Dragon Ball Super Episode 44 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 44 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 44. Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 44 in High Quality HD online on www.watchdbzsuper.tv.
You Are watching Dragon Ball Super Episode 44. Episode 44 in the TV Anime Series Dragon Ball Super.



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93 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 44 Subbed”

    • future pan don’t exist in turnks time line gohan died befor he meet videl in trunsk time lien no videl means no pan

      • Oh, future Pan does indeed exist – In another “another” future reality.

        Future Trunks is biologically the same Trunks as the one who is a kid right now in “our” reality but he’s from another reality where things didn’t go the way that it did here.

        Let’s say our reality is A.
        Future Trunks reality is B.

        Now where does Cell fit in?
        Well, the Cell that was killed by Teen Gohan, was a from yet another reality, let’s call it reality C.
        Cell killed the Trunks of reality C, took his “time machine” and went to reality A.

        Trunks from B used his “time machine” to go to A and warn the Z Fighters about the Androids – He made a time jump and a reality jump at the same time (Which is mighty confusing).

        The theory about it being alternate realities comes from the fact that there were two “time machines” on Earth at the same time (Where if it was the same, one should disappear or merge with the other)
        And Trunks from B and Krillin kills baby Cell in Dr. Geros’ sublab and it didn’t kill Cell from C.

        So, alternate realities it is.

        On another note, I am really surprised that Goku and the gang were so baffled by (I believe it was Whis) who told them that there are 12 Universes in total.
        Surpreme Kai actually mentioned it way back in DBZ, when they fly after those two Babidi henchmen.
        He’s says something about “and as it is often the case in this Universe, the son is as evil as the father”.

        Clever, Toriyama, clever. leaving a little window to expand on, many years in the future.

        • ok, you explained the realities thing on point, but that last bit is just a turn of phrase, a figure of speech.

  1. always they keep stretching the story this filler was a simple one it should have ended in this episode itself

      • this is canon tho…the anime is more canon than the manga as the manga was created to advertise the anime…

    • filler has changed from what used mean something that is “non cannon” to “something I don’t like.”

      If you don’t like this sort of thing, then you just don’t like dragonball.

    • power dose not out rank technique learn your dragonball before commenting. if you ever watched it from start goku was evenaly matched with roshi id say stronger in first tournoment. but he lost due to roshi experience and TECHNIQUE. also how did gotenks and piccolo get absorbed when ssj3 gotenks was stonger then super buu the logic is obsorbition is magic. that water seems magica and magic cant be beat by pure power

      • vegeta is Always to cocky,in a fight you have to look arround you aswel,but what happend is just stupid,they Always try to get away with silly stuf no experienced fighter would fall to.

  2. DBZ song is legendary, I like that they still use it to explain previous episodes.

    I like Monaka as character. He looks strange but he is the ‘average human’ that has a job and does his duties seriously. He is cool even without super strenght. And when he smiles with satisfaction by hearing about him in the radio, it made me smile too XD

    Oh, for once I guessed right from the start about Vegeta having lost his power, since when he was trapped in the jelly body, he almost drowned in so small time.

  3. This episode was so fun! Judging off the preview from last week I thought it was going to be boring, but I enjoyed it a lot. It gave that classic Dragonball feel.

  4. Yet another disappointing filler for the series. Come on, we need another action-packed episodes, not these 18 minute insignificant episodes.

    • They are waiting for the manga to create the new arc. The new arc with “action” doesn’t exist cause it hasn’t been written yet.

    • It’s a bit of Dragonball. If you find this bad then watch One-Piece.. xD that has some weird as stuff going ugh. But agreed this Episode was a bit boring. It had some fun parts but it wasn’t really like yeaaah

    • Even DBZ had filler episodes. I dont understand why so many “Fans” always have something negative to say, they are never happy smh.

    • remember its free.. so keep on watching if you want.. if not go and watch something else.. your not contributing to BANDAI LOL…. or produce your own anime and make it action-packed all the time.. LOL.. its part of the story bro.. sorry for being rude here.. its that you can’t appreciate action packed or climax without plateu..

      • he is right this stuf is just stupid,goku vegeta should be training with trunks goten and pam,there is litteraly no use for this stuf,and vegeta getting ambushed so easy riiiiiiight,its good for a 4 years old kiddy show not for the dragonball fans.

        • It’s fairly obvious Akira is paying homage to Prometheus/Alien. The black goo, the super human water, the head shaped building, even one of Freeza’s form looks like a Xenomorph. DBZ is his magnus opus, DBS is him just having fun and doing what ever he feels like. Don’t take it too serious…

  5. I really want an arc that Is reminiscent of the cell saga where everything is at stake and its very serious

  6. NOOOO WHYYY IT WAS SUCH A CLIFFHANGER! 🙁 im sad now i have to wait 6 days for it to release and 1 day for the sub.

  7. The latest news with me, is that i have been able to reach 300 subs on youtube where i post anime fan art, and its all thanks to people in this community, thank you!

    Here’s a drawing of Vegeta. 🙂

  8. To all the haters saying grape jelly is lame blah blah blah vegeta are strongest there is blah blah blah:
    Well, the bad guys at this point aren’t the evil space henchmen; the purple goo ate them and took their form.

    The purple goo i’m imagining is a magical, sentient being, that was contained on the barren planet to prevent it from wreaking havoc on the universe.

    I’m saying magic is involved because of the way it was contained, if it were some kind of alien race it wouldn’t make sense to lock them up in an almost ritualistic prison.

    With this in mind, we have a precedence of Vegeta being susceptible to magic. (Maijin, anyone?)

    We also don’t know the extent of power of the Superman Water, or how old it is.

  9. Vegeta in is normal form can take down a super sayain 3, Vegeta is way stonger now then he was in the Buu Saga. Vegta now(in his normal state) can easily destroy kidd buu.

  10. I dont mean to be all picky, because overall, it’s not a big deal, but shouldnt Bulla/Bra already be born by now? lol

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