Dragon Ball Super Episode 39 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 39 Subbed

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  1. Best episode yet!!
    Can’t wit for the subs to come out, cuz I didn’t Understand shit!
    Best episode ever!
    Peace out!

  2. Bullshit as always. I guess only Goku’s energy never runs out after being nearly knocked out. He ALWAYS gets such unreasonable power ups. This is why Super is another pathetic failure – perhaps even worse than GT. Toriyama is a dumbass

    • well kaio ken doesn’t require you to have power. just have enough strength left to sustain your body…. and ssjb is just super saiyan with god ki. he’s been shown to use ssj in dbz while being at near death…. it’s not unreasonable at all.

    • he was winded… you never watched DBZ? goku gets his ass kicked that bad as a regular super saiyan all the time and maintains it.

    • this guy is just a bad vegeta preacher lol ( i LOVE vegeta). This guy fails to admit the fact that GOKU is the HERO of Dragon ball and thats the way it is going to be. Instead of enjoying such an awesome episode he cries over goku and toriyama. I bet he comes back next week to watch the episode (even after crying on toriyama). Such a KID.

        • dude. no one cares if you just stop watching this. if you dislike it so much.

          none of us watch it because its “realistic” that goku gets up and powers up after being almost knocked out.

    • It’s funny how defensive you fanboys get and deny the obvious facts. It’s like no one’s allowed to make any criticism. You wanna hear only what you wanna hear. Super was having some interesting developments, but as always, they ruin it with Goku. The whole tournament was shit from the start. All the fighters from Champa’s side are weak, except Hit

      • giving the fact hit uses time placement and trunks is a time patrolman its possible sincetoriyama has said” a familyer face will return in super from a diffrent time” its specilated trunks may be here to stop hit or someone luike champa for reversing time to win

        • “reversing time to win” to win whO? to win champa’s team? doesnt make (too much) sense….guess that someone step in the ring to defend the 6th uni fighters from champa, but we will see

        • yea. it’ll be goku from universe 6. but from a different time line of universe 6 where earth was not destroyed.

          no really, makes no sense to talk about it, lets just wait for the real episode 🙂

  3. anyone else think they could have at least ended on the last hit instead of them charging at eachother

  4. My god…NOW THAT IS WHAT I CALL A FIGHT. I am still in awe. Is Hit going golden or what? Can’t believe Hit is stronger than SSBx10….

    • lol yo man if i were vegta i would fell so left in the dust dam even if vegetas base and ssgss is a littel stronger lol goku still has super kiaken god and could dasily one shot vegeta lol vegeta will always be a step behind goku

  5. I almost cried with this episode OMG Best episode ever :S <3 and I totally screamed "KAMEHAMEHAAAAAAA" XDDD And the feels with Kaio ken omg <3 <3

  6. thats the only thing a hate about. goku should have managed to defeat hit with this move but no they still wanted to stretch the episode. thats really annoying.

  7. Sorry goku wins in next episode 100%. Goku locked his kio ken at x10 and yes hit is stonger becz his real ability is to time leap till 0.15 which he is hiding but he doesn’t know what actually kio ken is capable of. As goku will drained out and almost loses his fight in next episode but still there is one thing left which makes him stronger than anyone else i:e combining different techniques and take to to next lvl where he is unbeatable. So point is wait till 6 weeks and watch is by urself. I ain’t gonna spoil sorry.

  8. Proper fight and nostalgic epic feelings make this the best episode so far. I was hoping before this series started that the will be exploring kaio ken a bit more. I was suprised when he said it… Go Goku!

  9. Awesome episode, but it would have been nice for Vegita to have been in goku’s winner shoes for once and he reach a new transformation before goku.

  10. By thelooks of prewiew goku was ko.
    I think match will end in double ko and u7 will win having one fighter left.

  11. One of the best Dragonball Super Episodes so far up there with Dragonball Super Episode 12 (The Universe Crumbles). Well to all the Vegeta fan boys, as you can see, Vegeta himself said “Darn it he’s always 1 step ahead of me.”

  12. This nigga Goku brought a tear to my eye. I never expected this to happen… I mean I knew he would win, just not like this. Excellent episode.

  13. Goku brought a tear to my eye. I never expected this to happen… I mean I knew he would win, just not like this. Excellent episode.

  14. Now This is worthy of the name DragonBall! Haven’t felt this way about watching anything since I was a kid and watching DBZ.

    Nostalgia Goosebumps, Bruh!

  15. AWESOME.I got that feeling I get when my favourite football team scores a goal.The intro playing made it even better.I wonder what’s next because it would already be fine if the fight ended with this episode.

