Dragon Ball Super Episode 35 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 35 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 35. Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 35 in High Quality HD online on www.watchdbzsuper.tv.
You Are watching Dragon Ball Super Episode 35. Episode 35 in the TV Anime Series Dragon Ball Super.



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253 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 35 Subbed”

  1. I am new and I dont know but is this delay because maybe the manga chapter if this is not yet released or some other reason. If it is for some other reason than why? And also is this only for Dragon Ball Super or for alll the Anime like Naruto and all… I myself only see naruto idk bout other but is it for naruto too or only this??

  2. Ofc vegeta will defeat frost in no time and then he will defeat the second warrior too then he will be losing from third one ….. @prediction

  3. Fucking bullshit what the fuck am I supposed to do now? You fucking assholes had to delay the fucking episode for a week.

  4. Wtf man couldn’t they do the fucking marathon on another channel??! Who the hell is videl? This a joke you can’t delay dbs man that’s just dumb. Middle finger smh

  5. Can somebody trip her up, please,… so we can resume >_< Christ!!!!!!!! so med… I was even willing to watch it Raw today… F…MMM.LLLLL!!!!!!!!!! 'Tilted' is all I can murmur and believe me its a ####ing understatement! Sunday is a day of peace yet she feels like running a marathon?! What about those poor, forsaken children who have to endure 5 days of the week @school and have Sunday morning to rely on to boost morale for the beginning of the week soon approaching?! Older life is just the same, but you choose if you want to make a #### up along the way a lot more freely, I promise you. I chose to spend the 15minutes I would of spent watching this, moaning here and if you're still reading I commend you… but #### those who chose to take DBS timeslot and not give to us sooner or soon after! ;( Good luck this week lad/ladies ;((

  6. Let’s hope the animation will be good, since it is delayed. So they get 2 weeks to get a good animation for us, if not i gonna whoop thier ass.

  7. I cum on all Naruto serios, they’re no match for Dbz.
    First of all Dragon Ball characters are more powerfull than Naruto.

  8. What does a marathon run by Videl have to do with anything? The episode
    shouldn’t be delayed because of that. What a stupid reason for a delay.

          • I don’t know what makes you think that there was a new episode 9 days ago. It’s a fact that both DBS and One Piece wasn’t aired that week, due to a marathon that ran instead. That fact basically makes what you said earlier a lie. Anyway, I’m done with this.

          • I know Dragon Ball Super didn’t air last Sunday but I know One Piece did. That doesn’t mean I lied. But whatever, continue being the dumb person you are.

          • Just stop this nonsense. It’s a fact that episode 733 of One Piece wasn’t aired on march 13th, due to a womens marathon that aired instead. No matter what your response is, or how you try to insult me, you’re in the wrong here. Nothing can change that. If you don’t believe what I’m saying, you can do a quick search on google.

          • The only nonsense is you being dumb, episode 733 of One Piece did air last Sunday. Dragon Ball Super is the only anime that did not air last Sunday. I’m in the wrong here? I believe you need to think again on that because you are in the wrong here and not me. It’s you who needs to do research, not me. I think you should stop commenting on this site though, we don’t need dumb people like you here.

          • I’ve already done my research, that’s why I’m not backing down from this discussion. And just for the sake of it, here’s an outclip from onepiecepodcast:
            One Piece episode 733, “Strike the Heavens — Luffy’s King Kong Gun of Rage” (「天を討つ ルフィ怒りの大猿王銃」) will not air on March 13 due to Fuji TV‘s broadcast of the 2016 Nagoya Women’s Marathon. The episode will likely air the following week on March 20.

            Several other sites says the same thing, and this were the case with Dragon Ball Super too.

            And one more thing. When you start to directly insult someone when discussing, you just lose all your credibility. It’s not going to help you win a discussion. Anyway, have a nice day.

          • Nice try but posting something fake like that won’t help you at all. It was only Dragon Ball Super that didn’t air on the 13th.

            I’m insulting you because of your stupidity. You don’t know a thing it seems. Now do me a favor and bring your stupidity somewhere else and stop commenting.

          • It’s all from legit sources. But since you clearly haven’t bothered to do your research you wouldn’t know that. But why do you think I would do you a favor when you keep insulting me like you are? You aren’t that stupid, are you?

          • You can’t say my sources aren’t legit when I haven’t told you what they are.
            Have a nice day.

