we know, he only started translating when they put up the translation delay, who knows, all i know is if i were him, and i read this comment, i would delete all the translation work i been doing, grab my popcorn and give a big screw you to all the trolls, Have some consideration.
          “Why he take the responsibility if he cant handle it?” Maybe your right maybe he should just quit translating, then guess what, instead of having DELAYED subs, we have NO SUBS!

        • Is English not your first language? Or are you THAT autistic that you can’t fucking type properly?

          Do you not understand that 2-3 hours was an estimation? Do you not understand that estimations are not always accurate? Are you that much of a walnut that you don’t understand sometimes things take more time than previously thought? Look up the word patience. Understand that this is a human doing something they don’t have to do for an unappreciative fucking autist like you that doesn’t deserve anything but death.

          Don’t you fucking DARE tell other people that they are ‘limited’ when YOU are the fucking autistic shithole that doesn’t understand! YOU ARE THE LIMITED ONE! YOU DO NOT MATTER AND NEVER WILL!

          If you don’t want to wait for the translations, I have an idea. You can always kill yourself. You would never have to wait for anything ever again! Plus, it’s something that you absolutely and unarguably deserve! 🙂

          • Stop using ‘autistic’ as insult, there are some autistic person here that are behaving in a mature and civilized way, and is not nice to read this word used that way.
            selfish/immature are the more accurate words

          • OMG you ppl sure are mad ah ? I don`t give a shit if i didn`t write corectly in english ..i write fast on my keyboard and ofc i make mistakes …but nvm ….i don`t stay and check for them …you frustated kids must be really mad …i hurt your feelings by attacking this translating guy ? Are you mad? Well i don`t give a shit about your existence …everyone on internet has an opinion so don`t cry that much ….You are very limited with your brain maybe ..thats why you attack me that way ! To say i should kill myself that tells how big your stupidity is and how much i hurt you by attaking this guy who translates =)))) Grow up kiddo Don`t be so serious about life !

        • Oh, I see you live in Italy. And you are 26. November 22nd, 1989.

          You are an adult, complaining about a fucking cartoon not having ENGLISH subtitles. And you are an adult. You really do deserve to kill yourself if something like this is so very important to you.

          Get a life or end your life you fucking shitfaced cunt.

  10. IM NOT COMPLAINING BUT, you work on these episodes every week, you know its gonna take a while, don’t put the fuckin ETA for everyone to come 2-3 hours later and be shit outta luck.

  11. Why does this always happen with Dragonball? All of the other anime have instant translations, but this one takes forever for some reason.

  12. For real people. Team works as fast as they can. Be even happy they do this using their own time. If you want subs right away, go and try yourself translate whole episode.
    Thank you for you hard work!

  13. Everyone loves this anime. Everyone is waiting even. For those who complain and say they cant wait:
    Learn Japanese or stop crying like little kids. doesn’t matter how long it takes for them to make this sub they still do it better then you ever will.

  14. how much longer. I hear goku dies in this one and tien has to take his place. and vegeta gets a divorce. and crillan transforms into a a super god human or better known as superman!!! cant wait!!!

  15. Having trouble translating I can understand. But it really isn’t that hard to tell the difference between 2-3 and 8 hours.

  16. The problem people are having is that everytime we reload this page people are getting money so it’s starting to seem like when he says 2-3 hours and it ends up being 7 it’s just to keep people refreshing the page. Having to wait for something and not knowing if or when it will come out is different the. Being Whiney

  17. Also, he said delayed by 2-3 hours, not that it would take only 2-3 hours from the time of his post. As in, for example, let’s say the release time was at the time of this post. By stating it would be delayed 2-3 hours, the release would be 2-3 hours from now, not 2-3 hours from when the statement was made.

    Also, maybe something else occurred that increased the delay amount. Perhaps something in his human life kept him from reaching the ETA. I wouldn’t expect you subspecies to understand something like that. Maybe it’s done, and it’s taking longer than expected to upload? Maybe it’s taking longer to process server-side? Many possibilities, but none that would get better due to your unjustified complaining about a free service that we all know will eventually get done at some point.

    Again more proof that the lot of you complaining about this are autistic shitfucks that don’t understand how humans function. Go do something else and come back tomorrow if waiting bothers you that much. Unless you literally have nothing in your life to do. Just shut the hell up you ungrateful non-human cuntwagons.

