Dragon Ball Super Episode 34 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 34 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 34. Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 34 in High Quality HD online on www.watchdbzsuper.tv.
You Are watching Dragon Ball Super Episode 34. Episode 34 in the TV Anime Series Dragon Ball Super.



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337 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 34 Subbed”

        • lol the people who thought Goku threw the fight were so arrogant about it too, even though their ideas made no sense.

          • I thought until i saw the subs that goku said at the end the ep but wasnt a asshole about ut

          • Thats because it was the obvious and most plausible answer. Seeing as only one person managed to spot the tiny black dot on his arm, they where obviously looking to throw people off. It was supposed to get people talking.

          • lol no it wasn’t, it was obvious from the sounds/visual cues that isn’t what happened, even without noticing the black dot. Besides, Goku throwing the fight never made any sense in a tournament where the winner keeps fighting.

          • in dragonball master rochie threw a fight for that guy nam how had to save his village whit the tournament money. do you think goku would not do the same for the greater good?

          • ^Yet another person who failed the grasp the contextual clues present in the episode. It was clear Frost did something strange, Goku didn’t owe Frost anything, and throwing the fight wouldn’t have done any good because they’d have to throw the whole tournament since Frost would keep fighting until he loses. There is no parallel between that and Roshi’s fight in Dragonball.

          • Master Roshi never fought Nam. Goku fought Nam and wonn then Master Roshi gave Nam a capsule to carry water in.

        • I haven’t thought that he was a villain, but when he was shown with children, it reminded me that dictators like Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini liked to make photos like that. And I thought about sleepy attack too – how suddenly Goku fainted? So I aren’t surprised. It’s sad. He could be a great character as good counterpart of Frieza.
          So, unfortunately all who has doubts of Frost were right.

          • Trump? What has he done? Obama would be better, but I don’t know – I’m not American.

          • no this is worse, freeza led the army of pirates and then fought them, its like the republicans that fund and give weapons to mossad and cia created al queda and ISIS and then after making them fight them!

          • stop talking that isis shit will you, i hate that isis shitty things they’re merely a bunch of evildoers

          • shes not the only one fool, mccain helped and mossad gave medical aid, and mossad and cia created al queda etc. and they lied about wmds, you are a blind idiot as CIA and mossad were both connected to those politicians you moron, its clear you are the blind one

          • When he become a president, we’ll see. He could use it to improve his image (and did so, most likely), but I prefer to see his deeds.

          • Ah really, interesting sir, well when Frost shook Gokus hand, i was very surprised, i had a feeling something was off.

      • good eye. i thought goku lost on purpose because he blinked. could not explain why his vision changed tho.

      • me too but frost is clearly lying and setting up fake wars and pretending to be the good guy, same way usa and zionists arms al queda and isis and then pretends to fight them, So USA and zionists = Frost!

        • “We have neither taken foreign land nor seized foreigners’ property, we only took the inheritance

          of our fathers, which had been unjustly taken by our enemies. Now that we have the opportunity,

          we are firmly ​holding onto the inheritance of our fathers.”
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          • re:we only took the inheritance
            if everyone inherited something from 2000 years ago, do you know how different the world would be you jackass, everyone in america would go back to europe, you don’t racially inherit land, even then they were immigrants from Egypt and Germany which is where had problems so they were there, “Hamas charter” is a response to likud genocidal charter, teh likud party which came to congress to lie about iraq AND IRAN WMDS is LIKE THE TERRORIST FROST WHO LIES AND STARTS WARS FOR NO REASON TRYING TO LOOK LIKE A HERO. LEarn history, THIS ISN’T EVEN NEED TO BE HISTORY BECAUSE ITS RECENT jackass. everyone knows usa and zionist lie and start wars, only you immature ppl who are ignorant don’t get it… this show is for the mature and can handle honesty something ppl like you and the likes of frost can’t!

          • Israel was never an arab state and it’s territory never belonged to arabs at all, it was conquered from one nation by another many times.
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            Have a nice day, bye

          • re:just stick to the facts, – the facts are israelis built there nation on terrorism and lies and pretends to be the victim same way they lie about wmds in iran and iran
            you have some interesting points but alot of zionist propaganda lies similar to how benjamin netanyahu lied about iraq and iran wmds, you are promoting the zionist nazism racism of before maybe without even knowing it.
            re:Now, the israelis were happy they received land in that area,
            but why did they receive Arab land when they were crying about the holocaust in Germany, if the problem is there then solve it there, dont cry racism and then steal land for racist reasons saying only your race can live there because only your immigrants heritage matters… zionism is racism , even the UN said ir, its leads the WORLD IN UN VIOLATIONS
            re:So yeah, i have as much right to this land as anyone
            yea but the zionist judeo terrorist govt is evil to lie about wmds in PAlestine bomb them and bull doze there homes, the likud charter is a genocidal charter, so unless zionist agree with hitler which again defeats themselves they shouldn’t support racial colonies based on home bull dozing of lying and bombing ppl.
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            re:if you call arabs palestinians becuase they were born in israel before 1948 then my grandfather is a palestinian too, as he was jewish but born in Palestine.
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            re:In june 1967 the arabs built up their forces on all edges, and israel attacked first so they wouldn’t be able to strike it,
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        • Learn some history retard, the 1947 war that ended up with the founding of Israel was initiated by all the Arab countries around it + arab gangs inside Israel, after rejecting the U.N partition plan for Israel among Jews and Arabs – so yeah, the Jews accepted the plan, were attacked by the Arabs, won a war of self defence, and still Nazi idiots like you open they’re stupid mouths about it without knowing a thing. gj asshole

