Dragon Ball Super Episode 47 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 47 Subbed

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319 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 47 Subbed”

  1. I wish I understood Japanese so I could properly watch live without needing subs. I’m real hyped for this Future Trunks arc!

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    • Haha, if you’re talking about Black Goku, just remember that there is no Future Goten, because Goku died!

      • Yeah but heres an adult Mai who was a child earlier on in Super though. Please make sense of that for me. -_- These writers are terrible.

          • dont ruin the expert commentary about time paradoxes and how it relates to storylines.

          • No it wasn’t. You can’t change a timeline, only create a new one from where it branches with new possibilities. There is no singular timeline. Goten never existed in the Future Trunks timeline, he only came about because Goku survived the heart virus and lived for three more years. Goten was conceived during the ten day wait for the Cell Games.

          • yeah but then mai should be as old as bulma because she existed in db just as bulma bc the pilaf gang wished for youth in the battle of gods saga so that did not happen in the future trunks timeline so she should be way older

          • Evrything after metal frieza is completely different between the timelines. Them doing it much earlier isnt a big stretch

  3. Why is Toei so cheap? Same opening with minor changes and same ending… Even both eye catches are the same drawing with no animation. -_-

  4. Dammmnnnn awsome! Need subtitles to understand but very intense! Looking more foward to this new arc then any!!!!

  5. Anyone else think Black Goku resembled Broly in stance a lil bit? When he first appeared and looked at trunks from the side it looked like Broly imo.

    • dont say that the know it all will poo poo on that idea. i mean we got all kinda unrealistic and improbable things going on why not Goten. Most useless of the Saiyans . Everyone gets some storyline love but Goten. I mean they retread annoying ass trunks. No way should the spitting image son of Goku be irrelevant. Thats just my opinion.

    • It’s clearly not goten for the following reasons

      1) Goten was never born in Future Trunks’ timeline
      2) We know that it is the same future trunks as in Z because of his flashbacks to the cell saga
      3) It’s Goku.

        • dear but its new series f trunks

          go to his flashback i thing its goten

          trunks and pan/mai call black only black

          • Yeah I noticed that, I wondered if they would do this…. I think they are pulling some story from GT into super. I think that might be baby or something related to the tuffles

          • He said it in a freeza like voice too so maybe frieze took the form of a saiyen just like that Captaain guy took form of who ever trained with freeza

      • it cant be the same trunks from z this trunks looks younger than the one from z for one second did anyone else noticed the hair? kid trunks and future z trunks have purple hair yet this new one has blue hair maybe somehow the trunks from z and this one have some kind of memory link explaining the flash back remember he did spend an equivalent of almost 3 years in the hyperbolic time chamber so if it was the same trunks he should be alot older lets say this new goku appeared right after he came back ( in z when trunks makes it back to his time hardly any time has passed since it shows him leaving for the past seconds before making it back )and bulma said it took 1 year to gather energy for another trip that would make him 4 years older in this arc so it cant be the same one

        and if its only been 4 years since he came back why would he want to go back in time 17 years ?
        so im guessing this trunks is 17 so he cant be the same one from z lol idk to much needs to be explained to jump to conclusions haha

        like thst goku he called trunks sayan if it really was the goku we know he would know trunks maybe hes a goku from a different universe were he was never sent to earth and planet vegita was never destroyed and was forced to be raised as a true sayan making him bad

        • they’ll need a good explanation for a whole db super, or I guess wait for manga to come out. this is too fast to swallow. even thou it’s weekly lol

          • I think maybe you’re all overthinking it and his hair is just bluer because the artists wanted something a bit more shiny. The definition on dbz is terrible compared to what we have now. A slight change in hair colour seems acceptable to me.

          • It’s worse than that. Toriyama just f*ckup, he mentioned it in a interview. It’s not only trunks his age. It’s Mai’s too. The hair color is just a part of it. I believe he did something similar with android 18 hair in the movie. But than his artists where able to warn him in time.