  18. Ken, thank you very much for all of the hard work you do to get us the translations. I have no problem at all with waiting longer, no matter what the reason is. I just wish others weren’t so stingy and mean to someone who is talking time out of their day to provide them with translations for a television show that they pay nothing for in the first place. Keep up the great work!

  19. Damn, I can’t wait anymore. But thank you Ken, for taking the time to provide us with subs every week. You’re a superhero without superpowers, like Mr. Satan. (No pun intended). =D

  20. just do it. come on. release it. goddamn it. I don’t care what the problem is. You have to release it immediatly. Now!!!

  21. you’re all slating Ken for the wait, yet you’re all sat here like dickheads thinking your words will speed it up and he’s sat reading them hahahahaha!!!!

  22. KenXyro, please don’t give ANY information how much time will be left, if there are problems. We won’t be so tired by waiting.

  23. i would go insane and forgot why ive gone 3 years into time chamber, lost the bond with people i knew and i dont know. lose my mind.

  24. What???? We wait 1 week for an episode, the whole day for translation(just mentioning it) and then the whole episode gets to be a rewind? I’m furious! They could at least show Monaka or something…

  25. What I’ve observe as an addition puzzle piece was remembering in Broly the legendary super saiyan. Broly transformed into the first super saiyan God 2 with its blue and purple high light hair just for a moment, until when Vegeta fired a energy blast at him and piss him off beside Goku of course. He then lost his focus point in God form 2 then he powered down into SSJ phyco form. He was still able to maintain his abilities like Goku did in Battle of the Gods when he fought with Beerus turning into SSJ form 2, so the creator Akira T was really brilliant to go back and re estimate that moment in time.

  26. best part, gohan and piccolo training. story has been been good so far. nice build up to meet the new guy maroak (i think thats his name) lol

  27. Thanks so much for the translations.
    Please don’t mind immature 5th graders that complain why video was late as they never worked in their lifes.

  28. After the last episode i dont think that goku is the saiyan that beerus saw in his vision, I think it’s Gohan. Remember Wis referring to it as the ultimate warrior from beerus dream. Remember that the elder kai who is also a godlike figure helped Gohan achieve his ultimate form in wich he is as strong as a ss1 without transforming… Vegeta said he has the most potential and right after that he said it is little to no use for him and goku to train because their bodies are almost maxed out… Think about it guys, Gohan is capable of achieving so much more than goku and vegeta ever could and look how far they’ve got.

  29. Has everyone already forgotten that the Hyperbolic Time Chamber can only be used twice by the same person? That was made clear during the Cell Saga

    • Yeah I thought of that too but you have to remember the line where Goku says “Dende is fixing it.” It was broken during the Majin Buu Saga by Piccolo to trap Buu, so I’m going to guess when Dende fixes it, new rules?
      It’s the same logic as the earth dragon balls being changed,where they went from only doing one wish to three thanks to Dende recreating them after Piccolo’s fusion with Kami left them powerless. Which many people still fail to remember. Is it not ironic that when Piccolo breaks something it gets fixed and made 3 times better?

  30. Wait A freakin second, Vegeta already used Hyperbolic Time Chamber 2 times. He shouldn’t be able to enter for the 3rd time. As far as I know Hyperbolic time chamber can only be used 2 times. What kind of plot hole is this?

  31. i think the delay is because anime takes some long time to render even bad animation ones plus more than one player plus multiple servers and a huge server and the fact that he doesn’t get any money from this and he is doing it for free why complain people if you have a problem then go watch anime in another site let people do what they want and watch what they like and where they like. just saiyan get it? no ok i will stop

  32. I just notice there’s a lot of members of fault finding committee here. Why this? Why that? That is not supposed to happen, and so on.. So glad there are also more intelligent people who can think, uses his brain and can explain to them why. For example Vegeta entered the hyperbolic chamber twice so it is impossible he can enter it thrice coz according to rules, you can enter that place twice only. Makes sense, but goku says dende is repairing it so we can say it might nullify those rules. That just simple, why bother asking idiot questions and blaming the plot. Just use your common sense and exercise your brain instead of complaining too much.

  33. This reminds me of that fan made flash Dragon Ball Multiverse tournament that can be seen in Youtube. Seriously, can these guys come up with anything original?

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