Dragon Ball Super Episode 46 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 46 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 46. Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 46 in High Quality HD online on www.watchdbzsuper.tv.
You Are watching Dragon Ball Super Episode 46. Episode 46 in the TV Anime Series Dragon Ball Super.



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144 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 46 Subbed”

  1. I’m watching fuji TV, and I notice they show a lot of american stuff (Trump, or, right now, something about DC comics and movies)

  2. I dont even know why i bother trying to watch live. I might as well be reading through a flipbook with how slow this shit is or playing a game on xbox one with 6 fps

  3. i really wish people would stop complaining about every little thing and appreciate the fact that we are seeing a new dragonabll series to begin with. this is getting intense. just shut up and enjoy this stuff.

      • Not really. He’s complaining about people, while they’re complaining about the show. If he then complained about the show, then it’d be hypocritical.

    • a new dragonball serie?? MOUAHAHAAAHAHAHH!!!!!! You mean a rerun of DB, DBZ and DBGT lol >>>
      Pilaf saying that he’s the 1st villain of the serie (wtf?? kinda breaking the 4th wall?? lol)…
      Vegeta being duplicated, as Buu did with some Z warriors (and Cell)…
      Goku vs Vegeta, again, same as during the Buu saga and the whole DBZ serie and Goku still holding back, isn’t he??…
      Copy Vegeta looking like Baby… (Ow please…………..)
      Gotenks failing against Copy Vegeta, same again Buu…
      Adult Trunks obviously coming back to the past and warning from another threat… Come on…………

      Btw, Goku was supposed to have heart issues and if i remember, he didn’t take no medicine but reached blue SSJ and OMG used kaikoken + Bssj!!!!!! He should have been dead since the fight against Beerus when he couldn’t stop his blast!!! And using kaioken + Bssj, his heart should have exploded due to the HUUUUUUUUUGE amount of energy it would require!! I won’t even talk about the poor drawing quiality…

      So come on………………. COME ON!!!!!!!

      • You could can compare any anime after about 2010 like that with an older than that one so stop complaining…. It is very rare to find an original action anime story if there even are any anymore.

        • Stfu y’all some bitches I bin watching dragon ball since I was 8 I’m 25 I missed Dragonball ,dbz,dbgt even though it was kinda a bullshit storyline watched every movie and played every game this new series is dope judge it on a different perspective stop basing it of what already happened there just using there imagination you fucking nerdy ass fucking chumps

          • nah man this brigs nothing new its boring. and they runied the characters and there legacy. its become a baby show. your fanboy bs is blinding you too how poorly drawn and slow the show is. its a 4/10 at best

      • Pretty sure that’s what the fans have been asking for, we want to see Vegeta vs Goku. The baby thing might be a throw in to make fun of GT, remember Akira Toriyama wasn’t really involved so this filler is his chance to use Non-Canon material and have some fun homages all in one episode. It’s his series he can do WETF he wants to.

        Goku’s heart condition was only temporary, future Trunks gave him medicine. After that it was never mentioned in the series again, the virus no longer affected Goku.

        Future Trunks is awesome, he also needs a reason to come back because he isn’t from their time, so anytime he comes back it’s with a problem. He’s also awesome, he’s the plot behind most new DBZ games because the old plot has been recycled too much it would be boring to play through the same story over and over again.

        It’s fake fans like you who complain. Let’s tackle that issue about drawing quality. They’ve since corrected many of those episodes and the budget for this anime is not the absolute greatest it could be. Now we can debate over whether or not the most overrated anime in the history of anime, the source of so many cliches and meme deserves less than the absolute most amount of money thrown at it and best anime studio designers, but I won’t. Toei acknowledged this and stated it was due to newer younger employees who were still learning the trade, and everyone knows that after decades of not drawing them, new people can’t draw like older seasoned people.

        If the show had a budget like the movies for every single episode, then it would be the best, but sadly no. No, as in it’s still a business their #1 goal is still to make money, this isn’t a fan service anime, this is what you get. If you don’t like it, just don’t watch, or complain to the right people, because bitching about it online in the comment section of a website pirating the show making it harder for the studio to make money and actually PAY for some good quality animation, you’d get something done.

        The anime industries has SEVERAL and I meant SEVERAL issues right now facing nearly all aspects and genres, except for maybe some moe anime, and making money to pay for employees and buildings and equipment isn’t what it used to be. Merchandise sales, DVD, Blu-Ray, posters, action figures and such are what needs to be bought. So I hope for your sake you’re not a hypocrite when this stuff becomes available for purchase in the country you reside in. I buy stuff from Japan rarely, so it’s tough to support my favorite shows, but there are speciality shops in my local mall and around town that sell imported Japanese stuff, anime and manga directly from Japan. I suggest to you to actively seek out stuff and buy the ones you love when you have the money, yay for CONSUMERISM.

