Dragon Ball Super Episode 37 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 37 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 37. Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 37 in High Quality HD online on www.watchdbzsuper.tv.
You Are watching Dragon Ball Super Episode 37. Episode 37 in the TV Anime Series Dragon Ball Super.



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  1. So I have watched all of super so far battle of gods an resurrection of f every movie seen dragon ball dbz dbz gt is there anything else I’ve missed use to love this stuff

    • Dragonball
      Dragonball Z
      Dragonball Kai
      Dragonball GT
      Dragonball Super

      I think that’s the order of it, from start to beginning, with GT being an “alternate universe”
      I’m not 100% sure if Kai is before or after Z, but i think i’m pretty sure Z is first.

      • Dragonball Kai = Dragonball Z in HD and shorter. Buts the same.
        Dragonball GT doesnt EXIST !! Ignore it.. It.. do…not…exist…ok?

          • Except that’s not true at all. First off the creators of GT didn’t say that from what I can find and secondly even if they did it doesn’t matter, literally the only thing that matters is the word of the creator of the source material and that is toriyama and I know for a fact he’s never said that. In fact in the only thing toriyama said about GT he specifically said he considers it a fun little side story and that others can consider it a continuation of the series – he specifically separated himself from those who consider it a continuation meaning he does not. If toriyama doesn’t consider it canon then it’s not and he doesn’t so it’s not. Not to mention all the horrid contradictions in GT cement the fact that GT is impossible to happen. Furthermore it’s not needed to add this but on top of all that super is canon and contradicts GT as well, and since dbz has explored both alternate realities and now alternate universes, it’s literally impossible for GT to fit anywhere. It can’t be another timeline because timelines have to be created and nothing could be changed to make the GT inconsistencies work and the universes are spoken for in a sense that GT couldn’t happen in any other universe either.

            GT literally can not happen and we don’t need to be making up things or straining to try and force it to fit. We should all just accept that GT is non canon and that that is okay.

  2. A mere ssj transformation took out most of the universe 6 fighters , based on power i don’t think a level further than ssj3 is required to win . Ssgss seems overkill as its nearly as powerful as the gods of destruction themselves. However i’m curious to see champa’s and vados’ reaction to the ssgss transformation.

  3. Sadly, I think this fight is going to disappoint us. The episode is only 25 minutes. So,it’s probably going to be 5 minutes of talking, and then Vegeta is probably only going to hit Cabe twice, and then he’s going to go SSJ. There’s not a lot they can do in 25 minutes. And Hit is going to fight next episode,so……

    • not 25 minutes. 19 minutes without the intro and preview for next episode. and for this epsode i hope that they will talk more, because i want to know how cabe will go super sayan, and his whole story.

  4. I think cabbe can steal strength as long as the person his gonna fight his a sayian,thats hw he was able to match vegeta,at first he wasnt a match for him but then he obtained the strength..

  5. Who else think kabe in preview looked awesome? he had those fury eyes and looked liked kuroko dribbling a basketball around so reckless XD

    • ughh, please don’t mention that Basketball anime where a Highschool Japanese player is able to shoot 3 point shots with 100% accuracy which is better than world’s best shooter, Stephen Curry.

        • I sure hope not. All this buildup and character development seemed to be geared towards portraying them as equals now. I’d hate to see that all thrown away.

          • They are equals in power. Goku figuring out a trick after watching a whole fight, even if Vegeta lost to the same guy before him, does not put Goku above Vegeta.

      • Vegeta is worn out from his fight with Magetta (he doesn’t seem to have strained himself too much against Frost and Cabba). So Goku is a bit fresher, and he’ll also get to watch Vegeta’s fight and try to learn Hit’s fighting style, his strengths and weaknesses.

  6. Do you guys read the manga ahead? last I remember the show showing was vegeta versus the metal man
    … I guess its just a whole 2 fights ahead in the manga. or something. I don’t know.

        • Really? Read it again. He may have meant that, but that’s not what he said.

          “did you read the manga ahead?” – It sounds like he’s implying the manga would contain spoilers.

          “its just a whole 2 fights ahead IN THE MANGA.” – Again, it sounds like he’s implying that the manga is AHEAD.

          If he had said “OF the manga,” then yes, your point would be correct. So either he has terrible grammar, or you’re wrong.

          • He was still implying that the anime is ahead by two fights. Yes I will agree that it was poorly written. (after reading it a few time, idk wtf he’s saying) xD

          • I’m trying to say something about the manga, but it keeps putting my comment as pending and they are denying it. For which I don’t understand why.

    • I think it’s implied that the move is of Saiyan origin. Notice that his stance at the start was exactly like Vegeta’s the first time he fought Goku.

  7. HOLY SHIIIIIIIITTTTTT Yeah, i’m overloading on fanboy levels here. Holy shit. Vegeta vs HIT!?!?! Ahhhhhhh

    • He threatened to destroy Planet Sadla (Cabba’s home planet). He wasn’t serious; he was just trying to goad him.

          • And if you were referring to that, you still got it wrong as it was Planet Sadal lol, not Sadla XP

          • We all know that, but do you “correct” people when they write “Freeza” or “Frieza” or “Furiza” instead of “Freezer”? Didn’t think so.

          • I write Freeza because it’s correct, the official pronunciation be damned. Free Za makes 100% sense

          • Sadla? It sounds like, and the subs say, ‘Sadal’ At least before this episode? We don’t got subs yet and I didn’t watch the raw to hear it but when they mentioned it before I heard Sadal as opposed to Sadla or Sadala. Where did they insert the extra A or say the L before the A?

          • In Japanese, there is only one consonant—n—that can stand alone without being followed by a vowel. That’s how Buruma and Kuririn become Bulma and Krillin. In practice, you don’t always hear the vowels, but it’s usually inconsistent as to whether vowels are dropped and which vowels are dropped, so you might hear “Sadla” or “Sadal” in the anime, depending on the moment. For example, when anyone says “Beerus” without an honorific, it’s actually “Birusu”. (Some subs make this into “Bills”, which is an acceptable way to render this name in English.) But when it’s Beerus-san or Beerus-sama, you don’t hear the “u” on the end because of Japanese enchaînement, so to speak; it becomes Biru-san and Biru-sama.

            There is no difference between Sadla and Sadal and Sadala in Japanese. However “Salad(a)” and “Sad(a)la” have transposed consonants.

          • So then the proper term would fall to the pronunciation would it not? I’ve not heard any other pronunciation of Sadal (or what have you) than ‘Sadal’ when it has been dropped, which to be fair has only been and probably only will be a few times, but have they mixed it up with Sadal’s pronunciation specifically yet like they do Beerus?

          • I would have to watch this episode again to see if there were variations in it, but if there weren’t, there probably will be in the future.

          • Well that’s if they say it in the future. Unless they for whatever reason actually go there (which they could), I doubt there will be much reason for saying it in the future so I would think if they don’t, then the proper name would be Sadal if I’m not mistaken? If you feel like it, let me know if there were any variations that you heard when you watch again and I’ll tell ya if I hear any when I watch it.

          • I have been using Sadla since the name was introduced in the anime because that’s generally what the people who actually speak Japanese (unlike me) are using, but I gather it doesn’t matter much. I’m guessing they went with “Sadla” because it keeps the L in the middle; it feels closer to “Salad”. Anyway, all this stuff I’m going on about is stuff I learned in probably 1994-95 from a Japanese exchange student with whom I was friends. It’s basically the Japanese alphabet. “a i u e o, ka ki ku ke ko, etc…” through all the primary consonants and ending with “n”, pronounced vowelless like “nnnn”. If you’ve ever seen the Japanese version of the Buu saga, there’s one time when Buu says Satan’s name really slowly, and it was Sa-ta-nnnn, three syllables. But it’s usually spoken as two syllables.

          • Gotcha. That’s interesting! Personally out of all the ones I prefer “Sadal” just because the A at the end sounds odd to me, but who knows. I guess we’ll see ^^

          • One day there will be an official English dub name for it. Maybe it will be Salad, Sadla, Sadal, Salada, or Sadala. To me, “Sadal” sounds like “Saddle”.

    • Vegeta said he would destroy his planet and his family. Then later on he told Cabe that anger is the key, never forget that feeling of anger.

  8. While it’s nice that Vegeta had his chance to shine, it was clear he was yet again going to be denied the opportunity to get a victory against a main villain, and that’s disappointing.