          • That was the wierdest part… Mai and trunks are the same age currently in the normal timeline, so that lines up with future trunks, but Mai shouldn’t have had the chance to wish herself young again with the rest of the pilaf gang, The dragon balls are gone in their timeline since the DBZ saga… I don’t know why they didn’t wish piccolo back in the current timeline so they could have wishes to fix things over there…

        • The hair is just a retcon thing,I think they only did it to differentiate things, to point out the difference like, the smallest change can make, in that one he took after his mother more. It is the same Trunks.
          Also trunks is like, 11 in the normal current timeline, and he’s probably 28 or so in the future one. he’s definitely older.

        • your so stupid, you know that there is such thing as HAIR DYE in dragon ball right? its called he wants to look more like his mother! but thats just a guess anyways its the same trunks deal with it we are talking about a time line not a different universe though it was a good try so

    • I’m guessing it’s a Goku from another Universe or something because the goku from future Trunks time line is dead.

    • Goku or Goten, they could both be true if earth from universe 6 was not destroyed in trunk’s time! Or when bearus wished on the dragonball (In GOD Language) it could have effected all timelines so earth-uni 6 was restored along with goku or maybe goten!?

  6. I can’t remember last time I was this hyped for anything. This arc is a dream come true for every DB fan

  7. looks like black goku blows up all food supply on planet cause he looks like 15 years old boy on ketogenic diet … only think they do in super is eating but they forgot muscles somewhere gues this is a trend nowdays in japan being a skinny little faggot… they all in super looks like faggots … f lazy computer drawing style where is true art in that ? its disgusting …..

  8. Though this is a inprovement it still needs to be a bit more dark like dbz where characters would bleed to death break necks and die

    • dragon ball super is made to resemble the original dragon ball in terms of being less violent and rather more comedic so if you are looking for extremely gruesome fights to the death then this is the wrong place

  9. This new ARC got me so hyped, so this is actually the story of future Trunks, the one that we all know and love, Black Goku isn’t black :)))) as many people said it would be, he has only 1 earing (i want to know what it is) and he might not be a saiyan 😀 (black goku’s last words from this episode made me believe this).

  10. This is pure speculation, but with the emphasis lately on multiple universes, it would be an interesting story point if this Trunks was from one of the other 11 “universes” rather than a different timeline all along. Perhaps some universes are older or younger than our Universe 7, giving a little bit of an explanation as to why Cabba hadn’t ever seen or heard of a Saiyan Transformation when asked by Champa directly.

    • IMHO reckon each of the 12 Universes (formerly 18) has its own self-contained timeline specific equivalent of the Many-Worlds Interpretation, the other Universes compared to each other range from something completely different to a roughly a mirror-twin whereas the many timelines within one universe range from familiar yet divergent to in the case of Dragon Ball featuring the same characters who made slightly different decisions (e.g Goku growing Carrots instead of Lettuce) or something to that effect.

      • he already left chichi pregnant. ( go back and watch because chichi said to him while he was sick “What will I do with this baby” or sth like that)

        • It could be Turles for all we know as non of this makes much sense until they explain it. My bet is the earring will be the big plot twist as in past DBZ logic says he fused with someone because of that earring.

          • He only has one earring. He should have both if he fused. Bottom line nothing makes much sens right now.

          • it’s probably someone from other timeline or space. doesn’t have anything with goku, but before him we need to find out why is Trunk’s hair blue and he should be older than Gohan? Bulma would be dead or too old, and why is mai so young. thou it will never be explained.

          • it will be a reference to xicor from dragon ball af, where xicor is the song of goku with a kai. so this one will probably be a fusion between goku and a kai I think

    • it’s xicor, his son with a kai. it looks like they are going to make arcs similar to some of the popular fan made continuations.

      the first arc was obviously referencing dragon ball mutliverse and this one is from dragon ball af and absalon



  12. Guys its easy, Black Goku is skinny cos there is no Chi-Chi to feed him… plus he destroyed all the food stores etc xD

  13. zeno sama and beerus were are they in the future why they can t help as you know beerus is the god so hecan destroy them

  14. Spoiler: Black is actually Goten. Look how young and slim he looks compared to our current Goku. Plus Goten, Trunks, and the Pilaf gang kids are in the intro at the end, which tells me they all will play an important part in the story.

