Dragon Ball Super Episode 48 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 48 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 48. Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 48 in High Quality HD online on www.watchdbzsuper.tv.
You Are watching Dragon Ball Super Episode 48. Episode 48 in the TV Anime Series Dragon Ball Super.



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290 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 48 Subbed”

  1. I’m so sad for future trunks 🙁 those eps ends too fast, I wonder how :spoiler: evil goku found a way to travel back in time, maybe future trunks isn’t actually future anymore?

    • Well good question I thought about that too maybe future trunks is from Uni 6, because Uni 7 and 6 should be twins but we know that Cell came from another timeline so we end up with 3 planet earth, so that just more confusing. So 3 Universe or 3 alternative timelines… Whis also mention that there were 18 Uni in total maybe they were not destroyed but moved or hidden.
      Well we just have to wait and see..

  2. The ep is freezing the last 5 mins 😑 i had waited a whole F week and i cant see the last part of this short 20 min ep they must do this in english nobody can understand and english is beter


  4. Goku took 8 senzu beans with him…. i think goku is gonna fight black in regular SSJ and in a moment when he let his guard down (classic confident/stupid goku) black is gonna merge with him somehow and become the SSJ GOD White hair but with black clothes nonetheless…. Also Beerus and Whis are there… interesting..! I don’t think SSJ Blue Vegeta or even Beerus is a match for such power level… We’ll see! Just my theory of course! 🙂

    • thats exactly what i thought too , he probably has a potara in his pocket and he will somehow get it in gokus right ear and thats were shit is gonna go down

      • Yeah… btw black has time travel abilities himself! The sure thing is that black is not “COMPLETE” just yet! Lastly all those senzu beans for what, for who?? I think it’s time for some guys to eat 1 xmmm… I am expecting some nice action when black reaches his “Ultimate Perfection” hehehe 🙂

          • Even if the crazy idea of Black Goku and Normal Goku fusing using Potara was to happen, I don’t think that this fused being would be absorbed so easliy, and he could just make a barrier like Vegito did. Not to forget the immense difference in power between them, and also lets not forget good Buu is weaker than Supper Buu w/Gohan absorbed.

          • No No what makes more since is black goku putting the earring on vegta to fuse. That wpould bring fusion back full force.

    • this is becoming stupid the futur goku how can he destroy the earth where is beerus and zeno sama and why trunks didn t know thats goku from the first time ithink he should know because his use to live with him in the past is that a mistake from the writter or what ? no

      • 1st How can Future Goku destroy the Earth? Easily, DBZ characters can easily destroy planets since Saiyan Saga. I’m sure you meant “How the Hell Goku is even alive in that Universe”. We don’t know for sure, it may be an alternate version of Goku, it may be a villain of some sort that uses Goku’s image, remember that Future stories are based on the Terminator so it may even be an Android that looks like Goku or maybe it’s Goku from even farther in the Future who is actually an Android (if Toriyama borrows from Terminator Genisys where the main hero of the franchise becomes a weapon of the enemy).

        2nd Where is Zeno and Beerus. Doing whatever they do, they don’t give a shit about the fate of Earth because Goku long since died which means: no Oracle Fish’s vision, no Beerus fight, Beerus probably doesn’t even know Earth exists nor does he care about it.

        3rd. Why Trunks is confused? Because for a while he struggled against Black Goku, Black Goku killed everyone Trunks knows and loves and ravaged his world and Trunks is severely injured. He’s delirious. Also Future Trunks only met Goku in the past timeline. The most likely answer is that Trunks is just confused, a lot of time may have passed since Trunks last saw Black and Trunks had to put up with Black for so long that it became tough to separate the two in his mind. Also maybe for Trunks Goku is some sort of a traitorous villain, we still don’t know what the deal with Black Goku is yet.

        • I’ve never realized the terminator thing holy crap hahaha


          >Also maybe for Trunks Goku is some sort of a traitorous villain

          Goku is dead in his timeline. Unless some sort of insane mind game happens I doubt that’s the case, but everything else sounds pretty good

          • Well you’ve got to remember Goku sacrificed himself to defeat Cell the last time he was in the past which is the last time Trunks saw him. To see Goku alive should probably trip him the fuck out since he probably has no idea that Goku came back to life.