    • You mean just like Goku? Lol you do realize most characters get denied their shot at a villain right? Goku’s won almost none of his fights against main villains in DBZ, we don’t need to be saying “yet again going to be denied” as if Vegeta is the only character that gets shafted.

      • What are you babbling? The only main villain Goku has lost to in DBZ was Cell, and i guess Vegeta the first time. Raditz doesn’t count as a loss because the plan worked, giving even Piccolo at least one victory over a main villain. In Dragonball Goku beat Tao Pai Pai, the Red Ribbon Army and both King Piccolo and Piccolo. In DBZ he beat Nappa, the Ginyu Force, Freiza and Buu. He’s almost always the one who finishes the main villain.

        Don’t make excuses for bad writing. Jason Smith is right, Vegeta deserves his time to shine, yet Toriyama couldn’t even give it to him in Revival of F and he’s going to get humiliated by Hit here. Vegeta is the only character who’s about as strong as Goku, and yet gets consistently shafted. None of the others count because they’re weaklings.

        • Technically, Vegeta finished all the Ginyu, and Goku only finished Golden Frieza. The original Frieza was finished by Trunks. He won those fights, but he didn’t finish them.

          • lol whatever, Goku’s the one who beat them i mean. In the original timeline Goku kills Mecha Freiza, that was only changed because of Trunks’ time travelling.

          • Sure, but it matters that the ones he didn’t finish came back, like Captain Ginyu (killed by Vegeta) and Frieza (again, killed by Trunks). Also Vegeta killed Guldo before Goku even showed up.

          • Meh, i guess. My main point is he’s never killed/beaten the main villain of a saga (which in the Ginyu saga is Ginyu :P) whereas Piccolo and Gohan have. He’s always so close yet so far and it’s grating to watch.

          • I mean, Goku beat Ginyu by throwing a frog at him. Whoop-de-doo. Sure, he could have beat him in a one-on-one battle if Ginyu hadn’t stolen his body, but Ginyu did, so that’s not how it went. The only ones Goku really fought were Burter and Recoome. And sure, they were strong, but if you’re going to include them, you might as well include Zarbon and Dodoria. Sure, they’re weaker than Recoome and Burter, and even Jeice, but Recoome and Burter are much weaker than Ginyu, and Ginyu is much weaker than Frieza.

            So yeah, Goku and Gohan get all the super baddies but there are only three of those: Frieza, Cell, and Buu. The Ginyu and Zarbon and Dodoria and even the non-Goku Saiyans fall under the Frieza umbrella; androids 16-20 fall under the Cell umbrella; Babidi and his minions under Buu. In DB the only enemy worth the name of big baddie was Piccolo. Goku and Gohan both get credit for that one. 🙂

          • And the same can be said for Ginyu, sure he beat Goku by stealing his body, whoop-de-doo deux ex machina. I might count Zarbon, simply because he was in a position to kill the Z warriors if it wasn’t for Vegeta. The point is though, you have to go as far back as pre-Freiza Namek saga to see Vegeta make any meaningful contribution to beating a real threat (last second blast vs SPC excluded). The other big guns (Piccolo, Gohan and Goku) have all beaten a big bad of at least one saga.

            “In DB the only enemy worth the name of big baddie was Piccolo.” – King Piccolo too, and I’d give General Blue honorable mention since he beat the crap out of Goku. He wouldn’t have ever lost to Goku if he wasn’t scared of mice 🙂

          • Vegeta made a meaningful contribution against Buu in many ways. It was his idea for Goku to do a spirit bomb and use the energy of the Earthlings to make it strong enough. He did his part to hold off Buu while Goku was trying to gather energy. From all appearances, Goku couldn’t have done it without him.

            General Blue only counts if Dodoria counts. The closest thing to a big baddie in the RR was Mercenary Tao.

          • He did not hold of Kid Buu, he served as a punching bag to distract him, there’s a big difference. So he had an idea to use the spirit bomb, which for ONCE actually worked. Big whoop. I don’t see why Goku’s alternative idea of having Gohan and Gotenks transported over wouldn’t have worked as well….it’s not like Vegeta figured out some brilliant plan.

        • Technically Goku lost to Oozaru Vegeta in the Saiyan Saga. Yajirobe, Krillan, and Gohan were what defeated an Oozaru Vegeta in the end.

          Goku also lost to Super Buu as well before he convinced Vegeta to fuse into Vegeto.
          He also lost to Android 20 (or 19 can’t remember) when he had a heartattack during their fight.

          • Goku’s fight with Super Buu was filler, that never happened in the manga. Although if they had fought he’d probably lose. I don’t count his fight against Android 19 because he was sick.

        • But Goku didn’t defeat them. I didn’t say he lost his fights, I specifically said he didn’t win, I also specified DBZ, obviously Goku beat everyone in DB, he was stronger than everyone in DB it was kinda the point, we’re talking DBZ.

          The plan worked with Piccolo beating Raditz with Goku’s help and Goku being killed in the process, Goku had a draw with Vegeta at best, he did beat Frieza but Trunks finished him (yes I know Goku killed Frieza in the original timeline but we didn’t get to see it), Gohan beat Cell (and Cell killed Goku as you pointed out) and Goku didn’t really fight much at all in Buu Saga comparatively and out of what he did do: he lost to Vegeta, gave up against Buu (coulda beat him but didn’t), couldn’t beat Super Buu Gotenks Absorbed, and he would have lost against Kid Buu if not for literally everyone else, especially Vegeta and Hercule.

          We’re both talking main villains, you’ve specified main villains too in your comment and you’re citing Nappa and the Ginyu force, that’s how you know you’re grasping at straws trying to call them ‘main villains’ lol. Nappa is completely besides the point he is not a main villain, Ginyu Force too but lets look at the Ginyu Force. Goku beat Recoome and Burter, Vegeta was the one who beat Guldo and Jeice (and he was also the one that finished off the former two), and the only stretch of imagination you could say that Goku ‘beat Ginyu’ is by getting in the way of body switch, Vegeta was the sole reason they survived that fight that long.

          The problem here is for some weird reason you equate ‘finishing’ the villain to being the only way a character can get spotlight and be glorified. If that’s the case, if you really think that everything is about who finishes the villain, then you can’t even say that the main character (Goku) has outshined anyone in the series (DBZ) because almost all of his fights were either won by someone else, won by him with everyone else’s help to the degree that he could not have won if not for every other person there, OR the one fight Goku won all by himself (Frieza) where Frieza still came back and Trunks finished him. Which IS good writing, the ability to have the main character be important, but not be able to do his moments without everyone else’s moments.

          My point is that other characters get their moments in the series even if they aren’t the one who finishes the villain, finishing the villain not being important anyway clearly as Goku barely does it himself, and Vegeta of all people has shined so much in the series that at this point you’re just not paying attention if you really think that Vegeta is still this shafted character that never gets his moment. I mean hell he surpassed Goku and did actually defeat Frieza in two movies alone (don’t care if Vegeta didn’t get the last hit, Goku lost that fight and Vegeta not just beat Frieza but humiliated him, Goku just got the last hit in, Vegeta had that fight won), and in Super he’s been the main character pretty much for three fights in a row! What more do you want?

        • But Goku didn’t defeat them. I didn’t say he lost his fights, I specifically said he didn’t win, I also specified DBZ, obviously Goku beat everyone in DB, he was stronger than everyone in DB it was kinda the point, we’re talking DBZ.

          The plan worked with Piccolo beating Raditz with Goku’s help and Goku being killed in the process, Goku had a draw with Vegeta at best, he did beat Frieza but Trunks finished him (yes I know Goku killed Frieza in the original timeline but we didn’t get to see it), Gohan beat Cell (and Cell killed Goku as you pointed out) and Goku didn’t really fight much at all in Buu Saga comparatively and out of what he did do: he lost to Vegeta, gave up against Buu (coulda beat him but didn’t), couldn’t beat Super Buu Gotenks Absorbed, and he would have lost against Kid Buu if not for literally everyone else, especially Vegeta and Hercule.

          We’re both talking main villains, you’ve specified main villains too in your comment and you’re citing Nappa and the Ginyu force, that’s how you know you’re grasping at straws trying to call them ‘main villains’ lol. Nappa is completely besides the point he is not a main villain, Ginyu Force too but lets look at the Ginyu Force. Goku beat Recoome and Burter, Vegeta was the one who beat Guldo and Jeice (and he was also the one that finished off the former two), and the only stretch of imagination you could say that Goku ‘beat Ginyu’ is by getting in the way of body switch, Vegeta was the sole reason they survived that fight that long.

