Dragon Ball Super Episode 36 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 36 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 36. Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 36 in High Quality HD online on www.watchdbzsuper.tv.
You Are watching Dragon Ball Super Episode 36. Episode 36 in the TV Anime Series Dragon Ball Super.



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144 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 36 Subbed”

  1. I don’t like how Vegeta’s been slimmed down in Dragon Ball Super
    Just look at his neck
    You can see in the right picture from (Dragon ball Z) his neck is thick and it starts from the end of his ears
    But in the left picture his neck is thinner, it starts from his cheeks
    Come on guys… We all like ourselves a buffed up badass vegeta

    • Check these two pics… ones from the initial episodes of super and the other from DBZ
      Initial episodes of super had him buffed up
      I don’t understand what’s the reason behind slmming him up later on after the ressurection of F arc

        • Dragon ball (not only Super, all series) has never been really consistent, nor in drawing, nor in character design (did you remember how unique Piccolo Jr.’s design was with his aquiline nose, his elongated face and his long nails?, and how Dende’s facial features changed overtime and became more generic?), nor in background information.

          • Early Piccolo shows his personality through his design alone. He is imposing, cool and treatening and you surely would take a character like this seriously. This design suits also his calm personality.

            His face has noticeable big ears (show his acute earing senses), is expressive and his faces, even if wicked (characteristic of namekian specieman, a wicked face on a pacific creature) are hilarious. The character is appealing. I like his big, round and close eyes that make his, back then demoniac nature obvious.
            Then he became more similar to earthlings. Smaller ears, eyes more apart, similar to those of the other characters and more generic and forgettable. He’s not particularly threatening anymore.

            But anyway notice how certain facial features, when he was a child, were different (example the shape of his nose). They don’t even seem the same character.

          • I always thought the change in the way they portray Piccolo when comparing him to DB and DBZ was for making an age transition. To me it always seems he looks older and more experienced in DBZ, where as in DB, he was made to look younger and more like a teenager (even though hes like 3 years old). Not to mention he became a fatherly figure towards Gohan in DBZ, so maybe that was a reason for making him look older? Then again it might have just been more of a tight friendship. Anyway I thought the changes helped for the passage of time, again its like he got older in DBZ.

          • another thing people seem to be forgetting is he fused with nale and kame and seemed to take on some new features after doing so.

    • msucles/bulkness = slow/ less agile thats why when goku turned SSG(red hair) he became thinner also thats why the aint as bulk as in the past

      • But less neck = less badass
        normal base vegeta should be buffed up, transforming into God form should turn him skinny
        That way we can say that it’s the God form that makes them skinny

      • Whomever told you that muscles and bulk = slower and less agile lied to you. There’s no evidence to point out that because someone has muscles that they are slower. Someone with muscles can increase their speed output if they want to.

        • sure they could increase the speed but how long do u think that lasts? the body they have now is a combination of speed, agility and endurance? Muscles weigh and tho u could get an explosive burst by using them it doesnt last

          • Thats not how the body works. As an athlete I can say that you can increase speed agility and power with muscle. As a matter of fact those attributes increase because you are gaining muscle. Is not how you big your muscles are its how you train your muscles. And remember muscles are functional organs of your body. Flexibility is key also.

          • Not even close, you maybe an athlete but so are other people.

            The fastest runners in the world have massive thighs, and I mean massive.

          • We just argued the same point😐 again it’s how you train your muscles not so much the size. They grow regardless as long as you train right.

          • Look at Olympic track runners…. are they huge and bulky? No. Professional swimmers… huge and bulky… I think not. Your argument is invalid…

      • Actually Goku turned normal sized goku not thinner. Also he turned young again which made him revert to his teenage appearance; making his jaw less square and his face look more narrow. I think it’s lame that they made vegeta scrawny now too.

    • They stated that for Godly strength and higher they slimmed them down…like compressed power. Big things in small packages.

    • We have all seen dbz and dbz gt and dbz super…..the characteristics of the heroes change alot dbz average animation and drawings….dbz gt more muscle and focused alot on body and facial details as for dbz super…they made a fix of it,sure more muscle is badass but as explained in the past by goku (hyperbolic time champer) and cell vs trunks,muscles give you brute strenght but lack in speed….what good are muscles are if you cant match your opponent in speed…..sure muscles look badass but in dbz super they became gods…speed is the alpha in this series as for strenght….they have already surpassed any past limitations

    • This new artstyle in Dragon Ball Super bugs me
      The movies did it better
      But this Beard… Come on! They don’t even know how beards in Dragon Ball Z are drawn?
      For Gods sake look at Master Roshi’s beard for Reference.. Or even Hercule.
      It’s annoying when the ones who actually made The Dragon Ball Z anime themselves forget how they made it

