Dragon Ball Super Episode 33 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 33 Subbed

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353 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 33 Subbed”

    • You don’t want to display all of your powers in the first round, especially since Majin Buu is already eliminated. He may have to in the end, but if he can avoid it, he will.

    • of…. of course it is.

      SSJ 3 is actually pretty bad, putting massive strain on the body. For goku, like toriyama said, we are only gonna see SSJ 1, because it is the best all around form, the most controllable, and proabably the most powerful when trained. But then there is the god forms, which he cant go around using willy nilly, because they can break the universe.

      • SSJ1 isn’t the most powerful at any point, the higher you go, the power in aplified. But SSJ1 is the most controllable and he can pretty much stay in that form as long as he wants.

        A good median is probably SSJ2, though. He can stay in it for extended periods vs SSJ3 and doesn’t cause a heavy drain.

        • It can be far, far more powerful than ssj2 and 3, if trained well. The fighting they can do in that form is far better than the others because most of them have mastered it.

          • That is absoluutly not how they work.. The super saijan forms amplify the base forms.
            ssj3 is many times more powerful than ssj1 and 2, and if goku would try to fight his ssj3 form in ssj1 he would get completely wrecked by a single punch, or at most a few punches.

            The power is enormously amplified in ssj3 compared to the other forms, that is exactly why it strains the body much more, because it pushes the normal ki and physical power of the body to their absolute limits and any attacks consume a lot more power at once than the lower forms.

            According to an old chart drawn by Akira back in the day ssj1 is 50 times stronger than the base form, ssj2 is 100 times stronger than the base form and ssj3 is 400 times stronger than the base form. This is in all aspects, so strength, speed, ki levels, toughness and everything else is greatly amplified.

  1. Super sayian isnt stronger then ssj 3 just has alot more stamina and is able to go for longer with out taking as much of a toll on your body

  2. In the preview they say Goku gets eliminated by that Frieza looking guy and Vegeta also ? Why did they train for so long just to get knocked oute so early ? Will there be a plot twist ? Will they break the rules and start fighting just to kill them ?

    • I hope you now understand why, right? Frost, as opposed to Frieza, is a protector of piece as was explained in this episode. After turning SSJ, Goku could have very easily defeated Frost. The reason why he purposely got defeated, I think, has everything to do with Frost being a good character. Goku probably wanted him to win so Frost could get the support of Champa for his piece keeping mission in his own universe. Otherwise there would have been no reason for Goku to loose that easily

    • Im pretty sure beerus said goku has to fight in Buu’s place, so goku throwing this fight wouldnt mean much if this is true, as im sure the two fights everyone wants to see is Vegita Vs Cabe and Goku Vs Hit, since Goku is the first fighter, we couldnt expect him to run through the whole of champas team till he gets to the important fighters giving no one else a chance to fight, i think goku is just giving everyone a fair chance in participation on top of securing his fight later on in the tournament.


      • I dont think so, because they are only working a specifik amount of hours every day 😛 so with more money, they would work longer every day 😛

          • Instead of getting personal like a little child, why don’t you tell me what about my statement is wrong? There’s plenty of other anime’s out there with better animations, and if anything, DBS SHOULD have very nice animations to amplify the fights.

            The fact that it is so much worse than any of the previous DB anime’s is odd to me, and a shame.

          • Its really not what you said, its the attitude of entitlement that ppl that complain seem to have, your comment isnt really as bad as others so i dont know why i replied to you, might have been the last straw for me. Its like Hey, wtf Toryiama, im here watching this for free and demand it be a 10/10 show to my satisfaction. Nothing wrong with constructive criticism, but ppl nowadays feel entitled to perfection with zero contribution. It takes money to make high quality, im just happy we have a new DB series, and of course ur entitled to ur opinion.

          • but we have contributed as fans, as fans we have kept this relevant so that they could make another one, Personally i understand both sides because i enjoyed this, but i also can see the flaws in the animation. And yes i did watch it for free so beggars can’t be choosers… But at the same time, c’mon step the animation of this up and make it legendary. Also dudes rich, im not, hes rich because a bunch of non rich people liked his idea, his creation and paid him for it.

          • this show is a parody of dbz…its not the next step. its almost like a reimagining. the tone is less serious. theres less impact to the punches its not as fast. its just kind of a joke with a loose story. the animation minimum should at least look like resurrection F. super is a failure…

    • Well thats true but the problem is fuji tv or other channels restricts the amount of time. Ads has to be shown and other shows needs be on schedule. Hence why ova’s sometimes go up to 30 or more

  3. Goku got eliminated 2 round they r gonna bring him back in to the mix somehow I just can’t wait for vegetas fight piccolo is seeming pretty strong for him by the preview

  4. The animation is so freaking TERRIBLE. Look at how stupid it looks when Goku is punching Botamo! Why did Toei give this show such a low budget? Do they not realize how popular Dragonball is???

    • yeah and all they do is recolor freeza a bit and give him a different voice, i am over this series i am a big fan of DBZ but not this BS

      • stop complaining. then you should hate every sayan, even gokus father looked like goku. or the namekians.. its the species of freezer so of course they look the same, like freezers father. frost has a totaly different character.

        • I am sorry for complaining i will appreciate every bit of detail, i am very sorry my friend, may you have a nice day., yeah right get out of here! youre just about as diluted as the rest of them. Tell toei to give us something new instead of this BS because replying to my comment aint gonna help.