          • re:the Jews accepted the plan,
            they accepted a gift and a stealing of Arab land… similar to how usa immigrants cried oppression adn then stole native american indian land, ITs actually a lie to say judeo terrorists fought in self defense, they took stolen land and were teh immigrants…

    • Frieza and Frost’s race is the best lol – Frieza saga was legendary, Frieza was basiclly Hitler back then, best villian ever!

      • Indeed, freezer is a lot like Hitler. And like Hitler, when he became too ambitous (Hitler wanting to conquer Russia, Freezer wanting immortality to conqueer the whole universe) he lost EVERYTHING.

        Frost is more like Mussolini. He is indeed hungry of power, but for most he likes to be considered an example, like Mussolini wanted Italy to be an example for the rest of the world. Probably his empire (if we will ever see it) has a lot in common with fascism.

        • My mind just DIDN’T want to read the top part of your comment how it was typed lol. Seeing “Freezer” right after “Russia” in context of WWII and all, I thought to myself, “Why the fuck DID Hitler want Russia? It’s, ironically, like how Putin was aaaaaaaaaall for annexing the shit out of Crimera; and for what? Drastically raising your country’s overall energy cost, so he can say, “Look what I can do, I did it mommy!”

          Now, hear me out from here. I had an idea while typing my first part lol. If Vladimir Putin eeeeever just so happens to sell Crimera off to whomever for whatever, it proves one thing. earlier Frieza was as being synonymous to Hitler. You made the GREAT point that Frost was like good ol’ Benito. Somebody who is actually MUCH scarier that Fritler. Maybe not in the sense that he’ll just blow the whole world while it’s going down with him, (*cough* EVERY TIME HE FAILS AT BEATING GOKU NO MATTER WHERE HE IS *cough*) but in this context, being a one-on-one situation. I’d muuuuch rather be dealing with Fritler (Sorry, joining their names not only fits, but it sounds like a crumbly breakfast pastry :3) than Mussolini any day, and I’m half Hebrew. Everybody knew Hitler. They knew what he was thinking. Every day, lol. They knew the steadfastness of his worth, and that’s how everyone feared that persona of his. Mussolini, on the other hand. You couldn’t honestly tell 1) Whether or not what he was thinking was, necessarily “good”, or in the right kind of “karma,” to say the least. He never let someone outdo him in a game of wits. You could say, and I’ll paraphrase Piccolo here, who, apparently is not ONLY what every other fighter in all the universes are: One with a strategic mind. (I still find it out of character for him to be so stupid to ONLY rely on the Special Beam Cannon. Yes. I love the dub. But it felt weird that out of all the fighters he’s stepped down from fighting the last.. Well, since Dragon Ball ended and Z came on the air, practically, he’s relying on his “strategies?” No. ONE, stupid strategy. ANYWAY, Benito was a genius. But the other hand of the coin is that EVERY genius in the world, regarding medicine, politics, or shit, even anime. They’re the ones ALWAYS in their heads. He maybe, quite possibly, want truly, legitimately be your best friend, no ulterior motives involved. But, since he’s resigned himself to the life of playing the most exhausting game of 3D Chess against the world every minute of the day, your best buddy-ship doesn’t mean a thing if he’s fallen behind and has to mentally break himself to make sure he’s ahead of the world. Yeah, that was WAY TOO long winded, but the character development here recently has been remarkable. With all that in mind, with the split second of ANOTHER “Final ‘Final’ Form” from the preview, it really makes me wonder what Frost is up to. And I know Vados is just like Whis in the sense that they’re considered neutral from the God of Destruction they watch over, but it seems to me like she’s got more going on that she seems. I’d question Champa about.. Never mind, he’s an idiot.

          But You’ve got:
          1) Fritler, who both just obsessively want and take and obliterate everybody who stands in their way.
          2) Froussolini, who are both simplistic, in comparison, in how they lived their lives, Strategically coordinating every last second, regardless if the plan causes for you to blow a hole through your thigh or not, (Lulz Piccolo) When Frost was talking about how, unlike Frieza, who just tyrannically oversaw everything he could get his little hands on; Frost is.. To me, a LOT different. Not only is he smarter, he, down on the inside, doesn’t SEEM to be a truly EVIL person, as Frieza was. He said it himself. He simply starts the wars and finishes them himself, all for property value. I get that’s some kind of ulterior motive, but what is money over, say, having your planet blown up? I’ll take it anyday. Frost actually doesn’t seem like he wasn’t to be a ruler on a large scale. He just does what the fuck he wants and goes home afterwards. How a true bachelor should live. NOW. Fritler is the one constantly invading, bombarding people, instructing genocide over daddy issues and a small dick, and to be badgered constantly that he’s “No longer looking at just the average Saiyan,” as persistently as fleas. I’d want to kill a bitch here and there too. 😛 You’ve got Fritler, now Froussolini, who makes war, just to stop it. for property value hikes. I wish we knew if the wars’ uprising was a political one or a military one. It would really change the outlook on his character here, but ANYWAYS.