  5. when future trunks atk goku, i bet vegeta instinctly think that: “oh shet, future trunks atk kakarot means kakarot will become evil”. thats why vegeta get the red screen. kid trunks get purple cuz he got totally confused. jk, for real, i cant wait for next episode 😮

    • F.Trunks will be confused aswell when he will discover what’s going in the present (Goku is resurrected, Vegeta is less cold, Beerus’s identity etc…), then he will be sorry for his impulsive behavour. First time trunks reached the past, he introduced himself as a self confident boy, smiling and asking to other to follow him.

  6. I hope Vegeta can at least fight Black for a few minutes so Goku doesn’t take all of the ‘fun’ for himself

    • I imagine if there’s a black Goku, there’s a black Vegeta. And they no doubt both have the earings to become Vegeto/Gogeta.

      • not really, in that timeline

        vegeta’s soul has probably been wiped and he’s been reincarnated as a entirely new person like he would have during the buu saga (except he was saved to fight buu)

      • My speculation is that goku black in the future is goku after becoming a God of destruction in the future maybe? Since beerus had condition to train them

        • And what about Zamasu?
          Black and Zamasu think almost exactly in the same way, I think Black is a soulless altered saiyan shell created by Zamasu and controlled by Zamasu. Black has some distorted saiyan characteristics (like Zenkai that works sligtly different) and some Goku’s memory (example Black can recognize Vegeta, but Zamasu doesn’t know anything about Vegeta)

          • My comment was 2 months ago, maybe you should realize that Zamasu was unknown when I posted this. Smh, does anyone ever think.

  7. The expression of Whis and Beerus was not only shocking to them, but they sensed that Future Trunks is good, but why is a good guy attacking a good guy like our present Goku? It leaves them speechless and even more in shock. They have never encountered anything like this.

    • Idk about that, Beerus was able to take out SSj3 Goku with a light chop, as opposed to SSj1 Trunks actually causing Black to block instead of just walk through his Masenko.

    • I don’t think so. Gods don’t fight against enemies, because they must be neutral. I think even kaioshins are stronger than Goku, but, due to their duty as gods, they can’t fight. They can just train students and support them, as Beerus already does.

    • this is becoming stupid the futur goku how can he destroy the earth where is beerus and zeno sama and why trunks didn t know thats goku from the first time ithink he should know because his use to live with him in the past is that a mistake from the writter or what ? the hell

  8. Black Goku isn’t stronger than current goku right now. He’s going to do something to get a lot stronger (This is Dragonball come on, ALL villains power up.) and Goku isn’t going to be around anymore. So probably absorbed or fused.

  9. i am slightly confused.

    Future trunks comes from the alternate future? I thought the 12 universes are variations of each other. Wouldn’t that mean that future trunks comes from one of those universes?

    • universes and timelines are two different things. each universes has many different time lines. so future trunks comes from the same universe just a different timeline

      • right, and there were many different versions of future trunks. Cell killed one of them and stole his time machine.

          • The Cell who fought the Z fighters in the Cell Games IS the Cell who killed a version of future Trunks who had (bear with me) travelled into the past to get stronger and killed the androids of his time. He was ambushed by Imperfect Cell before he could travel back in time again to tell the Z fighters the good news. He explains all this to Piccolo if I’m not remembering incorrectly.

          • Did you never watch DBZ during the Cell Saga? It’s basic fact of Cell’s appearance. Read up on some DB Wiki (link: http://dragonball.wikia.com/wiki/Cell)

            This is specifically from the trivia section (emphasis and added detail mine):
            This incarnation of Cell kills an incarnation of Future Trunks twice:
            *first in his Imperfect form when he steals Future Trunks’ Time Machine (in a third, alternate future to the base timeline and the Future Trunks origin timeline)*
            and second in his Super Perfect form when he kills Future Trunks during the Cell Games. Ironically, the latter Future Trunks also kills Cell twice: first alongside Krillin while Present Cell is in his larval form and second in his own time while Future Cell is in his Imperfect Form.

          • There might be a timeline where Golden Freeza lives, Vegeta died and the Z fighters left with Beerus and Whis. If you are interested in alternative timelines you should read the fan manga Dragonball Multiverse

  10. *Spoiler*

    When Future Trunks attacks Goku, Vegeta thinking to himself – “Lolzzz..That`s My Boy alright..!!!” 😛

  11. Shut the fuck up all of you with your bitch ass assumptions, be patient & just watch every episode as it comes. Fucking nerds.

