Dragon Ball Super Episode 45 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 45 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 45. Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 45 in High Quality HD online on www.watchdbzsuper.tv.
You Are watching Dragon Ball Super Episode 45. Episode 45 in the TV Anime Series Dragon Ball Super.



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109 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 45 Subbed”

  1. Predictions about what will NOT happen.
    – Copy Vegeta will be defeated right before Vegeta’s body disappears.
    – Vegeta will disappear, everybody will say (and think) that Vegeta is dead, instead once Copy Vegeta will be defeated, the original Vegeta will reappear.
    – Vegeta will die (disappear) but he will be resurrect with Namek Dragon Balls, or by some generous god that will give him his life.
    – Rigt before his disappearance, Vegeta will suffer/feel sick etc…

    I think that those things will not happen because truly those are things I except to happen, and my predictions are always wrong.

      • remember when ss3 goku almost died but a slap from beerus? in god form goku was able to fight beerus. but now the god ki is still in him so basically his base form is still that strong? so if he were to go ss3 now he should be able to mess beerus up a little then and ssb is even way further beyond ss3 so hed be able to beat beerus if that were the case. then add ssb/kaioken he should be shitting on beerus already. thats what would make sense if base form goku really is that much stronger than a ss3 gotenks

    • Of course. You didnt get the logic behind SSJ at all. Its a multiplier. The higher your baseform is the greater will be each SSJ Power Up thats why Gotenks Goten and Kid Trunks are still show offs even in their SSJ Forms 😛

      • duh everyone knows that, but a ss3 is ridiculously strong. gorkos comment makes sense if its true. but i dont like the god ki concept,

    • Umm yah that has been the case for some time now. Base Goku and Base Vegeta are at least Buuhan level at this point (though I’d say Super Vegetto) in base form. Look up “Saiyan Beyond God”

    • Yea but gotenks is weaker in general. if vegeta went ssj 3 goku would have to go ssj 3. I’m pretty sure ssj just amplifies the base power level of the person. so ssj 3 gotenks is a lot weaker then ssj 3 vegeta or goku.

  2. Doesn’t the super water give that vegeta 10x his power it seams fair the fact goku haves kioken sorry if I spelled it wrong

  3. I f*cking hate the voice of Gotenks, especially it calling every move he’s about to make.It’s no annoying.

  4. No tension! Is this filler going to be serious or not? Make it comic or make it epic. Currently I am bored watching it.

  5. Goku is just going to beat vegetable with kamahameha and then turn him into jelly, then seal him into that water container thing

  6. i hope at some point in super the writers give Vegeta some sort of win, at least like to see him get the winning kill on a villain

    • They’re leading up to it. He almost beat freeza until he blew u the earth, he showed he was stronger then goku when berus insulted bulma and when he became ssj blue without the help of 5 ssj’s like goku needed. So eventually it will happen with all these hints. Or he will become God of distruction over goku. one of the 2.

      • Nope that won’t happens vegeta won’t surpass goku ever if he would it would only happen for 1 or 2 episodes. Goku increases his fightin abilities just like hit with stronger enemy he gets even stronger so i doubt that would happen.

        • actually, vageta has already passed goku at one or two point’s in dbs. 1 example is when goku went to train with whis because he found out that vageta was training with him. when he got there he could barely keep up with vageta when it came to whis’s training.

  7. Vegeta said in 3 mins right? chit chat chit chat, 2 mins already, I’m really excited to see if next video goku ‘s going to defeat the purple vegeta in 1 min, if not and vegeta’s still gonna be alive, I’m gonna be really fuckin pissed off by this anime

  8. did anyone else notice the shadow shape of usopp from one piece in the title screen? ahahha i found that hilarious

  9. Well, I suppose Vegeta technically did beat the Superhuman Water, his power and spirit did, at least 😀

  10. you all stop with the whining. the next episode is about to be hype as hell. you all sound like a bunch of kids. dragonball super isnt supposed to be action action all of the time. its called having a story line and understanding the details. this episode is to prepare for the epicness of the next one. damn

    • Also because if is action only is tiring. TV shows need equilibrium. If you only want to see fights, you can watch Boxe, or MMA matches.

    • A filler episode that puts Goku and Vegeta ( sorta ) in a fight to the death? I’m totally not complaining. It did take 2 episodes to get to an episode to introduce that fight though.

    • Details like Vegeta is going to die in 3 minutes so maybe Goku should hurry the hell up at start at full power instead of wasting time? You know because that would make a whole lot of sense.

  11. Goku: “Monaka is watching so I have to make sure I make this a good fight.” If only he knew ROFLLLLLLL.

  12. “You need to beat him in the next 3 minutes.”
    This is going to take a while… but at least it’s not 5 minutes.

  13. “Vegeta’s body will disappear within 3 to 5 minutes”
    This is just like when Planet Namek was about to explode “within 5 minutes” but it took like 3 episodes or something before it finally did.

  14. This is the same shit as Goku fighting Freeza on Namek, “The planet will blow up in 5 minutes” …. lasts for 8 episodes.

    • In episode 47 Trunks will come and the new saga will start. So this fight should end next week (episode 46)

      Also I noticed that in Dragon Ball S, fights are shorter than those in Dragon Ball Z

  15. There is just too much comic relief in DBZ. They need to get serious again. For the past 3 episodes, the writer has been wasting time filling in episodes with bullshit comedy. Your viewers are not stupid, they are noticing your fluff. Keep it up, I’m moving on to One Piece. This was the worst episode ever.

  16. Even with only 3 minutes to beat him, Goku still dicks around and wastes time lol, can’t take that away from DBZ I guess.

  17. Tell Goku to fight seriously is like telling a kitten not to do something. It just doesn’t work. He isn’t fighting seriously until he is in SSG form.

  18. I wish Goku skipped straight to super saiyan god right at the start instead of wasting time, I mean there is a time limit so it’s pretty unrealistic.

  19. Is this filler? I have to ask since the anime is ahead of the manga…then is there such a thing as filler in this series?

  20. Yeah…. out of ideas FUNimation? This episode was exactly like “Majin Vegeta who is controlled by Babidi and not taking orders from him and only fight Goku.” This is embarrasing…

  21. am i the only person who noticed VEGETA KILL the MINION’s clones and yet the real minions still disappeared…WTF!!!…done with super till the next tournament episodes

  22. so 3-5 minutes and he’s gone. Why didn’t they just say like 15min to make it more realistic? idk. Goku vs Vegeta. I doubt his can top main Vegetal battle but we shall see.

  23. Reminiscent of the Majin Buu series when Vegeta was once controlled. This still holds differently with the real Veget’s life on the line and only a matter of 3 minutes to save him. Very interesting. Besides that though, I still think Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks is the coolest SS3 between Vegeta and Goku 🙂

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