          Fritler, Froussolini.. Now Putin. If Putin were to ever sell Crimea (Assuming that he somehow acquired it from Frost in some literal ice shit of a back alleyway, (Lol!) But if Mussolini were alive, and still dealing in the same fares, it could be safe to say that Putin would be a VERY happy guy. But what’s funny is, Dragon Ball, NOT ONLY confirms Toriyama knows what the fuck he’s doing when it comes to Super, and not just spoon feeding us, to me personally…

          It kiiinda disproves the whole “Reptilian” thing. It PROVES ONCE AND FOR ALL, THAT IT WAS, IN FACT; THE ARCOSIANS HAVE BEEN RUNNING OUR WORLD THIS ENTIRE TIME!!!! Not snakes, (Well, their entire race is nothing but snakes I guess), not an omnipotent eyeball floating between two hands (See what I did there? :P) or anything else. It’s just straight up Frieza’s race. Which, to me, had BETTER fucking be properly titled now as the Arcosians, especially since Akira brought the entire race back. Twice in thirty episodes, too. But yeah. think about that one for a minute.. or ten as it takes you to read this..


  1. Maybe the countdown was messed up for west coast or something, cause these other people seemed to have already seen the episode an hour ago

      • pretty sure he just accepted defeat at that point. they cant just revoke ALL eliminations now… it’d be like the tournament never really happened. i think he’s happy to see other people fight too.

        • Here’s my thought… the fighting gets pretty intense, goku just wants to see mr nipple fight and because of that probably will (anime logic), so eventaully vegeta gets beaten (by the other purple evil looking guy, after Vegeta crushes the rest of the team.

          Then, mr giant nipple fights the purple looking guy, and he ends up being a giant joke, everyone is disappointed. Then, as a last-ditch effort, beerus claims that goku should’ve never been out of the tournament yet since he was only beaten by a cheap trick… Re-enter goku, goes all out, beats mr purple, saves the day.

          (Just like every other fight in DB ever)

          Agree, yes, no?

          • Beerus isn’t stupid. If he says Monaka is stronger than SSJG, then he probably is. I do agree that Goku will re-enter at some point, but probably after Vegeta, instead of Monaka.

          • beerus fought goku when he first gained ssg form and said that monaka(mr nipples) was stronger than him now goku has mastered the ssg form and ssj ssg form we know he has mastered ssg form because to become ssj ssg you had to master ssg and ssj (that’s why he can’t go ssj ssg2) but you never know

          • Yeah but Beerus saw Goku’s fight against Frieza and his SSJB (SSJGSS) form. I think he would know if Goku is stronger than Monaka.

          • as far as i know theres nothing stated that says ssb is stronger than ssg. so he may not actually have been as strong as he was in bog in rof. he might be now after that training with vegeta for 3 years. but still its never stated or even implied that hes stronger than he was in bog so far.

          • But you have to keep in mind, Monaka never dodged Goku’s punch to test him but you do have a point. Beerus brought up this “fact” mutiple times when Goku and him fought saying your the second strongest person I have ever fought in the little times they would stop (like every serious DB fight)

          • Vegeta would have to lose on purpose if he gets beat by Hit. I bet he won’t even transform into God mode.

          • So re-capping the thought, Vegeta is going to take out Frost and the two others than (Most Likely) He will verse the purple man and according to EraChanZ loose. Maybe he wont get the chance to go god mode and loose to the purple guy before he can. Also keep in mind Goku is the main character in Dragon Ball, Akira Toriyama (Creator of Dragon Ball) wouldn’t put him out so soon 🙂

          • I agree, I don’t think that Vegeta will get a chance to go God mode vs. Hit (the Purple guy). It will probably be Goku who fights him. I don’t see the point in that though as Goku and Vegeta at this point are seeing as being equal of power.

          • probably, you forgot to mention that this will be stretched over the course of like 15 episodes, tormenting us

    • I don’t think so. The tournament would become very one-sided given that the U6 Saiyan can’t even go SSJ. Frost, that other purple Frieza looking guy look like they are the only strong ones left.

    • it will be revoked, or it wont matter for the outcome.

      i have a strong feeling that this tournament might turn into something bigger. DB was always about life threatening situations.
      the U6 fighters, just like frost, must be hiding something. i mean a saiyan who cant even transform will get into the fight after frost who can only be beat by a super saiyan? if its about life and death Goku wont care if disqualified or not. maybe a good thing in the end that he will be well rested when it gets down to business.

  2. I wonder why Vegeta went regular super saiyan in the preview. Maybe they absorbed the God form into normal SS? Vegeta isn’t the type to hold back like Goku.