  15. Well I’m just
    saying now that since trunks looks a little younger than the one from Z just look at bulma around the episodes in Z she looked older and younger constantly and I’m pretty sure it’s the same trunks because the flashbacks and maybe since he’s getting older his hair is beginning to lose his color it happens to everyone

    • but why he is so young? and not only him but his timeline didn’t change. I mean how many years has past in the future and how many in the present since a battle with Cell in both timlines.

  16. It kind of sounds like Black calls Trunks “Saiya-jin Blue” at the end. He definitely said a word after Saiya-Jin.

  17. Chi-Chi turning back to her self. Looks like Goten will grow up as adult Gohan. Also, looks like the future is cursed or something. First, Androids now the Black. Also, I was really happy that he was coming back, but my happiness got sucked away with Mai. What the f? She doesn’t have any powers nor is she relevant. In the past or the future. This is a big turn off. Stay away bitch, stay away. From the present Trunks and the future. You can get lost. You are not needed or wanted you irrelevant bitch.

  18. This episode was a bullshit, infact I wouldn’t even call it an episode. It was just a time consuming teaser. A 23 Min teaser that’s all. Producer must be insulting our intelligence here… I hate it when I wait for a week to get a bullshit like harvesting lettuce scenes… Tired of this filler storm. DBZ had some filler episodes aswell but this ? 80 freaking % of it is just filler.

  19. Yo, I thought pafu subs was the most accurate. When talking about omni-king, they kept saying world in the wrong context. “He’s the strongest in the world” “He can destroy universes, even destroy the whole world” “What!???? Destroy the whole world!???”

      • Obviously, but when talking about the greater scheme of the dbs”astronomy”, it doesn’t make sense. They should’ve wrote omniverse, especially when sing many words signifying different things in greatness in the omniverse. You can’t say universe then downgrade to world.

      • I agree, To Wis and lord Berus, universe 7 is their whole world. the term world, means everything important, in this context

    • “World” has more than one definition look it up on google:
      1.4th definition: “the material universe or all that exists; everything.”
      That’s the one they were using.

    • Yeah that bugged me too, the proper term to use would either be “existance” or “Multi-verse”
      Which begs to ask the question…. Where does omni king live?
      Also I just realized, since buu got to the other world, does that mean it is there too, within the “Universe 7 bubble”..?

    • He seems to have some shade elements, look at the way he was flying around – he looked like a dragon made of shadow/smoke, as if he did not have a corporeal form. The form we see is most likely on par with a mask

    • This is the trunks who returned from Cell Games and wasnt killed by Cell so he could steal his time capsule. The earing indicates a Kai was involved. Maybe Vegeto killed Buu without being absorbed and went crazy. Started taking over timelines of his own. Even Gotenks could scream a hole through the universe. Evil Vegeto could maybe power to a frequency where he can shift from timeline to timeline (like Zoom from the Flash)

  20. Remember people, there are different universes. This Trunks could be from a different universe. But we can all agree that if Mai is here, then that jackass Pilaf fucked something up, or it’s the Red Ribbon army all over again.

  21. Here is the DEAL:
    Goku black is goku fused with an evil Supreme Kai. That why he refers to trunk as “you sayains”

    Vegeta will fuse with a good supreme kai and become Vegeta White

  22. Fuck me Akira Toriayama is a fucking genius, he took a lame idea of ‘evil goku’ and actually made it look hype as fuck, I remember when Z ended, and all this AF fanart and speculation came out, with super sayan 5s and evil gokus, now years later this shit is happening for real. Black goku looks fucking badass as well, i wonder how they are going to fight him though, if he’s stuck in the future, and so far Trunks has no way to travel back to his time. Black doesn’t seem that strong though, if Trunks could run away from him numerous times, and managed to deflect his attacks, not even super sayan (why no super sayan, even when only 2 close people died in front of him?)