  9. Does anyone know where to find this video marathon anyway? I might as well watch it since I have nothing to do since its F**KING DELAYED

  10. wtf is this bullshit? marathon? by videl? so fucking lame. like ppl rather watch the marathon than a new episode…

  11. fuk fuk fuk i have beed waiting the whole week for this nothing els just this and dont ask for mucth expet DBS evry week g dammit!!!! i cant wait another week!!!!! my life is about this series damit cant exprees enugh how i feel about this bs!!!!

  12. this is fucking irritating ,FUCK whosoever responsible for delaying the episodes and i will find and destroy that fucking BITCH !!!!

  13. You can,t compare thoes two they are both good, but two different series and category. But I hate that we can,t see goku the main in the fight no more.

  14. And I think the little nipple guy is actually weak. I think Vegeta will clean up most fights but loose at the end, little guy will loose but will live. I think his purpose is to be overhyped, so the last guy will kill him by mistake and that would make the match void (disqualification).
    And I think that sitll, in the end, Earth will go to Universe 6 and a new quest will begin in order to go back, gathering Super Dragon Balls, facing more powerfull enemies and God’s of Destruction plot to stop them.

    And If I am mistaken… Oh well. That’s why I watch the show – to witness the unexpected 🙂

  15. Don’t hate me, but what is this “marathon by Videl” and where can we watch it? Is it a new special, about Videl?

      • why are people being so edgy
        i have a new acronym for smh: so much hate

        “What the fuck are you even talking about? Do you even really know what your saying. You sound like an idiotic maniac. -.-”
        “I even hate you. I’m a Naruto Fan and a Dragon Ball fan and i pick both. Why is this idiot even alive for some reason. Goku should go and kill you along with all other anime’s. I’ll right you on my death note fucker.”
        “i expect fucking 2 episodes”
        “Fuck you .. who ever you are asshole. don’t talk about naruto. You don’t even deserve to say the anime.. Fuck your self”
        “Go fuck yourself ugly bitch”
        “this is fucking irritating ,FUCK whosoever responsible for delaying the episodes and i will find and destroy that fucking BITCH !!!!”
        “Fucking bullshit what the fuck am I supposed to do now? You fucking assholes had to delay the fucking episode for a week.”
        “You have no Fucking life moron.. Go do your homework now and clean the toilet with you mouth”
        “SHIT THE FUCK UP you ugly fucker. You fucking fag probably never got laid, suck my fucking dick you bitch!!!”
        “fuk fuk fuk i have beed waiting the whole week for this nothing els just this and dont ask for mucth expet DBS evry week g dammit!!!! i cant wait another week!!!!! my life is about this series damit cant exprees enugh how i feel about this bs!!!!”
        “I hate all of you right now!! fuck you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
        “Wtf man couldn’t they do the fucking marathon on another channel??! Who the hell is videl? This a joke you can’t delay dbs man that’s just dumb. Middle finger smh”

        • If it get the fights to have better quality I would rather wait a month then have fights that look like episode 5

          • I am but I’m just saying they got so much better in such a short time and the newest episode is better than the fight between gohan and cell

  16. Look, I love Dragon Ball everything, but even I have to admit that the writing is dirt poor. The story lines are nearly one dimensional.

  17. Wow, these comments make me want to sell nooses for a living. Someone says something and then some guy with terrible spelling and grammar comes along and goes “FUCK SHIT BITCH YOU FUCKING SHIT” and that’s not even an exaggeration.

    • Did you see the live version?
      The link is in this page, but instead to push ‘play button’ you see what’s going in Japanese TV. News first, loads of advertisement, and then at 9 AM (Japan), Dragon Ball Super

  18. I’ starting to think that Monaka is actually a love interest of Beerus. It’s just so obvious at this point. He’s being so over protective of Mona, and mona has some nice tits for Beerus’s taste(i guess?lol). Plus Monaka’s gender hasn’t been confirmed yet. 🙂

  19. I’m calling it now, Monaka is a weakling and the only reason Beerus is hyping him up is because he doesn’t want Goku and Vegeta to realize they’re his only hope of winning. I thought this was the case back when they first introduced him and he couldn’t handle Goku’s punch, this episode just confirms it for me.

      • I don’t think Goku hit him that hard. I’ve been right on my calls so far, so we’ll just wait and see, but i guarantee he’s nowhere near as powerful as Beerus keeps telling them he is.