          The problem here is for some weird reason you equate ‘finishing’ the villain to being the only way a character can get spotlight and be glorified. If that’s the case, if you really think that everything is about who finishes the villain, then you can’t even say that the main character (Goku) has outshined anyone in the series (DBZ) because almost all of his fights were either won by someone else, won by him with everyone else’s help to the degree that he could not have won if not for every other person there, OR the one fight Goku won all by himself (Frieza) where Frieza still came back and Trunks finished him. Which IS good writing, the ability to have the main character be important, but not be able to do his moments without everyone else’s moments.

          My point is that other characters get their moments in the series even if they aren’t the one who finishes the villain, finishing the villain not being important anyway clearly as Goku barely does it himself, and Vegeta of all people has shined so much in the series that at this point you’re just not paying attention if you really think that Vegeta is still this character that never gets his moment. I mean he surpassed Goku and did actually defeat Frieza in two movies alone (don’t care if Vegeta didn’t get the last hit, Goku lost that fight and Vegeta not just beat Frieza but humiliated him, Goku just got the last hit in, Vegeta had that fight won), and in Super he’s been the main character pretty much for three fights in a row! What more do you want?

          • He did defeat them, he just didn’t kill them. I’m not even arguing that he beat the main villains on his own, just that he is the main deciding factor in each fight and Vegeta never is.

            Goku being killed in the process of beating Raditz is still a win, it was the plan. He didn’t lose to Vegeta in the Buu Saga, Vegeta sucker punched him when he called time out, that’s not a loss, and we all know if he went SSJ3 he’d win easily. He only stopped fighting Fat Buu because he wanted the kids to beat him, so again not a loss (if anything a win, since he said he could have finished him), he never fought Buutenks (that was filler), and he was the one who finished Kid Buu.

            Nappa was indeed a main villain, he did all the damage to the Z warriors before Goku showed up, if Goku hadn’t showed up they’d all be dead. That’s main villain status in my book, even if it isn’t the “final villain” of the saga. The same goes for the Ginyu force. You’re the one grasping at straws when you mention Guldo, who’s at like Saibaman levels for all intents and purposes, but I’ll grant you Jeice, even though he never did damage the way Recoome did. As for Captain Ginyu, Goku did beat him, his power level was superior, if you’re going to hand it to Ginyu because of his ability to change bodies, then I hand it to Goku for getting in the way at the end of the transfer and throwing the frog.

            “OR the one fight Goku won all by himself (Frieza) where Frieza still came back and Trunks finished him.” – Which is irrelevant because Goku could have teleported there and done the job himself, and indeed that is what happened in the original timeline. So we might as well count that as a decisive victory for Goku.

            “The problem here is for some weird reason you equate ‘finishing’ the villain to being the only way a character can get spotlight and be glorified.” – Perhaps my wording wasn’t as clear as it could’ve been. By “finish” i meant Goku neutralized the threats, and he could have killed all those villains if he wanted to, he always does the heavy lifting, that’s my point. Thus, Vegeta doing cleanup duty of Burter and Recoome when they’re already unconscious doesn’t count.

            “Vegeta of all people has shined so much in the series that at this point you’re just not paying attention if you really think that Vegeta is still this character that never gets his moment.” – When has he had his moment? Literally almost every time, he’s inconsequential. In fact, the only example I can think of when he came closest to being a main factor in beating a powerful villain was when he hurt Cell enough momentarily for Gohan to finish him. Apart from that he was fodder for Kid Buu to buy Goku time for the spirit bomb, not exactly glorious moments.

            In Revival of F, Vegeta only beat a weakened Freiza. By the time he got his turn Goku had already won, so again, that doesn’t count. And again, Goku has to save the day because Vegeta would’ve ended up dead if Whis didn’t turn back time, so yes, it does matter that Goku got the last hit. As for Super, none of these fighters in the tournament can be taken seriously, they aren’t even close to Goku and Vegeta’s level. The only one who obviously is, is Hit, and he’s going to manhandle Vegeta next episode….

          • He didn’t defeat them all however. I was counting wins minus kills as well hence why I said that Goku did beat Frieza, just that another character ultimately finished Frieza. And if we’re going to specifically count beating then yes we are going to count Golden Frieza for Vegeta because he did beat him and I’ll get to that when it comes up below. And I’m gonna say this here because I see you saying it a few times: We are NOT counting losses. I never said he lost, I said he didn’t win, didn’t get the glory.

            Raditz was a win for Goku and Piccolo because the plan worked but Goku was definitely not the glorified one in that scenario as far as main character coming in and being unreasonably focused on. Piccolo beat Raditz with Goku’s help basically. Sure, if you want to count Nappa then lets count the only one time Goku without a doubt saved the day and was the glorified hero in this instance, he has one. You’re kind of right on Vegeta, Oozaru Vegeta did beat Goku, Yajirobi got Vegeta back to normal, but it was Goku’s Spirit bomb that got Vegeta down too, that’s why I called it a draw but either way Goku did not definitively beat Vegeta so I think either way the point is that we agree Goku did not win that one.

            If we’re gonna count Ginyu force my point is that Goku got two, Vegeta got two (and stop this ‘not counting it’ stuff, he doesn’t have to have the greatest challenge ever, seeing Vegeta ruthlessly slaughter Guldo was an epic moment in itself for his personality, that was still his kill and his moment), and the reason I say Goku doesn’t get Ginyu is because Vegeta was specifically the ‘heavy lifter’ in that fight, literally the only reason they survived was because after Vegeta beat Jeice he saved the rest from Ginyu and absolutely wrecked him until he was about to body switch and Goku just had a good strategy. You yourself said that it’s not about who got the last hit, it was who did the heavy lifting and in that fight that was definitely Vegeta. My point though is even if you wanted to give Ginyu half Goku and half Vegeta (there’s no way to say that was Goku’s fight, that is just not correct) then we still have a 50/50 effort of lifting here.

            If he didn’t lose to Majin Vegeta then they drew because without that sucker punch, the two of them were equally messed up. And lets get something straight real quick, Goku didn’t just not go SSJ3 because he didn’t want to shame Vegeta, that was part of it but it was only the one excuse Goku gave, there were other reasons. In the manga, when Goku used SSJ3 and got back to the lookout, he was done. There was no ‘lets wait till nighttime and show Goten and Trunks SSJ3 a second time before my time is up’ no, Goku did it, got back, and time was up. Goku ALSO didn’t go SSJ3 because if he did he would have been gone right after, and not to mention that excess outpour of energy would have freed Buu so freaking fast that it actually would have been stupid for Goku to go SSJ3 during that fight. Ultimately Goku could not have gone it so no, we are not going to give Goku the advantage just because he coulda gone SSJ3 because he really couldn’t have, he couldn’t afford to at least. So at best we could call this a draw between them and to be real, regardless of the winner that whole fight was about Vegeta. He was the main character of that fight, the entire fight was spent on his character development and cool moments and monologues from him, that entire fight was a Vegeta moment.

            Goku could have beat Buu, but he didn’t, giving way for pretty much every other character to do stuff for the rest of that arc. Goku certainly didn’t win, and he was certainly not the glorified main character at that point. He stalled, that was it, he didn’t win or lose, but that means he didn’t win. He had a good fight to reveal SSJ3, it in of itself was a Goku moment (which the main character should be allowed to have, my point is Goku does not have it too much) but it was not his victory.

            Well lets see, from where he started being a reoccurring character he got half the Ginyu Force, both Zarbon and Dodoria (who were bigger threats than the Ginyu Force), without Vegeta no one would be alive by the time Piccolo showed up, and without Piccolo no one would be alive by the time Goku showed up. Yes Goku got the win but Vegeta and Piccolo’s fights against Frieza were absolutely consequential to the arc. From there we had the absolutely amazing moment of Vegeta’s first SSJ transformation, absolutely wrecking 19, being the first to show (and likely the first to achieve) Ascended Super Saiyan (and just like Goku, though he didn’t win that fight, it was certainly an amazing moment and fight focused on Vegeta in the spotlight). Even if the form became useless, even if Vegeta let Cell go, that whole fight was just awesome for Vegeta and was an amazing moment. Yes for the rest it was about Gohan but it wasn’t about Goku either. Majin Vegeta’s fight, that whole bit was all his, one of the most glorious moments he’s ever had. And though he got wrecked by Buu and even his last attack failed, that fight was all about Vegeta’s character and developed him well, giving him one of his coolest moments and speeches ever – he was very much the spotlight character. From there is Buu, and really? “he was fodder for Kid Buu to buy Goku time for the spirit bomb, not exactly glorious moments.”? Despite how awesome he was during that? All of the epic Vegeta holdout moments? You gotta factor in context, how great the moments were, not just the necessity – even if it’s not necessary fully for the arc as a whole it’s necessary for him, it’s necessary to give him the moments that make him such a great character.

