Dragon Ball Super Episode 38 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 38 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 38. Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 38 in High Quality HD online on www.watchdbzsuper.tv.
You Are watching Dragon Ball Super Episode 38. Episode 38 in the TV Anime Series Dragon Ball Super.



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229 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 38 Subbed”

  1. Goku with Super Saiyan Blue version 2? After all, he trained for another three years more after training with Whis and he already showed his God form against Frieza, so this time, after all that training it can’t be the same form against the main Villain. Why Goku particularly? Things might have changed in the time chamber, you see, in the scene with Bulma and the dragon ball finder, Vegeta was satisfied, contented with the God form but Goku was eager ‘coz of Beerus plot with Monaka, sum1 more stronger. So, secretly as always, Goku might be hiding another form like the Supuer Saiyan 3 from Vegeta during the Majin Buu era.

  2. Does anyone else have a feeling that monaka is gonna end up being a fake “trump card”? …. All the moments involving him has led me to believe that so far lol

    • I don’t think.. I m sure min aka has fake identity which burees Sama told goku so he doesn’t get over confident about his power

    • I’ve been thinking that ever since he appeared for the first time. That Beerus told Goku there is someone stronger only to keep his motivation up. He probably assumed Goku wold lose interest to progress if he knew he’s already the strongest guy Beerus fought with.Same thing Jacki Chan (or Master Roshi) did when Goku was on his fist tournament.

    • That’s something i have bin calling on about 3 weeks already. I said when he was shown around the first time that he is there for a different reason not much later I though he was there to motivate Goku and therefore Vegeta, and that seems to be correct.

  3. Also I say that mainly because maybe low key whis and beerus want goku and vegeta to learn a certain lesson from monaka being a fake trump card? IDKKKKKKKKKK might be a stupid thought but w.e


    It is said that Vegeta loses… Goku learns how to fight Hit’s “time skip” of .1 seconds technique, and defeats Hit… Yeah, very disappointing.

    Then Champa gets mad at the fighters for losing, when possibly Monaka steps in and does something…

      • So far it seems to me Beerus got Monaka there just so Goku wouldn’t get too confident, so he made up a story how Monaka is the strongest guy who fought with him, and found some random dude to play the role. Hence why he told him to keep quiet, doesn’t let Goku spar with him, or why he got hit by Goku, fainted when he saw kamehame wave etc.

        Just a theory as I know nothing about the character, but everything so far implies it.

        • i still think he has the power to do something, but it has to be something about that light emitted when they turn ssj and ssjb

          • remember in the earlier episodes where goku punches the crap out of him, and he doesnt even move.

          • He didn’t really hit him hard, and he was about to burst into tears. No to mention he fainted at the sight of kamehame wave and hence why he’s sitting there, not moving even when the dome breaks. And also why Beerus is so protective, not letting anyone speak to him, and having that argument with Wis. To me, everything show so far implies Beerus made up the story about there being some stronger about a stronger guy he fought, just to keep Goku’s motivation up.

    • How is that disapointing? Some of you guys have weird taste, dragon balls is goku’s show first and foremost, always was, and him winning is the most satisfying of possible routes

      • you have an actual point here. it all start with Goku…and will probably end with him as well….I believe he will die at some point, but I hope it’ll be never!! He’ll end up getting another wife because his first wife dies, and lives for over 9000! years.

  5. I don’t think it was a disappointment because goku always found a way to win even against stronger opponents. To me it is a fair end to the tournament.

  6. guys im from turkey and im still waiting the episode. the time is 2.00 am. i want to sleep but i CANT! ihave to watch it i have to i have to…

    • I assume its because they couldnt see hits milisecond time lapse hit. Maybe whis did but. Gomu always finds a way i suppose

  7. I like how the universe 6 fighters are much weaker, yet have different abilities that keep them formidable. (Time control, heat, poison, invulnerability) No one expected the fights to be this way given the fact that dbz was always about the strongest fighters having the highest power levels.

  8. Things are warming up, at last.
    This looks more like the Goku I got myself used to, too. The clueless guy who’s actually a natural talent when it comes to fighting. 🙂

    • it is nice to actually see some hand to hand combat fighting instead of shooting things all over the place and destroying everything, which makes me think of how in the world can those people replace/repair their cities that were destroyed….I mean that HAS to be expensive as crap..

  9. For a second I thought that Hit could only counter since I didn’t see him initiate an attack, but time-skip? Guess we’ll just have to see where this leads to.

  10. ..V. “JEAH SONGOKU” .V.., i knew it he would learn to not think before he moves and let the muscles just react. Just like Whiz showed him. GJ on the subs previous subs guys, looking forward for this episodes subs 😀

  11. Oh my god as usual it was really good and i was really thrilled seeing Goku stepping in the ring…He is just kicking the Shit out of Hit …man Dragon ball super is going way too good….really excited for the next episodes and see Goku back in action !

  12. again and again i am pretty sure that goku is going to come out on top. Just that Vegeta should learn different form of fighting not just one with power level as i don’t understand Japanese language for the out look of this goku first saw which fighting technique his opponent and changed his game plan accordingly. Respect your opponent big or small you don’t know what they know and how they where trained

  13. Can those lazy clowns at funimation start dubbing this already .. Hell I’ll make it easy, skip the Beerus and Freza arc and start just before the Touranment . GET THE ENGLISH DUB OUT ALREADY ! ! ! !! Scrubs.

    • i wont lie though. I wouldn’t mind seeing one filler with gohan protecting the earth as the only fighter left, but only for like two episodes

      • Honestly, filler of the characters not focused on would be nice to a limited degree – however, I would prefer the episodes instead continue forward in the hopes of them “actually” getting some focus.