  16. Holy Shit!!! Best fight in the series so far!! If super keeps this up it’ll be able to match the original z!

  17. That was really nostalgic to see the Kaio Ken come back. I always wondered why goku never ever used it again in the series when the super forms came around. Turns out it would’ve killed him without the proper control.

    • lol yeah makes since wow its like poetry ssg make body thinner and heals the body while kaiken makes the body bigger while damging it , put them both together and you have true balance lol vegeta is so left behind lol

    • That was defined when he first learned KK, that using it basically shortens his life and he was warned against ever using it unless he really, really had to. And now they just found a way to balance it out, so he can use it without consequences.

      • why? its not surprising, i mean, he is a side character. like piccolo. remember when piccolo fused with god went down to earth chasing cell. as the in that moment strongest being we knew? an did he get a glorious win? no.
        this show is about the abandoned child who grew up without parents and still after all the darkness he went through found the kindness in his heart to forgive every single one of his enemies and invite them into his team after beating them. If vegeta ever gets an end battle it would only be to show how goku managed to transform him into what he is now. as unlikely as that is i personally think vegeta played a great role in this series so far. got frost beat in a second. i was pretty happy about someone as ruthless as vegeta taking care of that piece of shit as goku is not the right guy for revenge usually. and his fight against the little saiyan was pure class. fatherly vegeta.

  18. now i think in the next episode it will be a tie B/W goku nd hit and monaka will be the one who saved us all xD XD XD lol

  19. Whis seemed pretty stern when asking Beerus whether he would have problems taking on Goku in his ssj blue + kaioken form 😛

  20. I must say it brings us hope , and fire but why did it take that long for 1episode the should of made it a double and increase the length time of it every episode make me wait like a week then then when I’m looking forward for it its just brings hopes up n feelings that I endure n kills me because I want too see more , dragonball,z,gt,s,movies would never let me give up on manga just like Gundam wing and the new Gundam thunderbolt , one love to the producers and MR Akira Toriyama and His Team , I prefer watching them they past the limit of Hollywood in my eyes 🔥🏆🔥💯 you guys always surprised us and surpassed what media would offer us on sky , cable , cinemas. Email me if you have special projects and or need me to represent for our cultural heritage of manga anime for Akira Toriyama .
    [email protected]
    Youtube: kadir646-send me posts and new oncoming creative arts of manga X peace be with you folks

  21. that episode was amazing. love the work on the subtitles. with kakarots kamehameha, if ever there was a time to put special work into super that was is it and that was awesome.

  22. It’s already revealed in the preview that Goku loses next episode.
    This entire episode just REEKS with reverse power-creep. It takes Kaio-Ken + SSJ Blue in order to even reach the levels of ‘epic’ we saw in saiyan saga? Why does DB no longer have the ability to present good fights? Everyone just rushes headlong into things and then gets bodied, rather than the days of old where strategy and technique were utilized all the time.
    Why is it taking a God-Transformation for Goku to start using Flash-Ports again?
    And then finally, lets talk about Raw power.
    Hit demonstrates the ability to not only TAKE the damage output of a Saiyan god, who has been witnessed destroying planets with the AFTERSHOCKS of his punches, but also deal the same LEVEL of damage back to him?
    Just because you can stop time, doesn’t make punching a concrete wall any easier with your bare fists. How does Hit have that level of defense and offence? That would make him potentially the strongest Dragonball Character ever imagined. That’s like Frieza (naturally gifted) but powerful enough to defeat every villain and hero to this point (including movies), if you use Beerus as a measure of upper limits. Even brolly was defeated by Sub-Saiyan God level power. Numerous times. Judging by the general scaling of power present in universe 6 (which is basically on on par with Freiza Saga level fighters), there’s no level of threat that would have ever been great enough to prompt someone like Hit to become that strong, which implies he was just born that way. He even says “He never had to bother improving.”
    Power scaling in Dragonball has hit a point of just being downright absurd. You can’t establish a upper limit, and then just ignore it without providing something that scales appropriately.
    I think Vegeta said it best. “Powerlevels are bullshit!”

    • A lot of things don’t make sense, but it’s always been that way, and it’s been like that for a simple reason – to extend the story. Their power scaling has become absurd pretty much with Z (and even back in the original it had many .. let’s just say questionable events).

    • i agree with the aftershock destroying the whole universe part. they should have never said that. goku has gotten way stronger since then an is now 10x stronger than way stronger than back then so how the fuck are they fighting with people watching like 200 feet away. but i just try to ignore that.
      what i dont agree on is about the power level of hit. you say that would make him potentially the strongest dragonball character ever imagined. and the answer to that is simply that yes he is, by far the strongest. i dont see how that is a problem. frieza was the strongest ever imagined when he showed up. cell was. buu was.