      • well one it’s dragon ball. 2 it’s a different universe frieza so h’s gonna look the same idiot. three he has the same voice as shown in the show and heard

    • and anyone can draw a big fat teddy bear, they should at least have some detail to the drawings and a bigger crowd, its like the animators / drawers just couldnt be phucked

    • right? DB, DBZ, and DBGT all had MUCH, MUUUUCCHHH better animation…

      Maybe they’re doing it on purpose so that nobody will be willing to watch Dragonball after this, ever, again.

    • GT also had a way better story line and SSJ4 and Golden Ape form made way more sense as transformations than this SSJ God bullshit.

      • I disagree. GT is garbage and it doesn’t feel anything like Dragonball. The only thing I dislike about Super is the low budget art and animation.

        • DB Super is worse than GT ever was, in pretty much every way. Half of GT was just the way Dragonball was, light hearted and adventurous with young characters (kid Goku, Pan and Trunks) while the latter half was more like DBZ, darker and more serious in tone. DB Super by comparison is pretty lame and has people like Vegeta and Piccolo behaving totally out of character.

          • What about Vegeta and Piccolo is out of character exactly? “DB Super by comparison is pretty lame” You haven’t given a reason yet.

          • yea its not out of character. suepr is great, its the next arc. this is where the characters were headed after buu saga. im just happy vegeta is finally the strongest, as he should be. its interesting that gohan is training again though, maybe toriyama has the balls to stick it out and make gohan the strongest, as original plot and story makes the most sense that way.

          • To me GT seems like fanfiction. Like someone was trying to copy the tone of earlier Dragonball (and they failed) and then it got a little bit too dark. The tone wasn’t authentic to me and the show was boring.
            Vegeta and Piccolo aren’t out of character in Super, they’ve just grown up. You could tell Vegeta changed at the end of the Buu saga when he admitted Goku was superior and gave him a thumbs up. Piccolo has always been becoming nicer throughout the course of the series…He also has Kami with him now, so it makes sense that he’s the way he is.
            I don’t get why you think characters should always have the same personality. I like character development. Super was written by Toriyama himself and it seems like this is how the story naturally would have progressed after the more light hearted Buu saga.

          • That’s how I feel about this series, the plot feels amateurish – hold hands to reach god mode, Goku and Vegeta as house maids, basic fighting lessons from Whis (AKA Turtle Hermit training as adults) -, the character designs are lame and the first 30 episodes are nothing but an extended version of two badly done movies.

            Also, it has none of the maturity of Z and is more cheesy than Dragonball, without the strength of plot or character development. While going from light-hearted to serious worked from Dragonball to Z, it’s cringeworthy to have adult characters regress at this point.

            Vegeta and Piccolo haven’t “developed”, they’re just presented as different. Vegeta’s totally lost his pride, making a fool out of himself for corny entertainment. He admitted Goku was better at the end of Z but now he’s suddenly trying to surpass him again, so which is it? Piccolo is super campy, he was never that way after he fused with Kami in the original series.

            There are numerous plot weaknesses too: Bulma randomly having a sister, Jaco and the Galactic patrol being shoehorned into the series, SSJ2 Vegeta > SSJ3 Goku against Beerus, Beerus being rewritten into Dragonball history – turns out Freiza destroyed the Saiyans not because he was afraid but because Beerus told him to. Oh and Vegeta has known about Beerus all along, so have the Kai’s, but no one ever mentioned him.

            I hate that they rehashed Freiza as a villain this late in the game, and a lot of plot points pertaining to his return are weak:

            1) His body parts were vaporized by Trunks, yet that’s how he’s revived
            2) He somehow knows about Beerus and Majin Buu
            3) He reached SSGSS level in four months….
            4) Turns out he’s never trained before, that diminishes him as a character.
            5) As Mecha-Freiza he was said to be more powerful than he could ever become naturally, now that obviously isn’t true any more.

            I feel like GT had more depth, better plot arcs and transformations, and when it brought back villains it did so in a better way. Besides, much of the reason people hate GT is true of Super as well, everyone is depowered except Goku and Vegeta.

          • What a brilliant response to criticism! Yes, lets just don our fanboy blinders and stupidly accept everything without pointing out blunders! I’m a Dragonball fan, so I enjoy watching it, I just don’t think it’s as good as the previous instalments of the series.

            I’ll say this about Super though, i like that they’re expanding the universe and the concept of a God of Destruction VS God’s of creation is cool, even if I don’t agree with the ad hoc way Beerus was introduced. Having God ki as a totally different tier of power is pretty cool too, I just don’t like Saiyan’s having access to it.

  5. waited another week for this bullchit, wtf why am i seeing frieeza again? i don’t wanna see him again. poor animation as well, over this series its for kids…

    • so cooler is also frieza? king cold is also frieza? universe 6 and 7 are mirrored so by default freizas race would exist and one would be as powerful as frieza, however frost is not a dooshbag
      if you don’t like it then don’t watch it simple 😉

  6. man this is so boring!! the animatitors are friggin lazy! i mean we are seeing frieza again but a different color and in a different voice, we just seen frieeza again over the last 20 episodes, this bullchit. i wanna see a new char.

