Dragon Ball Super Episode 43 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 43 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 43. Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 43 in High Quality HD online on www.watchdbzsuper.tv.
You Are watching Dragon Ball Super Episode 43. Episode 43 in the TV Anime Series Dragon Ball Super.



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146 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 43 Subbed”

    • I how do you get that idea it sounds like it’s a smart and intense way to give him some use in the series

  1. guys i watch that evil goku and they call it black goku apper in june 12 according to toriyama new arc

        • Not necessarily. Pan can be 1/2 saiyan or no saiyan at all. I see this thing like dominant XX (Saiyan) and recessive xx (Earthling) even if some eartlings characteristics (like hair that grow and lack of battle drive). Gohan, Goten, Trunks and Bra are, of course Xx. With Videl we have Xx (Gohan) xx (Videl).
          So Pan got the dominat X from Gohan.

          • I just wonder why Toriyama at certain point didn’t wanted to draw saiyans with tail anymore. I think he just got lazy, so misteriously Trunks, Goten, pan and Bra are born without tail (or it got cut at birth) and saiyan from universe 6 don’t have a tail

          • But is trange that he doesn’t forget about tails of gods of destruction. Especially Champa’s short tail.

          • genetic markers make you your race but race isn’t a gene. please stay in school or at least re-take the biology course that you failed. that’s like saying if a person with a black and white parent turns out looking black, they are 100% black. Just because he/she doesn’t look white doesn’t mean he/she isn’t half white either because of a ‘genetic marker’ “dumbass” LOL!! & don’t reply to me, stay lost.

  2. great episode lollllll at least Gohan’s “Saiyan” hairdo is back. No more of the Ultra nerd look. He’s toned it down. Pan in the mean time was just drifting in space.


  3. Hmm why do they always bring the lil criminals the fox , rebel girl and the one star lil emperor, it was cute with just pan nothing much no training , it’s been a week since their last fight vegeta should of Turntable supersayin on son Goku in his bed where he fucks his wife , what a waist of an episode

  4. Seems like Goku is losing control of his Ki and the evil within his Ki could burst out to a full powered Goku. It’s gonna be another Piccolo and Kami situation, Saiyan style. 😉

  5. Fucking I was so hyped for this shit and even went and re watched all of dragon ball to get hyped for this and that was the fucking extent of arale chans appearance. uhhhhhhhhhh so pissed right now

    • The breathable atmospere of earth expands a bit into space. Only Friezas race can survive in a vaccum. although Pan teaching herself to fly just makes her seem op for someone her age. Not even Goten could do that, and shes 3/4 human

      • I guess the logic there would be she was conceived when Gohan was far stronger than when Vegeta and and Goku when Trunks and Goten were born.
        Not that it makes much more sense.

  6. Um so anyone care to explain how they’re breathing in space? It’s like the creators just don’t give a crap about consistency any more.

    • This was considered to be upper Atmosphere not space…however in your defence. Vegeta stood outside his pod in space and destroyed a planet wile standing next to Nappa.

      • “Attack Ball” otherwise know as Space Pods or Saiyan Pods, are capable of many technological feats. It even creates a habitable sphere of oxygen to breath in the middle of space. It does just about everything to keep the occupant alive while traveling in space.

  7. Truly amazing….the last time a baby capeable of that was broly and he became the Legendary Super Saiyan. Granted that was non cannon i understand…however incridiable none the less…best be wary of this one

  8. such a waste episode, i wasted my time for waiting huh?? no fight and a bad news goku is weaker cuz of kaio-ken ??

    • too much fight would also make it repetitive…some times its good to just lay back and relax with some storyline 🙂

      Like goku with pan…spend some time with loved series …just chilling…hahaha

    • Its called a filler… They have to have these to buy time to make the new main story arc. If they didnt have it designs will be flawed, if would be too repative and the story line woudnt be properly thawed out. Its not a waste. Its tactical.

  9. why hasnt Bulla made an appearence yet She is more than a year older than pan.Or is she written off?
    Also why arint goten and trunks aging? I would like to see a match bettween gotenks and future trunks.
    Also how can pan brethe in space only legendry ss and ssg can do it.

    • She is younger, she is born one year later than Pan. I wonder why in GT they made her look older.