      • Yep, I wonder why though. This week hasn’t even been translated yet, but I already can’t wait until next week. lol

    • guys all of them are trying to hold back their stamina till the end cauz they dont know wat monaka can do…. so all wanna go ss as it takes less ki and stamina than SSGSS

    • thats what many ppl said when they found out not only did bush and the zionist terrorist neo cons lie about wmds in iraq, but that the iraqi adminstration was set up by them, similar to how frost operates…that really says something.

  3. You know Piccolo actually would have won if not for Frost’s cheating and it would have been impressive too because Frost was actually stronger than him, but Piccolo had a strategy going in with betting it on his Special Beam Cannon and managing to restrain Frost. Also Piccolo’s Special Beam Cannon broke through the barrier and Champa was shocked by it.

  4. Next person to complain about subs or timing of these episodes,, I’m gonna fuck your wife LONG dick style you ungrateful pieces or diarrhea. Who gives a fuck if you get the subbed shit on Sunday or Monday at least your getting it.

  5. I still don’t see why it takes them this long to sub, I guess it’s just one guy doing the whole thing. Fortunately I just found out that the episodes are subbed in Spanish way faster and I already saw this episode with Spanish subs. Thank you anyway for the effort in the translation for English speakers.

    Para las personas que hablan Español o entienden medianamente el idioma, es mejor que busquen los videos con subtítulos en Castellano.

  6. So, in the preview for 35 we see Vegeta power up and face Frost- however, Frost is then seen to fight Hit, so either Champa intervenes and has Vegeta swapped for Hit, or Vegeta gets knocked out and then Hit steps in?

    • but hit is seen landing on mud not the arena floor so maybe a flash back or like you say he may just kill him after vegeta gets knocked out or knocks frost out

      • Yeah your right, since it’s the mud it’s not a battle and either Frost has been thrown out of the arena by Vegeta, or has bested him and is leaving. How do you suppose it might be a flashback? + hit is shown in the reds of frosts eye, possibly indicating some sort of final attack. Perhaps Hit is taking his revenge on Frost…

  7. Everytime I try to click to close the ad it redirects me to another page, well I could just get ad blocker or I could just point out how much of an arsehole this website is and make fun of not bookmarking this page. lol 😛

  8. This is a nightmare…there is only one translator and he is getting slower and slower. There are atleast 7 more sites which are lazy as f*ck and wait for him…

  9. From the looks of it, Frost is evil and really from the same uni as freeza/us (Vados picked, jus like they stole the Super dragonballs from our uni as well) or the hero story was a strategy lie against Goku. Frost did cheat as suspected, Jaco is the man for catchin it, and did anyone notice how piccolo was about to kill him ith little effort? that’s some hellified training him and gohan have been doing or hes a strategic genius! (both) And whywasnt Gokus decision returned like piccolos was? Vegeta looks like hes about to take his freeza fetish out on frost and Hit either is a good guy that is upset with frost or he is a bad guy and gets fed up with everything and goes nuts, either way, I’m ready to see!!! champa also looks like he is upset with frost too,maybe he lied to get his assistance or something, idk but it is interesting…..any thoughts?

  10. Why does this show take so long to get subbed? Other anime are subbed very quickly and they’re not even half as popular.

        • i watch to see what ass pulls they come up with…know piccolo broke the dome something that champa could not do so is piccolo stronger than champa??

          • What are you even talking about? Who said Champa couldn’t break it? And even if he couldn’t, we know almost nothing about Champa….You’re just looking for reasons to bitch and complain. As I’ve said time and time again, if you don’t like the show, leave. No one is forcing you to watch.

  11. I haven’t seen today’s episode yet. But how the hell did Goku lose? I suspect either Frost is cheating or someone else from Universe 6 is cheating. They need to redo the match. Fucking cheating bastards.

    • To add to this, I am hoping the manga doesn’t go this route. At this rate both Earth’s will be swapped, which I don’t want.

  12. Darn it. I didnt sleep as I thought it would be uploaded when the countdown reaches 0. But they’re fooling us damn.

  13. Thank You for Your great and demanding work. From a translator to a translator… to whoever it may concern. Best regards!

  14. well i watched subbed like 11 hours ago and it pretty much word for word was the same i honestly think this site is a joke wont use again just wanted to se the differance not worth waiting a day! for day to translate 23 min episode lol

  15. Tbh I appreciate your effort for subbing this episode, but lately it takes up a whole lot of time… usually it was uploaded a lot sooner.

    Frieza/Frost are such bitches…

    • deceptive too, playing with ppls lives, frost is way more evil, he sends ppl to attack you o pretend to save you, just like how usa created saddam hussein and al queda just to fight them.

  16. After seeing this episode, here’s my thought… the fighting gets pretty intense, goku just wants to see mr nipple fight and because of that probably will (anime logic), so eventaully vegeta gets beaten (by the other purple evil looking guy, after Vegeta crushes the rest of the team.

    Then, mr giant nipple fights the purple looking guy, and he ends up being a giant joke, everyone is disappointed. Then, as a last-ditch effort, beerus claims that goku should’ve never been out of the tournament yet since he was only beaten by a cheap trick… Re-enter goku, goes all out, beats mr purple, saves the day.