    • They actually surpassed the manga.
      in the manga it ends with frost going to his final form and that’s it in this episode toei just either spoiled or altered the outcome of toriyama because since the chapter does not show a winner but he shows goku and how he frost beats him it could be different when the next manga chapter

          • dude just stop almost everyone is sick and tired of goku winning, besides goku gets another chance due to them missing a person on they’re team

          • he’s the creator, Toriyama gave Toyatarou and Toei a treatment of dragonball super and that’s basically a condensed version of the whole plot,characters and the finish. Toei and Toyotarou are adapting Toriyama’s treatments in their own way which is why the manga and anime have had some significant differences.

          • okay thats why the story is so bad and dont meet the fans exceptations .this is another gt man .fuck that and the fans stories like dragonball multiverse and dragonball absalon is ten times better than this

          • Super IS cannon because Toriyama wrote the story, the characters and everything else. Toyotarou is drawing it and adding his own touches to it and Toei is animating it and adding their own touches to it.

          • okay so i accept the story because i know him .but that the biggest shock until now to let goku eliminated easily from round 2 instead of the winning fate

    • you can see that Goku winked and Jako saw it because as demonstrated in goku vs freeza fight he has excelent eye sight….goku is kind hearted abd he let frost win because what frost sad ( he needs to win to recveive Champas support ) plus i think Goku realized that even Picollo can beat frost…i mean he demolished frost in his maximum power, and goku was only in SSJ form not in SSB ( super sayan blue )……..and you can see that as soon as Goku transformed Hit loked at him so it is obvius that he is the strongest in U6 team …and i think he will be somehow the next mean vilain
      Even Champa seems nice ( see what he says to Vados that if frost loses, it woould be pitiful…also i think there is something for us in the future regarding Vados as well, she is diferent from Wiss

      • thats why i dont love this defeat we need goku to win not some ass defeat to help someone from another universe that is shit idea if u ask me and thats how the author fails here .the fans need fighting and i mean real fighting not some ass attitudes from goku or any one and the worse that is picollo is the next one to fight waht da fuck is that ?

  7. A lot of people seem to be theorizing that at 21:00, Goku “winked” (Jaco supposedly understood) at Frost n threw the match away because he wanted to give the other team members a chance..However, it seemed more like a grimace than a wink..
    But given that Goku looks fine in the next episode as seen at 22:58, it might be possible after all..

    • I agree with your opinion though. If it is a wink, it does not make sense. You need to know Goku suddenly have weird vision after the punch. Goku is perfectly fine before Frost punch him and Goku deflected it.
      He can be fine as Kibito is there too. He has healing powers… remember ?

        • Given Toriyama’s infamous reputation for inconsistency, sure. Obviously Frost is fighting dirty, and Jaco clearly saw something happen during that last hit.

          • Its not toriama jeez check for the author of dbsuper
            Both manga and anime
            Also by ur reasoning jaco got better eyes than whis who can see how vegeta is training looking just on his muscles

          • What nonsense are you babbling? Toriyama is personally writing the story for DB Super. Also, Jaco clearly saw something happen, go rewatch that scene.

          • That was no wink, that was a wince of pain. Also, we saw Goku go dizzy from his own point of view, so no, he didn’t throw the fight, he flat out lost.

          • Right, that’s why it was made very clear that Frost needed to win for the children of he’s universe so that Champa would support him. Right after even Bulma rooted for Frost Goku suddenly falls ill from eating too much? You think Goku just trained 3 years straight with Vegeta in HBTC to lose from overeating? Nah you are stupid and don’t know Goku’s character. Why would Frost look at Goku like that after he kicked him out otherwise? Goku used to eat way more then he did on he’s way to the tournament in unverse 6 before any fight. Goku was testing Botama I mean did you seriously not see how weak he was? In the manga Goku claims to warm up as he runs laps around Botama while hes serious shooting beams at Goku. From the start Goku knew who was the strongest in universe 6 the guy that didn’t even open hes eyes yet Goku noticed him twice in recent episodes and gave him a serious look. Also universe 6 fighters are 5, universe 7 are only 4 Goku knows he will have a chance to go again

          • Lmao! Stop making up bullshit dumbass. No one said he lost because of over eating, he lost because Frost is fighting dirty. Jaco reacts to something during that last hit (before Goku “winks”) and Frost has an evil satisfied smirk on his face right after it happens. We even see Goku go dizzy from his own point of view, so we know something happened to him in that moment.

            There is no rule whatsoever that Universe 7 gets an extra turn because they have less fighters, although they might find a way to get Goku back in. By your moronic logic though, they should just forfeit the whole tournament so Frost can win for the kids….obviously not gonna happen. You’re gonna look like a total retard next week, remember me then.

          • It’s really eye opening to see just how tough it is for people to understand dbz. Dragon ball uses a lot of non verbal communication to tell it’s story. Suspect neighbor and a huge amount of people here/on reddit can’t seem to understand any of this.

          • this show is a parody of dbz a formor shadow of its self…its not the next step. its almost like a reimagining. the tone is less serious.. the animation minimum should at least look like resurrection F. super is a failure

          • It’s funny how all he did was throw a punch… a punch so weak in fact Goku slapped that shit like hell outta here with that weak sauce. What you are saying makes no sense at all, Goku is fine in the preview Frost didn’t poison him or use a cheap trick. Don’t you think Wiz or Jaco would have called him out for cheating and have him eliminated? Goku winked with the eye watch it again and Frost doesn’t put on a “evil satisfied smirk” he looks shocked. Where is that evil smirk you talk about? Also Goku doesn’t look like he is in pain either he looks dizzy not in pain. Just wait for next episode and you’ll see. Thinking that Frost is a bad guy after everything that was said about him having to win a fight to save the children of his universe to the point were even universe 7 was rooting for the guy doesn’t make any sense. The preview doesn’t mention Frost. It is clearly Goku talking about Piccolo’s new techniques. I’ma be back next episode to make you eat your words.

