Dragon Ball Super Episode 31 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 31 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 31. Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 31 in High Quality HD online on www.watchdbzsuper.tv.
You Are watching Dragon Ball Super Episode 31. Episode 31 in the TV Anime Series Dragon Ball Super.



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69 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 31 Subbed”

  1. Wonder what will all the folks that say it’s Bulla say after it’ll be revealed that it’s actually kid Bulma from a flashback to Jaco’s manga..

  2. Hmm 11 more hours..
    Either they increased it on purpose of what happened before, or that scene in which the purple guy talking really fast is hard t translate for them…
    Btw here’s a tip: slow that scene down

  3. Happily waiting for the subs, but decided to watch the last 30seconds of the raw to see the episode 32 preview, and IT WAS WORTH IT!, Episode 31 seems like its really focused on Bulma & Jacco (I have no complaints about that) but the episode 32 preview is looking like the shit!! I cant wait! I wont spoil it for anyone, but i would advise everyone waiting for the Ep 31 Subs to take a sneak peek at the awesome Ep 32 preview.

    • Couldnt help myself, I watched the subbed episode on another site subbed by a different team than Kens, i have to say the standard of quality is BY FAR the best on this site right here, Most parts didn’t make sense but i was able to put 2 & 2 together using common sense, so definitely still waiting for kens subs, Also makes me appreciate the work these guys do a whole lot more.

  4. I too saw the subs on another site and most of it made no sense. So I appreciate these guys on this site because accuracy is worth the wait.

    • I tried watching that one too, gave up and came here. Guess I have to wait 4 hours more before I can watch it and understand what they’re saying

      • Yeah.. started watching it on some other crappy site but when they started about the saiyan blood part I gave up ^^ Big ups for Ken for actually giving us proper subtitles <3

  5. There are subs up on another website (anilinkz) but everyone is saying they already saw a sub that was up and it didn’t make sense. I guess I’ll wait.

    • He sucks, in Brittanica there isn’t the entry ‘suck’, there’s only ‘Dexter Fox’ with ‘to suck’ as derived from Dexter Fox.

  6. but eww valintines day is just an ancient myth for corporations to make money and young ppl to make mistakes. but the other translations were helpful.

  7. I watched this episode with shitty subtitles (Dexter Fox – I appreciate the effort but that episode didn’t make sense at all). After watching this, I realised I missed out on about 20% of the episode. Thanks KenXyro!!! Great Subbed version.

  8. LOL GOKU “I heard Bulma’s boobs were saggin’. ” Thank you Ken Xyro so much for another great sub. Other sites had unintelligible garbage.

  9. Went to KissAnime for the sub, and the guy who did it didn’t even try, it was that terrible. Came here like I usually do, and the sub is so good. Thanks for producing a top notch sub.

  10. Episodes like 31 kill all the momentum of a story line. This episode was meaningless, they could have at least shown Beerus acquiring Monaka, or they could have had Bulma ask if the god of destruction would really wish for the universe to be destroyed, or ask the location of the last dragon ball. This kind of inept writing is going to make Super look just like GT. We need more battles and characters coming in and then going to another dimension, I’m falling asleep here. I’m sorry, but you can’t have an episode where the over all story line is completely ignored, it pisses people off. The overall story has to keep advancing EVERY EPISODE, even slightly.

  11. The part where Vegeta said to Goku “It’s your saiyan blood. Saiyan woman are all strong willed.” (8:10) and Piccolo gets very surprised… Is Vegeta really talking about, let’s say “fluid bonding”, happened during sex, this being the explanation why both Chi-Chi and Bulma are so strong-willed, just like Goku said?
    Man…that’s some other sh*t DBS is doing, but i like it, it makes the show much more interesting to watch 😀

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