Dragon Ball Super Episode 40 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 40 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 40. Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 40 in High Quality HD online on www.watchdbzsuper.tv.
You Are watching Dragon Ball Super Episode 40. Episode 40 in the TV Anime Series Dragon Ball Super.



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186 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 40 Subbed”

  1. That was the best episode yet it was awesome when Goku went super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Kiaoken x10 but Goku can’t keep the form much longer because it puts a big strain on his body

  2. SSJBLUE KAIOKEN X 9001!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! time leap increase to over 9000seconds!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I didn’t know who was that pikkon, so I googled it and found you were referring to Paikuhan, as It is Known in Latin America, Why do north americans like to change the original names into strange ones?

    • first goku wanted to fight hit for real so he left and forfeited, and then hit decided to forfeit and let monaka win

  3. Hit dodged Goku’s Kamehameha with an even further expanded Time-Skip

    U6 Kaioshin: “Hit smiled!”

    Kaioshin: “That’s what’s so strange about Goku!”

    Elder Kaioshin: “Don’t go stealing my cool line!”

    Despite Champa wanting Hit to win cheaply, Hit’s determined to see this fight out to the end properly

    Vados: “They’re practically breaking the dome through ki alone!”

    Goku requests Beerus remove the tournament rules. Everyone freaks out.

    Goku wants the rules gone. All of them. That way Hit can use his deadly full-power techniques.

    Champa: “Brave! That’s true sportsmanship!”

    Beerus is less thrilled with Goku’s proposal

    Goku jumps out of bounds, so the judge declares Hit’s victory

    Beerus and Champa argue

    Hit: “Looks like this will take awhile”

    Goku: “Yep”

    Hit: “We’re just pawns in a game.”

    Goku: “For now.”

    Hit: “Huh?

    Goku jumps out of bounds, so the judge declares Hit’s victory

    Next up, Monaka vs Hit!

    Goku: “I’d better lay off the Kaio-ken for a while”

    Hit understands that Monaka is weak

    And…Hit pulls an Android 18

    Universe 7 wins!

    Hit: “I don’t need the cube anymore. Take me back.”

    Champa: “No way” charges up attack

    Hit: “I expected as much.”

    Beerus tells Goku not to interfere with Champa killing his fighters. His universe, his rules.

    Champa and Beerus freak out to see…the Omni-King!

    Omni-King is a translation of “Zenō”, which means “King of All”.

    Similar to “Kaiō”, which means “World King”

  4. Everybody has to be dien to see this. I went out to a bar last night just to past time I got wasted and woke up early to check if it was out. I’ve always waites until Sunday until the last 4 or5 episodes its gotten to good it has been nostalgic the last few episodes. Could it be the red form of SSJG is the true strongest form. Blue just allows them to try to attain that being able to fight on even universal terms. The only thing that bothers me is that akira toriama has no intention of goku surpassing beerus just yet but I think he should rather easily in the near future.

    • No, it’s confirmed that the blue form is much stronger than the red form. It’s the “super saiyan” version of it.

      • I think that currently Goku is stronger than he was when at SSG because of his training. If he went SSG again I think he would see a slight power boost. SSG Goku survived a hole being punched through his chest and healed from a mortal wound. His durability in SSG is higher than it currently is at least.

  5. Game of Thrones suck poo brain and if u are a Otaku then don’t fucking bring A Non-Anime show here DumbShit

    • Best insult. People will talk about whatever they want, and the fact that another show that they collectivley like and anticipate like this isnt irrelevant.

  6. I called it before that hit would los3e to manoka though i didnt except at 18 and satan.
    lol i never thought someone sight alone will make berus shit himself.
    whis and vados dosnt seem scaread a bit from zeno are they even stronger?

  7. Hit was such a gentleman…good to see such a character…..both Goku and Hit doing each other a favor…

    Monaka was the best! He took over Mr Satan’s “title”…lolz

    • Mr Satan is actually strong and a good fighter. He’s only weak compared to ki users. Monaka is just pathetic. lol

      • Who knows? Monaka faced one like hit, I think he is a fine figther compared to not overpowered fighters. I think he may be a Mr Satan of his planet

    • So are you getting at that goku was going to beat hit. Cause I can kinda see that but it also looked like goku was done aswell.

      • As a fact, Goku did indeed beat Hit…remember the last punch from Goku got Hit flying and lucky enough to hit the Champa billboard else he would have fallen off to the ground and lost the match.