          • Obviously he did more than just throw a punch, what exactly has yet to be revealed, there was a purple spark when it landed and a sound effect indicating something strange happened. Goku is fine in the preview because he’s obviously recovered by then, and Wiz didn’t notice anything only Jaco did, and he probably doesn’t know enough to say exactly what it is he saw yet. That’s not a wink, it’s a wince of pain, there’s no playfulness about it, and the smirk I’m talking about is at 21:00 – there’s even an accompanying little laugh sound, like he’s successfully accomplished something and is expecting a result.

            Has it not occurred to you that Frost’s overly nice guy persona might be an act? Or maybe he’s so desperate to win to help his people he’s willing to cheat. Anyway, I can tell you’re not someone who can read between the lines, so I’ll wait till it’s spelled out for you next week.

          • You jokers make me laugh. You guys can’t see the obvious and you’re here talking about me not reading between the lines nigga this is DB! Alright bet we’ll see next episode you guys twist shit how you want it Frost did not smirk he was shocked Goku did not look like he is in pain fail again. And the preview doesn’t even mention Frost he is clearly talking about Piccolo

          • LOL! The whole EPISODE doesn’t fit yours that much is clear. Unless you are from another parallel Universe than me ; ) Ever heard of the Mandela effect?

          • From preview for episode 34: “what was that?! I ain’t got no idea what kind of technique that was!”. You ready to eat dem words boy?

          • From the preview, Goku is clearly wondering what the hell Frost did to him, what technique he used.

        • “do u think something poor like needle is going to slip through Whis eyes unnoticed?” – After watching episode 34, care to repeat that? LOL!

  8. Bad fights, bad animation, skinny all the heroes. You know it’s like this ain’t Dragonball series. I feel bad, hope that this blind toriyama will make it better soon

  9. 11 hours for subs? pretty sure me and plenty other people will be watching this elsewhere, even with shady subs, this isnt me telling the person who does the subs to hurry up, but you stated in your last episode that websites that are giving bad subs are ruining their reputation, well waiting till 8pm UK time when others will probably have crappy subs up at 12-2PM is ruining YOUR reputation, i prefer using this site, and i dont need the subs to be perfect, i just need a relatively good indication of what is happening at the time. Whoever is the first to upload subs, will end up being the ones that make ‘the most’ from their advertising revenue, the second another website has some subs up, plenty of people will watch it and the move on until next week

    • Get off your high horse. They are providing a free service. How impatient can people really be in this day and age. Go watch it elsewhere because your bitching won’t be missed here

        • Lol am I complaining about the sub? No? Ok then I am taking my own advice and I’m not bitching. Don’t try to twist my words on me because your bitching about the sub too. If he wants bad subs like he says then he won’t be missed. He has plenty of other choices. I for one am giving them some useful advice as well by saying take 24 hours if need be.

          • youre still bitching though lmao. see what the issue here is? dude just gave a marketing protip and you took offense to it for some reason and started an attack. the clever troll above you simply called you out on the lack of intelligence by commenting “quit bitching” to someone (who honestly wasnt complaining, as i and other have said, marketing advice with facts, not opinion) but then bitching about them in your own post. just stupid lol. does that catch you up? i came here because they dexter fox guy is terrible at subs and i was 3 weeks behind, so i watched them all right now and was happy. theres are good subs, i like them, and i have lots to watch on sundays anyways. just think next time before you post, mkay pumpkin?

    • cmon, don’t look at the poor animation. What realy important is the story lines and the fights. If it’s poor animated, you should re-animate the series. i bet there will be someone that will also complain about your re-animation. So don’t look at the little details to much. They are doing the series because of the budget. If everyone complains about the animation, what kind of motivation would it give the producers?

      • I completely disagree with you there Soul Reaper.
        If you don’t care about the animation, or if we shouldn’t look at animation, but focus on the story.. we’d be reading the manga, and not watching the anime (ANIME -> ANIMATION; see it?)

        The animation is extremely poorly done, and that’s a big, big shame. They’d been better off just coloring the manga and not animating it at all, at htis point.

  10. Man you guys do such an awesome job when subbing dragonball super it’s great! I understand how difficult it can be to go through such a lengthy process of subbing it and I can totally understand that. I just want to know however what is causing the sub to release 8 hours later? Will it be like this forever? I think I’m a bit late on the details haha.

  11. The way the other saiyan from champa universe talk to champa is like he doesnt know anything about supersaiyan , it seem that the only strong one there is the purple guy

  12. Im pretty sure beerus said goku has to fight in Buu’s place, so goku
    throwing this fight wouldnt such a big deal if this is true, as im sure the
    two fights everyone wants to see is Vegita Vs Cabe and Goku Vs Hit,
    since Goku is the first fighter, we couldnt expect him to run through
    the whole of champas team till he gets to the important fighters giving
    no one else a chance to fight, i think goku is just giving everyone a
    fair chance in participation on top of securing his fight later on in
    the tournament.
    Just a theory though, i could be wrong.

  13. lol Goku faked it just so he can fight Hit! Jeez what’s wrong with the guy doesn’t he know his planet is on the line!!?