  23. i like the show but the slow passing is annoing,aswel as the unnessasery situations trunks could have saved that women from that blast but didnt and if they would have run to the time machine instead of testosteroning against this goku then the whole last fight could have been avoided.

    • They said in DBZ that no matter what Trunks change in the past, the future he comes from will never change that is why the androids where still there when he went back

    • There are multiple timelines for each universe. Say Cell games was timeline 1. Trunks comes from timeline 2. and Cell came from timeline 3 where trunks from timeline 2 after returning to his “Present” after the Cell games was met by Cell who killed trunks and took his time machine to go cross stream to timeline 1 to achieve his perfect form.

      The timeline here is a 4th where Trunks returned to the future knowing from his fight with Cell in Cell Games (timeline 1) that Cell would be waiting to kill him and go back in time to begin a story of his own. Trunks knows this and kills this particular Cell making a future that goes beyond all previously mentioned.

      Either Black is another sayian, an android, from the multiverse or Vegeto <- my favorite idea.

  24. Really curious to know why Trunks seems to have lost the ability to go SSJ… Would have thought the death of Bulma and the probable death of Mai would have let him go SSJ2 based on where he was after killing 17, 18, and Future Cell…

  25. Just when i thought i understood dragonball universe Time travel logic this happens.

    1- Why is this future trunks still existing?

    2- What was the point of going back in time to change the pass if the outcome won’t effect your particular timeline? (Yes, it worked out for the best for future trunks as he went back stronger and killed evil androids)

    • After doing some research, apparently trunks and bulma atm didn’t know that by going back in time they will cause an alternate timeline to occur.

  26. not goten, half saiyans hair actually grow unlike purebreeds. i cant wait how they tell us the story of dark kais. i wonder if black goku is so skinny because he is a kai, or some kind of dark ssg.

    • na its only racist to westerners saying black shouldnt even be conceived as racist but everyone has become such pussies nowadays you can’t say anything at all without someone being offended and crying racist this sexist that homophobic blah blah blah. PC/SJW have gone out of control you can’t even reason with them once they choose a target their minds are closed to any reason.

    • i also think it’s a Kai BUT if the earrings are worn by a dead body and a body that is alive the result will be a body which is alive

  27. I love this new arc and the possibility of an evil goku…but am i the only one who feel like this whole ep lacked a bit more tension than expected?

  28. My theory, Goku black is the dead goku of futher Trunk’s timeline body taken by the leading Demon from the demon world known as the black/a black soul of energy. Another – a fusion of a kai gone bad and Goku’s dead body while training in other world.

  29. ok so heres my theory on how black goku came to be:

    We know this is trunks timeline goku (Who died of heart virus)
    Now since goku didn’t save the earth from cell he didn’t get to keep his body
    Now since goku didn’t keep his body this green kai (If he’s a kai) offers goku to keep his body and a place to train
    Now we know goku won’t refuse an offer to be able to train being a sayain so since a lot of time has probably passed since goku died in that timeline it’s given the kai more than enough time to manipulate/brainwash goku into being evil.
    Also on the shadow shit it might be what the kai was training goku to be able to do…

  30. Motherfuckers acting like dragonball has ever had consistency in its storyline all up and down this comments section

    • Yeah I agree Toryama is not the best writer, and making such a complicated plot about alternate timelines and alternate universes, will end very badly. He is not skilled to do this.

      • Toriyama is good at writing short stories, but he gets easily lost in longer ones. Dragon Ball started to have inconsistencies early.

  31. Hmm….he called Trunks’ a saiyan in a way that implies he isn’t one. So I’m guessing he’s probably some other kind of creature masquerading as Goku, maybe an evil kai or something judging by the earring. What i don’t get is why is Mai young in Future Trunks’ timeline as well?!