    • Hit is MORE then 1000 years old. Don’t you think 1000 years of possible training wouldn’t improve Hit too a level where he can even compete with SSB? But on the rushing part, you’re right, I also liked the strategic fights in nDragonball. However the episode with Piccolo against Frost was a good strategic fight, Not oldschool but I liked the fight.

  23. that was the coolest shit ive ever seen on any DB… Cooler than the spirit bomb and gotenxtrunks fusion put together…. The hd graphics makes it even better. I feel like a kid again 😋😋😋😀

  24. I’ve basically been waiting for a SS/Kaio combo since SS3.
    And it was much better than i even imagined..

    The question is, can he combo it with ALL the super-levels?

    • do you mean super sayin II and III? no i think it needs a god form which hides your KI. not entirely sure. thats how i understood what goku described in the episode. but since its just a translation i might be misreading it.

  25. As far and as long as I’ve watched Goku I always understood there’s much, much more to the story than a simple show of characters, a story, or anything of it taken separately. Is it only me who can combine all there is to it to derive a conscious feeling and meaning out of it that has a real impact on the stamina, on thinking, on behaviour, on life in general?

    All the series have been so, so much powerful to me for so many decades since I was a teen… They’ve really made me a better person, and yet, there’s the same spirit in the new series. The sky is the limit…

  26. Please note that over 9000 people would disagree with this post, but there are no spoilers; only speculations.

    It came to mind that SSB is no “god” form. For one, Hit seemed to detect the rate in which the SSB’s strength increased, (even before he shouted times ten). All the protagonist did was grunt his lungs, as if he were trying to digest a bad centipede. Remember how God Ki could not be detected?
    Also, Goku himself stated that his technique is only possible because SSB is a new form of SS, possible through Ki control. Hell, the combination with kaio’s technique and his current form isn’t even an actual transformation, it’s just an enhancement. They are no gods in their current form, yet, I suspect they will grow stronger until a time will come when they do need the power of the gods again, leading to a different transformation –– white haired folks are often the wisest or most the powerful in stories. (think God, and the image of a grand fella with white hair and a white beard will often surface).

    Personally, I’m more of a Dragonball person; the old-school stuff and the turtle-hermit style ––not only the martial arts–– from last episode was, in my opinion, the best in super. Back in the day, they actually blended with the public and lived reasonably social lives. Ever since they power-tripped things up, however, they became more to themselves while showing content to the regular Joe.

    Nevertheless, I enjoy the show. Though one could only wonder, what’s up with all the colors? Surely it’s not the drugs?

    Oh, and Beerus runs for Master Roshi. Vote now!

      • I thought about that, but one theory is that Vegeta only sensed their return at Beerus’ planet because Goku came along. When the oracle said: “So you’re finally able to sense the Ki of a god?” Vegeta even (sorta) scoffs at the oracle while narrowing his eyes with that certain spite he shows when Goku is involved, as to say: “Don’t count on it.”

  27. That was off the fucking galactic chain!!!! Previews from next week went down like a shit sandwich though…..a Kaio Ken x10 Goku on the deck WTF!!!!!!

  28. Goku: Kaio-Ken…….!

    Vegeta: No!

    Goku: Times…..!

    Vegeta: No, no, no!

    Goku: TEN!

    Vegeta: No, no, no, no, no nonononononono….!

  29. That was off the fucking galactic chain!!!! Previews from next week went down like a shit sandwich though…..a Kaio Ken x10 Goku on the deck WTF!!!!!!

  30. Nah im sorry superman, but this Goku is hardcore aint no way Supes is winning this.
    These guys are practically gods fighting. These new levels are beyond.. eh i dunno jus beyond crazyness loll

  31. Clearly this discussion is for the epicness that is DBS and other related epicness ….. Why the fuck it turns into a political/racial debate is beyond me….. Keep that shit for people who actually give a fuck or I will kamehameha your ass out of here

  32. epic!!!!!! awesome!!!!!!!!
    that flash back woooow!!!!!!!!
    time 10!!!!!! blueeeeeeeeeeeee
    most epic epic episode till now!!!!!!!!!!

  33. On the preview for the next episode , Goku was on the floor and Hit was standing… that concerns me :/ and k heard that Future Trunks is coming in DB Super , does it mean that Goku will lose and Trunks will continue the fight against weakend Hit ? I hope Goku will win because i just love him and he must get at the end of the serial as strong or even surpass Beerus and Whis. I hope the same for Vegeta

  34. woooo! they make something so freakin awesome, and then they nail it!! goku should have won when he used kaioken!!! come on he is already on a lvl where he surpassed beerus…..