  14. I think its clear that goku winked, jaco saw it clearly, and my theory is he swapped strength to frost, frost after had a goku like stare and stance while goku had the staggered shaky legs like frost did…then got knocked out. What seals the deal on this “theory” for me anyway is that frost had a look of extreme worry on his face right at the end as if experiencing gokus power was scary and shocking to him. As others have already said Goku very well could have done this since he took Buu’s place and gets another fight…I mean goku tearing through that whole team wouldn’t have been too exciting to watch lol

  15. Maybe the sixth universe is a place where good guys are evil, and evil guys are good (as Kabe and Frost show). This does means that people from Namek are evil. Most likely.

  16. Are people here stupid or what? Goku lost because he was stung by Frost. If you look closely you can see him being stung by it, and it probably made Goku sleep. That’s it. Nothing more, no one changed their powers, or whatever these silly theories are about on. He lost because he was caught OFF GUARD with that tiny sting. That’s it.

    • Or, maybe that is complete bollocks and a stupid theory, and it’s goku throwing the match and losing on purpose so that Frost can get the help he needs to stop wars. Its goku, of course he is going to do things for the greater good.

    • Maybe you’re just one of those many idiots who thinks every one of your theories is 100% correct. Nobody knows exactly what happened till we get the explanation next episode. It’s Dragonabll Super, anything can happen. In my opinion, Goku gave Frost his power because what Frost was fighting for. That was that “STING”. That’s it.

  17. does any body have a link to sub to this episode low quality one will also be fine for me at the moment this takes forever

  18. I agree that 12 hours for subbing is a bit exaggerated. The episode was published on Youtube with Spanish subtitles 15 hours ago, I have to say the translation is flawless and the subtitles have great quality. If there are Spanish speakers in this forum, look for the episode on Youtube.

  19. So what is the reason for increasing the time for subs? Right now it’s 3PM, and subs usually come hours before. What’s the deal? There’s no reason. You give them for free, yes, but at least be consistent with your sub releases. Too long.

  20. Let me say thank you for the free service you provide us true fans. Don’t listen to all these naggers and naysayers. Keep the great subs coming. If they want crappy choices then there’s plenty of other options out there for them. I guarantee they will be back here to watch the better version later anyways. Them being here complaining is proof of that.

    • Yeah they come to watch with better subs got angry because of that time clock lol
      If somene ever tried translating and subbing would know that is pretty tiring task and not easy one, they wanna make subs as good as possible so why so angry on them?

    • There’s only one guy, surprisingly, that’s doing the subs. We HAVE to be here, but it sucks that we have to wait even more longer for the subs, for no apparent reason. I’m not the one to give positive encouragement just for the sake of it.

  21. This was expected from goku, as soon as universe 6 freeza mentioned that he needed to win to put an end to war in his world and help the children of his world, goku showed empathy and gave the guy a win for that reason. Piccolo is going to be bad ass next episode i cant wait! Great season! DBZ IS BACK BABY!

    • That’s not what happened. Frost looks like he cheated. If you look at his hand, there is a hole in it. It looks like Frost poisoned Goku, even Jacko saw it

          • still he gave one to goku after he left and we didin’t see if he eated it or not , might be wrong 🙂

        • If you look very closely at 12:56 – 12:58, you will see a pink spark above Frost’s right wrist as it hits the palm of Goku’s hand.

          Either this was a weapon and Frost cheated or it was his race’s unique ability which is that their ki blasts are capable of paralyzing their opponent.

          • i cant get that however i Always have trouble if its done with a device that wel ssj goku’s skin should be to hard/dense for a device to penentrate it while powered up,but maybe its a strong material or something or indeed a paralizing attack or perhaps goku faked it for frost to help him?

          • If you go back to DBZ where future trunks introduce himself he attack goku with his sword to test his strength if you watch it, the weapon didn’t cut him because he place energy aura around his finger to be tough as fuck, but in here he stop his power up glow so maybe that’s how the sting pierce him

      • Well actually it wasn’t poison at all. What Frost actually did was stunning Goku followed by knocking him off the arena for the win. This ability can be used by the Freeza race in Dragon Ball Xenoverse and although the game is not cannon, it’s presumably possible that Frost’s stunning ability has been taken from it.

        EDIT: Whatduya know? I was wrong.

      • Poisonous Stingers – Frost possess stingers in the holes on his wrists that are coated with poison. He can use this to make opponents drowsy and weak in order to gain an advantage, and he uses this weapon to win against Goku.
        Found this on dragonball wiki

      • I don’t think so, as he took ssj form only. He can go upto ssj 3 then to ssj God stable form if needed in fight to escalate to that level. He predicted that ssj would be more than enough to beat frost, as he did when defeating freeza on namek.

        I think that frost species in universe 6 has stunn ability he used on goku as detected by Jacko. Goku didn’t knew about this ability as freeza never had or probably never used this ability on any of the fighters in universe 7.

    • Im so glad i watched this episode before reading the comments and seeing this cock gobbler spoiling it with what happens p.s did you manage to get my condom out of your ass from last night babe

  22. LOL Are you guys serious? Goku winked at him… he threw the fight because of what Frost said. Goku does that type of stuff…. No debate necessary .

          • If u didn’t get goku’s style u don’t know him well. Watch closely when frost’s last punch 👊 he and Jaco were shocked at that time because they saw goku winked at frost .