  32. Hmm….he called Trunks’ a saiyan in a way that implies he isn’t one. So I’m guessing he’s probably some other kind of creature masquerading as Goku, maybe an evil kai or something judging by the earring. What i don’t get is why is Mai young in Future Trunks’ timeline as well?!

  33. Can someone explain to me Mai’s lack of age? I mean, wasn’t she slightly older than Bulma in Dragonball? How can she be only in her 30s here?

    • Mai becomes a child due to the dragon balls I believe… I’m not too sure though, maybe it’s because she was always a chibi?

      • Hmm, okay, I always assumed that that youthful stage was permanent, but I guess not. I also thought that the Pilaf gang asked for youth after the Cell saga, but I just looked it up and apparently they did it a few days before the androids showed up, so that was before Future Trunks’ planet got ficked up. Makes sense, I guess…

  34. So annoying when one character stays behind to sacrifice themselves and give the other a head start and they just stand there and stare making the entire sacrifice a complete waste lol. Seriously… either make the sacrifice worth it, or just don’t do it. Now we all think Trunks is stupid…

  35. Maybe its vegitto only in this time line they never got absorbed by buu and became drunk with power. Hence the earring?

      • If dieing meant the character would no longer exist in this series all we would be watching is master roshi riding the turtle for 20 minutes(Except even he died before… and the turtle…)

  36. well dragonball super makes little sense as is anyway with these gods and alternate universes. but I really hope this is neither goten or goku as they both have no business existing in this timeline. I like what some people say that its just an evil kai who can somehow transform himself to look like different characters.

  37. We could assume that this is a different future Trunks than the one in DBZ, since the future Trunks from DBZ had a pinkish hair colour, whereas DB Super has blue like his mother. So ***SPOILER*** Black could potentially be Goten

    • Nope I assume you missed the flashback and he literally said that he wants to travel back to his friends again.

  38. 1. Black Goku is not Goten cause he wasnt born in Trunks timeline, most likely a counter version of Goku from another Universe/Timeline and also having a theory that he was forced to fuse with another being called Black.
    But not sure about that, cause he still looks like Goku just skinny like SSJ God(Red).
    He might be hiding the 2nd potana earring to wait for an opportunity like put it on his opponents ear after he beat him or while fighting.
    2. This is the same Future Trunks that we know from DBZ.
    Who cares about his haircolor bitch please,people always find something…it’s the artstyle of Dragonball Super get used to it ffs.
    Maybe they did it so people can distinguish teen trunks and adult trunks, I mean there is people who still think it’s teen trunks from the future lol. They clearly showed the flashback….>.>
    3. No one seems to talk about the weird looking Supreme Kai character in the opening, look close he is holding a sphere or some kind of device, maybe he is controlling Black or they work together ?

    4. The preview shows Black Goku focusing on (Trunks?) Ki, so he possibly knows a technique which allows him to travel through universes or time ? (Similar to Instant transmission just on a higher scale)

  39. Black Goku is the evil kaioshin (notice his earring? or they call him Demigra. http://dragonball.wikia.com/wiki/Demigra ) that is from the future. In that sense, its a different “universe” from the present universe. May be 1 of the 6 that was destroyed by the omni-king. The reason he didnt kill trunks is because he wants to travel back in time so that he can regain his power or to “fix” something so that the future will be changed.

    • There are multiple timelines for each universe. Say DB/DBZ/Cell games was timeline 1. Future Trunks comes from timeline 2. and Cell came from timeline 3 where trunks from timeline 2 after returning to his “Present” after the Cell games was met by Cell who killed trunks and took his time machine to go cross stream to timeline 1 to achieve his perfect form.

      The timeline here is a 4th where Trunks returned to the future knowing from his fight with Cell in Cell Games (timeline 1) that Cell would be waiting to kill him and go back in time to begin a story of his own. Trunks knows this and kills this particular Cell making a future of potential peace.

      Black could be from the Buu saga taking over timelines, he could be a failsafe Android with a fake Potara the list goes on.