            And then BoG was just perfection for him, he surpassed SSJ3 Goku in just SSJ2, fought Beerus pretty well and despite that Goku won by having God, fact of the matter is that Vegeta further proved the consistency of ‘potential’ by showing his was always greater than Goku’s (a little besides the point but I absolutely loved that) and was absolutely amazing during that bit.

            Vegeta still humiliated Frieza, Goku wore Frieza down and got suckered out, Vegeta got to have such a cool beatdown moment. These are all moments of Vegeta’s, he doesn’t have to win or get the last shot or be the heavy lifter for the plot, what matters is how awesome and amazing these moments were that indeed were heavily Vegeta focused.

            Every fighter in this tournament save the bear can be taken seriously. Frost may have cheated his way but he was still stronger than Namek Saga Frieza by far (Piccolo would have wrecked him instantly if he wasn’t) and a being naturally stronger than Frieza who is smarter and has a cheat tactic that got out two fighters of the tournament before Vegeta, that’s a pretty big deal no matter if they were stronger. Goku and Vegeta (especially Goku) have their own mental weaknesses with their holding back and giving opponents chances, just because an opponent isn’t stronger doesn’t mean it’s not a big deal if they get that chance and take it. Magetta was ridiculous strong, he had a mental weakness but the dude was blocking current SSJ Vegeta’s Final Flash, Magetta was at their level that was a shown fact. And I have yet to watch this episode but a character doesn’t have to be the strongest to be taken seriously, I don’t even care how much weaker Cabba is than Vegeta the idea of a Universe 6 Saiyan is amazing enough to have his and Vegeta’s fight be epic, or at least for Vegeta to be awesome in the fight, and again he’s still been the main focus for three fights now and is about to be still there for part of it. The Vegeta focus is strong right now and that in of itself is important. Not every character gets to have a final hit, it’s about them as a character and the moments they get that make them the awesome characters we love. Vegeta has probably had the best character development out of every character and he definitely has more memorable iconic moments in Z than any other character. Vegeta has been an amazing character and treated as such for most of the series and he is still now, these moments aren’t just something to ignore or ‘not count’.

          • You’re drawing false dichotomies. Goku and Piccolo beat Raditz together, even split, Piccolo was not more important than Goku. He’d never have the time to charge up the Special Beam cannon, or land it, if Goku hadn’t held Raditz.

            “lets count the only one time Goku without a doubt saved the day and was the glorified hero in this instance” – Um….what? Goku saved the day against the Ginyu force, and Freiza, and Kid Buu. He’s the glorified victor in all those cases.

            “If we’re gonna count Ginyu force my point is that Goku got two, Vegeta got two” – Lol dude, Guldo doesn’t count, that’s like saying SSJ Goku beating Krillin is an epic win. Same goes for Vegeta vs Ginyu in Goku’s body, his power level was really low. I’m talking victories against major foes in each saga. So I’ve given you Jeice, because he wasn’t a push over. Oh, and Zarbon and Dodoria were NOT more of a threat than the Ginyu Force, probably just Guldo, but that’s literally it. I’d forgotten about Dodoria and Zarbon though, so yeah, he gets credit there, but it’s kind of sad we have to go all the way back to pre-Freiza Namek saga for Vegeta’s victories to have meaning…..

            The only reason Goku didn’t go SSJ3 is because of bad writing. He could’ve have easily gone SSJ3, knocked out Vegeta, killed Dabura/Babidi and stopped Buu from being revived if he wanted to. The only reason that didn’t happen is because we wouldn’t have a Buu saga if he did, just like we wouldn’t have much of a saga if he killed Fat Buu. So there’s no “real” reason Goku didn’t go SSJ3. Anyway, to call the Goku VS Vegeta fight a Vegeta moment is ridiculous, there was no glory in it for him, he had to resort to magical steroids to fight evenly against a Goku who was holding back. That’s not cool, that’s embarrassing, so it’s a win for Goku in my book.

            “Goku could have beat Buu, but he didn’t” – The point is Goku was never at Fat Buu’s mercy, and he did the heavy lifting vs Kid Buu and dealt the final blow. Vegeta was always at Buu’s mercy and never does the heavy lifting. Besides, at least Goku’s fight with Buu served a purpose, he allowed Trunks to get the Dragon Radar. Vegeta’s sacrifice against Fat Buu was pointless.

            “Despite how awesome he was during that?” LOL! Dude, Vegeta didn’t do crap against Kid Buu, he was just a ragdoll lucky enough that Buu decided to fling him around instead of kill him. It’s just pathetic.

            The same goes for Freiza, he could have killed all the Z warriors any time he wanted to, the only reason he didn’t was because he was toying with them. They never actually posed a challenge to him, they didn’t hold him off, so there’s no glory in that.

            Android 19 is not even worthy of being mentioned, he was a weakling, and the only reason Goku didn’t wreck him is because he was sick. In fact, I suspect Piccolo could have finished him if Vegeta hadn’t shown up. Also, Vegeta going Ascended Saiyan is rendered moot by the fact that he stupidly let Cell absorb 18 and then proceeded to get wrecked, so I don’t care that he looked cool beating up on Semi-Perfect Cell, plot-wise, it was rendered useless.

            After the DBZ the writing is pretty garbage, and BoG is indicative of that. It makes no sense whatsoever that SSJ2 Vegeta could surpass SSJ3 Goku, even for a second, no matter how mad he is. Besides, again, what good did that do? Nothing. It looked cool but served no purpose, he got owned and then it was Goku who impressed Beerus enough to stop him from blowing up the earth.

            In Revival of F Vegeta beat up on a weakened Freiza, in other words he got Goku’s left overs. There is nothing impressive about that. And he couldn’t even finish that properly, Freiza would have won if Whis didn’t turn back time. This is just pathetic man, Toriyama can’t even let Vegeta have a victory against a main opponent when the odds are stacked in his favor.

            In DB Super nobody in the tournament can be taken seriously, at all. Vegeta didn’t even go SSJ2 against Magetta, and if he had gone SSJ Blue = game over in two seconds.

            So to sum up, we’re seeing a pattern here aren’t we? Vegeta only wins against weaklings Goku could have beaten anyway, and when he makes a sacrifice or has a cool moment against a major villain, it’s pointless, and he then proceeds to get his butt handed to him. My gripe isn’t that there aren’t enough Vegeta-focused moments, it’s that he never does the heavy lifting/beats the main opponents. Apart from literally one second of hurting Super Perfect Cell, you have to go all the way back to pre-Freiza Namek saga to find the last time Vegeta had impressive impact in a fight against a major villain, and he has yet to beat the major villain of any saga whereas Piccolo, Gohan and Goku all have.

          • I agree with most of what you’re saying except

            Goku didn’t lose to vegeta as ssj2. Vegeta and Goku in ssj2 where equal in the fight. Goku just stops fighting and lowers his guard because he feels he needs to deal with buu first. And states he feels responsible that buu is revived, because of the energy Goku and Vegeta released in their fight.

            Vegeta knocks him out and even states that he lowered his guard. That is Goku’s biggest flaw he lowers his guard and leaves himself open for attack. Wich vegeta exploits and knocks him out cold. Wich has been made very clear in super. And ofcourse he was holding back his powers because he didn’t go ssj 3. Even in the first fight Vegeta loses. But vegeta eventually defeats him in oozaru form. Wich is basically a boost of 10x.

            I do agree with your second last and last paragrapgh. By other characters sharing the spotlight. Picollo with Raditz, Gohan with Cell. And Trunks with Mecha Trunks. However I think most people think that the spotlight goes the one that kills the main villain and not everything up untill that point.

            However the spotlight in super is obvious and goes to Goku and Vegeta up untill now atleast. Picollo is robbed of his one fight. Picollo, Gohan and Gotenks are now what Krillin and tien where in dbz. They have been cast aside so that the spotlight only engulfs Goku and Vegeta. They are showing signs of redeeming Gohan, he is setup to return in super. I just want them to honor all the characters. They’ve wasted the oppurtunity for a teen or adult Gotenks and waste Picollo Krillin and Tien, wich could be incorporated into the main plot.

