Dragon Ball Super Episode 41 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 41 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 41. Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 41 in High Quality HD online on www.watchdbzsuper.tv.
You Are watching Dragon Ball Super Episode 41. Episode 41 in the TV Anime Series Dragon Ball Super.



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202 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 41 Subbed”

    • i think there’s nothing in history that’s bigger than zarama. litterally! there’s no one that tought of a thing bigger than him! toryiama is the first person ever

  1. Where is Vegeta daughter? “BULLA” She should be born by NOW !We are almost reaching the end timeline of Dragon Ball z

      • She was in Dragon ball z and appeared same time as Uub and toddler Pan at the last 3 episodes
        Lol Bro, When was the last time you watched DBZ ?

        Go and Re-watch and you will understand what I mean.

        END OF DBZ ( at the last dragon ball z tournament ) ( This is cannon )
        Marron ( Krillin daughter ) = age 13

        Uub ( kid buu) = age 10

        Pan ( Gohan Daughter ) = age 5

        Bulla ( (Bura) Vegeta daughter ) = age 4

        So I am quite surprised bulma is not pregnant Yet ! I mean Pan is almost 1 year old or even 2 in super
        or Toriyama be forgetting characters

        • Probably, They cut it out, because it feels like its weird. Vegeta wants a son more than a daughter…
          But Arele is coming back soon…

          • HAHA Vegeta wants a Son ! He better get serious since bulma is getting quite old. Remember her 40 years old birthday in Battle of gods, Toriyama probably doesnt want Vegeta having anymore kids. But Arele coming back is the real surprise. We all see whats going to happen

    • they havent nearly reached the end of the dbz saga though, by the end of the dbz saga trunks and goten were nearly teenagers.. they still kids here man

  2. There won’t be an episode this week.1
    It’s golden week in Japan, they won’t air an episode.
    Saw this on Episode 40.

  3. Tbh I couldn’t get much out of the episode because my computer sucks but from what I can tell Toriyama decided to make Monaka into an overpowered character later on. Either that or Goku is training him. Or Gohan I guess from another comment.

    • Yeah but I don’t think he intentionally lied, he might, as I said in a bunch of other comments, got caught into a rumor spread by a bunch of DBS fans who follow some channels on youtube that said that they might not be airing this week.

    • Don’t worry about it I missed most of it lol. Gotta love bad computers ;P
      Just gotta wait for the RAW I guess

  4. well i guess this is worth the wait ill watch something like Highschool dxd or Is this zombie while i wait

    • but you literally just said your not waiting for the raw lolwut
      you could have just edited a previous comment because your kinda flooding the comments kind of
      or replied

  5. This episode was so good! I love how this tournament was just a teaser for an even bigger tournament. A lot of people complained about this only being with one universe, but I liked that it was written this way. Now we already have characters to look forward to when we see the real tournament. (Including possible earth fighters from Universe 6??) Omni King and his role was also very interesting; I wonder what his connection to Vados and Whis is. Notice how they didn’t bow to him and just spoke as if they were his peers?? That’s very interesting to me. And that Dragon though…He was so massive galaxies were floating around him! Oh man, Toriyama is such a great writer. This new stuff has been unpredictable and fun all the way through.

    • I believe he is their father and that through all universes he has one child in each. That keeps the gods of destruction in order. They talk to him as a father/ mentor so he either trained them or something. But they are the keepers of destruction obviously. He also shares Whis and Vados since of humor. Replacing both gods of destruction being an on running joke since Whis asked if goku or vegeta would be interested in front of beerus.

  6. DAMN that Super Shenron is almost as big as Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, also I did not see that coming from Beerus that was awfully nice of him. Also NEXT TURNAMENT HYPE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I suspect Beerus was planning on the Earth in universe 6 producing some really strong warriors. I’m positive he has some sort of ulterior motive that he’s not letting on.

      • Nah he just didn’t want Champa visting his Earth all the time, besides all of the strongest warriors from Earth aren’t even Earthlings, the strongest human is either Krillin or Tien at this point

  7. How tf did Monaka get so strong? Where did that come from? I have to see the next episode cuz this isn’t making any sense & now my brain hurts…

  8. anyone believe it or not i knew it from the start of this battle that someone called the lord of the multiverse or anything like that is going to come, really. anyone who had a similar foresight? i also think emperor pilaf is going to get someone in trouble with those giant dragon balls again.(although one is missing but he must have some role in this arc

  9. The idea of a new tournament gives this series a whole another sense because the fantasy is beyond the present with so many characters and stories to be written, it could extend DBS to 200+ episodes if the story goes slow like this tournament went.