      From dragon ball wikia:
      Pan – 779
      Bra -780

    • she wasn’t fully in space just in the earths atmosphere. which also explains how pilaf and the others were breathing as well

    • Okay look, The breathable atmospere of earth expands a bit into space. Only Friezas
      race can survive in a vaccum. although Pan teaching herself to fly just
      makes her seem op for someone her age. Not even Goten could do that,
      and shes 3/4 human. Plus its Bra, not Bulla and she doesnt exsit at the moment. She may but im not sure. And they arent aging becasue it would e way too soon to. I mean what do they do with their lives. And finally if you really want to see a differnece i recomed you watching Dragon Ball Absolan on Youtube. They carry the story on from GT and i think its amazing. There youll see the concept characters of fully grown, Goten, Trucks and of course Gotenks.

  10. Wait then pan must be stronger than goten and trunks cause gohan “was” stronger than goku in dbz and the goten was born stronger than gohan…. so videl wust be stronger than all…right?

    • First of all videl is a human and secondly your kind of half right. due to the process of evolution and also what we,ve see with gohan, goten and trunks, we can only assume that pan has the potential (if she trains) to be stronger than all other half saiyans born before her.

  11. I love this idea. Always thought kaio-ken is a lame (cheating) way to gain power. But with the result of losing control of Ki afterwards it makes sense

    • kaio-ken always had its defects yes it boosted power but it was hard on the body thats why goku couldnt move after hit first battle with vegita

    • I think the same, and I think Goku will have this problem even when Future Trunks will come, for a while.
      I think in DBsuper they’re trying to not focuse everything just on Goku.

  12. chi chi a punk ass for that. goku is way harder working than gohan. sure gohan has his education, but in the dragonball world, that means nothing if as an adult you cant protect your loved ones from powerful evil doers like lets say, frieza for example lol

    • Chi-Chi gives no shits about saving the earth, and really hasn’t since the start of Z.

      Also, fighting is not something Chi-Chi can live and buy things with.

      • Are you retarded? Obviously Goku has far surpassed Gohan. Gohan has only started training and then stopped so he can work for his family (Videl & Pan) and Goku has been training with Whis (the strongest being in Universe 7 YET) so I don’t understand how Gohan is stronger than goku??

  13. Piccolo sure has become domesticated. He went from deranged villain, to hermit, and now he’s the goofy uncle.

  14. Trunks and Goten turned super saiyan as kids.
    Pan has a visible ki aura and can fly as a baby.
    The next kid will attain god ki while inside the womb.

  15. I can’t belive how changed piccolo is the man who wanted nothing but world domination has turned into a soft namekian who babysits kids its so gross I blame him merging with Kami

    • World domination was an echo in Piccolo’s mind to follow, due to King Piccolo’s will. That echo was his only friend, until it faded away while training with Gohan.

    • I think is just that Piccolo’s namekkian nature started to awake from the moment he touched for the first time Namekk soil. Now he is just your average peaceful namekkian.

  16. I’m a big fan in general of the new DB Super, but wow, that was such a terrible filler episode with nothing to add to any plot. I wish Toriyama would just get to the next tournament already or show some pre-tournament training; maybe some Vegeta-Goku sparring, etc. Let’s get Gohan back to full Mystic/SSJ2 power; see some Gotenks fusion SSJ3+; maybe bring Pikkon back around (for the next tournament?)

  17. what a crap ass episode.
    did anyone see that trash drawing of Goku with King Kai?

    in real life, i bet Chi Chi would be a Indian Desi aunty,

  18. There where allready 2 or more Signs of Pan… becoming the first canon Female Super Sayin c=
    Like when Goku became Super Sayin God first Time.
    She transformed herself in the belly of Videl and Videl herself to a Super Sayin for a lil time to give power to goku…
    Guess some ppl are blind and always find excuses and say it wasnt like that watch the episode again.
    Also in this Episode here Goku says, maybe u will be a super sayin one day… 5 mins later she fly with her low age… and only 25% sayin genes in Space as if it was nothing… how clear have u be… how much more hints .. some ppl need… sighs…
    Guess we need pan to blow up a planet and go super sayin god super sayin before ppl finally take her serious x,D

    • Pan was not a super saiyan inside the womb, like at all. The requirement to become super saiyan god was 5 Pure hearted saiyans, not 5 pure hearted Super Saiyans. But it would be a shock if she didn’t become a super saiyan simply because every single saiyan born in the show has become a super saiyan. Trunks, Goten, and Gohan. However the Saiyan blood in her is only 25% since gohans half saiyan half human, i’d be surprised if she didn’t go super saiyan regardless.

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