        • Lol dude, I’m talking about the mustache that vegeta has.. The beard is good and all but Vegeta’s Mustache should look badass like his dads plus its not drawn in Toriyama’s artsyle

      • it was a comedy beard you fucking crybaby. 1. you expect either people to draw exactly like they did 20 years ago or new artists to draw exactly like a previous artist. this shows how fucking retarded you are on regards of art. 2. When there is an actual serious suspenseful scene drawn horribly let me know. 3. You’re comparing the raw, newly made animation to a remastered, dvd ready, scene. would you rather they turn this into a crappy cgi or give it some gay ass actual anime look like sao or some shit? Honestly, if you’re gonna sit there and stare at goku or vegeta’s face and muscles the whole show instead of watching the fucking shit for the plot you must be gay or some shit.

        • Why shouldn’t I expect them to draw it like 20 years ago? Infact I should expect them to draw it even better..
          I can draw, and i know how to copy someone’s artstyle.. And this is Toriyama’s artstyle
          I can’t just go on and Give Naruto DBZ eyes.. Or Goku Naruto eyes.. Each of them have their own artstyle, these so called artists don’t draw shit on their own.. They have a fuckin character bible.. Each and every character is drawn there,
          Dragon Ball Z was always Quality over quantity, nothing much happened in the episodes.. Most of them were still scenes, now it’s 20 years fast forward, we’ve seen Some epic Quality anime in the recent years.. There is nothing retarded or wrong about anyone who expects state of the art quality art and animation from one of the most successful anime… The movie Battle of Gods exceeded expectations in both art and combat sequences, it had one of the best Fight choreographies.. Likes of which dragon ball fans never saw before
          We expected the same from Dragon ball super.
          And to answer your 2. Watch Episode 5 and then watch Frieza vs Goku in super

        • Khan you are a fucking idiot, stop watching it if you don’t like DBS so much. Like you have commented more on this one video than anyone else and all you do is complain; stop trying too ruin a good show because your some butthurt little faggot. I don’t like GT but I didn’t go commenting on that shit when it was being released and this is being made by the original creator, so like the animation or not; this is canon, this is the storyline and you are a fucking gay cunt. 99% of other people love the show, so fuck off and find another way too deal with your pathetic life

          • You my friend should grab your face and shove it up your Butthole
            I m a Butthurt fan, that isn’t getting what he expected
            If u don’t complain they won’t improve
            So fuck u

  2. I can’t wait to see what monaka is really like because he is a real mistery and whis says his true colours are a bit different than what beerus describes them as

      • I think he is not as strong as Beerus told. Or maybe once he was stronger than Goku. Then Goku and Vegeta too, improved and surpassed Monaka, therefore Monaka is the third strongers warrior of the group.
        Or he may be a weakling, a sort of Mr.Satan, probably still capable to do something thank to his intellectual abilities. Or he may still have ESP power that may somewhat aid him (did you remember Guldo?)

    • not true so your ok with vegeta being the same height as goku or that everybody basically has the same body shape bothers the hell outta me dbz happened what 25 30 years ago the art shoulda gotten better not worse im not saying i dont enjoy it but come on at dbzs worst animations looks better to me i hope it gets better but if it dosent im still happy its something new

      • To be honest, I prefer the animation 20 years ago with Dragonball. Dragonball didn’t have the best animation but that made it good. It left more up to the imagination and all that mattered was the story. And there wasnt all these spoiled brats complaining. No we just enjoyed it because it was AWESOME. A real DB fan wouldn’t give a crap. What matters is the story. And seriously? Would you prefer fancy computer animated crap? I’m so sick of CGI and computer animation. Thank god they still draw Dragonball Super by hand.

  3. mmmm, so cabba can able to do ssj..what a bullsh*t 😀 and vegeta need to go in ssgssj to beat him..its not a good news.

    • Vegeta is prob going to guide him into becoming a super saiyan. Cabba said in an earlier episode that he didnt know saiyans could transform. And I think Vegeta just showed him his God form just to show him how powerful a saiyan can become. No way is Cabba strong enough that Vegeta needs to go god to beat him.0 percent chance just wait and see

      • Exactly true. I think he’s just being an inspiration to the young Saiyan and showing him the max potential of a Saiyan.

  4. Vegeta finally got a sucker to challenge his final flash. He turned god on Ka-bay, awesome. Ka-bay learned how to turn super Sayian for the first time. 100 monkey syndrome.

  5. Vegeta goes blue god to beat a kid SSJ? That doesn’t make sense. What happened to SSJ2 & the uhhh… decade plus of training as a SSJ… I like watching but they’re kinda screwing the power scaling up already… badly.