  35. OMFG this episode was everything…watch it 3 times back to back…felt like i missed all the good stuff reading the subs lol

  36. This episode was truly and beyond amazing. The revival of Kio-ken was unbelievable. The shit that bothers me is “improvement” Goku: x10 while Super Saiyan God, next episode Hit: oh ok poof now I am stronger. seriously no limit? Even if there was a double KO and a tie with Monoka winning, that is Super stupid to be just able to improve that high that quick with no limitation or side effects. By all means, lets fight against Beerus and poof “Improvement” or against Whis, ok time leap is now 2 days ahead. What the living hell. Still an superb episode.

  37. Hit and Goku arestronger than the Cat Gods now. Even Wiss and her sister would be in trouble. Told you Vegeta fanboys. Vegeta would get Hit, easily and Goku has a chance due to his insane talent weeks afi. The outcry was hilarious.

    Stating the obvious here. I was right.

  38. I’ve lost track of the power levels.First the SuperSaiyan God was red hair and then they made it blue hair and still called it SuperSaiyan God but then it changed to Blue.So SSBlue is stronger than a SSGod Red? What if KaioKen was used in SuperSaiyan God (red) form? Messed up.

    • They won’t use “Super Saiyan God (Red)” any more, and the blue haired from was called “Super saiyan god super saiyan”, but they changed it to “super saiyan blue” because it was a mouth full to keep saying. And yes, SSB is stonger than SSG.

    • no i think you are confused a little. it goes Saiyan (black hair), Super Saiyan (gold hair), Super Saiyan II (ultra in some countries, gold but hair is more spiky), Super Saiyan III (mega in some countries, gold very long spiky hair), Super Saiyan God (normal form of har but red hair), Super Saiyan God Super Sayin (refered to as Super Saiyan Blue because of the long name. consider it as if Super Saiyan God was a new base form from which you can ascend to a new Super Saiyan)

      also there is the ascended super saiyan (Gohan against cell) but lets not make this go confusing again.

      • Thanks for the comment.I already know the forms because I’ve watched it since DBZ but I got confused by this red and blue.Vegeta didn’t turn to SSG Red and yet he managed to go Blue for such a short time.

        • ah alright 🙂 yea. i think the red hair form was something special which goku gained from the performance of the “pure saiyans putting their hands together”. you know on the boat when beerus turned up? vegeta kinda skipped it and got to SSB himself 😀

        • yea. that is confusing. dont know why they let him skip that form or we just did not see him training in red hair. from there on its all specualtion.

  39. Goky may be a match for Hit, but Raditz would still pwned him to the next world. Imagine Raditz’ power by now. As he was stronger than that green thing and Goku..


  40. So has anyone else realized Hit is literally just a JoJo character, similar pose to jotaro, his special ability is the same dios the world stand..x3

  41. This episode got me like:AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!. I really don’t what to do to get through the week now.

  42. I was enjoying the fact that Vegeta was on par with Goku if not even slightly stronger, I should have known it was pipe dream that isn’t going to last long , that man deserves more value he’s not even a villain anymore 🙁

  43. If berus was using 10% of his power in battle of gods does that mean if goku ssj god used x20 kio ken he would be stronger than berus?

  44. Weak voice actor screaming, I can’t wait for the english dub, sean schemmel uses so much emotion in his voice, this girl sounds like she is faking it
    (emphasis on the girl)

  45. I warn you, do not watch the after credits preview of the next episode. It seems to ruin the next episode, though it’s possible that it doesn’t.

  46. Anyone else slightly fooked off that a Super Saiyan God goku could go toe to toe with the god of destruction and trade killer blows yet this HIT mofo seems at ease with a x 10 kaio Ken goku as the episode 40s preview clearly showed…..this troubles me more than famine and people who tuck there trousers into there boots ……if Goku loses I may lose my shit and take a dump through Akira Toryiamas letter box .


    Goku has undergone a transformation that has put an enourmous amount of pain on his body. He will then pass out due to the strain on his body. Hit will then go powerless because he has overdone it on his body and then pass out. Then Beerus’ team will win because they still have one players left, monaka, but Champa doesn’t. So there you have it! Monaka wins it for Beerus!! It is so Toriyama to do this!

  49. So stupid. Goku can use Kaio-Ken now because he has the highest transformation and there is no other real way to make the jerk off auto-win again. Vegeta always gets screwed. There is no point to anything. Goku will learn a new multiplication technique and beat everybody because good writing is too hard.

  50. BULLSHIT they just do whatever they want….Vegeta is stronger than Goku but why tf is he more powered up…this makes no sense

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