            End rant.

          • The only thing I have to respond with is about goku and vegeta engulfing the plot: for now. We still have so much of super to go and it’s obvious gohan will get his redemption and it’ll be epic. The choice to add gotenks in the rof saga proves the desire of toriyama to do more with gotenks so well at least get to see more of them. Piccolo got an awesome fight and would have won which was cool. There’s no hope for krillin and tien we knew that coming into this they get their cool 15 seconds of fame group fight and that’s all they’ll get, we knew that lol.

        • DB is about Goku, so I don’t know why you’re bitching abouot him beating Tao Pai Pai, and the RR Army. That’s stupid

        • The reason is because if goku or vegeta get to the highest level and strongest there is then the show would be useless.the reason vegeta loses is because goku is his drive and if goku beats the main villian in that season then vegeta would go off and train or something else.

          • They’re supposed to be even now. In anything, Vegeta is supposed to be stronger, he started training earlier.

    • I get what you’re saying….its been too long since Vegeta had the spotlight…the last time I remember Vegeta having the “shine” was when he killed Android 19….which was ages ago….BUT there is no way that they are going to let Vegeta finish all the matches without us knowing what’s going to happen with Monaka

      • Yeah, but Meggeta was the only actual fight, and that was only because Vegeta was holding waaaaay back. He’s had a good spotlight as a character, but not so much as a warrior.

        • not really I believe those fights displayed his genius for fighting his battle tactics with magetta completely destroying frost, trainng cabe

  9. They killed GT with the one of the Kais splitting back into two. In GT they were still fused. GT must be another universe altogether now.

    • They killed GT the moment they introduced Berus and Super saiyan blue. Not many reasons to enter Super Saiyan 4 when you can go super saiyan blue from the start

        • GT Killed the Dragon Ball Franchise when Akira Toriyama allowed Toei to make more Dragon Ball without him.

          • He didn’t ‘allow’ it, they had the rights to it. GT didn’t do anything to Z because it’s nothing to it, GT killed itself when Toei tried to make it without him and Z remained as awesome as ever.

          • Incorrect. You can actually find a record of what he exactly did for all of the movies and GT in the databook. The ONLY things Toriyama designed for GT were Goku, Pan, and Trunks’ designs as well as Giru (if I remember correctly) and some planet sketches. He did not design the new characters that GT introduced, he did not design SSJ4 (people get confused by this, he drew an image of SSJ4 in a databook but that was AFTER the form already existed, he had nothing to do with it). Other than that, he did nothing for it.

          • your wrong, look at the daizenshu he designed almost all the characters in GT. Bulma’s look, Videl, all of them, look it up. Yes he did not design super saiyan 4 but all the basic character models (including Vegeta with a mustache!) Toriyama designed.

          • You’re right, I was slightly mistaken. He did all of the main cast of DBZ’s time skip designs. He designed the characters that were already DBZ characters and Giru, but other than that no plot, no new character designs, the only thing he designed was the appearance of the main cast (being why I was confused because they say the main cast, I forgot that he meant the whole main cast).

          • That’s correct and the reason why he did those designs was because his personal team that worked with him all throughout Z, was handling the story and everything else so they asked him if he could help out with character designs. SO he was involved with GT and he did give his approval to his team to continue the drgaonball legacy.

          • He was involved with the characters, he okayed the continuation, he did not write the plot, design the new characters, anything. That does not however fix the continuity errors or somehow make GT any sort of ‘kind of canon’, so really it doesn’t matter that he had some involvement, they still messed up GT and it was still non canon the second they had the idea for a series that he wasn’t writing. Toriyama has to either specifically state that it is part of the canon (though he would use phrases like “a direct continuation to the original story” like he did with BoG, OR he has to write it. So my point remains that GT was in fact ‘dead’ or nonexistent to the DB universe from the very beginning – it didn’t take the movies or Super to ‘kill it’ because it was already impossible to the DB universe with everything it contradicted.

          • he gave his permission for them to continue the story, and he designed the new art for the characters, that’s practically an endorsement to get behind the new series so for a long time GT should have been considered cannon.

          • That’s not at all true. Canon is strict. It either is or isn’t, it’s either 100% or not at all. Toriyama did not write the plot, that’s it. And even if it wasn’t auto non canon, it was non canon the second it started contradicting DBZ.

    • Okay look, GT can’t happen. This has always been the case but no one wants to accept it. GT is a side story that never happened in any incarnation of the central story of DB and everything that is canon to it. It’s over. We’ve exhausted every possibility and excuse. People used to say that GT happened in a different timeline which was always a flimsy excuse (and impossible if you think about it) anyway given how timelines work in DBZ so as soon as they said “we have universes” they jumped to that and gave up the timeline argument.

      Now we have 12 universes and people want to say “yeah GT’s gotta be in another universe” but it’s not; the only universe that would be even remotely similar enough to universe 7 to have any sort of similar story to DBZ is 6, even if every character had a counterpart in the other universe (which they don’t) they would be different characters (like Champa and Beerus), so there is no Goku, there is no Vegeta, there is no character that appeared in GT that exists in Universe 6 – not even humans as a whole exist. It can’t happen in Universe 6, we’ve established it can’t happen in Universe 7, it can’t happen in any other universe, and it can’t happen in any timeline of the universes. It’s just impossible, we can’t make it fit, we need to just stop trying.

        • Well first off no need to clarify that you’re not a GT fan. It’s not bad or wrong to like GT, I hate it but it’s cool if others like it, people just need to stop taking ‘non canon’ as an insult and stop trying to force non canon things to fit where they don’t – it’s just sad and incorrect.

          As for your question I’d be glad to answer. First off GT contradicts too much. Like character’s power is off, the way SSJ4 works is just not a thing, like literally for a timeline split to exist where GT happened, that split would have had to happen at the beginning of time, making a timeline where the very laws of nature are different because unless that happened, there is a lot of GT that just can’t.

          More importantly, timelines don’t work like real life timeline theory in GT. It’s explicitly explained that a new timeline is created when someone interferes with the timeline. There are not just infinite timelines where all possibilities exist like the real world timeline/multiverse theory states, in DBZ there is one timeline until someone messes with it and it creates a second one, so on and so forth. So the excuse of ‘infinite possibility so GT must be somewhere’ just simply does not work, a timeline for GT would have to be created by someone specifically going back in time and making GT possible and we know for a fact that that did not happen.

          Sure you could say it’s possible, “what if someone goes back in time, stops Beerus from showing up, so Goku doesn’t get god mode and so on and so forth”, but by then we’re writing an entire fanfiction to try and awkwardly make something fit and that is just not good enough. And then even if that did happen, the contradictions to small points like how transformation works, how Goku’s power worked (that’s a big one, without BoG Goku literally can’t get any stronger which I can explain if you wish – Goku does have limits that somehow no one realizes, but I wont drag this post out any longer than it is lol), it’s all just not possible unless someone went back to the beginning of time and changed the laws of nature, GT literally contradicts that much. In all of space and time in the all of DragonBall, there is no feasible way for GT to happen, it just can’t. It’s non canon.

  10. What a disppointment…………
    Tbh, i thought that there are at least 2 strong characters from the other side
    Yet it seems to be only hit after all

  11. my prediction is goku and vegeta will eventually be defeated by Hit, and i got the feeling that monaka’s true body will transform into a suitable shape to fight, and that’s maybe his true strength will be revealed.. just maybe

    • Or something just unexpectedly funny will happen for him to win… But yeah, both probably will lose, just to make sure that Goku doesn’t rain supreme…

          • since vados mentioned that hit will recive the Cube which is capabla of interdimensiona travel in case he wins I woul say that vegeta and goku will both be clubbed by hit only for him to come bak to earth later and pose a threat

        • As mentioned before fusion is not allowed plus Gogeta is GT and basically GT never happened. Also Vegeta will never 1. Fusion dance and 2. Fuse with Goku again unless the world was in danger.

          • Ah must have missed fusion not being allowed, my mistake. Gogeta was introduced in the Janemba fight though so I think it is fair game for the Super Series as a whole. And Vegeta says a lot of things lol. DBZ says a lot of things and then turn around and go against it. I just want to see a blue or maybe even purple haired Gogeta.