          • lol it’s not a wink, but just wait til next week when you find out Goku didn’t throw the fight. There would be no point in him doing so anyway.

          • Did’nt see the episode everyone wanted frost to win to put an end to war in his world and help the children of his world. Goku is kind remember so he had to loss to help frost SEE THERE IS A POINT

          • There is no point, might as well forfeit the whole tournament by that logic since the winner keeps fighting.

  23. Wow, ok either Goku threw the fight for what had Frost had said or frost knows a technique like Vados, Wis and the Gods of destruction of knowing where they hit you in pressure points to knock someone unconscious.

  24. Either Goku obviously threw this fight, or he was genuinely tired from his training with Vegeta lol. Well the tourny isn’t everything. Goku wasn’t even using an 1/8 of his power ROFLLL.

      • No it’s not old age, you saw what Goku said to Vegeta in both the Manga and the anime. Saiyans don’t even start to age until age 80. The Saiyan Anatomy is completely different from humans.

  25. thanks for the subtitle and translation guys!

    great episode, now it’s fun to watch and feels like DBZ again.

    either that attack was special or Goku decided to pretend

  26. great episode but still horrible animation. But i do appreciate how fast they’re moving the story along. Goku is a beast but c’mon bruh really? And frost is very underwhelming.

    • well, we this probably happened for plot reasons. I guess frost somehow cheated there, so Goku can join the tounament on a later point again. Why plot reason? It would be boring if Goku defeats akk, but if someone Matches Goku in Battle Power then Piccolo wouldnt see any light, and that would be totaly boring as well. U could argue wh not let Vegeta get next. The problem there , an enemy that can beat Vegeta fair is too strong for Piccolo as well. And last in story point why frost is weaker: Freezer was a Geniuse in Fighting, probably like 1 a billion years in a Universum. The only reason why Goku could beat Freeza is, that Freeza wasnt training, until his revival. And why he lost after his Rivaval is explained in the anmie 😉

  27. Frost is probably only as strong as Freeza’s final form back in the original freeza saga. Since he never used his final form again and sealed it away after accidentally killing someone with it he never trained hence why even at his fullest he’s no match for a super saiyan phase 2. My guess is that if Frost wanted he could train for 4 months and even gain some golden form of his own like Freeza. But as it is he’s understandably weak.

    • I dont think so. I kinda dont believe that Frost is a Prodigy as Freeza is. My guess is that it would for a normal Frost demon take a whole lifetime of training under normal cinditions. Else we easily had seen a Golden Cooler. Or mayby Freezers golden Form is a equivalent of Coolers 5th form. But i still think Frezzer was just a total Prodegy. He could fight an SSJ on nearly equal Ground. and He attained his 4 Forms without any kind of training.

    • I think ure wronk, transformations only multiply warriors base power so if base form is stronger then so it will be with transformation

  28. I bet there will be a rematch in the end with Goku because someone cheated and used psychic power against Goku. My bet is everyone on Gokus team will be defeated by then.

  29. that was nice of goku don’t you think… I mean frost looks way younger then freeza was.. but why do I feel whis is going to haul gohan’s ass to that match asap by the last 2 episodes to fight..

  30. Did Goku loose on purpose??? WTF! We still got two trump cards…We still have room for another team member and the alternate fighters seem to be behind in strength and abilities following our timeline…Goku coulda beat frost in his final form as a regular super sayian…

  31. how stupid are you guys? frost literally like poisened him or stung him or something from the slow punch. in both of his hands you can see a tiny black hole. why do you think goku started becoming dazed and started walking straight towards him? frost prob did it by accident though because even he was shocked. remember what he said, in that form of his its really hard for him to control it, so of course dire situations call for dire solving.

  32. hmm. I think it was some kind of drug. This might sound strange but that wink that Goku gave was not on purpose. I think it was an immediate side effect of the drug. Jaco saw it and was shocked at the wink….not at Goku losing… and being a galactic officer he is obviously aware of these drugs and their side effects. Beerus also threatened to destroy the world if they didn’t win and I don’t think Goku is stupid enough to risk that. I’m mean who can purposely blur their vision and make themselves on the brink of consciousness so their opponents can hit them. And even if he was able to Goku just has too much Saiyan pride to do that. Honestly, Goku wouldn’t sacrifice his place to allow Frost to get Champa’s assistance. Much rather he would ask to go fight in the war with himself.

    • Plus if they won they’d have to switch earths…so it makes no sense to loose for a greater cause when there really is none.

  33. –Extremely long, opinion/new theory post–

    People, people… I got out with my own theory, it might sound stupid but it’s only a theory.
    So basically, I noticed that Goku was a bit more aggresive, he wouldn’t go this hard on nice people like this freeza, and yes, there’s many theories like: Goku winked and faked the loss, but to counter act that, his vision was blury. Then, freeza used some kind of ability or poison, but he wasn’t really confident or anything, he was surprised and used the right moment. Then last one as I know is the food theory, but to counter act that, why should the food poison hit at this time, exact time ?

    Moving on, I told why other theories MIGHT be not right, and I will can tell what’s wrong about my theory is that there’s more theories.

    Starting off, as I said goku went more aggresive then usually, the nice freeza was talking about saving children, but goku didn’t give a damn and punched him. As we know even if the Freeza would be lying, Goku isn’t so smart, he would just take it as he’s a nice guy, remember what happened with Raditz for example in DBZ ?