    (Just like every other fight in DB ever)

    Agree, yes, no?

    • ya i was thinking something like that is going to happen as well. would be cool to see vegeta just smash the entire other team though and nipples and goku can have a spar afterwards or something but that won’t happen. or maybe champa can have a tamtrum over losing and goku can fight him

  17. When Vegeta said “Piccolo is forfeiting” and gave that classic Vegeta smirk, I lost it. That part was so epic, especially with the music. Overall the episode was really good! Much better when you understand what’s going on. 😀

    • especially how they described just how evil frost is, he funds both sides of a conflict, its a staged competition, similar to how the evil zionists banks fund all parties in the so called democracy and how he and his party allow and help groups like boko haram, al queda or isis all mossad and cia made and then fight them later pretending to be the good guy! Frost evilness reminds me exactlyt of the neo cons in the bush administration!

  18. wish i had a stasis chamber i could go to sleep in for a year and come back out and watch a bunch of episodes lol.

  19. Good episode! To me, Frost is more like a combination of Hercule and Frieza. Frieza is far more evil. Frost likes publicity, Frieza could care less about it. Hercule loves publicity as well.

  20. I really hope Vegeta goess SSB and beats living crap out of Frost. It will be slaughter and it will be beautiful.

    • shiit goku was gona break frost into piece in just his supersaiyan form….vegeta should easily be able to beat frost in only his super saiyan form…..and should be easy without him even taking one punch

    • i want vegeta to grab frost by both arms above his little poison dart thing and rip them right off lol. and only since he can’t kill him punch him in the gut and as he falls over grab him by the throat and walk him over to the edge and just drop him and watch him fall off.

      • Christ that’s brutal man! I still loved every bit of it though lmao. I hope Vegeta looks a weakened and battered frost straight in the eyes as he drops him out of bounds.

        • brutal, frost sends pirates to places and then pretends to save them, not even hercule is that low, but hey the usa and zionists are that low, they help create groups like the taliban , give them power, say they are bad and then go to war with them.

  21. Is everyone retarded here or what ? Am i the only one here who actually remebers that freeza is less stronger than picolo in the dragon ball z series … and we know picolo never stop training so WTF is this shit bazmasz chizmas CRAPP god dam … this is totaly absurd… picolo shodlve had no problem on blowing freeza like a trash off the ring… this is just made soo stupidly … i gues people just forgot about DBZ and the cool series.. so now they come and just poop on the best series of our childhoods….

    • We don’t know how strong Frost is. Piccolo at his strongest was in the higher tier Super Saiyan 1 range. He was stronger than Goku on Namek, but he still wasn’t Super Saiyan 2 level. Frost could be a higher tier Super Saiyan 1 like Piccolo.

    • Shut up bitch use your brain you’re dumb as fuck

      frieza and frost aren’t the same person, they are just alternate versions of eachother and frost is stronger due to him actually training and fighting. if you read the manga you would know that Frost is regarded as the #1 hand to hand fighter in universe 6.

    • why cause there has been 4 evil people from his race in the entire series? maybe the reason why all of them are space pirates or tyrants is cause their race banished them from their homeworld for being evil.

    • frost evil was brillian, him pretending to be a good fighter while controlling the side he fights, immediately i remeber how usa created terrorist groups liek taliban and saddam hussein and help them and then lie about them to appear to be the good guy and then fight them.

  22. I think Monaka is a fake.He is not strong at all.
    Beerus took him just to push Goku & Vegeta further to being stronger while thinking that someone is stronger than them.
    When Beerus and Goku fought, Beerus also said back then that Goku is the 2nd strongest so Goku would feel useless and train more.
    I just have a feeling on this being so…

    • Idk, Toriyama always had weak looking characters shown to be OP; Roshi, Majin and Kid Buu, Gotenks, Uub, Frieza… Who knows what Toriyama has up his sleeves hahahah!

      • toriyama forst creation was mazing, he says he sends armies to attack places and then shows up as the good guy, the usa and zionists created the taliban and isis and then after creating them , they dought them trying to pretend to be the hero of the day…. ugh its sick but so realistic

        • why these connections to politics all the time? cant we just enjoy this?

          you honestly think the usa planned on fighting the taliban and supported them in the beginning just to have an opponent? unrealistic. they supported them because they were having a comon cause back then. just as they supported sadam hussein against iran before taking him down.
          also no one in the world thinks of the USA as the hero of the day in their fight against isis or the taliban.
          also isis and the taliban are two individual structures that in fact hate each other. probably time to give one of the two some weapons again. its ugly i agree but its not like frost is characterized in DBS.