  10. dragon ball super will 200+ episodes i hope so. with alot of new characters and gohan got to get super strong

    • And older Trunks and Goten. I would love to see them grow slowly instead of skipping 10 years.
      I like also because of the contrast between the sly Trunks and the more innocent Goten. (Trunks and Goten are a bit like Crilin and Goku, the first is more Bulma-ish and Vegeta-ish)

  11. haha monaka is an intergalactic Fedex man.
    i really hope that the next tournament will be presented like the ones from the original dragonball series with full preliminaries to thin out the weaker ones before getting to the finals. I liked those ones the best out of the whole series.
    also this means that if gohan was serious about getting back into his training he could actually compete which would be awesome.

  12. Please for the love of god. Let Gohan be training his ass off and relive his badass cell days in this new tournament.

    • beerus is buttering up champa (pun intendend) getting him in debt making him fat and all around being a total scumbag (although in my opinion champa is just going to blow earth up after getting fed up (again pun intended)

      • They’re both act with the toxic egos of spoilt rotten kids but Beerus actually has some redeeming qualities whereas Champa does not(at least not at the moment). One of them being that Beerus learned to care about his brother and others. What he says about putting Champa in debt to him it is a debt of gratitude and not a literal quantifiable debt.

  13. yea im not surprised at all about the power omni king has. if you’re a true dragonball fan, you would realize that over the period of so many years, some of the strongest fighters the z fighters have ever faced has also been some of the smallest.

    • Except Freiza and Kid Buu still managed to look intimidating, and had an aura of power exuding from them. This thing just looks and sounds like an alien baby, it has no powerful presence at all.

      • well he’s a god and no humans can sense his power level and why would he let them sense his power level? beerus and champa were too scared to even start a discussion lmao

      • I think he is more like the Kaiohshin.
        And he isn’t the strongest yet. We didn’t explored the timelines (a.k.a. universes 13)

    • Physical power is very limited on a scale of power. It’s obvious that not all characters in the show who possess great power rely on physical power. Though hit was physically strong what made him millions of times more powerful was his ability to leap through time.

      Consider that both Whis and Vados, they are slender beings with enormous power. They don’t seem physically strong at all but their power extends beyond the limits of the physical power of a being their size. They have no need to gain physical strength because they can quite literally see through galaxies and travel through time and universes. Not to mention their insane precision and speed. As the saying goes: Precision beats speed and speed beats strength. This is part of what Whis was teaching Goku and Vegeta to become even more powerful. The other main part being to understand the other side of everyone. For goku to get serious and for Vegeta to stay calm.

  14. You what would be cool? There is a goku on Universe 6 Earth and both gokus would fight eachother. My 2 cents.

    • But now is forgivable, they got the spirit of the series back. Only thing I didn’t like was the Dragon God presentation, to add a comedy touch they should have made the earthlings, specially Ooolong to start peeing and shitting himself for real when seeing the humongous Dragon.

  15. I dont understand the wish, if beerus wished for a complete copy of earth, wouldn’t be goku and others be there too?

    • i guess so because episode 45 is called the amazing copy vegeta so i guess there is atleast another vegeta

      • I second predictions that have already been said
        Or is a puuppet Vegeta made by Kami and Mr.Popo (or even Whis)
        Or the Saiyan king from universe 6 that looks like Vegeta

  16. I would really love some backstory on Whis and Vados , where they came from , who they are etc. They didn’t bow to Zeno like the rest of the Kaioshins and Beerus and Champa.

  17. Preview prediction: Goku are on dreaming about fighting Monaka. He doesn’t know, that Monaka is only there to motivate Goku xD. I think it will be kinda similar, to when we saw SSJ Mr. Satan 🙂

    • That Monaka is as big as Goku. I think he is
      Beerus in disguise
      Champa in disguise (As Beerus said that with his wish, now Champa is in debt – as i understand – English isn’t my native language)

  18. In coming Soon tournament , i mean in universe 6 earth is also revived which means their is another heroes like goku 😀 and blue forms ? she said it is similar to universe 7 sorry for rip english 😀

    • No, the universes are similar, but people there are different. Otherwise we would have Freezer instead of Frost.
      And since saiyans there are good, no saiyan was sent on Earth.

  19. Couldn’t Beerus have made that wish with the regular dragonballs? Ah well… It was restoring something in another Universe…

  20. Christian Today has reported that the new villain is called “Black Goku”. He will travel space and time for this adventure. A Youtube video has speculated that Goku and Vegeta will be joining hands to defeat Black Goku.

    Future Trunks will also be meeting his friends. He will tell them that entire universe may encounter another threat. In fact, the character Black Goku has created a hype by looking like Goku.

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