      • I sure hope so. Vegeta should be stronger than Mystic Gohan in his base form by now. A guy who just went Super for the first time shouldn’t even be as strong as Goten or Trunks.

    • We don’t know about the potential of Saiyans in this new universe. The potential might be higher here and the kid might have a high base power.

  6. please people complain harder cry me a damn river, oooh boo hoo his beared isn’t drawn the way you want it or the same as another beard in the show boo hoo beards grow differently sometimes people even shave to pick how they want the beard to look.

    ooooh they are slimmer now that they are super sayin gods who have an upgrade in strenght and speed, normally on dragon ball an upgrade in speed also comes with being slimmer. they are gods they got slimmer while still gaining in strength get over it already friggin cry babys.

    i understand that their were some parts in super like one episode where someones face is very actually oddly shaped for like 3 seconds in the show was an actual problem people should complain about, but when your nit picking because shit doesnt look how you want it to look like in someone elses tv show you can fuck right off and take your complaints else ware i come here to enjoy dragon ball not read all your fucking complaints because you all want to nit pick at nothing.

    • Let’s not mention the fact that Vegeta is shown going blue in the preview. Really? Did he just have to go all the way to his final form against a Saiyan who just achieved basic super for the first time? He should be able to fight against Mystic Gohan in his base, so his base should be far more than enough for a dude just going super for the first time. This guy should be weaker than Goten and Trunks.

      • All DBS is bullshit in terms of power level, I just watch this as comedy right now not as average shounen, from epic fights to pure comedy, well done Toryiama.

      • From wiki – “Vegeta was forced to take his Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan form to have a chance at beating him.” FUCKING CHANCE, u get it? This is so bullshit I can’t even speak.

      • Might be less of going that because he can’t beat him otherwise, but more to show him what Saiyans, in other words, Cabba is capable of if he worked hard.

      • I dont think he is doing that because he needs to. I think he just wants to show Cabba the extent of his strength and how powerful a saiyan can become.

      • thats because cabba was so strong in base form. the stronger the base form, the stronger the super ssj form will be and so on.

  7. Wonder if Cabba going SSJ ends up being the catalyst for the Universe 6 Saiyan planet Salad being destroyed down the line by Frost or another force.

  8. wait so cabe just turns super for the 1st time and suddenly he’s as strong as vegeta?! eh I gotta see the next episode ….

  9. I don’t get it. Where is ssj2? I thought the order for super was base>ssj>ssj2>ssj3(goku)>>>>ssb. Vegeta as ssj2 should be more than enough to destroy an ssj cabbe

  10. I thought the saiyen from zone 6 told in his world saiyens couldn’t transform then why the f he also turned super saiyen?

  11. I’m guessing that Vegeta is going to say to Cabba that he is a space pirate and does take over planets to piss off Cabba, causing him to transform. That would explain him transforming and the line about Vegeta going back to his old ways. Vegeta will then go SSJ Blue to show Cabba what he is capable of with training.

  12. i wish you guys would appreciate the fact that such an awesome series is running again and shut the heck up about the animation. im loving these super episodes and the ones that keep complaining about details of character animation you should just stop watching if its that bad. the animations is getting better and so is the story line. im so anxious for the next episode its crazy.

    • Also because Z has a lot of flaws in animation too. And all japanese cartoons have some flaw here and there, but this didn’t prevent some of them to become legendary.

  13. Goku just explained it in the next episode cap, Vegeta is gonna go full on old school on Cabba to push him to go SSJ so he can get a better fight. Or at least, thats what I am getting from it, man, this is getting so good.

  14. Super completely lacks the suspense of DBZ. Why should I care if Goku wins some pointless tournament? They should have made a Future Trunks series!

  15. I’m still trying to watch DBZS if the plot or graphics might turn better. But it’s still garbage and a waste of time to everyone who watched this epic manga 20 years ago. Well I guess it’s a kids animation for the new generation, and a let down for the old one -.-

  16. i was just thinking something. so far it “seems” like this series has been a series of mini-archs. but looking at it more broadly, i think its one big arch with the punchline being beerus going out of control with anger and/or his last and final straw being broken, and vegeta and goku are tuck with a final decision, continue their decision not to truly fight together, or fuse to save the earth, the universe, and more importantly their families.
    idk its just a thought, with all the emphasis they put into them getting stronger, beerus being continually frightening as we learn more about him and the different universes, and how much emphasis this show puts in goku and vegeta’s love hate relationship, them pointing out their various flaws and pros, and continually mentioning how they wont work together when wis himself said that would make them unstoppable.
    its just a dumb early theory of course

  17. LMAO You kids are a freakn riot man x) Complaining about Vegetas neck not being the right size xD All you kids that complain are probably play minecraft players. Screw what all these derpy kids are saying, Dragon Ball Super is dope.

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