          • interesting you do have some good points, and i also feel that some of my points were valid as well, i was just amazed as how clever frost was designed to be a politically 2 faced like many western zionist governments todays. the taliban one i guess you might be right about, but usa/cia/mossad is very hypocritical and 2 faced, they wanted to arm al queda after 9-11 and isis and they give medical help as well, but then again for now i say thats should be enough of the comparison so we can sit back and enjoy, frost ‘s evil is really something deep and reminiscent of the real world, like you said lets just enjoy for now

          • interesting you do have some good points, and i also feel that some of my points were valid as well, i was just amazed as how clever frost was designed to be a politically 2 faced like many western zionist governments todays. the taliban one i guess you might be right about, but usa/cia/mossad is very hypocritical and 2 faced, they wanted to arm al queda after 9-11 and isis and they give medical help as well, remeber before 9-11 the NEO CON PNAC OF BUSH ADMINISTRATION SAID THEY WANTED A NEW PEARL HARBOR AKA 9-11, so they could go to war in IRaq one year before 9-11… and mossad has a classified role in 9-11 and the mossad was teh one that lied about iraq wmds, heck the international jewish terrorist netanyahu came to congress behind obama’s back and tried to stop iran peace deal and again lied about iran mds like they did in iraq after the 9-11 inside job… reminds you of frost setting up ppl to attack before trying to look like the hero with the mossad 9-11 attacks PNAC plans…

            but then again for now i say thats should be enough of the comparison so we can sit back and enjoy, frost ‘s evil is really something deep and reminiscent of the real world, like you said lets just enjoy for now

    • Not true bcus remember wen Whis and Beerus was on their way to go pick up Monaka Whis asked Beerus was he sure that askin Monaka to help fight was such a good Idea.. As if he was worried Monaka mite not be happy to see Beerus.. i think Monaka has a transformation coming,,,,

      • In my theory, that could be because Monaka is so weak that he would be afraid to go and compete against strong beings that would destroy him in a second.Beerus would find it hard to convince him to go to a tournament.It’s just what I think of course, chances are the script to go the opposite way.

    • i dont think so.
      there is no need. they would have tried to get stronger just because beerus was stronger than them so no need to put in monaka.

  23. I got so pissed off that frost turned out to be evil as frieza. I thought for a while that oh a good version of frieza how cool.. Then like what the hell, But he is in fact smarter then frieza that’s for sure. Also it seams that Heat will do something to the needle to make sure frost doesn’t cheat. I’m guessing heat is even stronger, possibly the same race as frost as some people have stated about. I am looking forward to this fight and the fight against Vegeta And Cabba, Seems interesting what he has, because it seems he was not needed to transform or that he does not know of any transformations. We’ll find out i guess. 🙂

    • yea its cool to think there is a good frost who runs the saiyans to do good things, however whn you see just how evil frost is and how clever it reminds you of the real world, they said frost sends pirates to attack countires, america has funded and created ppl like bin ladin and other terror groups like alqueda and isis, and after making these groups and letting them loose the western zionist groups claim to be there enemy and want to fight them and take over places, this guy is so evil, it reminds you of bush family and neo cons.

  24. This is so low, Dragonball z had more fighting and less stupid unnecessary plots, when I was a kid I was watching this for fighting, I liked to se fights that goku won or gohan now its just kinda lame, less fighting more chatting

    • fuck outta here are you retarded?

      if you really watched dbz back in the day, you would know that there was 10 minutes of talking in between every 30 second fight scene

  25. I knew it! Frost was cheating all along. And Vegeta lets him stay?
    That’s messed up. I swear Vegeta better not lose to him. He had better
    beat Frost to a damn pulp to where he can’t move anymore for good. Then
    after the Tournament Vegeta can kill him. Since Frost was cheating,
    they should allow Goku back in the Tournament.

    • thats usually the worst kind of evil, i right away thought about how much my govt ‘s in the western world lies about terrorists and fund and arm them and then later claim to fight them, the way frost behaves is just like that!

      • Remember that Osama Ben Laden was trained by CIA? Unfortunately, Frost’s example perfectly counts.

        • exactly and ISIs was armed by john mccain the evil zionists, when they couldnt invade syria they started a civil war to weaken it instead.

          • I don’t know about John McCain. But I definetely heard that Ben Laden was a former USA agent before he quitted.

          • “I don’t know about John McCain. But I definetely heard that Ben Laden was a former USA agent before he quit.”
            I don’t know if it’s true, though.

  26. He was so blatantly evil from the beginning, especially after what he mentioned about him not being able to control himself in final form. I bet the smart version of frieza is still suppressing a golden-frieza like form because he would have probably sensed goku’s weakness of letting his guard down and knew he could beat piccolo from the start. Then he said to vegeta he might regret challenging him so i’m guessing he has another form.

  27. OMG! Piccolo was so strong!!!

    Vegeta finally gets his well deserved fight against Frieza! It’s his turn to show Frieza what’s up! Errr… I mean Frost!

    • yea i make that same mistake too, frost it seems is more evil then freeza, i dont think freeza would put up charades to make himself look liek anything but a tyrant, this brings back memories of how evil many zionist western govts are, they always claim to be the good guy but are lying and fighting ppl who they themselves helped create like saddam when they lied abotu iraq wmds and same with ISIS.

  28. i’m upset that ppl think this was a good episode… piccalo charged up for 15 minutes, and everyone else argued… boring.