          • Yea it was a few episodes before the tournament started. Trunks and Goten wanted to enter the tournament and Vegeta said no “You two plan on using fusion and that is forbidden by the rules” or something like that

          • yo, vegeta has done a lot of shit in this series, I think hes perfectly ok with a little fusion dance lmao but yeh i agree with the 2nd point.

    • I disagree I think beerus only brought Monaka to motivate Goku and vegeta. Like the guy fainted during goku’s kamehameha blast lol

  12. Goku will never fight Hit. Even though he got a chance to enter the tournament again, Vegita will pwn all!

  13. So, Goku was able to put up a decent fight against Beerus, whis training + SSJB + 3 years of solo training makes them even stronger, yet Hit still man handles Vegeta. Hit > Beerus/Champa?

    • Lol, No. Beerus was toying with Goku slowly pushing his power to see how far Goku can go. Beerus at full power has the potential to destroy the universe…which is something he technically is banned from doing and is that’s why Whis Watches over him.

      In an interview given to Akira Toriyama, when asked of Goku vs. Beerus’s strength, he essentially said SSGod Goku would be a 6/10 while Beerus would be a 10/10…and Whis would be 15/10.

      Goku + Vegeta teaming up against Beerus could potentially defeat Beerus as noted by Whis, but yeah in a one on one, it isn’t possible.

      • Goku is much stronger as SSJ Blue now than he ever was as SSJ God, I’d say he’s probably pretty close to Beerus in power at this point.

    • People. Beerus needed 70% of his power for ssj red goku. Ssj blue is stronger than ssj red but not stronger than beerus/champa quite yet. However being NEARLY as powerful as the gods of destruction makes me wonder how in the hell Hit manhandles vegeta cause that would make him on par with beerus/champa

      • just horrible writing…..hit and vegeta should’ve had a 2-3 episode fight…a real good fight….real back and forth action….not a one sided straight beatdown of a ssjblue who has been training with whis and training in the time chamber….smh…but just watch how goku puts up a better fight tho….no way will they embarrass goku the way they will embarrass vegeta next episode tho…smh

  14. I have a feeling it will get to manaka, and for some strange reason, I believe Beerus is Manaka; which is why he’s dormant right now, and why Whis made the comment and smirk about being the strongest.

      • Why not, somehow they could have transformed or created somebody equal to him for training. Yes, Whis trained him and could have sparred with him, but anything’s plausible.

        • kmt Beerus just didnt want to admit the truth to goku that he was the strongest he fought so he made up a story about that wimp.
          THE END BYE

  15. Remember how Mr. Popo made a clone of goku when he was younger? Why cant we make a shit load of Whis’ and kick ass?

  16. Remember previous episode when Goku asked Beerus to be the last one to fight. Beerus rejected and at the meantime Whis whispered Beerus saying that Monaka was still in shocked by Goku’s kamehameha. Judging by this, I guess the reason why Monaka has to be the last one because he might just be a random guy Beerus brought so that he can make an excuse to hide the fact Goku being the strongest beside beerus. Again just my opinion, feel free to correct me.

    • That’s a fairly common theory, but we don’t really know what’s up with Monaka. He could be a random guy; he could really be the strongest guy Beerus ever fought but Goku has since surpassed him; he could be a fighting savant with weird limitations on his powers. Or something.

    • Yes, this is the most rational and logical conclusion. The other reason Beerus lied to Goku about Monaka was to motivate Goku to train his hardest(which also makes Vegeta train harder), and it absolutely worked.

    • I think Monaka has some kind of gimmick. Given that he took a punch from Goku and did not go flying like Krillin, he clearly has some strength. However, it might be that he is all defense. His actual attacks may be worthless but perhaps he can wear opponents out by taking all of their attacks with minimal damage.

  17. Next episodes preview shows hit destroying ssb vegeta ?? Isn’t the ssb form nearly as strong as beerus himself? That would make Hit on par with the Gods Of Destruction. That’s a huge gap between him and the rest of the Universe 6 fighters.

    • 1) Vegeta is nowhere near 100% after three fights in a row, one of which was taxing; 2) SSB is still well below Beerus; 3) Hit is not necessarily comparable to SSB in battle power; he’s got some sort of special technique, maybe a ki-draining technique; 4) either way, yes, there’s a huge gap between him and the rest of their fighters. But the same is true for the U7 fighters; Piccolo hasn’t been able to keep up with the Saiyans since SS2.

      • wish they showed more of ss2 in super . It’s totally forgetten . Between ss1 and ss3 it was supposed to be the most efficient combat state as its much more powerful than ss1 and is not exhaustive like ss3

        • Toriyama has said publicly that Goku and Vegeta no longer need to go SS2 or SS3 to get the most out of SS. From here on out they’ll go straight from SS to SSB.

          • Yeah, something about a refined SS form rather than the energy-wasting SS3. I might find a link later; I’ve seen it cited and quoted before, but it wasn’t on the SS3 Wiki page like I hoped. I saw it on a Wiki page recently, though, and it gets quoted by fans a lot.

      • Moreover , now , when i come to think of it , if Gohan had regained his mystic strength through training he would have demolished every universe 6 fighter except maybe Hit. Plus i think the reason for excluding Buu was that he would have taken care of the fighters rather easily as he’s playful and unrestrained. And since he can manipulate magic he would’ve probably countered Hit’s technique and defeated him

    • I think Hit is an evil character and probably even the two cats and the warrior must unify their force to fight him.
      Apart for this, didn’t you notice he put his hand in his pocket? Is possible that Hit uses some cheats too, like Frost, but he is smarter than him (Frost in the end wasn’t that smart).

  18. Why the new ending generic?! Did the producers had in mind using it for World Cup song? (because it looks more like one)

  19. Again the same thing happens, these thing almost seems permanent now. Vegeta is brought into the spot light and suddenly everything turns black. Again i was hyped as fuck but i suppose some things never change.

      • The Dragonball: I cry it back! Piccolo JR fight Tienshin Han fight was awesome. I felt Goku was a martial arts expert.
        DBZ: I cry it back! SKILL, COREOGRAPHY! There were smart, fast paced fights (not Frieza fight), lots of techniques, fast paced moves,
        GT: yaaaaaaaawn.
        DBS: the same thing over and over… until most recently. Cabba did a back kick and quickly returned it, did a 3 different punch combo taht Vegeta did not see coming. I was waiting for this all along! This kid has more skills than all of the team. Not as strong? Who cares!

  20. whaaaaaaaaaaat?? how in hell’s name does Hit even make Vegeta sweat let alone make him tired? how is that even possible after so much training with Whis, turning SSG and that extra 3 years?

        • This is the first time ssjblue is gonna be used to its full potential in a battle…just for it to be completely useless and straight inaffective…all that hype surrounding the new transformation just for that???.hit v vegeta should go on for 2 – 3 episodes of they battling each other….i dont care who wins…i just dont like the fact that ssjblue will be destroyed real real easily

          • wrong. frieza was stronger than SSJ Blue Goku, Goku even said it himself, but Frieza didn’t learn to maintain his new form yet. So we’ve already seen SSB go all out.

    • Don’t know about that but Gohan always had the most potential that’s for sure. If he’d trained under Whis he would’ve most likely surpassed Goku/Vegeta , possibly Beerus himself. However i’ve always suspected that Whis took Goku/vegeta under his wing to somehow get them to replace Beerus one day. Gohan would never have taken that job.

      • Gohan is absolutely trash-tier. He’s a half saiyan, there’s no way he’d surpass Goku or Vegeta. Even Goten and Trunks are better than Gohan was when he was their age.

        • That’s retarded. Gohan beat cell when he was like 13, surpassing past both Goku and Vegeta who had been training their entire lives. He showed both of them the SSJ2 transformation. Clearly has more potential. You’re an idiot.

  21. Goku did defeated freiza twice and second of all did he not say he wanted someone else to defeat cell to see how well they do against protecting earth and that was gohan but if goku actually tried he may would of lost but doesn’t mean he was defeated and if mecha freiza came back and trunks were not there he would of won against cause remeber when trunks went over there to talk to him goku said he came back to finish of freiza and thats only reason he came back. And the fight between goku and buu wasn’t thereselves all of the fighters fought and didn’t kill him doesn’t mean they lost and goku didn’t either because buu cheated and wasn’t a fair fight since he absorbed some of the fighters so it didn’t count but the fight between majin buu he did lost so did vegeta as he sacificed hiself but so the fight with kid buu the whole earth won it. And the ginyu saga only ginyu was main so in that fight know one won but in the revival of freiza vegeta killed ginyu so vegeta won. And the raditz saga goku and piccolo won that one but goku did defeat vegeta when he came because throughout the whole series after vegeta turn good he kept saying that how could a low class sayain defeat the prince of sayains. And also in the bardock special when bardock was dying he had a vision where he saw his grown up son defeat freiza and he said a may pass but there will be another to defeat freiza and that will be my son. So Koibito888 your kinda wrong and next time before saying something get some evidence.