        • goku vs vegeta but not goku vs fake vegeta!!! just like in the buu saga lol fake vegeta again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      • you sir are a fucking idiot and should be perma banned from watching dragon ball super on anywebsite ever you fucking moron

      • y’all blind with too much ball sucking!! none of you brought any objective argument except swearing…………………….. so keep going, you seem to like that!!

      • Do you think that somebody cares what you think? I am sure even your family doens’t give a f**k about your opinion. Why should anybody else?

          • It was a question. I care not about you. What I care about is telling people like you that nobody cares about them and nobody ever will.

            Go figure that out.

      • GT was not made by the same people as db and dbz there for its a fan made even tho it was produced by the same people
        so learn yor facts and his problems if i remember correctly were wished away by the dragon balls

      • he took the medicine back in the android saga lol you have so much info wrong its ridiculous. this is why i dont bother talking to other dragon ball fans. half the time you all dont even know whats going on. ive watched every dragonball, dragonball z, and gt, (yes even gt) and now every super episode. you even type like a elementary kid. gotenks in ssj3 doesnt even stand a chance against base goku or vegeta now because they have god ki. super sayian is merely a multiplier of the original base form. thats why whis had them training in base form for so long; the more you train in base form, the stronger ssj will be.

      • and if you watched ep 39, goku explains why he was able to use kaio ken with ssjg. its like you turn the shit on, cover up your ears and eyes and just sit there. wtf

    • dood your fanboy bullshit is the reason this shit sucked. if we complained more they’d make it better. you accept this garbage as dragon ball? kill ur self

    • Happy to read someone who is enjoying this!

      Screw the haters, I love where they have taken the story and how they are expanding on the universe!
      Keep it up bro!!

    • A lot of people (me included) wanted a new series, especially one that would redeem GT, but not something like this. Toriyama messed up the characters, power levels (probably more than GT did) instead of properly extending DBZ.
      The outcome then is a story that makes more damage to the legacy of DB instead of adding up to it. I still have hopes on Trunks Saga but I’ll keep my expectations low.
      I won’t blame you for enjoying this DBS just because it’s new, even if it is not up to its legacy, but you shouldn’t blame others for having quality standards higher than yours.

      By the way, fan’s high quality standards tend to push authors to come up with better stories.

        • Difficult to truly believe in “not to be rude” when followed by “idgaf”
          That just shows you’re not mature enough to debate with people about topics you disagree on. Considering you talk fine to people who agree with you but then say “idgaf” to those who don’t share your opinion.

  4. So, basically if this present timeline goku is in right now if the blue haired trunks doesn’t come to the past, as time goes on everyone will die and only Trunks, Bulma and Mai survives? Wow alright. We need a new transformation.

    EDIT: According to the sources I’ve read this new Trunks is not the one that killed Frieza, went USS against Cell and all that. This trunks is actually the Trunks in the present timeline. And apparently Goku and all others (except trunks and bulma) will die if this trunks doesn’t travel back to time.

    • Well, kinda but no.

      Old future Trunks is not coming back, the new future Trunks is still Trunks but not “our” timeline Trunks. The multiverse is really kinda confusing.

      Every Trunks starts off the same way, but because different things happen, realities are split and now we have Trunks from reality D.
      Our Trunks (Kid Trunks) is Trunks A.
      Future Trunks that killed Frieza is Trunks B.
      Trunks that Cell killed in his future is Trunks C
      And now, we will have a Trunks D from yet another reality.

      It’s not a much time travel as it is reality jumps when Trunks uses the “time machine”.

      I know, it is confusing as fuck.

      There might even be a reality where Yamcha acutally didn’t get killed by a saibaman – JK, he would always be killed by one.

          • It is indeed the Future Trunks from Z. It’s really hard to explain without having to type it out, then delete it and try again. This is my second attempt. Haha.

            Anyways, there are four timelines that we know of.

            Timeline 1, which is our current Timeline where Trunks is still a kid.
            Timeline 2, which Future Trunks came from, the one that helped in Z.
            Timeline 3, which the Cell we know came from. This Cell killed a Trunks who had deactivated and killed the Androids.
            Timeline 4, which Trunks from Timeline 3 had been helping. Nothing really came from this timeline, so is pretty much irrelevant.

            The Trunks that is coming back in Super is the one from Timeline 2, the Future Trunks we know and love. That is why he says it’s been a while.

          • Then how do you explain Mai being there with Trunks?

            They never met untill she was Kid Trunks “girlfriend” in both the Battle of Gods movie and in Super.
            The future Trunks that came to help against Cell never said anything about have Mai in his life.

            My money is on that the Trunks that comes “back”, is someone who has had the same life as “our” Trunks up untill some point and now he has come “back” to get help because something in his reality is fucked.

            I just realized something…Our Trunks doesn’t get to fight a Cell.
            How fucked is that? That’s like most of his reason for being alive.