  29. A great episode, now wen know piccolo isn’t a pushover like we thought. im a little sad though, I wanted frost to not be a dick but still a neat character in my opinion. I cant wait to see what the purple guy is about in the future episodes.

    • the details of ho evil frost was is really like wow, just like real life, how evil western and zionist governements create tehre own nemeies and fight them and are bigoted!

      • Seriously, dude? I know it’s bs, but do you have to mention Zionists in every comment you make? It’s freaking Dragon Ball. Stfu.

        • it just reminded me of it so much and thank you for admitting zionists are bs, thats the point, lolz no need to get madd

  30. Seriously, I have to vent a little just to get my point out. This DBS series is actually garbage compared to DBZ. I remember the days when our original Z fighters used to move so quick and fight so fast that they are a blur. Anyone remembers the fight between Cell and Goku? Majin Vegeta and Goku? Those were fights. Even the fight between Vegeta and Goku in the Sayians Saga beats anything DBS has produced yet.

    DBS has nothing over DBZ and I don’t think it will ever be anywhere close to what DBZ was. Story is quiet lame and the tournament is very boring with fighters that I wish I could see kick ass, but the was they’ve developed them makes it look like even Garlic Jr can take them out at one time. What happened to the characters, the powers, the energy waves, the tension? I don’t see anything here. Since when does it take Piccolo a whole episode to charge a Special Beam Canon? Speaking of Piccolo: Does anyone else think the Piccolo that fought 17 and Imperfect Cell can whip this Piccolo’s ass? I do. If anything, they look and act weaker than Raditz’ arrival.

    Now, I’m not hating. I grew up with this show and would love nothing more than to see a new series to relive it all once again. But this is not what I had hoped for. Nothing. Dare I say it, even the story is quite meaningless and boring compared to DBZ. And it doesn’t help that the animation sucks ass sideways either. Yes, I said it. You’re only fooling yourself if you think the animation is up their with DBZ. Go re-watch a few DBZ episodes and tell me they are anything alike. Since when does Goku punch like a little girl? It’s so slow and powerless.

    Just an angry person who’s childhood anime is being ruined by “noob animators” and a story meant for a non canon movie. Introducing Brolly or anyone similar to DBS with his own twisted ways would have been so much better than these half-assed gods fighting for reasons I have yet to care about.

    Again, I still care for the series, and would love to see them get behind it seriously. A lot of people will think I’m just hating, but I’m hating because this has so much potential to be something great, yet they’re only driving it down hill for me personally.

    • i actaully agree with alot of what you are saying, but what they are doing now is making more character introductions, it reminds me of dragon ball, dragon ball z was more fight intensice, dragon ball was less fight more story intensive, and when they mentioned how frost arms evil pirates and then pretends to tbe the hero i was impressed, it reminds you of how america and zionist pigs helped arm terror groups like al queda and isis etc. and then pretends to want to be the good guy and fight them.

    • I think I read somewhere that Akira Toriyama is less involved in DBS than DBZ. He basically develops the plot and it is overseen by him but it is mostly written by someone else. Maybe that’s why the fights feel less intense and not what you hoped for.

      • Seriously? If you have watched DB and DBZ, all the tournaments and battles, this doesn’t look like much; in comparison, fights in this Champa Saga have been way too short and lack of substance and thrill tbh.

        • as in fight tactics i agree. but we have only seen two opponents yet. both have shown to be very tricky, which is also interesting i think. in a different way than epic fights like goku vs muten roshi at the tournament in DB i agree. but more like this one fight: i think its the first tournament, Krillin fights a a big guy who is just nasty. krillin is stronger than him but the fat guy fights with his smell and tries to make krillin pass out. until krillin realizes he cant be fought with smell because he does not have a nose. long time ago, but i remember it being funny and different from the regular fights. but in fact similar to the fights we see now.
          but there are i hope more evenly matched fights coming. maybe not in this tournament but later on (the tournament wont last 100 episodes i guess)
          the reason the fights are not interesting in the way you want them to be i think is because they cant be yet. if goku as SS was evenly matched against frost he would have to pull out a real fight. but he was way stronger. thats why it looks so lame. because he is too dominant. and the minute he realizes frost can keep up with him he would just go up one transformation to not run the risk of loosing to much energy in this match.

      • No need to throw harsh words. I’m only saying what I’m seeing. You like it and that’s fine. I expected a lot more coming from DB and DBZ. =)

    • To be honest, the series started quite well for me (it was cool seeing that Goku’s punches were causing ripples throughout the universe) they introduced some interesting new stuff, but tbh I had higher expectations for this “Champa Saga”. But it’s lame how short and superficial the fights have been so far. These fights should last longer and packed with more action, drama, suspance and cool techniques. Damn, even Crilin VS Chiaotzu or Goku VS Tien fights in the first series were more entertaining than this…

      And this fight of Piccolo vs Frost was just a joke. As you mentioned Piccolo kicked 17 and Imperfect Cell ass in DBZ, so this fight against Frost should have been easy peasy for him (and even easier for Goku) and it could have put up a better show, regardless of the poisoning thing which could have happened later in both Goku’s and Piccolo’s fights. And a lot of people have been claiming the past few episodes (especially for this one) to be so great and exciting, but I can’t see what makes them exciting. Well, I will be happy to see what Vegeta does, he’s a cool fighter, I just hope he will put up a great show and that there will be more action this time, rather than a silly 10 minutes fight like it happened with Goku and Piccolo.