      • As if, no one knows about it, where Trunks come from? Remember, Goku was initially Evil until an incident being hit on the head. This might not be the same in the alternate universe. Now, with that single Potara and the event of realisation of multiple universe (remember Vegeta trained another Saiyan during the Champa vs Beerus match), Evil Goku might be on the journey to accumulate power (because it’s Goku). Therefore, Black Goku, speciafically was after Saiyans as After Vegeta’ address, the kid might have explained ab’t the existence of Saiyans in the other world and hence the lean-thin figure and the long khadi clothing.

        • “” Goku was initially Evil until an incident being hit on the head. This might not be the same in the alternate universe. “”

          Saiyans in 6 universe are NOT evil by default !!! So even IF there is a Goku in universe 6 which lives on earth right now, he would never be evil!

          • Cabba himself stated that the Sayans in his universe are not evil. Personally I think that mr. BLACK came from one of the destroyed universes. Otherwise it would not make sense to explain such a thing in the last episode! Why is he on earth AND in Future Trunks timeline? Do not ask me!

  40. I think that it’s neither Goku or Goten, but a lower class saiyan who was sent away like goku. Because in the movie Tree of Might when goku fought turles, everyone wanted to know why he looked just like goku and turles. It was stated that Turles and Goku look alike is because the facial patterns of each warrior are similar within the low-rank Saiyans. Turles says that he looks like Goku because they are low-class and because the low-class don’t have many distinct physical looks. Also Goten wasn’t born in the future.

  41. Mhhh will we see some SS transformations maybe even sth new or does that evil Goku have god powers? Doesnt look like it when he attacked Trunks and Mai. Interesting. And Vegeta cant hit that Kai that Beerus mentor goddamn its a long way to go 🙂

  42. Nah. That’s Future Trunks we all know. Mai probably survived the Android’s rampage, but that doesn’t matter right now because she is dead. Black has some connection with that gray kaioshin. We’ll see soon this connection.

    • Cell games, one armed gohan and Future trunks (returned) are all different realities. Black could have come from the Buu saga and started taking over timelines like Zoom from the Flash.

    • And Radish’s face, and Trunks’fac, and Goku super saiyan’s face. And Mystic Gohan’s face, and everybody with angry eyebrow expression. Most DB characters always suffered from Same Face Syndrome.

  43. Seriously!!! Am i the only one here who hates DB super, but still is
    forced to watch it, because its DB? (in a way) How in the world did
    trunks not go SSJ 2, when Bulma got killed, or at least ultra sayan
    after Mai’s Death. This trunks here seemed much more like a kid that
    needed bulmas protection, instead of future trunks that trained in the
    ROST and Fought against CELL. Those ki blast that killed bulma were not
    even powerfull enough to destroy the entire city or planet (yes planet)
    nothing less could harm trunks so he could easily deflect those and
    protect his mom…. how did he manage to stay so young to the point
    where he looks younger then before and did he not do any training as he
    did with vegeta in the past he visited? He could have been a SSJ3 by
    now ….
    I really dislike toriyama and his super abomination… GT
    was much better and made much more sense in every way (it sucked
    compared to DB and Z) but people always wanna compare those two. I know
    DB for 27 years and yes its embarassing that a 32 year old guy watches
    this Whack ass cartoon its become .its obvious that DBS is really
    childich compared to DBZ, DB had some childish moments but that was okay
    because Goku and I were kids back then >D I know they want a new
    generation audience for DB, thats why all the new transformations and
    beerus crap.
    IMHO Toriyama should have never created Battle of Gods
    or return of freezer or anything from this new BS Take The Story from
    DB multiverse With a Few Tweaks here and there but not this lame excuse
    of anime.

  44. Very disappointed with this episode, only because I want to see more of Black. I know, tension and all that, but damn it! Now I have to wait 4 days! lol.

  45. Ideas were epic, but this episode was poorly done… Really, didn’t have much emotion when either of his closest family and friends died versus back in DBZ. Cared more about the laboratory than his mother… Could have brunted the blast multiple times at least.