    • This is definitely Future Trunks. There’s no way this is current time Trunks.

      Firstly, we still have the Omniverse Tournament to do yet. Trunks can’t be this old when the Tournament is held since the Omni King said it would be held soon, not in about a decade.

      Also, don’t forget that even if this was present Trunks and he needed to go back in time to save Goku and everyone else, it wouldn’t matter since his universe wouldn’t be affected, if this was current Trunks, we wouldn’t even be able to have the Omni Tournament in the first place.

      This isn’t even mentioning the fact that Toriyama (I think it was Toriyama) said that a Future character was returning.

      A little thinking will tell you that these sources are bull shit and that this is the Future Trunks that we all know and love. As Geekdom101 would say; #criticalthinking

  5. Okay I didn’t have an account here but your comments made me to make one. Don’t you watch the preview properly or what? He is the not the present timeline Trunks. He clearly said he killed Cell and brought peace. He is the Future Trunks. Also, what the fuck Mai is doing in this timeline? Get off him bitch. Stay away. :X

  6. Dat ending tho, I was just waiting for the ending theme to go when I saw that red bandana and was like WAAAAT?!

  7. Lol at the futher Trunk link above and all the whiny buthurt SJWs commenting.

    Reality Check >
    Black lives generally don’t matter. Unless it’s a hot black chick with a fat ass and fat voluptuous BJ lips. Most – well over 70 % are useless negroes and idiots. Proven there as well they are screaming racist together with the libtards and cultural marxists, when race, which is very real btw, has zero to do with evil Goku’s title. Rather darkness which is black aka in this case Evil. For ffs. If it said Nigger Goku, I would somewhat agree. Not even negro is racist at all.

    This eposide was decent and the next plot should be good. Goku black, I hope he beats the shit out of Vegeta again and again.

  8. Sounds like they got a great voice actor for future Trunks, I hope Evil Goku’s voice actor is different to this goku’s voice actor.

    • Only with kaioken though and they smartly said his body takes a beating from using that so he can’t go using that all the time.

  9. If it’s the spirit of vegeta that is fighting, simply call Bulma and she can stab him. Vegeta wouldn’t kill Bulma. 😉

  10. It’s future future Trunks. This takes place years after Gohan defeated Cell in the present time line, after Trunks returned to the future and defeated Cell there. I don’t know why his hair is blue but it’s not because of any SSJ transformation. Notice that whenever any saiyan goes SSJ their hair style changes. This future Trunks’ hair is the normal Trunks haircut so not SSJ or SSGSSJ or anything like that. Palette swap as far as I can tell. Hell, maybe he dyed it. I know the rules of time travel would say that every time you go back into the past and alter anything you’re basically making a new reality and so, technically, it’s a different Trunks, but I think, “Hey, this is a cartoon/comic, let’s not jump to conclusions and keep it simple until we find out for sure and just enjoy the ride.”

  11. Chi-Chi to Goten: “Oh my god! Are you okay? Did you get hurt?”

    Goten: “Yeah. …”

    That shit cracked me up. Dunno if it’s just a translation thing or not, but, straight into the headcanon it goes.

  12. Currently watching this on my 16th birthday. Can you guys say happy birthday to me please? 😀
    We may not know eachother but we know the we like Dragon Ball atleast.

  13. Really hope this series gets more serious cause watching those emotional fights in dbz was ssssooooooooooo interesting, but this is really a let down. Hope they get it together with this new ark and not make it childish as f*ck like they did this

  14. Hopefully these Future Trunks episodes will be decent… but I’m not holding my breath. At least I got a laugh out of Vegeta sucking on a binky. Man this series sucks, though. Seriously, do something with anyone other than Goku or fucking Vegeta. I don’t want to see them battle again unless it’s going to be the absolute last time and something actually comes of it. But even that’s low as fuck on the list of things they need to do. They only write for two characters and the writing for those two characters is awful.

  15. Your time is better spent bitching about the drawing of squidbillies,uncle grandpa, etc. Not this. Getting emotional over something this petty means you need to find a hobby, go look for your dragon balls, they are obviously missing. As for the story line, I think things will go differently than just Trunks warning them of a new threat coming. Maybe Goku and Vegeta will do some time traveling, you never know.

  16. this is….basic …i thought i was gonna see some 2016 dbz action..this was slower and weaker then the first saga of dragon ball….wow this is a step back.. just wow…

  17. Honestly they should of started with the Future Trunks Arc and branched out from here so many opportunities

    kinda wonder if Goku Black is Goku Jr and not the regular Goku.

  18. PLOOOOOT HOOOOOOOOOOOOLEEEEE. He gave the sword to our time’s trunks after he left to his own time to kill future imperfect cell.. Shows how little Toriyama remembers about dragonball. And for how long the series went on. Hard to produce a continuation.

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