        • The reason Beerus has him there might be simmilar to why master roshi entered the tournaments, so that goku and vegeta will keep fighting even if they are the strongest. but I dont really think so myself, cause I dont think beerus likes them really.

        • well after the recent episode i kinda agree with you. its obvious beerus was lying, and whis even laughed at when beerus was trying to hush him. it was kinda funny.

    • I considered the fact he was a weakling, but I consider also that Monaka may reveal his true potential by transformation, and only if stressed (like Gohan). A beat for Bills.

    • Well actually the anime was ahead of the manga two weeks ago, and the reason for how is because the manga isn’t being made by Akira Toriyama. The DBS anime isn’t an adaptation of the manga, they’re both adaptations of the basic script that Toriyama wrote, that’s why There’re differences between the two.

  20. Does anyone know of any other sites that have subs for Dragonball Super? I don’t care if they’re so called “bad subs”, I just don’t want to wait for 8 hours. 🙁

  21. Holy shit, I’ve never seen so many whiny little bitches in a single comment section before. It’s not your birthright to get a new episode every week. If it’s on hiatus for some reason for a week, deal with it.

    But I gotta admit, it’s pretty funny to read through all these comments.

  22. Don’t worry guys Vegeta has this one in the bag, he has a thing for destroying robots and metal beings. Don’t forget what he did to Android 19 (the fat Android).

  23. I dont know why Bulma doesnt trust Vegeta or she thinks he is a weakling i dont see why would she go for goku as first choice… I mean she said I dont know if Vegeta could be alright at the beginning of the fight with frost.

  24. Anima/drawing is worse than 30 years ago overall, sometimes shockingly bad even. I guess this has to do with a lower budget and worse/less talented team. This epic to see this shown back again.

    This Super dragon Balls plot is pretty good – execution less so. Similar to GT – though still better than GT.

    For instance the God-mode SSJ –

    Should be SSJ4 (probably the only real great thing about GT) like with light gray hair and grey eyes – aka God like – with a tale and beautiful black and gray hair mixed body. It was too basic as it appeared in the Beerus saga.

    The SSJGSSJ mode should be similar in color and aura. Just without the monkey SSj4 appearance overall – and with spiky SSJ hair, grey hair, gray tiny eyes, next to invisible eyebrows and electric god-like spikes similar but far superior to SSj2 in appearance with a gray tale as well.

    This would have made more sense to me. I do wonder how the Super Dragon will look like.

    • Um no Super Saiyan God and Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan should NOT be like Super Saiyan 4, at all. We don’t need any of that.

      The only reason why the original Super Saiyan God had a tail was because back then they didn’t think of getting rid of it and they needed it to transform into the Great Ape.

  25. monaka is most likely sleep, and beerus is waiting for him to wake up. that’s why he wants him to go last so bad. Im guessing the longer monaka sleeps the stronger he gets.

  26. so goku will fight….so that means vegeta will lost probably to cabba or hit…smh…and goku comes in and cleans up and wins….smh…..why do they alwasy have to let goku win…..vegeta should win this entire tournament

    • I agree, Vegeta deserves to be the hero at least once.
      Maybe he will be if they go to visit planet Salad, as Kyabe promised. But I except Goku will get in the way

  27. I noticed Monaka in the opening video, alongside with Jako, at CC.
    This does means that he will go to live with Bulma?

  28. YoooOOOOOO


    • The only that cheated was Frost. The others are using their own powers.
      Botamo wasn’t really that different from Majin Bu with his powers and his abilities to not get hurt.

  29. hmph….heat shouldn’t be a big problem for vegeta i mean shouldn’t vegeta be unaffected by heat?? i mean they can survive planet and even galaxy or universe busters to the face so why some freakin lava be a issue to him

    • Magenta sounds better than Magetta.
      Also because Magetta pronunced sounds identical to the italian word ‘Maghetta’, and Maghetta, in italian does means ‘majokko’.
      Therefore to italian people it sounds that the robot is named ‘majokko’ or ‘magical girl’ XD

  30. wats with all the hate just be happy that some guys are willing to take time out of there days to translate and post this to there web site who cares if narruto sucks and dragon ball is awesome its not like you wrote it and if you did well sucks to be you, you know being able to only make a shit show

  31. we have seen what looks like a robot but is human (Magetta) and what looks like a human but is a robot (android 18)

  32. there is no emotions feelings in there , there is nothing but overpowerd fights. longer and longer this series going like as childish. pathetic. who was director this now

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