    So finally what the theory is: I think Goku is turning evil, now, now, come down you all, this is just a theory.

    –Supporting my theory–

    1) First of all, Goku bumpt his head at the childhood and went to amnesia, but there is recovery from amnesia with time, so maybe it was the right time? And he was starting to remember everything, and getting aggresive ?
    2) Second, as I said for the third time, Goku never was so aggresive without rage, and especially the nice guys, Freeza was talking about saving children but Goku were aggresevily punching him.
    3) Third option would be that it’s universe 6 itself, maybe it effects Goku by somehow, since we know that if someone is evil on universe 7, he’s nice on universe 6 and if someone good on universe 7 he’s evil on universe 6. So there’s possibilities there’s evil Goku on universe 6 and it’s effecting the good Goku somehow.

    –Final words–

    Okay, people, if you support or have any more supportive facts to my theory, please comment below, or have your own opinion comment below, just don’t hate over my opinion, I just feel something bad is coming for some reason.

  34. If this fight gets out of control, as all the tournaments have in the past, we will be ready. Who knows what tricks goku and vegeta have planned from 3 years of training….maybe Super Sayian God Gogeta is a “eventho-we-can’t-fuse-but-the-shit-may-hit-the-fan” or a “we-may-have-to-beat-beerus/whis/vados/champa’s-ass” trump card.

  35. For everyone that has the belief that Goku did this one purpose, watch the episode at that spot once more.

    Clearly, he was affected by a poison of some sort, due to him faltering like that. Him winking towards Frost, was him under the influence of the drug that Frost put upon him. It’s apparent also because Jako noticed it, and Goku’s vision was blurred.

    • he definately didnt do it on purpose….this was just a way for toriyama to not let goku be defeated and let the others like piccolo actually fight…caz come on…goku went first…that is arguably the best fighter going first….you would expect him to beat everyone….so i like that he lost but there was a catch to it….so yeh my best beat is that frost poisoned him…look at the face frost did when goku winked…he knew that right there the poison or watever affected goku

      • Poisoning is against the rules. Also frost is a good and admirable guy. No way he would poison since he’s not evil. He keeps going on about wanting to gain champas support. The final nail in the coffin was he’s doing it to end war and help the children. No way Goku wanted 6o humiliate such an admirable guy, who one the universal piece prize 3 times. Goku definitely winks when frost mentions the children and goes to punch him.

    • Clearly he winks after frost says he’s doing it for the children. Frost would be crushed and lose hope. Goku is too nice to humiliate frost. Also as a Saiyan he wants to be honorable

  36. Frost said he had trouble controlling his powers in his final form. He hit Goku, scraping or pricking him with a stinger on his wrist area. It’s probably what accidentally killed that “evil doe’r” he was talking about, but Goku can “Handle” it (as Frost stated while he was transforming) at least without getting killed. Goku pushing Frost to his final form helped uncover some powers he didn’t know he had….”like how Frieza pushed Goku to SSJ”. I think this tournament is just a lot of information building for a deeprer plot after. Goku and Vegeta are close to Beerus’ level at this point and can probably easily destroy of the other fighters present. ..What I want to know is where everyone is getting that Goku gets to fight again bc I didn’t catch that. I don’t think that is accurate.

    • Goku throw the fight because of frosts intentions to win the tournament and gain champas support. He mentions the children and goes to punch goku. That’s when goku winks and throws the fight. He doesn’t want to crush his dreams

  37. really enjoyed the episode! im just getting tired of people complaining lol. im just here to enjoy the show and i think that others need to just calm down. Anyways i don’t care to much about the delays as long as i get to see accurate translation im fine.

  38. guyz i know why goku lost………………………………………………………………

    For the sake of childrens ….goku lost so that frost gets assistance of champa. Goku is true hero

    • I wish thats was so…but after rewatching with the subs, and reading further about Frost power, it seems that it was a Special Punch that could make the opponent drowsy…sigh…

      BTW, I didnt really like the dialog from Goku, being a little bit cocky towards Frost. Generally, Goku is very generous, forgiving, humble and not a intimidating kinda guy. But against Frost he behaved differently from his normal self

  39. It may have been one of the other fighters of Universe 6 that did something to Goku. Remember how Chou-Tzu did a psycic attack on Krillin and Goku in Dragon Ball, the tournament where Goku and Tien fought in the finals.

  40. I do not believe that goku threw the fight. Look at 20:57 and pause it. You can see a purple flash come from behind his hand where the black dot is. Goku did feel sorry for the guy but he wouldn’t chance his team losing. He didn’t wink he staggered back and closed his eye in pain from whatever happened. The look on frosts face when he kicks goku is devious and the look at the end of the episode that frost gives while looking at goku unconscious is him feeling bad for cheating.

  41. I know it makes sense to assume that Goku lost on purpose for the “larger good” of Universe 6`s children..But also, a quick mention of the tournament rules after Botamo`s fight that “Physical abilities, rather than weapons are not against the rules” might signal towards Frost “legally” using some Sedative (or Drug) causing Goku`s defeat..After all, it wasn`t against the rules..However, nothing seems conclusive as yet..

      • Yeah..U r ryt..It`s one of his powers in the Xenoverse too..But I still think that the “needle” sticking out of Frost`s wrist is a “Physical ability and a part of his body” rather than an “Illegal weapon”..Wonder why they had to call it that..