  22. Vegeta showed Cabba how to become ssj so the saiyans of universe 6 be the strongest race and dont end up like the saiyans on universe 7. He did it like a true prince.

  23. Maybe Hit wins the tournament, gets that Vessel and terrorises the Universes. Goku and the Crew then are trying to catch him.

  24. For me, Im sure vegeta and goku wont win if they keep that super saiyan blue up, it is just a MIXED with god powers… Because it is just half of the god powers and your current power.
    However never forget what goku had..
    Super Saiyan God that red one and it is a purely GOD power not MIXED with god powers. If super saiyan god can make beerus hard have a hard time beating it, surely it will be the same like vegeta did to camba when it is goku vs hit

    • Goku cant become super saiyan god(REd hair) at will. He needs the ritual in order to transform plus it still weaker from blue saiyan

    • During Battle of Gods saga goku managed to absorb the power of ssj red into his base form plus after training with whis making him what’s termed as ‘Saiyan beyond God’ . SS blue is when simply when a saiyan with the power of a god goes ssj thus termed as ssgss.
      So ss blue > ss red.

  25. Wow You guys have really outdone yourselves this time! Thanks for releasing the subs early I appreciate it!

  26. Well it is 100% thant vegeta will lose to hit. And Goku will probely lose also then we will me manoka vs hit.

  27. Hit wins the tournament. Gets the cube, goes in universe 7. Beat the shit out of everyone. Enter Super saiyan blue Gogeta

  28. i know where all this is going , vegeta will run out of energy and hit will beat him, then goku will fight hit and if goku don’t win , is going to be a tie fight like when goku fought pikeham , then monaka will win the tournament without having to fight because he is the last fighter left, the last man standing, monaka is a weakling the weakest of them all there is nothing special about him only his tits , berrus is using monaka as a cover because he don’t want to admit that goku is the 2nd strongest after him

  29. Can’t wait to see Vegeta after all his training get pwned by Hit relatively easily in blue ssj form. Get Hit mothafucka. Also – no – Vegeta is not on Goku’s level. It’s weird that he even managed SSJ God mode. Very kind of the writers. The incompetent, constantly pwned and arrogant prince never even managed to go SSJ3.

    Goku has a lot more talent and potential, and that is very apparent throughout DBZ. Goku has a chance against Hit purely due to his insane talent, ability to grow fast and let’s face it – he is simply better than Vegeta.

    • If you’d been paying attention throughout Super, you’d see that Vegeta is indeed stronger than Goku at the moment.

      He wont be forever, but for now he is, although Goku fans will find it hard to grasp their favorite character is not the strongest of the group anymore.

      • I don’t know about stronger. Sure he’s been training with Whis alot longer and during their sparring Goku appears to tire out quicker. I feel as though Goku may have caught up and has the edge right now. But we’ll see.

        Lol at that criticalDbag guy though. Vegeta get’s so much hate from Goku fanboys.

        • Vegeta has always been my favourite character, but if he really has the same abilities as Goku, why did Goku reach SSJ3 and Veg never did? They were both training for seven years solid.

        • I personally feel that Vegeta is either on par with Goku or is slightly stronger. But yes, we’ll have to see in the future episodes.

          And yes, that CriticalDBag was quite the critical douchebag. I wonder if he was trolling considering his name. xD

        • We don’t really know to be honest. I forgot they went in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, but Vegeta was definitely stronger before they went in and Vegeta would have been more salty if Goku surpassed him, considering how obsessed he got during his training. I feel that they’re either equal or Vegeta is slightly stronger. Like I said in my other comment though, Goku will inevitably surpass him.

          • I don’t think Goku surpassed Vegeta, they’re just on equal footing. However, we are about to find out in the next episodes.

  30. I hope during this Tournament Gohan back on planet earth has been training his ass off. Maybe we’ll get a suprise and return to see a Gohan capable of SSG. Lol, I doubt it though.

  31. Interesting episode. It’s good to see Vegeta to help Cabba, his jerkish manner helped him to stimulate that Saiyain to grow. But I think that Hit will defeat Goku and Vegeta, and Monaka will fight.

  32. What if Monaka has the same power as Captain Ginyu? Maybe Monaka is Ginyu’s race and allows for Beerus to swap bodies but keep his powers….

    Would explain all the secrecy from Beerus…

      • That presumes that Ginyu, as we first saw him, is his original form. It is a possibility that Ginyu’s body on Namek was already stolen from some previous opponent.

        • I dunno about this though, unless they are really good friends, why would monaka swap bodies back with the god of destruction if his original body is so weak – i.e. he could just keep beerus’ body… I mean I suppose whis can turn back time and they could kill him… but still. Seems like an unlikely explanation I think something else will happen. Transformation, or non fighting powers… mind control, time freeze or some such.

  33. There’s no doubt “Hits” strong. However, if Vegeta loses to him, there’s nothing Goku will be able to do. Both are about equal, and if either is a bit tad stronger than the other that’s not going to be enough for them to make any huge difference.

    All we have to work with is the preview, and the preview as horrible to give any basis on what’s going on. Remember the last preview? People thought Vegeta was pushed to his limits when fighting Kabe/Cabe.

    Yes, Vegeta was hit really hard, he spat blood out of his mouth. Yes, Goku and the rest of the crew couldn’t see “Hits” movements, but that might be because they were caught off guard. We don’t know at this point. And it’s silly to make bad comparisons about Goku being stronger than Vegeta, Vegeta losing the spotlight once again to Goku. Goku taking the win, once again. Etc.

    We have no clue, tbh, we haven’t even seems “Hits” strength. We know nothing about him. We can’t even draw any conclusions, as we don’t really know anything about him. It’s okey to have constructed discussions about the fight, but I’m getting fed up with all the silly ideas.

    Monaka being their trump card, Vegeta losing once again, Goku taking the win.

    – There’s no Gogeta in the anime series, there’s the fusion with potaras, but that’s against the rules.
    – While it hasn’t been confirmed, it’s been said and mentioned by Whis that Monaka is no big deal. So unless Monakas identity is hidden to Whis I wouldn’t rely on him being strong.
    – Goku and Vegeta are on par with their power levels. Maybe the one or the other is slightly stronger, but that wouldn’t be enough to make any differences.
    – Both are strong, and at this point becoming stronger is getting tougher. And this is supposed to be directed to those saying Goku and Vegeta trained at the hyperbolic time chamber a few years before the tournament. Yes, they did. But even if their power level increased with only 5% at that point, that would still be bigger than Goku going from Freeza to BuuOO saga. That’s not to say they can’t become stronger, they can, but it’s going to take much more than 2 years at the hyperbolic time chamber. The only way they can actually increase their strength is learning to control their Ki.

    Anyway, just a short summary. Rather than having these aggressive posts which lead to nothing, let’s just wait for what’s ahead.

    • every episode seems to be big to me! lol 🙂

      yeah its getting interesting…cant wait for the next…liked the momentum building up between Hit and Goku

  34. Is it just me or The Legendary Assasin Hit is just a reborn theme of payed assasin Ledgic in Dragonball GT!?!?

  35. So Vegeta will get stomped on most likely. I am guessing that he will hold on long enough for Goku to detect some weakness in Hit’s attack. Maybe Goku will not get it until during his fight. I really do not see them having two episodes with basically the same plotline of SSJ Blue getting owned. Goku may well give himself time to figure out Hit’s attack by spam instant transmissioning all over the place

  36. After seeing Vegeta get pummeled, I hope Goku has enough good sense to ask Whis for any advice/information. Whis knew about the Magetta guy’s weakness and never said anything. Perhaps he knows about Hit but has said nothing because nobody bothered to ask.

    • Goku will prob figure it out on his own or lose. I cant imagine Goku or Vegeta asking for advice on how to beat him from Whis cause Saiyan pride is too stronk

      • For Vegeta, that is certainly the case. For Goku, I am not sure if it is Saiyan pride as much as just his determination to do everything on his own. Still, asking what an attack is would not be quite the same as asking how to defeat Hit.