  12. So, if this is the same Trunks that came back to fight with the Z fighters against Cell, shouldn’t that versions Goku be dead?
    Future Goku died of a heart attack and as far as the lore goes with the earth dragon balls, you can’t bring somebody back when they die of a “Natural” cause, right?
    Either way, in future Trunks timeline, Piccolo was killed before he fused with Kami, then the DB’s would be stones, they would have no way of getting Dende to make new ones, since most Z fighters died and only Gohan and Trunks was left (They simply had no spaceship to make it to New Namek).

    So how the hell could “Black Goku” be Goku? Might be from another Universe or an alternate timeline.
    Or Toriyama doesn’t want to admit that he has fucked up with the timelines.

    Mai was never a thing for Future Trunks back in DBZ. It was just him, Gohan and Bulma – Well, untill Gohan died.

    Am I overthinking this or something?

    • You’re overthinking it.

      First of all, this “Goku” is almost certainly not actually “Goku.” The Goku from the future was never shown as being anything but personality-wise the same as the one in the current timeline, so he wouldn’t randomly “go evil.” The Goku from the future died, and couldn’t have been easily brought back to life. “Black” in this case also refers to Saiyans as a group, implying that he is not a Saiyan himself.

      Also, he doesn’t go Super Saiyan despite having the ability if he is Goku. He’s wearing an earring that I can’t imagine Goku would wear except for Fusion, but Fusion was not something the Goku in the future timeline ever came across, and honestly it implies to me that he is a Kai of some sort simply impersonating the appearance of a Saiyan.

      As far as Mai is concerned, she obviously is a character that exists in that timeline same as everyone else, so it’s entirely plausible that she and Trunks simply met up after he returned from helping fight Cell. That, or they already knew one-another and it simply was never mentioned. It’s plausible.

  13. f*cking Yajarobe & korin taking up valuable episode time, and that damb maths lesson at the begging, luckily the episode ending was hype.

    • That what makes an episode good. It’s not just story, you gotta have the funny things too, those stuff are the things that make a Dragon Ball episode

      • yup…love it as it is…my only complain…I need more drama then a quick finish….feel the entire Super is going way too fast…sad….prefer a little but more build ups

      • your right, i agree, but i think they should have just included them in the last x amount of episodes of filler we had, still not bad episode overall though

    • It’s not filler crap, it’s part of the episode. It can’t just be non stop plot points all the time, that makes for a horrible story.

      • For real.

        Have the people who complained about this shit never even watched the original dragonball series? Especially in DBZ. DBZ coined this type of narrative. DBZ isn’t nearly 300 episodes long for no reason.

        If these people don’t like the way Super is dealing with its story, they simply don’t like DBZ.

        But that’s probably what this is. These people have probably only watched DB kai. Don’t get me wrong, I like Kai, but there’s nothing like DBZ with all its comic relief, light hearted nature, and mild self deprecation.

    • As someone who just recently watched through Z for the first time, trust me when I say that this pacing is INCREDIBLY swift in comparison. Especially in the Freeza Saga!

      • Yep. We’re not even 50 episodes into this show and we’re already on the 4th arc. Seems like good pacing to me.

      • I know. Freiza Saga was hella slow. But, the thing is, we can watch them back to back. Here we have to wait for an entire week.

    • How are you gonna be 47 episodes in and now that the 48th is out, bitch about how they are 20 minutes long when every single episode ever of the series has been 20 minutes…..FFS.

  14. Since Black Goku is related to a God (which is shown in the intro video and photos) then it should be Beerus fighting him in the next episodes.

  15. this is becoming stupid the futur goku how can he destroy the earth where is beerus and zeno sama and why trunks didn t know thats goku from the first time ithink he should know because his use to live with him in the past is that a mistake from the writter or what ?

  16. I loved this episode! Awesome Black vs Trunks fight, little Trunks seeing future Trunks for the first time and being creeped out, Pilaf acknowledging that Shu is a dog (lol), seeing Yajirobe and Korin again, Trunks having some serious PTSD with the crazy Vietnam flashbacks. Amazing episode. 10/10

  17. I’m sure Goku will surpass berus as when Goku turned Kaioken Whis was like if he did that with you, you would have trouble keeping up. That not even Gokus final form dude.

