Dragon Ball Super Episode 42 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 42 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 42. Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 42 in High Quality HD online on www.watchdbzsuper.tv.
You Are watching Dragon Ball Super Episode 42. Episode 42 in the TV Anime Series Dragon Ball Super.



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113 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 42 Subbed”

  1. seems the fight between Goku and Monaka in the preview shows what goku is dreaming by what goku says i guess… idk im still excited to see this ep and for more to come.

    live broadcast is almost here in a few hours, cheers guys !!

  2. ROFLLLL Monaka is sooo weak that it’s heck of funny, weaker than even Hercule ROFLLLL. With that said, looks like Goku is back in his old gi.

  3. Good ep it was to be expected that berrus was the one behind everything lol

    Whyyyyyyyyy youuuuuuuuuu yamcha😡

  4. When this thing started, SSJ3 goku VS non-serious Beerus was a KO for Goku. Now Goku goes against Beerus in base form and can actually go toe to toe with a slightly powered up Beerus, that just tells you right there in this short amount of time that Goku has gotten immensely powerful.

    • Goku was actually using probably more power than Beerus did in order to keep up with beerus, also they were oth using god ki.

    • He has the SS God power absorbed it is nothing like it was before. Even without transforming he is stronger than SSJ3 that time is over.

        • And why he had not much trouble with Frieza who took down Gohan with more or less 1 blow! The power levels and appearances changed big time with DB Super.

      • Does any ssj multiply the power of base form? So wouldn’t ssj3 still be more powerful than the current base form since it ssj would multiply his power level?

        • SSJ multiplies base form, then SSJ2 multiples from SSJ, and so on and so forth.

          I just wanna set one thing clear: base form Goku isn’t more powerful than SSJ3 Goku, that is impossible. However, base form Goku right now would wreck SSJ3 Goku pre SSJ Red.

          • it is possible, because what people call “mystic gohan” was more powerful than ssj3 goku. who i might add is able to dominate a unabsorbed super buu, someone ssj3 gotenks could barely handle.

          • Right now goku can be though we don’t know for sure. Because of the God ki they now use for all of their abilities and super saiyan transformation. Untill they have mastered it enough to transform into super saiyan blue 2 and 3.

      • Super Saiyan forms raise the power of the transformer multiplicatively. There is no amount of power “Base Form” Goku can achieve that isn’t dwarfed by Super Saiyan 3, because any amount of power Goku gains can only be multiplied further by transforming.

        More simply, if Goku’s power level was 1, Super Saiyan would be 50, Super Saiyan 2 would be 100, and Super Saiyan 3 would be 400.

        If you were then to raise Goku’s “Base Form” power level to 500 (100 stronger than Super Saiyan 3 Previously), the Super Saiyan transformations would respectively increase THAT number to 25,000, 50,000, and 200,000.

        It’s mathematically not possible or logical to say that a base can be stronger than a multiplicative of the same base.

      • The super saiyen god power he gained. Just was a powerup for him as his body recognized it could get stronger. He and vegeta now don’t use normal Ki. They can sense and use God ki which naturally advanced everything. This is also why their super saiyen is blue now. The god ki makes it so.

    • Yah we have been telling this to the haters that Goku currently in his base form is much stronger than his SSJ3 form in the Buu Saga. I believe his base form is known as Saiyan Beyond God.

    • Well not necessarily, beerus was being fragile asf trying not to destroy the suit. If he had even used 5% of his power that thing would have been completely blown off. It was like trying to race a turtle with an 18 wheeler tied to your back he can easily win but not with the suit

  5. Animation: 9
    Action: 8
    Comedy: 10
    Overall: 9
    Awesome episode! Really funny! The “rematch,” against Beerus is proof of how much Goku has grown.

    • You are wrong. Beerus couldn’t fight at full power because of this costume. He had to care not to destroy it.

      • I guess you’re right, but remember Beerus 2 shotted Ssj3 Goku without trying at all. Beerus still had to try against BASE Goku.

        • Numbers yes…but they had shown that he is good figuring out things…lets see

          I thought….it got to a obvious state when Beerus panicked over Yamcha’s comment of the actual Beerus and struggling to hold his lie…but Goku intentionally came to his rescue…saying oh you could split your body…that was genius

          the same thing happened, when he dragged Monaka to the fight…when Beerus kept on saying no fight…..but Goku acted dumb and ignored…till Kuririn had to blind him to perform the “monaka” exchange

  6. It was funny with subtitles. The best part was Piccolo and vVegeta lying and covering Beerus. XD

    Now, i do wonder how I did believe it was champa in costume.

  7. DBS have so many different characters. Its a shame they don’t utilise all of them they just keep adding characters to the mix and raising the game higher and higher

  8. anyone up too see future trucks possibly make a return? guess the strongest fighters are the Z fighters ij our universe

  9. nice episode man!
    the music when Monaka was about to fight Goku is a nice tune.
    also the tension between everyone was nice.
    hahahaha….laughed how Goku dragged monaka, looking for a place to fight
    and that guy eating the food like a gay man having sex

    next episode is gonna be a piece of trash, so it’s best to avoid!

  10. This episode made me super happy. Seeing not just Puar but also Chiatzu using their abilities… don’t think they’ve been that helpful since Dragonball! (besides maybe when Chiatzu fought with the others against Nappa) I love it when minor characters get to actually be a part of the episode and not just background props

  11. I stopped watching around the Frieza returns saga but damn the animation improved so much. It actually looks good now.

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