    Still very excited for this arc.

    • I’d say he’s used to enough death by now. He’s focused on what’s important. She sacrificed herself. But I get what you mean

  46. Wow… this has been the most excited I’ve been for this entire show. That’s not saying much at all, but this time I’m actually really intrigued! Focusing on a character other than Goku and Vegeta!? Holy shit! Maybe the show will actually become decent… or maybe even good!

  47. All the signs point to it:
    *Destroyed all the meat
    *Is very skinny
    *The cold/smug attitude
    Goku was possessed by a vegan

    • Ahahahahah XD
      Well, one of my theories is that he is the spirit of nature that wants to kill all intelligent forms of life (Including aliens or half aliens like Trunks) to prefent them to destroy nature, in fact, while cities are a mess, nature is still intact. I though the spirit looks like Goku because in that era, Goku is surely buried, and nature recognized Goku as the purest thing.

      Another theory is that is a degenerated god. Maybe even Goku himself from another timeline.

  48. what a fucking twist i mean i wondered if future Trunks remembered he went back in past so it seems future trunks is on the main timeline and goku and everyone else are on an alternative one but also taking into part that GT never happened i’d much rather SS4 come back but i can’t wait so see where this goes ^_^

  49. Future Trunks and Mai had a son when he returned from the past the first time. His son has come of age and is destroying the planet in a rebellious rage.

  50. Just so everyone knows black CANNOT be goten from his timeline goten was never born since GOKU DIED and wasnt wished back and didnt anyone look at the earring that he was wearing that was from dragon ball z but a different color (its green instead of yellow) which means that it would most likely be goku cinsidering hes the only one to receive training from the Grand-Kai

  51. could it be that he is turles as he looked just the same as goku and he was evil and maybe because of something he got the dark powers and got this strong orrrrr

    The second theory could be that he is from the 6th universe as he has that green potora earrings so ti could be that too…

  52. Remember Bulma asked help from Monaka 2 episodes back. I think Thats the energy from which Trunks will go back to his own timeline.

  53. i mean the concept is cool. but the drawings are really really bad…like worse then anything iv seen that has tried to be an action anime. like wow.

  54. I just watched it a second time and pilaf and mai are clearly there when future trunks appears. sunday is my new favorite day. i want it to come quick 😀

  55. Those theories that Black is goten can’t work if you remember goku died to the heart disease before goten could be made, this was why trunks came back the first time. It’s a cool theory but can’t work.

    It has something to do with the green guy with white hair, it was already said that the reason ssgss couldn’t have white hair because the big bad was going to have white hair (green Kai with white hair) the green guy and black both have the an earring on each side.

    This theory seems cool


  56. Did anyone notice black Goku/Goten had 1 potara earing in his left ear… the kais of the future must be involved.

  57. I think “black goku” is the same goku like we know it….the rl goku should be the same like “black goku” but the rl goku when was a kind he fall from waterfall on head bcs of that he is a good one if that didnt happend he would be the same like the “black goku” we are seeing now…

  58. jesus christ why is Trunks future so fucked. First its androids, then cell, then fucking goku…can he ever get a break?

  59. Its NOT fair… its like watching a trailer or a glimpse… Each video is tooooo shot ~(ㅠ . ㅠ)~
    Should be atleast 30 min… 😐

  60. I think that “Black” is the name of this new enemy. I also think that “Black” could have the ability to take over or possess someone’s body (like the majin symbol or baby in DBGT) and in this case possessed Goten because, Goku died from heart failure in this timeline and Gohan died fighting the androids.

  61. I like the eerie, dark theme in the future trunk’s timeline. Looks hardcore although not so violent with blood splattering, head chopping unlike other anime. And who would have thought mai who used to be pillaf’s side kick will be paired with trunks but i wonder how they met there. Mai is already 40 years old if i am not mistaken and she was turned to kid like pillaf and the dog because of the dragon ball.

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