    • That could already be an inconsistency in terms of power scaling, since in the manga, its much more realistic to see Goku going SSJG, then SSJB against Hit, and SSJBK isnt still introduced… or wont be… and Goku in the manga seeing that SSJB could at least par or just slightly less powerful than Hit is much more consistent than Goku going SSJBKx10, and still not strong enough to defeat Hit or Beerus… Also in the manga, Hit doesnt have the ability of Improvement, so maybe the Hit from the manga is much more stronger than Hit from the Anime (before fighting Goku) because Hit from the manga could defeat SSJB Goku, but in the anime, he cant. The anime is much more inconsistent than the manga in power scaling, but the manga is much more inconsistent due to its bullcrap stamina issues of goku which makes no damn sense especially with the SSJ form

  18. My theory is: some evil kai fused with Goku…and why does Black keep calling Trunks a “Saiyan” as if he is not one?
    Trunks is jus having flashbacks is why he attacked Goku Just like soldiers after a brutal war, he will snap out of it soon.
    Whis can only rewind time 3 minutes…Black can time travel, hence the comment “Who the hell does he think i am?!!!”
    Let me try to explain the Trunks’ as well
    Dont look at it as different timelines, its the same time line, jus further or shorter on the line. Ok. I will be using “fake” years to explain…

    Future Trunks (2020) came back to warn present Z’s (2015) about the androids (17&18) and save Goku from natural death (heart disease) (cant be wished back from natural causes, go Toriyama!)

    So thats 5 years to prepare for androids…from 2015-2020

    Now, Cell emerges in (2022) and realizes he cant become perfect because the androids are dead. So Future Cell kills future-future Trunks (which is the same trunks just in 2022 or 2023) to return to 2015 in larval stage to wait 5 years for 2020’s 17&18…
    So 2023 trunks is dead while 2020 trunks is in 2015…
    Which means all trunks will die in 2023 if something isnt done in the past. Ok.

    Now future Cell is out in 2020 looking for 17&18 to become perfect
    He does so and wages war against the now 2020 Zs and the 2020 trunks (which has now caught up to his own time year that he left the future)

    Gohan kills Future Cell (2022/23) in 2020…
    Then they go to Geros lab and kill present day Cell, which will emerge in 2022/23 (hence future cell)
    The death of this Cell in present time erases Trunks future death by Cell in 2022/23

    So! There are no alternate time lines jus the same time line further into the future/past or closer to the present point.
    ( if u kill someone in the past they will mot exist i. The future, if u kill someone in the future, they will cease to exist when that future day becomes present.

    We still dont know if black is a future earth goku gone wrong or a goku from an alternate universe (not alternate time line)
    He has one patora, he has green energy blast (Brolly anyone?) also red energy blast, purple aura to sense spirits/ki, time manipulation, (Hitt anyone?)
    Is he a GoD now or a Kai or some copy dreamed up by Champa? We still dont know! Ugh!

      • I believe broly and goku used potara ring.He looks like a evil version of Goku if he had to hit his head but he spoke like broly and had a hatred for saiyans

          • anything is canon if the writers decide to make it that way. and there’s nothing you can do but complain

          • There’s not more than one writer, it’s only Toriyama. Toyotaro and Toei are only making the manga and anime. Although, if anyone, Toei would probably make a Broly special to get money from people like you.

          • Aww did I ruin your day. You seem way to emotional over cartoons lol. I don’t pay to watch cartoons EVER. I hope one day he does write an alternate Broly story that IS canon to make you stand out on a ledge and end it all. LOL

          • Dude. Broly is NOT canon. Not because it was written by toriyama, obviously, but it was NOT in the MANGA or even in the ANIME. As Kakacarrotcake says, someone here is uneducated and needs to learn things, especially some broly fanboy like you.

  19. I’m considering brainwashing myself to forget about all anime for a year so I don’t have to wait a week for episodes. The hype is going to kill me.

  20. to the people who don’t get time travel. “im into the flash so i feel i can help here”.

    when future trunks came back and effected the cell saga it effectively changed the future timeline, in which future trunks didn’t need to come back to warn everyone, but if he never went back they never get warned. But if they never get warned the bad events happen and he comes back. So it created a paradox.