  42. Goku’s down fall was inevitable he fought first(wouldn’t let goku win the whole tournament plus they were making the fight even for buu falling out of the fight in the qualifier), they need to get to nipples so Goku would have undoubtedly have lost if he went first… however theories so far are roofied meat, freeza was a tacticianist(Meaning Frost being ahead of an army and sensed goku ate too much and hit him in the right spots as a means of observation and tactics from the previous battle), so maybe frost or chappa will win by any means necessary. “Goku couldnt digest”, or Goku is kind hearted and thats his down fall, oh yeah like Whis said, “Goku’s flaw was that he is too calm during fights and always lets his guard down.”

    • Frost can’t control his final form, plus goku wouldnt throw a fight. He would make it the best fight he could so the other person would feel like they earned it. Plus even frost looked surprised when goku stumbled

  43. please toei and toriyama put good animations into the anime, take as much as money through the ads, put as much as ads you like but please make the animations better and consistent………my(and every fan’s) humble request

  44. BTW, is the second fight was he replacing MB or the rules states, winner stays?

    I think its winner stays, if you look at the tournament chart, during the beginning of the show; MB slot was empty with no picture and the tournament matchup line continues from the last match winner to the next Universe 6 opponent …WHat do you guys think?

  45. Fucking Frost CHEATED , He poisoned Goku , even Jaco saw , Whis(Vados too) doesn’t look it saw because he don’t want make a battle or a quarrel with Champa and Beerus

  46. is everyone still complaining about the animation?! personally i think its improving as the show goes on. everyone is expecting animation as of that in the gods movies which they had a higher budget and more time for. the original dragon ball and dragon ball z series had sketchy or even worse animation until the remastered versions came out (which everyone watches now) so don’t judge this series for the worse and give credit to where the animation is top notch. the overall story line is pretty good, yeah it could be more serious but it hasn’t got to anything serious yet. if you don’t like it then fuck off and watch re-runs of dbz then.

  47. Goku didn’t throw the fight and frost didn’t poison him. The black on hand is his nail. Something else happened. BTW Frost’s final form looks more like cooler than freezas. If anyone is doing it to goku I’m betting the dude who opened his eyes once goku turned super saiyan

  48. Im sorry but a special punch that makes opponents drowsy is fucking retarded if that’s really the case then that’s just freaking stupid fight fair or not at all!

    • Goku would never throw a fight, he wouldn’t want to rob someone of that accomplishment. Like when he fought uub at the end of dbz, uub was fighting to bring water to his hometown and he got beat by goku

  49. i heard on other sites they thinking it could be the heart virus back. but i saw the hole on his arm too and really hoping his not poisoned could be cheating? jacko saw it…

  50. It couldn’t have been the eggs, those were eaten before the tournament…..like 3 years. And it most def was not a thrown fight, Goku didn’t “wink” he squinted. Like you would if something hurt you all of a sudden. His vision was blurry, another sign of “NOT A THROWN FIGHT” There was a purple spark upon contact of the last punch Frost threw…I say it’s a poison, that comes standard with his Final Form, which is why he didn’t wanna transform, OR a stamina-swap, kinda like Ginyu body swap but it swaps stamina instead. As a matter of fact, every time Goku and Frost touched while in Frosts Final Form, there was a strain on Goku. Check out the first clash when he went SS and Frost was in FF, Goku was in total control, holding Frosts dive punch off with only a single hand… until something seemingly drained him a bit right before he counter-attacked. Watch the whole fight. That’s probably why Piccolo is running around not touching him, kinda like my brother use to do in Street Fighter, jump around and sit back and throw fireballs all day because he couldn’t fight me due to my long combo strings. KMSL. But we shall see in the next episode. Btw, has any other die-hard fans noticed that the show has caught up with/passed the manga??

  51. guys ithink goku did that on purpose coz according to me goku blinked his left eye which jacko saw probably it was a signal that he is doing that on pupose its just a theory

  52. this show is a parody of dbz…its not the next step. its almost like a reimagining. the tone is less serious. theres less impact to the punches its not as fast. its just kind of a joke with a loose story. the animation minimum should at least look like resurrection F. super is a failure

  53. haha i’ll be that guy and state that Botamo’s attacks will help Goku burn calories, but Goku incorrectly stated that it’ll also aid digestion. Resting would help digestion more than moving around.

  54. Back in the 90th the animation of dbz was great. now, the animation is reduced in to a pile of shit.
    Yet again the animation is bad, open your eyes people!!

  55. It’s convenient that Universe 7 has an opening… and Jacko is able to follow the fights of Goku & Vegita even in their ascended god forms. I think he will end up being the 5th fighter for the 7th universe.

  56. Kinda dissapointed the ended the fight with Goku at just Super Saiyan level… Oh well… Guess that’s what he gets for being cocky.

  57. i feel like universe 7 is starting to be painted out to be the badguys by how good the universe 6 people are ;-;it cant be helped though

  58. Why would frost cheat? Take out that theory. He is no freeza and would not resort to such thing. I think son kun was just knocked down when frost hit him in the neck, the same area where beerus hit him at kai’s planet. Son kun is just the same, always reckless he took his guard down coz he feels confident that the fight is over. Son kun really never learned his lesson. Anyway, i will just like to say hi to all the graphic arts expert artist commentators who are keen on observing the show’s animation and see it as lousy. I laud you for all your effort and patience as you are still watching the show till now despite your grievances. Congratulations, you still made it this far. I am hoping to see you until episodes 80+

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