Dragon Ball Super Episode 32 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 32 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 32. Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 32 in High Quality HD online on www.watchdbzsuper.tv.
You Are watching Dragon Ball Super Episode 32. Episode 32 in the TV Anime Series Dragon Ball Super.



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166 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 32 Subbed”

  1. Oh crap, the art quality has gone down again! It’s not the worst, but it definitely isnt as good as it should be. -_-

  2. At first the subtitles were done around this time, even earlier, then you added 3 more hours for us to wait…and now you’re adding another 3…even for one translator this is ridiculous…

  3. I knew by last weeks preview this episode was gonna be the bees knees! 8 hours for subs is gonna feel like waiting a whole extra week T.T BUT, I know the wait is going to be worth it, Damb Awesome Ass Translators xD
    (But within the next hours i know one of two things will happen, 1. I will watch the RAW cause im an impatient MF, or 2. I will watch the subbed episode on another site that i know will be crappy compared to Ken & his teams lol, but still of course watch the completed subbed episode here once the countdown reaches zero, I JUST CANT WAIT xD)

  4. Watched the poorly released subs on another site, still waiting for the release here, but this episode is 10/10 hands down, im 25 and feel like im 8 watching this again, has all the old school DBZ humour, and the anticipation of the fights to go along with it.

  5. In the end, Goku (Kakaroth) is more aggressive than Vegeta.
    Vegeta can control his saiyan nature better than Goku, even if Goku never lived among saiyan unlike Vegeta.

    • “this is a lot like Dragonball Multiverse!” Yes. But only in the fact that there’s a tournament and there are people from different universes.

    • Probably because it was the first ‘pure’ saiyan he had encountered that he didn’t know since his childhood, so he must have had some sort of happyness knowing his race still flourished somewhere else.

    • yeah man its confusing now because Toriyama said in a interview a while ago that we will never get to see SSJ again, which made sense because why would goku go SSJ if SSB is his most strongest form, but now we see him go SSJ which makes no dam sense if they wanna win the tournament you’d think he’d go SSB

      • I already replied to your comment above.

        Toriyama NEVER stated that we won’t see SSJ again. He said we won’t be seeing SSJ 2 and 3 again. Please get your effing facts right.

      • I agree, it’s super confusing and I know exactly what you mean. I heard the exact same thing too. In any case, point being is that in the manga, he was in his regular form throughout vs. Botamo and did not transform into SSJ. It was not until he started fighting against Frost that he went SSJ.

        • Exactly what i mean dude, either way there probably was some miscommunication along the lines of what most fans thought Akira Toriyama said, but i was just trying to understand why Goku would go SSJ instead of going SSB i mean it is a tournament and beerus would encourage Goku to go full power everytime. Maybe a issue with Stanima and goku has no food on that planet lol.

        • maybe in the next episode he will fight botamo and frost. and they showed some parts of botamo fight and him turning super saiyan against frost but you dont see frost in the cutscene.

          what I’m trying to say: keep calm itll all turn out awesome.

    • they didn’t show him turning ssj in the same scene where he is fighting botamo maybe it’s like how they showed before that goku and vegita looking at the sky and kid bulma was driving the ship but we thought it was bra. sorry if my english is bad

      • No, because the matches happen differently in the anime if you paid attention to this episode. piccolo is fighting frost next, not goku.

  6. For some reason this Call Of Duty ad keeps playing during the episode, and there is no way for me to stop it or get rid of it.

    Its shows up in this box here

  7. I also noticed this, apparently the animators had a ton of errors. I’ll list the ones I noticed here. If I forgot any, feel free to add them.

    1. Krillin isn’t bald like he is in the manga. He is also wearing different clothes

    2. What happened to the scene where both Goku and Vegeta went Super Saiyan Blue in the Time Chamber?

    3. They were supposed to meet Monaka in that cube thing, not at Beerus’ planet.

    4. In the preview for the next episode, Goku is shown to go Super Saiyan against Botamo, when that is wrong. He was in his normal form against Botamo and went Super Saiyan against Frost.

    What is wrong with you god damn animators? You can’t stick to the original stuff? You idiots need to seriously go back and redo this whole damn episode.

  8. and Toriyama said we won’t ever see SSJ again lol, ok now i see he was saying that just to throw us off guard, so in saying that we will eventually get to see SSB2 and 3 and possibly higher!

  9. Is it just me or is Monako the lamest looking Dragonball character that I’ve ever seen?? I know that they did it to be mildly humorous but seriously…. all that build up for a guy that doesn’t even look like he could fight his way out of a paper bag?? He’s just looks silly, poorly drawn, and weak looking.

    • The point is so sharp. I do not see how you have missed it.
      A lot of villains haven’t looked physically intimidating, and then turned out to be fucking powerhouses, or have a strange power.

      • Yeah but this guy just looks stupid. I could put up with Fat Majin Buu and Little Frieza but this guy is just fucking dumb looking. The thing with the nipples is just stupid and not funny in the least imo. Oh and the drawing of him looks like something a toddler thought up and drew with a crayon.

  10. I know the animation and story have not been up to par with the original (obviously) but i do hope it can one day get a bit close.

  11. How is vegeta able to enter the hyperbolic time chamber? It can only be used 2 times and Vegeta used it 2 times already on Cell Saga. What kind of stupid ass plot hole is this? Who the fuck is writing this anime?

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