        • Think about last week after the Magetta fight when Whis told everyone that the Metal Man wouldn’t be able to fight after he got insulted. Beerus was like “Why would you not tell us that” and then Goku was like “But then it wouldnt have been an interesting fight” Goku isnt proud in the same sense as Vegata, but he does love the thrill and unpredictability of battle, and he wouldnt want a weakness revealed to him

          • Yes, but if he truly had that much pride, he wouldn’t have asked anyone for training help ever. Goku doesn’t want a 1 hit K-O kind of match but if it can make it a small bit easier for him he will take it.

          • idk its just my opinion. I dont see Goku asking Whis for advice. I see him finding a way to win via watching Vegeta fight him (I assume Vegeta will lose) or I see him losing in an epic battle

          • Though it is possible that Whis will give him a vague hint that Goku will not figure out until during the match.

  37. I think the training Goku and Vegeta did in the place that was like the Hyperbolic Time Chamber that Whis sent them to will be the key. As I recall, they could not move at all until Vegeta realized they needed to control their ki completely and not allow any to leak out. I think that is the key to Hit’s power. I think he has such unprecedented control of his ki that his attacks seem to come from nowhere, as we already witnessed against Frost. Perhaps if one were to match the level of control Goku and Vegeta have already demonstrated, they would actually be able to see Hit’s attack.
    Why do I think this is the answer? AT has consistently dropped hints about what is coming ahead of time. Before Goku went SSJ, there was plenty of dialogue about a legendary super sayan finally appearing. Before the Cell games began, we knew the goal was to go beyond SSJ. There are a few other examples like this. As such, I do not think that AT would make up something completely new to resolve the fight with Hit. Whis may well give Goku a vague hint by saying, “Do not forget your training” just before Goku’s fight with Hit begins. I may be wrong about the answer to defeat Hit but I think I am right in guessing that the solution is something we have already seen in Super. There may be some other scene or line of dialogue that we glossed over that was actually key to what is to come.

  38. Man I love this stuff so addicting. Glad the other universes saiyans are good but yet weak. At least Vegeta did what I hoped he would do. Same thing as Goku. 😀

  39. OMG, who is proud of Vegeta. He’s 100% one of my favorite characters and I feel he will be an exactly master teacher when it is his time. Did anyone see Episode 37? I mean, the motivation was enough to make a man cry.

  40. But but.. Both Vegeta and Goku equally trained, so I don’t understand. And they both trained for 3-years in the time chamber too, so is there a Super Saiyan Blue version 2 as a surprise here?

  41. I just don’t understand one basic thing..In shadow dragon saga against omega goku and vegeta goes ssj4,and that beatle is after this turnament because Pan is already born..Is that means that ssj4 is more powerful then ssj god mode?

    • Dude, Dragon Ball GT is not canon (it is not part of the actual Dragon Ball franchise).
      Dragon Ball Super comes after Dragon Ball Z.

      Dragon Ball > Dragon Ball Z > Dragon Ball Super
      Dragon Ball GT is not part of the story.

  42. just a quick note to say a big thank you to who ever is taking the time to do these subtitles. would be at least a year before i could follow this story without resorting to forums or dragon ball wiki otherwise; so thank you very much if you read this!!

    & to every person who has ever whinged about how long (a matter of one or two days at most) it takes for these subs to happen.. your self entitled nature is part of whats wrong with society today, grow up.

  43. OK! How great of a moment was it when Vegeta turns SSJ Blue (don’t like that name btw…) and surprises everyone lol. Hit seemed concerned for a second and probably thinks to himself; 1. I can’t sense his power level all of a sudden… (‘Cause Whis taught them how to suppress their ki) 2. So they’ve both been hiding some power (when he looks at Goku.) and 3. I may need to put a little more effort then anticipated in my next few battles… (then he closes his eyes again!)

  44. what if Hit using some type of weapon for that “stun” effect? he is an assassin not a 100% good guy…rather a bad one.

    • One of my theory is that Hit is Vados’ puppet. It may be possible that Vados is the true villain here, and she wants to conquer the universes, but, because of her position, she can’t act directly. After all, compared to Wish, she is more mysterious.

      • hm, strange theory 🙂 but as i understand Hit is well known in uni 6th as “legendary”…and it seems he is a lonely assassin (even i cant decide that he is bad or good or simple neutral). maybe Vados can able to pay down him for that cube…but why she needs it? she can able to travel everywhere where she wants… or not? we’ll see

  45. How is Base Cabba = Base Vegeta? I though after training with Whis and aquiring god ki Vegeta/Goku were as good as SSj gods a.k.a ‘Saiyan beyond Gods’ in their base.
    So can Vegeta/Goku fluctuate the strength of their base forms too? Just like they chose to use ssj gold instead of ss blue?

    • well, universe don’t just pick shitty fighters

      just because cabba wasn’t an ssj doesn’t mean he is weak. in base form, he could destroy majin buu easily.

      his base is comparable to gohan’s potential unlock

      • Comparable with Mystic Gohan? Said who?o_O

        Basiclly ,i think power levels/comparisons are shit, just because someone defeats someone, doesn’t mean he can beat someone else.

          • There is NO mystic gohan after the BoG saga. He lost that power and was in his weakest state by the Rf saga. So yes , Cabba>Current Gohan. But no way is he stronger than mystic Gohan in Z and one can’t simply assume that Cabba can DESTROY buu , that to easily. Buu’s no joke.

    • its really bad logic by toei or toriyama i mean common a road walking saiyan no matter how talented can not come equal to a god trained saiyan at base form, that’s rubbish!!

      • It only makes sense if they can suppress their base power or if they can make a choice of normal or god ki in their base itself as well as ssj.

  46. goku’s next i feel he’s going to lose but it might take 3 or 4 episodes. just for the simple fact that he wants to see monaka fight.

    • Nah man fusion is not allowed in the tournament. And judging by all the rule breaking which has already occurred I don’t think the missing member will be relevant. Goku seems to have figured out Hit’s technique.

  47. 16.50 blue aura yellow hair, its on purpose like 2 step transformation because its quicker or toei forgot to change colour?

    • oh and when hit looks at goku, thats a huge scene like yeah thats the power and hit still almost dont care like he has a secret and can beat everyone who doesnt know about it no matter the power, i think it because if ssb>ssg and rosat ssb>>ssb than maybe now goku and vegeta are 80% beerus>champa, if hit beats vegeta easily than he is stronger than champa? soon they will be like the kais, powerless

  48. Not sure Goku will defeat Hit aswell. I think there’s a big chance of Hit defeating both Vegeta and Goku, then lose to Monaka somehow( even though its clear Monaka isn’t strong at all), might be they’le find some strange way to make that happen – Monaka is there for a reason.

  49. its very obvious, goku and vegeta will lose and then monaka will die vs hit, that will be against the rules so hit will lose. then in anger probably champa will kill hit or something like that.

  50. Always wondered why Goku never taught the rest of the Z fighters Instant Transmission. Would’ve been so useful. And moreover they never learnt Kaioken too. Imagine Mystic Gohan using kaioken. Just a thought 😛

  51. I think Vegeta is going to have problems to defeat Hit so he gets Goku to fuse with him and they will turn into Gogeta ssgss 2. It will be awesome how the ending is going to be.

    • It has more interesting characters, more unique powers and battles, better background exposition, and honestly overall better variety than DBZ ever had. I’m a fan of DBZ myself, but when I leave nostalgia out of it I’m really at a loss as to how this is underwhelming in any way.

      • Nice to hear honest opinion. What really turns me off are the animations, they are horrible and it doesn’t feel like they put any effort in them. The characters don’t look at all like they original counterparts. The action is very poor as well. Ill stick with GT and keep ignoring this money grabbing show.

  52. Did you guys know, 5th of april was Akira toriyama’s Birthday! So i made a tribute video by drawing SSJ goku, Please watch and let me know what you think! =] DB FOREVER! <3

  53. Im a bit dissapointed about the name of the blue form..
    “Super Sayajin Blue”? wasnt it called “Super Sayajin God Super Sayajin?”(even thought thats quite long)
    The new name is just kinda lame :/

  54. Is Cabba Vegeta’s son in the other universe? I mean they have same fighting style and attack. He also said the king is strong and proud like Vegeta.

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