  14. Dragon ball super – Raw = Thug subbed :D. I can’t wait watching the episode first time :D. I’ll wait for them later 😉

  15. I wonder what will happen after the tornament will beerus be bad once again and goku and vegeta should fight with him once again ?

  16. Wow when you think about his Time-Leap is pretty lame I mean Guldo coudl stop time for as long as he could breathe and he has only 0.1 seconds

  17. This gone too far as it seems even 3 vs 1 for vegeta . It seems those are very simple for goku. When Hit arrives vegeta loses but the whole goddamn thing is only with goku. He’s also gonna learn time leap. Much excited as a fan of DBZ super

  18. The spoilers are out.
    So it says that on episode 40, champa goes rogue on his team because hit lost.
    And then it says someone steps in the ring.. I think it’s to defend them.
    Who could it be? 😮

  19. Is it just me or did the animation just got infinitely better. You can b see actual effort in the fights, especially goku’s movements

    • They definitely did put more effort and it did get better, you can see it in certain parts like where they were training in Whis’ time chamber thingy

  20. Goku isn’t utilizing a new technique. When Hit informed Goku that he wouldn’t be able to survive too many blows to his vital parts, Goku probably realized that he only needed to protect those areas. He then chose an attack which would leave an obvious opening to a vital part, and preemptively blocked that area. He follows it up by bluffing Hit into not using that attack on him anymore, and can make things equal. I’m sure Hit will figure this out though, and Goku will have to figure out an actual way to counter him. It is going to get interesting soon

    • You’re thinking way to indept about the situation. It was already confirmed goku wins next episode with a New Technique. So goku has never bluffed in a fight. Stop thinking so damn heavily over a cartoon…

    • i was seeing this as well, I thought it was from the bad drawings, but it couldn’t be that bad…but I was thinking maybe he was worn out from the other 3 fights….

    • That’s the stance that he uses before he leaps at his opponents and attacks, but Hit had no openings so he just stood there like a hunchback.

    • Doesn’t matter. Creators wouldn’t write in a character Goku would inevitable lose to a character he can’t defeat. Goku has always been one to figure out his opponents since day 1 so don’t come here with that “He had help” BS.

  21. I knew Monaka was a fake.I wrote a post in earlier episode exactly how Whis said hahaha.So SuperSaiyan God 2 coming?

  22. Hey guys did you know about akira toriyama’s birthday that went by recently? I made a tribute by drawing SSJ goku powering up against frieza, I need opinions! 🙂

  23. why do they make such small episodes 2.5 more minutes casting and 2.5 min. end song from 22 min of episode ….WHY WHY WHY?????

  24. Guys the only reason Vegeta loss is because he had no idea how hit would fight nor did he have an idea how to counter him. Goku got all the information he needed to stand a chance.

  25. “Give him a sense bean krillen”-goku
    ” you think I’m just giving them away coz I’m not”-krillen
    “Damn it krillen”-vegeta
    Krillen looks at vegeta
    Vegeta looks at krillen

  26. What Toriyama mentioned in that interview is just that the next villain will have white hair, there’s no mentioning of it being a Super Saiyan, or even a Saiyan at all. I guess the confusion came from the interviewer asking why Toriyama decided to use blue for the ssjgss form.

    Future Trunks is pretty much confirmed by that same interview, so my bet for the villain(s) is/are Mira and Towa from Xenoverse.

    • Despite I dislike Future Trunks, I’m still happy he will come back. It will be funny to see him debating with Jaco about time travelling. And little Trunks workshipping him.

      • I liked him when he first showed up against Frieza and Cold. During the Android saga he became whiny as hell “boohoo my daddy dun like me”

        But you’re right, it could work out great with Jaco and little Trunks, can’t wait to see.

  27. just as count dooku predicted, ok here is my prediction goku will go up to ssj2b or goku will beat hit with the instant transmission technique or goku will use kaoiken, if goku don’t win is going to be a tie or draw, hit doesn’t have an special technique or an ability to control time , what he [hit} has, is a device [probably an iphone 7s.]to control time that’s why he put his hand in his pocket. he is not looking for change to spare, a hitman has to have some kind of weapon under his sleeve, i think they both goku and hit are going to disappear, remember the fight between goku and metal cooler , they where fighting out of the space time continuum, goku is going to K.O hit then they both are going to appear in the ring and goku will be declare the winner, either that or my previous prediction , goku and hit double K.O then the weak Monaka will win without having to fight , without throwing a single punch. sorry for the typos bad spelling bad english

  28. All this is cool but I still wanna see the power of Whiz with his nen-like aura that dissuaded Vegeta from even trying to hit him.

    • wish i agreed. i like it, but i think the animation is clearly average. plot / pacing also average. writing pretty unimaginative. but hey, it’s better than GT and has some amazing moments.

  29. So they’re just gonna let Goku win like always. This is fuckin stupid. Toriyama is an idiot and Super is an embarrassing failure

  30. is it just me, or does it seem like Hit uses his right hand for vital point hits and his left for heavy hits? I may have looked at it wrong, but does anyone else see this?

    • LOL forgot about that, so Hit can stop time for 0.1sec, and Guldo could stop time for has long as he can hold his breath….isn’t that much better? yet Hit’s ability is being portrayed as something awesome and new, and its gonna take Goku to bring him down, and Guldo was pitted against Gohan and Krillin…..very lame,Akira sure seems to be getting old. thx for noting that though….

      • I think first of all…Guldo’s fighting capability is limited….and holding breath makes one to be on defensive end..its difficult to make any move while you hold your breath…whereas time freeze by Hit, who inherently a fast and string fighter…has better advantage compared to Guldo

  31. this is going good man.
    it’s like every episodes is worth waiting for and they are always good.

    well why couldn’t Goku just used his after image technique? that would work, instead of using this predictions -___-

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