    • Why? The kaiohshin are strong but they aren’t scary.
      Champa is strong but he isn’t scary. Vados and Whis are even stronger and have an important position, but they aren’t scary.
      On the other hand, King Vegeta looked treatening and scary, even if, compared to the gods, he was a weakling.
      Namekkians also are scary, even if they’re peaceful and kind.
      And I think there isn’t just a single universe 13 (as i think Universe 13 is the timeline, and it includes all 12 universes)

      • Yeah but he could’ve looked better than this.His companions look better for example.It just isn’t a good drawing in my opinion.

  8. It’s good to know that even Gods of Destruction have a boss. They can be so petty, and it’s quite sad, as you definetely wouldn’t want to have guys with such traits as your masters.

  9. at the rate this video is buffering every 2 seconds ill be finished watching it by the time the next one comes out. must be high traffic or something atm

  10. Well the fight didnt continue and now it’s back to pretty boring again I suppose. What a debacle. I hope Goku and Hit fight again soon and Goku wins….And the king of everything will be a funny weak guy nothing to look forward to here.

  11. champa and beerus are confident to take all of them so i dont think so. maybe vegeta+goku+hit can take down beerus or champa but not both of them. and vegeta’s need more days time years etc to power up   goku and hit leaves vegata behind already hahaha with just couple of minutes. and i remembered whiss said something like if goku and vegeta would combine their strength they have or they can take down beerus and that was before goku could use kaio-ken+ssj god blue.

  12. Monaka got a few giggles out of me. Knew exactly what was going to happen before he even stood up, though. I’m at least intrigued as to what they’re going to do with the super dragon balls.
    Maybe one day this franchise will be good again, and they’ll actually write for characters other than Vegeta and Goku… and write well.

  13. Great episode. But I’m disappointed with the “King of Everything”. A two-year-old can draw that. Maybe he has a transformation?

  14. Gosh that was an amazing episode. Monaka cracked me the heck up. He’s just another Hercule ROFLLLL, I can’t stop laughing.

    • Hate to be a stickler but personally i think the quality of fights was at it’s peak during the buu saga. SSj2 Vegeta vs SSj2 Goku was something else.

  15. Dragon Ball Super has gotten a lot better since the beginning of vegeta and goku’s training. Thanks for posting this and keep up the great work!

  16. Love the expressions on Beerus and Champa’s faces when the King of Everything appears… Eyeballs pop straight out of their sockets like Tom and Jerry.

  17. Since Goku can use Kaioken now, when ever he fuses with vegeta he will be able to use Kaioken as a fused Super Saiyan Blue.

  18. Since we know potara fusion can be separated by Porunga, I keep wishing a super saiyan blue Vegito VS Champa to protect the fighters of Universe 6 would happen, but I doubt it :/

    • Even Gogeta appearing would be pretty cool. Who knows , since Goku/Vegeta have learnt to control their ki , they might be able to sustain the fusion for longer.

  19. Love DBZ…..but “The King of Everything”??? Really? The series is letting me down on its idea of creativity and story flow. But the awesome ass fights have been making up for it.

  20. so the kaio ken hurts his body…and is supposed to be very short brust…yet he stands around in it like its not big deal for half the fuckin episode

    • It’s always been hard on the body, King Kai said it back in the day. It can be sustained but it’s costly. Hence his current condition

  21. I doubt whether this ”King of Everything” is more powerful than Whis/Vados or even Beerus/Champa. I think it’s just the status which commands the respect. Beerus and Champa’s expressions might have signified pure bewilderment and awe instead of fear on seeing such a higher being appearing so suddenly.

  22. The only reason I watched the season premiere of GoT before this episode is cause this server was over loaded last night when I tried watching it. I like how chompa is all hard now that goku and hit are exhausted and much weaker.

  23. dang… I wished goku would’ve interfered champa with his badass look of ssjb and champa would’ve just been scared 😀

  24. Need to get back to what made this series great, good fights, awesome transformtions, powerful opponents. Not foolish victories a crap like being defeated by a pin, ooh ima try hard now and get better because the story demands it.

  25. By the way anyone else waiting for chi chi to die so gohan can become a badass again rather see Goku,Vegeta Gohan then piccolo

  26. There are some people who refuse to watch game of thrones because its way more mainstream than DB Super. These same people probably get mad at children for wearing dbz.

  27. Anyone else majorly dissapointed about Goku’s “new” technique against the Hit? I mean, the first Blow should have knocked out Hit. SSG and SSB became laughable very fast compared to Hit. And if Hit is already Stronger than SSB Goku with Kaioken, than Beerus is AT LEAST 50% Stronger than Hit, I know Powerlevels are BS, but this inconsistency in Power is just so stupid! I mean if SSB is already that “Weak” how weak was SSGod? While Beerus fought Goku Beerus used in the end not more than 10% (at Maximum) of his true Power. And yes I am pulling those % out of my dark place, but I have no Idea how to measure the Power.

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