    • i think you need to give this show some more time. its building up. we are at 34 of 100+ episodes. its all fun and games still. no one is dying i mean even the god of destruction hasnt even destroyed a planet yet. I agree 100% that piccolo vs imperfect cell looked alot stronger than the piccolo we saw here in 34 but that was a fight an important fight. right now we are not there yet. no one is dying here yet. no limits are tested.
      you could compare it to future trunks vs freeza. that wasnt intense. freeza did not stand a chance. it will get intense as soon as we find out who the real villain is. and there will be a villain. there always is. and he will be strong. because they always are. he will be stronger than all of the good guys (whoever those may be, U6 U7 alliance?) because otherwise it would just be over in a second.

  31. holy crap frost would set up fake wars and pretend to be teh good guy, this freak is an evil devil who reminds you of how the idiot zionist NWO republicans armed al queda and then lied about wmds to start the iraq war and then pretend to be the good ones. Frost equals goerge bush and the neo cons!

  32. frost is a good guy in dragonball hero, so they just had to make him a villian here, sad i was generally wanting him to be like how he is in dragonball heroes.

  33. One of the best DBS episodes so far. Can’t wait for next week!!! Vegeta bout to win 3 straight then lose to U6’s final fighter.

  34. So Vegeta finally gets a chance to kill Frieza (Frost) or Frieza Race (since he was sandbagged in Resurrection of F’)
    when Goku killed Frieza it was because he was a tyrant and evil but Vegeta’s going to get disqualified because he will kill Frost. Vegeta’s doing this because his people and culture was destroyed by Frieza. And it’s kinda racist but he’s going to kill Frieza’s counterpart who technically didn’t eradicate the saiyajin but that’s semantics. Murdering non-guilty people are ok if they’re assholes or dishonorable. gotta love Dragon Ball.

  35. lol saw that last week as soon as i saw the hole in his arm! omg how the fans are right this time XD good its not the heart virus like others had said too lol

  36. Can’t believe those supposedly leaked spoilers last week were correct. Someone’s getting fired or is already fired.

  37. anybody knows what is the ending phrase of goku, like in the end of the preview for next episode?(in Japanese not English)

  38. Wow I have never been so wrong about a situation before I though Goku forfeit or something jeez I owe a lot of people apologies 🙁

  39. so why isn’t goku back into the tournament? seems abit sketch. i cannot go to bed knowing goku isn’t fighting!

    • Bcoz, no one from Universe7 group ask for it …”now”…I get a feeling that they will use that trump card later?!

  40. Chichi can’t fly, but she can jump like Mario.
    And for the first time I see her sincerely worried about her husband. I though she cared only for her kids.

    Vados is a bitch too. That was quite a surprise. So even Wish I guess… The gods of destruction, despite being evil, are honest. champa was not so happy about Frost’s true personality.

    Piccolo seems to understand Vegeta’s reasons in the end. Nobody get angry at him.

    13:00 – Piccolo daimao attitude! Yes!

  41. frost is fighting vegeta? well frost is screwed goku is clumsy so he didnt go full power on the other hand vegeta is the serious type and might vaporise frost

  42. Spoilers are frequently posted in the comments section without warning. Avoid them until after watching, if you enjoy surprises.


  43. But if they were to requalify Picollo… Why not Goku too? He lost for the same reason… Even though Goku or Vegeta are pretty much at the same level so eh… Let Vegeta have the rest of the wins lol

  44. After watching the episode with subs I dont see why Goku ate shit about Vegeta i mean he told Piccolo to tire him a bit for Vegeta so basically he says Piccolo is shit and can’t win.

  45. this was cool and funny man
    especially when the announcer touched his arm…lolz

    next episode should be great man! but from the preview, looks like there’s no fighting but talking:/

  46. frost will lose to vageta and so will the others and in the end goku will get to fight as he lost dude to cheating and he will make universe 7 victorious.

  47. So I bet goku will fight again since frost won by DQ I bet for the last match vegeta will lose n they will bring goku back assuming frost cheated..

  48. that was brilliant its like i am a week behind on here lol need to keep up!
    but piccolo forfeiting like that…. wanted to see him fight more

  49. What does a marathon run by Videl have to do with anything? The episode shouldn’t be delayed because of that. What a stupid reason for a delay.

  50. People that are complaining about DBS not as good asDBZ….Give it time!!!! When the switch from DB to DBZ happened, there was a huge build-up before all the major fights..THESE FIGHTS HERE ARE NOT THE MAJORS!! THEY ARE BUILD~UP FIGHTS UNTIL THE ANTAGONIST IS INTRODUCED! EX. like the androids were build up for CeLL, the tournament was a build up for buu..ect.. WAIT UNTIL SHIT GETS REAL AND A VILLIAN FINALLY POPS UP….HE GONNA Be STRONG AS SHIT

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