    The way this is resolved for the sake of the timeline. Is that the events of him going back in time happened but he came from a place that will no longer exsist because of how he is altering it so when he goes back to the future he is basically erased from the timeline since that version of him no longer exsists since the future trunks of the new timeline never needs to go back.

    So in effect when this trunks if he does. Go back to the future he will be erased from the timeline aswell presuming he altered the future enough to prevent the event of him needing to go back in time in the first place.

    to add clarity this future trunks will have 0 knowledge of himself going back in time in the cell saga (unless the team told him he did) because he erased himself from the timeline by altering it significantly creating a different future trunks But poreserving the effects of what happened.

    • Beautiful explanation. However, for this part, if you have seen the previous episodes, he did remember them as friends and the flash back were shown clearly when Trunks was explaining to Kai.

    • Nope. He said he remember his “friends” (he don’t seem to recognize goku, tough).

      It’s just dragonball, don’t try to put too much sense in it.

      • Is not that he doesn’t remember Goku. Goku died against cell. So trunks knows that ‘in this timeline Goku is dead’

        Plus he woke up and first thing he saw was Goku’s face, so he may even think he is still in the future.

    • you havent watched DBZ have you? in DBZ they said that any changes in the past dosent change the future at all, all it does is making the past not turning out like the future. and about Trunks not recognizing goku is because… well, he was less than a second from getting killed by someone who looks like goku. so its pretty understandable for him to react like that.

  21. Oh boy, it seems like DBS is going to become as badass as DBZ was back then. I like the serious tone, I pray for the best.

  22. man these episodes are getting fucking tedious as hell i wait 1 week at a time for something that does not develop half way through the episode trunks still has not arrived no excitement of any kind we have to endure a senseless maths equation this fucking series is garbage at best put the show on hiatus so we dont have to watch this filler junk week after week.

    • Why so much hate? It was the same story with dbz back in the day, except it was worse cuz no internet

  23. So this black goku isn’t a saiyan or a human. What could he be He could be that time lines god of destruction or something or maybe a android.

  24. Anyone notice how black said: “who the hell do you think I am?”

    Maybe this is reaching a bit, but I kinda think that’s a reference to Gurren Lagann for some reason. Paying homage to another anime that was heavily inspired by the style of dragonball.

    Of course, it is a relatively common thing to say, so maybe it is just a coincidence…

    We’ll need to learn more about this black character before we can actually say more…

  25. Jesus Christ DBS has too much filler. Story progesses only for 5 mins max each episode. I’m gonna puke out!

  26. Not sure how i feel about this arc. They are teasing us and I bet its going to be a 2 minute reveal after 10 episodes about who black is. Then we will be dissapointed. I hope not!

  27. Goku shouldn’t have to be going SSJ to spar with Future Trunks. At this point, he ought to be able to defeat him in base.

    • I think it goes beyond that seeing that he has a Potara earring and there is a new Kai. He could be a parasite host or some Evil Kai controlling Goku’s deceased body. Who knows?

      • If it was a 100% fusion, at least half would be saiyan and wouldn’t be so self hating. This “goku” should be dead, so I’m leaning towards a variation of an evil kai and fusion with an android. This sounds silly but the android theme is persistent throughout the DBZ series and black is obviously wearing the fusion earing.

        The revival berus theory is supportable as well, minus the fact that black is so self hating of his race.

  28. Why does Goku not teach Instant Transmission to the other Saiyans as well? Wouldn’t need to rely on him all the time.

  29. Ok so now we know its a 100% goku, maybe if earth from universe 6 was not destroyed in trunk’s time then its where this black is from! Or when bearus wished on the dragonball (In GOD Language) it could have effected all timelines so earth-uni 6 was restored along with goku!?
    Or Maybe bearus wished on the god dragonballs (in future trunks time) that a “I want worthy rival” and then black appears from the dragonballs…
    Also Vados said that earth in uni 6 was destroyed due to a war maybe by black kid goku, so maybe after uni 6 earth was revived black kid goku was also revived and when he grows up he destroys uni 6 earth and goes for uni 7 earth, or he is simply appointed as the god of destruction by vados or whis.

  30. Guys if Son-Kun is catching up to beerus-sama would it be a possibility that if Son-Kun and Vegeta done the fusion dance or Potara Fusion they could possibly beat beerus? Reply if you Have a discussion or agree or don’t agree explain why too c;

    • I agree. By potara fusion, they would fuck beerus. By the metamorese fusion, i would say it’s possible, but i wouldn’t say sure.

  31. OK Guys,
    There seem to be DBS Fans who is confused about the current story line.
    “Black Goku” is originally from universe 6. and future trunk is from universe 6 as well.
    And DBZ future trunks and DBS future trunks are different trunks.
    DBZ future trunks are from universe 7 and DBS future trunks are from universe 6.
    Black goku existence revived as from beruus wish for universe 6 earth to revive again among with universe 6 people’s. Reason for universe 6 earth was gone was the reason of black goku destroying the earth in past, and even with beruus reviving the universe 6 earth again black goku continued to destroy the earth. SO universe 6 future trunks actually traveled to universe 7 earth past not universe 6 earth past. (I’m not sure why trunk traveled to universe 7 earth not universe 6 earth) and that’s why this universe 6 trunks saw universe 7 goku as black goku, since he only saw black goku from universe 6. there is possibility that universe 6 trunks will tell the full story of universe 6 and goku and vegeta could go to universe 6 to get black goku or black goku could come to universe 7 in future. but if black goku comes to universe 7 that means 17 years of dbs story line could be wasted so probably universe 7 character could fly to universe 6 to get black goku.

    • when you think about it it makes sense since the future trunks we really know wouldnt just attack goku like that and would instead explain whats going on. it also falls right in line with the ridiculous storyline toriyama would give us. i’m seriously hoping this is not whats going on thou.

    • So explain why future trunks know about cell. Don’t say that all of the cell saga which happened from universe 7 also happened in universe 6. If that’s the case, then why isn’t there 2 whis and 2 beerus? Universe 6 and 7 are twins, and twins aren’t fucking the same. They have difference which is fucking obvious.

  32. Just some things to clear any confusion for people.

    This is the same future trunks that was in the cell saga. They talk about it in the last episode how they need to travel back in time AGAIN. I don’t see why they’d bring in a different future trunks that also traveled through time and who’s world looks exactly the same as the one we already met. It’s literally pointless.

    It’s perfectly possible that Pilaf and the gang made their wish that turned them into children early in the future universe, just before the androids killed Kami/Piccolo/Dende whoever was guardian at the time. Just means future Mai is older than future Trunks.

    This isn’t Universe 6, Universe 6’s earth was completely dead, there were no human’s. Future trunks earth has very few humans but there is some still alive and kicking. Trunk’s Universe is still Universe 7, just a parallel of it. I have no idea how this works out between other universes and if trunks creating additional timelines made different timelines in other universes or whether that’s just a Universe 7 thing but maybe they’ll explain it later.

    Black might be from Universe 6, he might not be, there’s little to nothing to support any of his origin theories right now, so it’s all mostly speculation. All we know he’s got an earring that looks like a Patora, a Kai is involved and he looks like Goku.


  34. It really looks like broly merged with goku most likley by force.I believe broly and goku used potara ring.He looks like a evil version of Goku if he had to hit his head but he spoke like broly and had a hatred for saiyans

  35. It’s Goku – Goku black that is, going off the voice. The Evil green Kai made someone/something sacrifice his live to wish Goku back in other world once he sensed his insane potential. The Goku that died off the heart disease in Trunks timeline). Like that old Good Kai did during the Buu saga to regular Goku.
    Goku didn’t know that this was an evil Kai and getting his life back would mean a fusion and/or transformation in this case with an evil black entity and then ta daaa Goku Black was born.
    This Kai also unleashed all his dark potential similar to mystic Gohan only dark/pure evil as he even killed Bulma without thinking twice.

    Best theory I can think of.

    So, how are we going to manage 6 days.. This is Epic though. Much better than GT imo.

  36. why everyone thinks goku fused with some1 else (altough it looks obviously cause of ptara-ear-rings).
    Why not assule in this reality /timeline this is just Goku as he was meant to be? an evil sayin… maybe something hit him on the back of his head again and turned him back evil from beeing good… it was because of master roshi goku became good in the first place, Goku is a a sayin born, to destroy and cleanse planets so frieze can sell them.

  37. after 7 days 20 min Episode we get. in which:

    Bulma: oh no Trunks.

    Kid trunks: ehhhhhh

    Bulma: hang on trunks:

    Kid Trunks: ehhhhh ahhh

    Goku: i get sensu Bean.

    Old TRunks: u bastared

    The End

  38. Fuck these twenty minute episodes its not on tv right now so I think they should be 45 to an hour since there’s so much extra dialogue.

  39. I’m very curious as to how Black’s appearance in the “present” timeline will be explained. He’s got some kind of special ring. Perhaps it’s a universe and/ or time hopping device. It lends quite a bit of credence to the hypotheses of him being from an alternate universe/ Demon World (connected Makaioshin/ Evil Supreme Kai).

    Trunks was also seemed to be his very specific target. That brings me back to the hypotheses of him being a Baby-like villain who’s possessed an alternate Goku’s body in some way.

  40. at least it wasn’t drawn like complete shit this episode …and that fight was decent. im somewhat interested now but i know they are gonna shit all over my expectation

  41. i think that in the future Goku has been absorbed by water man from previous episode and no one saved him. The clue is that Black statement when chasing after Trunk: “saiyan is indeed interesting”.
    the episode of water man couldn’t be created for nothing.

  42. I think “Black” could be the name of an evil character that possess you whole (like the main symbol or baby in BGGT) In this case I have strong reason to belief that “Black” is controlling Goten. Considering the fact that in that timeline Goku died due to heart failure.

  43. at 21:08 why does that remind me from Xenoverse with Demigra,Mira & Towa like the power they used to turn people, could this be something that Toriyama is hinting at us after all he did help create the story for Xenoverse, here’s a crazy thought people what if Demigra is controlling goku? the Purple Aura looks strangely close to the purple aura that of in Xenoverse. now that would be an interesting twist. and I just freaking relised, the ear rings!! the Ear rings! Demigra has the same ear rings what if its Demigra posing as Black Goku who know’s but perhaps the ear rings are a hint. if you look at Demigra’s ear rings there the same I know Xenoverse is a game but toriyama did write the story for the game so perhaps he is trying something things from the game who knows.

  44. 2 points
    1: Did the artist change cause the animation looked slightly different
    2: Man Trunks has balls…knowing he can’t defeat black goku he just goes toe on toe on both gokus in both different timelines

  45. OMG wtf? this episodes sucked so bad and didn’t show anything 10 min of singing and 10 min of nothing not even good action , these DBS episodes are really bad and last 10 min WTF people no wonder the oryginal creator of the show is mad and spoke out this shit sucks…..

    • It’s to get you hyped for the next episode… Not every episode will and should have action because it would get too boring. Toriyama created super and he didn’t like the animation at the start of the series but now the animations have improved and Toriyama is happy with them.

      • One he is not happy about it and to speak out in Japan is a very rare thing, two dragon Ball episodes were thirty minutes long and had four minutes of singing the dbs episodes are literaly ten minutes long and there is nothing going on in them also there is more talk than in any other series, you can clearly see it’s not done by professionals and black can move back in time CMOn rly? Dbs is missing the whole point of dragon ball people not only in Japan are raging because it does suck and watching it is pointless it doesn’t get anyone hyped. Also why is black called black goku that’s not goku. …dbs is a fail attempt.

  46. That long wait for the new episode must be worth it but black looks like goten Goku Jr. Trunks has lost his mind

  47. wtf if Trunks went 17 years in the past he would just be fighting the androids again. The future never changed for Trunks he just got stronger. Second if this is the Trunks that was born after Future Trunks how does he have memories of super vegeta fighting cell?

  48. My theory is this black goku fused with a kai that makes him stronger. He is the counterpart of son kun from the other universe and he is bad that is why he is the total opposite of son kun. He seems very pissed with the saiyans and he destroys them in that universe and then went to the universe where trunks is to totally annihilate the saiyan race. I wonder if this bad goku will have an effect on the current timeline. Will he have the power to follow future trunks in the present? Is he really that strong? Remember future trunks is only super saiyan when they fought. I wonder if a super saiyan blue could beat this black guy. Basically, future trunks is seeking help to save his future world. He could train with son kun and vegeta to attain the saiyan blue status and then return with the help of bulma. Or they can go to the other universe and kill this black guy before destroying planet sadal and every saiyans. Or before they can do that, this black guy finds its way to follow future trunks to the present.

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